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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Martial Bliss

first-time secretaryspanking 2018-09-28

Devin slipped on a Magnum condom from his pants pocket, slid onto the bed behind Lana and began to tease her pussy lips with the head of his cock, getting her juices all over it. Devin leaned back and spread Lana's ass with his hands, squeezing slightly as he tried to gently thrust the mushroom-shaped head of his cock into her tight, clenching pussy. Lana was relaxing down onto the bed, raising her ass and letting his thick, long cock stretch her pussy, soft grunts falling from her lips with every thrust. Devin was throbbing, balls deep in Lana's pussy, while James watched the head of his cock resting at the mouth of Lana's ass.

She's Lonely on Fridays

first-time Luv4meLuv4u 2018-09-28

She begins jerking my cock then guides me to her sofa and begs me "Please, please lick it.." I get between her thighs 69 style, it doesn't take long for her legs to start shaking. I feel her moan in pleasure as I probe her sensitive spot with my tongue, she begins sucking my cock and licking the tip with elegance. She says "Well, now I feel ready for dessert" She starts sucking harder and deeper I am in utter ecstasy as she gags and then pulls it out to rub the tip of my hard cock on her nipples. I asked her "can I touch your feet?" and she looked slightly confused but regardless she smiled and sat on the sofa and said "sure.." I smelt them, licked and sucked them and she proceeded..


first-time kbking68 2018-09-28

I slipped his shirt over his head and started to kiss his neck and chest. I licked my way up his shaft and circled my tongue around his head before finally plunging his cock into my throat. I felt it touch my ass, running in little circles around my hole. He went slow at first, allowing my tight ass to get used to being fucked for the first time. After a little longer like this, it became apparent that neither of us was quite going to cum this way. I laid down next to him and took his cock into my hand and started to jerk him off as we kissed again. I then felt his hard cock probing again against my ass.

Hooking Chassidy

first-time studrelease 2018-09-28

"I DID tell you I didn't want to fuck, though," Chassidy says, but as she says it, she glances away, her voice growing quieter until I can barely hear the word "though." I think her cheeks grow a little warmer. "OH, Scott!" Chassidy exclaims, and she cums hard, rhythmically releasing her fluids onto my hand, her legs, and the ground. Maybe ten seconds pass, then she cums yet again, just as I'm pulling out to turn her back around: I wanted to blow my load inside her while we looked into each other's eyes. We grab our clothes that we left in my truck bed along the way, I dress while Chassidy gets some wipes from somewhere in her car and cleans the long trail of nut creeping down her leg.

The Spanish Girl

first-time thechampion1111 2018-09-28

When we got to Marianas house he said one thing to me before i got out of the car "make me proud b*o," then he gave me a trojan fire and ice ecstacy condom, i looked at him and laughed because ive never had sex before. She then stopped sucking and slipped the condom that my b*****r gave me over my penis and moved her legs over my streched out body, she was holding my dick and she was strattling me, she then put the tip in her vagina and started to slowly let it go deeper and deeper inside of her until she was sitting on me.

My CL Hookup (True)

first-time datballer08 2018-09-28

We just IMed for a while and I finally asked him if he would like to come over since the rain had stopped. Our stroking motion stopped and we looked at each others faces and then I locked in on his cock. This time though he leaned up and I felt his moist lubed hand rub across my thigh and touch my right hand on my cock. He rubbed my cock gently, it felt like he was taking it all in with his sense of touch. I felt my balls tense and I let out a moan as his head lifted and rope after rope of hot cum shot from my cock. I released his cock from my mouth like he did to see his hot cum shoot out.

The Neighbor Girl and Her Friend

first-time fotisampini 2018-09-28

"Looks like you like fucking college girls huh?" she said with a sly grin as she reached between Tiffany's legs to grab my balls and feel my cock entering her pussy. "Well, it sure looked like you enjoy fucking college girls as well" I said with a smile as I slowed the pace a little so Julie could rub Tiffany's clit between thrusts. It wasn't easy with Julie's ass coming down on her face with each thrust, but she did her best to suck my balls into her mouth like she was trying to literally pump my cum into her friend's pussy. I removed my finger to give Tiffany more room to work, and spread both cheeks with my hands as I continued to slowly pump my cock into Julie's pussy.


first-time 2018-09-28

We'll set up a date in the night club to spand it on chating, drinking and dancing. What was my huge dispapointment, when the fab girl (long, dark, curl hair, big black eyes, and sweet lips) start to dancing after one pint with the strangers not with me... We'll start dancing as she'd did that before with other guys earley on. But this time, I kept her butt so hard, and close to my legs, that her pussy rub my thigh up and down, up and down. Started kissing her, touching her brest, rub her legs, get closer to her pussy. She said that: Hey lover boy, you are so hot and sweet my teddybear, but I need to take a shower and go to the airpot to pick up my fiance.

First Lesbian Experience

first-time 2018-09-28

I took the cock into one hand, slowly stroking it as I slid it past my lips & let it fill my mouth. She took one in her hand & began kneading it, pinching & teasing the nipple; she sucked on the other, running her tongue over the nipple before softly biting into it. She pulled herself back from my breasts & ran a finger between my pussy lips, making me gasp at the sudden sensation. She slowly slid her fingers in & out of me as she continued her tongue work on my pussy. She pushed down on my legs as she slowly began thrusting in & pulling out, rolling her hips so that it hit just right in my opening.

more computer problems

first-time smallcock 2018-09-28

As I was rubbing him his head fell back and he gasped, he parted his thighs slightly so my hand moved freely up his thigh, when I got to about an inch away from my target I stopped and looked down he was semi hard alright. a few minutes later I licked down his midrift and ended up on the waistband of his pants, moving myself between his legs he looked at me. Pre cum was oozing out of his eye as I licked his helmet, as I ran my mouth up and down his cock he ran his hand over the back of my head.

Village Nudists

first-time badboy4sex 2018-09-28

who asked my uncles name removed her hands from her boobs and continued The one who was drying cloths said “This is not drinking water. my pant and removed my penis out in the water. It felt awesome letting my penis free in water in asked her I don’t know why but my left breast is paining a little bit a nice place to pee.†Everybody looked my penis and its bulging. you pee even here?†I said okay and touched my penis. A lady caught hold of my penis and said, A lady removed her pallu and made it wet with the water in I feared of losing her hand on her my penis and said..“I’m feeling

Sex with SG JC Girls 3

first-time Labouroflove 2018-09-28

A secondary four girl with full B cup breasts wearing a pair of Hello Kitty panties that are probably worn by girls in primary school. I placed my left hand on her right breast and fondled it in the same way that I had moments ago. I did the same and placed my right hand over where her bra clip intersected and my left hand near her buttocks, rubbing both hands gently over where I was hugging. I did the same and placed my right hand over where her bra clip intersected and my left hand near her buttocks, rubbing both hands gently over where I was hugging.


first-time h3lls_sweety 2018-09-28

Maria Maranzano stood on her balcony over looking the vast grounds below dressed in a long white robe, her long dark curly hair let loose down her slim shoulders, inhaling softly deep in thought "Palermo, her home town in Sicily, her roots her origins all started here and all shall end here, her father Luca Maranzano made sure she was kept and stored here within these walls in Sicily, a very known "mafiosa padrone." Luca Maranzano was not a man to be tampered with. Seconds later her hips began to rock beneath him, showing him she had accepted the new feeling, Sal's patience broke and with that he began moving gently inside her, with his lips he kissed her face, her throat and with his hands he touched her body.


first-time rickk1 2018-09-28

Mmmmm, I asked him for more and as he slowly finger-fucked me into oblivion, I began begging him for more fingers or his cock or both I felt the weight of him getting onto my bed and then I felt his hot cock touching my rosebud...tapping it...teasing me...making me beg like a slut! His cocktip suddenly swelled and it twitched uncontrollably in my mouth as I felt and tasted his sweet hot tasty cum. John continued to ram his cock in and out of my mouth as he kept blasting his sweet cum down my throat. John continued to milk my cock then as he brought them to his mouth, he pulled me closer to him and kissed me..letting me taste my own cum.

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

first-time hotpunjabiin 2018-09-28

I asked Chitra if any one also on the phone hearing our chat and she said it is her friend Dolly who listening and enjoying our conversation (On a parallel phone). Then I asked Chitra to bring Dolly along with her to one of my friend's house so that her pussy would be deflowered by today itself only. When her hymn was broken she cried in full voice hai main mar gayee bahut dard ho raha hai nikal lo apna lund meri choot se, (she screamed in a loud voice begging for withdrawing my cock form her pussy as it was paining her),.I put my lips on her lips and started sucking her lips while my hands were on her boobs pressing and caressing them roughly.

Wife likes Black Cock

first-time bigal1689 2018-09-28

I guess it was my fault that my wife, Nancy of twenty years, decided to fuck a black cock. She would love it when I would bring home interracial videos with white women sucking and fucking black cock. The last time they did it she came home and fucked me because she wanted me to feel what her well fucked pussy felt like. At that Walt turned on the light and I saw that Walt’s buddy was this big black man. Both men started laughing and Walt’s friend, Sam, said, “Did you see the look on her face when you turned the light on. He started to put it in rubbing the big cock head all over my wet pussy.

Licking both sides of the stamp...

first-time unassumingmistress 2018-09-28

We carried on speaking on the phone and met a few times before me and (lets call her ‘cast’) decided on a night out clubbing. Now I met this lady (lets call her Gin) on the internet, some website or other, anyway as with before we spoke a few times on the phone but I made the mistake of not actually meeting her somewhere neutral first. Now, Gin didnt lie about how she looked, she just omitted a few key features!… Regardless of that small fact however I didnt not want to seem like a rude host, so I did the next best thing posible… and got bladdered!!!

My Dog Sitter Ch. 02

first-time thepencilskirt 2018-09-28

My tongue pushed past her lips and she moved her hands to my shoulders. I felt the tips of her fingernails press into the side of my neck as she kissed me. I pressed my mouth to hers and felt the vibrations of her whines as I slipped a finger inside her. I held her gaze as I brought my lips across her salty, warm flesh and planted wet kisses down her stomach. Her back arched as I moved my tongue deeper and brought her hips closer to my face. I kissed against the wet skin and brought my mouth up her body. Her arms went across my shoulders and she kissed right under my chin, down the center of my neck, and the top of my chest.

August Rain

first-time The_Unicorn 2018-09-28

"Look, Allison Miller is throwing the pool party at her mom's house. Miss Miller, Allison's divorced mom, would probably filter out any older kids, like us. At about noon Miss Miller emerged from the house with a tray of finger sandwiches and many big glasses of lemonade. Trying to look casual to the kids around the pool, not that any of them paid me any mind, I opened and closed the sliding door very slowly as I entered the living room. Miss Miller then reached for my trunks and without a moment's hesitation she pulled them up my bent legs. My cock was of average size and Miss Miller was able to press her face lower and lower until almost my entire prick was in her mouth.

I’m Lying Here Beside Her With ... On My Min

first-time mnmh82 2018-09-28

You sneak up beside the bed and run your hand under the blanket. You are still gently but firmly sucking my cock. In a last dash for the finish I squeeze your ass with my hands and f***e my face into you as deep as possible. My nose f***es deep inside you like a cock. I wrap my lips tightly around your clit, suck hard, gently biting. You suck on my cock draining every bit of the cum. I lick and savor the wetness of your pussy as you continue to jerk and vibrate from cumming. You can feel my cock deep in your throat as my hips shot upward. Your face is laying next my still hard but softening cock.


first-time robertreams 2018-09-28

He noticed one girl in particular that looked a bit like Laurel, with long, flowing blonde hair and an exciting body. A young boy and girl, Jason guessed they were freshmen about his age, joined hands and walked away from the other swimmers, obviously looking for a place to be alone. Jason knew she had taken the young man's penis into her mouth, an act he had heard of, had often wished for during his frequent solitary masturbation. Jason continued stroking himself as the young man below moved his hips forward and back, obviously holding the girl's head in his hands, thrusting strongly into her mouth. Listen do you think you could let me have the room for a couple hours?" She looks over at Jason whose eyes are wide.

Full Contact Lens

first-time rpmorgan 2018-09-28

I felt my own cock begin to get a raging hard on. to mine I felt my right hand begin to rub his cock through his thin gym shorts. huge 9 x 2 1/2 inch cock popped through my ass ring and he slowly shoved that Grabbing my cock with his vaseline coated right hand he began to slowly stroke fuck me slowly , I hungerly began to slowly lick and suck her big clit..... His huge balls began to swing into the back of mine and I heard her say, oh baby take that big dick deep into your ass show moma what you can do. Suddenly the old Doc began to pound me hard and deep and I erupted into his

Savannah Shows Me What It's Like

first-time giggityguy 2018-09-27

Savannah and I shared a silent but intense giggle, and I whispered to her, "Oh my God, it makes me feel so sexy to have boys looking at me like that!" All of a sudden, the disjointed images from before fused into a single, continuous fantasy; David unzipping his shorts and sliding them around his ankles...his big cock springing from its fabric taking it in my hand and feeling it all over before opening my mouth to accept bobbing my head and hands faster and faster, working to get him off...him grunting in pleasure as he spurted his hot cum into my moaning happily as I gulped down every drop.

Black bee: The little black girl of the internet

first-time fredorson 2018-09-27

I start descending my hand to her ass, directly her breathing changed, it accelerated and became deeper. I putted my second hand on her tit and as soon as I touched them she let escape a small and shy but so hot moan. At the same time, I slipped my hand under her bottom and I had my fingers in her thong. Placed on my knees in front of her, I threw myself between her legs to eat her hot pussy. We let us slip to the ground, I placed myself above her and I started to penetrate her. Since that first time, she came back regularly to my place and we have good sex together.