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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My First MILF ... (III)

first-time lynnp123 2018-09-29

she grinds her pussy softly into my mouth and fucks my face and as cum escapes a bit from the head of my cock, I feel her savor and catch every small drop on the tip of her tongue, and that drives her pussy again.. I watch and feel that pussy fuck my cock, squeeze it like her mouth was just doing... she grinds that pussy as hard as she can stand it, and squeezes and pumps, and fucks like I know she's about to cum.. I push up and as deep and as f***eful as I can, and let her pussy take over now, because I know the climaxes, the fucking, the cum, the juices and sweat are about to become a part of us both...

Janie and Me: How I Lost... Ch. 02

first-time LuciousBi-Writes4U 2018-09-29

As we kissed she caressed my tits-she flicked my nipples with her fingers and pinched and rolled them-to which I responded with tons of moans...she probably thought I was crazy or faking...but I was just so totally hot. Janie's dark brown areolas staring out at me- I gently lowered my head and tentatively touched my tongue to one of her long, supple nipples. Janie's excitement building had me squirming-there would be no objections as she slid her hand inside my g-string as I licked and sucker her bountiful breasts. We kissed and I massaged her tits in my hands as she fingered my clit in a way that I had never been touched before-sending jolts of electricity through every inch of my young 18 year-old horny body.

First Night

first-time humminbean 2018-09-29

Steve's splayed legs let me reach down and cup his balls in my hand. I could see Steve looking at me now, one arm behind his head and the other hand stroking his penis. My other hand reached down to the penis between my legs; I lifted my hips and used it to tease open my inner labia. When I thought I couldn't go lower, I tilted my hip, sat back onto him, and felt a flutter high in my stomach as if his penis had gone that far into me. I moved to get off him but he pressed my hips down with his hands, lowered his thighs, and settled me full depth onto his erection.

Bi Buddies Having Fun Part 3

first-time couldhedoit 2018-09-29

John walked over and stood by my side a little behind me and reached around and took my cock in his right hand. I took his cock from my mouth and starting right under his cock head I ran my tongue down his shaft, over his balls and across his taint. I thrust my hips forward a few times and said, is that what you wanted John, you want me to fuck your mouth like that? John liked dirty talking also because as I was fucking his mouth I said, you like it when I tell you what I’m going to do.

Mrs B Ch. 02

first-time BushRider 2018-09-29

She let my still hard cock slip from her mouth and, wiping my spunk from her chin with her index finger and licking it off the tip, looked up at me and uttered, "I think you enjoyed that didn't you?" After a couple more of these Alice's breathing became quicker, and she moaned softly, "Oh, that's it Dave, God that feels so good..." At this I picked up the tempo a little and increased the pressure with my tongue. Don't stop Dave, just there, I'm coming, oh God I'm coming!" Her voice trailed away into a low, guttural moan as her body shook and she let loose a flood of delicious juice into my mouth and over my chin and face.


first-time 2018-09-29

Once Van felt David and Mark had the young Van began to slowly saw in and out of Susan's mouth Mark commented as Van continued to abused Susan's Suddenly Van pinched down hard on Susan's nipples Susan's arms were released as Van pulled his member from David and Van grabbed Susan's arms and pulled her Susan felt Mark's hands on her hips grabbing her student's cock left Susan's cunt gaping open with his her euphoria, Susan did not object when Van and Mark there," Susan begged as David pushed Mark's cum into rhythm with David driving into Susan's ass while Van Van crawled off and David pushed Susan off his cock. change," Mark informed Susan after all the students

Tommy's Graduation Present

first-time Tender86 2018-09-29

I watched from the bedroom as Debbie taught Tommy the sexy way to kiss a girl, how to gently caress her bare breasts, legs and pussy. Debbie slowly turned to face him and Tommy's face was level with Debbie's pussy as he started rubbing the oil up the front of her legs. As her lips started to feel the pressure, she took her hand off his cock and Tommy's eyes bulged as the pink lips parted and his cock head slipped effortlessly inside. With that, Debbie gently pulled on Tommy's hips and he watched his cock shaft slip between the lips and disappear inside Debbie's pussy. Debbie could feel the rim of his cock head rubbing the inner walls of her pussy as his pumping was getting faster and with more intensity.

Average Anatomy

first-time CamScorp 2018-09-29

"She looked awesome in that skirt." Mike said. The next day Marta walked in after Mike and I were already seated. At lunch, Mike and I sat and wondered if Marta was opening the door for us because her attitude seemed playful. Mike and I left as soon as the game was over, sadder because we knew she was spending time with another guy, yet, I could not wait to get home to masturbate to images of the moment we shared. Mike called me later that day and told me he wanted to see Marta dressed in some type of body suit. The only other short skirt I have would have gotten me sent home." Marta said.

My Nephew

first-time fotisampini 2018-09-29

Proof that I'm turned on, turned on by what you are doing. I already had crossed most of my lines. I already had crossed most of my lines. I was contemplating crossing even more. No, not contemplating. I had expected some awkwardness. Just a little. And I am telling you, I bet you will encounter little resistance. And I laughed. And I laughed. But his was much more a nervous laugh. Turn me on with what turns you on ... "Tell me. "Tell me. "Tell me. He was awkward. He was awkward. He fumbled with the button. He fumbled with the zipper. I could feel his heat, even before his hands touched me, one on each hip catching the thin line of string.

My favorite slut Rachel part 1

first-time seththesexgeek 2018-09-29

"Good I love a dirty slut like you Rachel" I say as I slid my cock in to her very wet and very tight pussy. She whimpers as I start to fuck her slowly at first, her pussy feels amazing, she's so fucking tight and wet. At this point, I start to let lose, fucking her as hard and as can in a bathroom stall with out getting kicked out. "Fuck yah, dirty slut wants my hard cock, take it slut take it!" I yell at her while she starts to moan louder and louder."AHHH I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum!!! When she does I can feel my cock twitch, and start to get hard again." Yes, Rachel , I want to fuck your slutty brains out'

A President's Daughter

first-time kinkidusti 2018-09-28

"So are you ready to search for the girl?" Andrew asked as soon as I had walked into the house after classes that day. "Hey, Rachael," I said as she lay down on my bed, "what was the website your ex-boyfriend posted pictures of you on?" I was completely taking advantage of her state at this point, but I promised myself that I would not take advantage of her in her unconscious, drugged state. "You came, you were upset, you got drunk, you didn't want to get caught walking home drunk, so you asked if you could stay here, I said yes, you came up to my room and passed out.

My lover's first present

first-time charmnsc41 2018-09-28

I undressed in the living room and entered his room only to see a beautiful blonde kneeling on the bed between his legs, sucking his cock. I smiled back as I walked up behind the blonde and slid her panties down. I climbed onto the bed beside her, still kissing her as we lowered our heads together to lick and suck my lover's thick cock. When they stopped to let me catch my breath, she turned to again suck his throbbing cock. I licked at his asshole and felt him shudder so I became a little bolder and stuck my tongue in his ass. I let the thrust of his hips time my tongue fucking his ass and her blowjob give him the most pleasure.

Daughter of Eve

first-time Erocus 2018-09-28

'I agree it would be if you were my father tonight,' Sara began, with the hint of a smile playing on her lips, and a smouldering look in her brown eyes. As I dialled my home number to tell my wife that I couldn't come home, because I was going to be spending the night fucking our daughter, Sara had lain down with her left leg on the floor, and the spike heel of her right sandal rubbing along my ever growing shaft. As our conversation came to an end, Sara, moved her hand from her mouth and motioned that she wanted the phone. Sara quickly said goodnight to her Mom, threw the phone to the floor, and with both hands, pulled my face into her pussy.

Babysitting Job

first-time ejp1985 2018-09-28

She felt his long wet tongue as he licked as it swept against her shaved pussy. Bruno immediately thrust his long, dog tongue against her spread wet, shaved pussy. “God, it feels so good,” Erica thought, as she held his large black head against her moist pussy. She stroked and sucked the dog’s large cock a few more minutes and without any warning she felt the warm stream of dog cum as it shot into her mouth. Bruno once again buried his face into her crotch and licked her pretty shaved pussy with his long dog tongue. Erica reached behind her, and grabbed Bruno’s large swollen dog cock and guided him against her very wet pussy. Bruno’s long tongue once again began licking away at her pussy.

Here Cums the Bride

first-time DKerr8047 2018-09-28

One good friend, named Iris, especially seemed to go through boyfriends pretty frequently, and would tell Carla all of the salacious details of the sexual activity she was having with them. Carla told me that they had dated several times and she became comfortable around him. At the same time Iris was telling Carla about all the fun she was having with her boyfriends and well, you can guess the rest. On one of their dates, the young man asked Carla if she would like to go see his apartment, and she said yes. There would be two more trysts of this sort before her better judgment kicked in, and she decided to stop before something unfortunate happened; her gentleman friend wasn't the type to use condoms.

Hayley's Party Ch. 01 Pt. A

first-time ChloeTzang 2018-09-28

I had a beautiful collection of Chinese designer label stuff - Uma Wang, Zhang Da, Qiu Hao, Nicole Zhang, Helen Lee. Anyhow, it sounded like this gweilo client Dad was meeting with today had a few problems with a company sale or transfer or something. I train Kukkiwon-style with the other students most nights, but Master Kim teaches me Teukgong Moosooi four times a week after the classes end for everyone else. "Yes of course Ms. Burns, I can give you a business card for Master Kim's school right now, let me write down the times I train." I was very polite. The drive home was fast, which was good because Mom and Dad were busy grilling me about what Wendy and I had talked about, and what we were planning tonight.

Dad's Not Home

first-time Ashson 2018-09-28

Every time you look at me you'll remember that I know you haven't got any panties on and that I saw your nudity when you were bent over my knee. I was relaxed right up to the point that Simon's hand closed over my mound. So again I found myself a little confused as to how come my hand was running up and down, feeling him, testing the hardness of it, sensing the heat. Simon started moving softly, pulling back a little and then pressing forward. I could hear myself saying things like, "Please, faster, faster, oh fuck me, please." Then for some reason I remembered Simon's strictures against swearing and my eyes popped open and stared at him.

4 A mum teaches

first-time alibodge 2018-09-28

My finger began again to circle her clit, gently slowly exploring her body, working its way into her, playing with her sex-lips, fingering her hood, returning to the little button that I knew would trigger her again, her breathing quickened and she gave herself to the next wave of sensation that washed over her, triggered by her only son and knowing Pandora`s box was now open and could never be reclosed. I, old campaigner now I thought, (though I could not show it,) first handled ‘my’ nipple then began to gently suck on it like an infant, the effect was instant as mum`s whole body stiffened, then she began to breath more quickly, Tommy followed my example, and we felt her hands behind our heads forcing us down onto her soft chest, she began to moan softly, and I knew that she was on her way to a climax.


first-time 2018-09-28

my wife began to fidget nervously, Simon said "Why gave my wife her drink then, placing Simons on the Stunned for a moment I looked over to my wife who gave special anniversary present and looked over at Simon My wife looked from me to Simon and then to the large Simon, grinning like mad began to stroke her thigh, my She looked on with big deer-eyes as Simon slowly held my wife legs with one hand and reached down and hard, pushing open my wife's pussy lips, exposing her of the room, Simon had spun my wife around and was now I looked into the room and heard my wife plead with him of your wife's pussy shit-head, you'll be hearing from

Love with the right stranger...

first-time n2oral 2018-09-28

Wrapping a towel around myself, I open the door and you're standing there, wearing a tight top that flatters your soft curves and a short skirt that shows off your tanned thighs. On the way back to my place, your hand reaches for my thigh and caresses it. I gasp at your soft woman's hands as you slide your hand down my pants and feel me, grasping my junk with a playful squeeze. I tug at your skirt, lifting it to expose your thighs and your mound, and begin kissing your woman's secret place. Slowly at first, you rise and rock on me, feeling my hardness push into your softness, then we move faster and faster, with practiced rythmn, your breasts swaying as I grasp them.

The Domestic Plumber

first-time Moondrift 2018-09-28

Like a lot of young guys in those days I was, by contemporary standards, hopelessly naïve when it came to things sexual; I'd only got as far as learning to masturbate which in those days was still declared to be a sin, and deleterious to the health. I was not so innocent as to not know what was afoot and I started to get up, but Mrs. Mowbray pushed me back saying, "You lay there son, I know what young guys like you need and you've been horny for me all day." After Sid left I worked like mad to get the jobs he'd left me done, and then Mrs. Mowbray got down to the next stage of sexual apprenticeship.

The Tutor

first-time storytyme 2018-09-28

James walked to the front door and opened it, noticing that a young girl, whom he assumed was their daughter, tagged along, following behind Mr. and Mrs. Samuel. A few minutes later, James left his clients to walk through the house and discuss between themselves what they thought. "My parents are trying to decide whether they want the house or not.", she said to James as she approached him. Melanie wrapped her arms around James' right arm and looked up at him with puppy dog eyes. James waved to the family and quickly looked away, trying not to stare at Melanie. Melanie pushed James' face away from her neck and looked with lust, deep into his eyes.

Bisexual Mature Guys at the Pool

first-time daveevans 2018-09-28

I hit the locker room to slip into my black Speedos, not even taking time to adjust my cock and balls, not even caring what my package looked like. I smiled and a guy walked into the shower room, prompting Deimos to pull his hands out of my Speedos and backing away a bit, trying to look normal. I swam about thirty laps with a stupid grin on my face, literally bounced out of the pool, got dressed and went home to masturbate to the movie playing in my head, over and over, of Deimos grabbing my arm, kissing me, our crotches grinding together.

My First Gay Experience With My Friend

first-time GetSprung 2018-09-28

The party went well into the night with a lot of people having a bit of a romp. Due to the fact that there was only two people in the house at the time, I knew that it was my friend who had left the light on. The look on my friend's face was priceless, I couldn't help but laugh at how shocked he was. "Honestly mate, it's not what it looks like." To which I replied, I started to rub the head of his dick and felt him tense up. I asked him if it was okay to suck his dick, he didn't reply, he just pulled my head down towards his glans.