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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Glory Hole First time

first-time oddtastes 2018-09-27

Mark hadn’t said much up until then, but as he was being sucked he said, “That’s right little boy, suck my big pecker, make it shoot its goo into your slutty little mouth!” Hearing that kind of lewd talk made Josh work even harder on the thick member, and in a few more minutes he was rewarded with a torrent of hot cum down his eager throat! Mark took his own cum covered dick and Josh’s into his hand and began jerking them together, both heads slipping and sliding together, their velvety smoothness combined with the saliva and cum on Mark’s cock, bringing both men to the verge of ejaculation!

Jackie and Rhonda Ch. 02

first-time big_mike610 2018-09-27

"Guess we have to watch it on the computer." Jackie grabbed the disk and the girls headed up to Rhonda's room. Half way down the hall another door opened and Jackie's brother Jim came out of his room with a towel around his waist. "Yes, he's breathing but he won't wake up." Without realizing she was doing it, Rhonda's right hand started sliding up and down Jim's leg. Jackie watched as Rhonda continued to use whatever means she felt neccessary to wake Jim. Before Jackie could say "three" Rhonda felt the squeeze and, shocked, flung Jim's arm from her shoulder and let him drop. "I thought you said you were going to wait!" Jim looked up and saw Jackie dumping a baggie full of melting ice onto Rhonda and himself.

Brian and Ballet Pt. 02

first-time DSauthor 2018-09-27

Brian got home as his mother was leaving, so he went to bed for the evening thinking about Emily, and his life in general. "Okay Brian, I know you're a stud muffin but I think it's been a while since you've last hit the weight room ya?" Katherine asked him, while she was showing Emma how to do something. Emma was a girl he knew was in his class, although she wasn't in with the popular crowd as Emily was. "At least for one moment, those girls were thinking of me, at least enough to request me as a friend." Brian said to himself. "You know, you're not like the others." Brian said aloud, although he wasn't sure he meant to.


Raking the Leaves

first-time Iconbuster57 2018-09-27

"Fuck no," Tyler responded, "I'm going to be working in the coal mine with my dad."Suddenly Cassandra remembered the bottle of water she still had in her hands, "Oh I got this for you." She extended the bottle of water to Tyler, Tyler excepted the bottle opened it up, took a swig, and poured the rest of it over his head. Tyler smiled, he must have recognized Cassandra checking him out, because he began to start posing, "No babe, look at these muscle, do you really think there is any job to tough for me." Do you think you can pick me up?" As she was finishing what she was saying Tyler took his hands and put them right under her arms, and lifted her up over his head.

confessions part 4 taken 2

first-time 2018-09-27

Assar came near me and placed his mobile phone beside me, sheeba had gone to the rest room, and he told me to go through the picture files. Semen oozing out of my cunt, assars cock in my mouth, him Cumming in my mouth, cum covered face, my ass hole wide open, when taking photos they told me to bend down and spread my ass cheeks apart, I have done that perfectly. I slowly made my way out and started walking towards the store room, I couldn’t see muthu inside the office, and he must be outside guarding I presumed. I called out assar, the office boy with his right hand slapped me, before I could recover again another one, this had more f***e than the first, my head started to reel.

Tracey Ch. 03

first-time woody_strokem 2018-09-27

"Goodness, are you alright dear?" my mother said, placing a hand on Tracey's back. As soon as my parents left, Tracey and I had abandoned the drafty basement in favor of the upstairs living room for its warmth and superior stereo and television, not to mention its proximity to the kitchen. On Tuesday night around 10:30, I was splayed out on the living room couch in my boxers and tee-shirt watching TV when Tracey returned home from work. I tapped the keg and poured us a couple beers while Tracey went into the living room and turned the stereo up. "This is Jessica," Tracey said, smiling apologetically at the two of us for Bernie's lack of social graces, "and Steve--the host."

Step dads follows daughter & boyfriend to an a

first-time fotisampini 2018-09-27

Eva liked teasing Frank so she playfully squeezes her 36C breasts together, and asks him "You want to fuck me you naughty man?" She tilts her head to the side and playfully nibbles on her finger, before turning to slowly walk back to the bed swaying her bubble butt back and fourth for him to see. Frank began thrusting forward trying to almost fuck the hole it the wall as as Mallory wraps her lips tighter and picks up the pace sucking the big cock faster and faster. Rick hearing the click slowly walks into the room "Hey man I'm Rick and that is my new friend Mallory over there and well to be honest we both like that big dick of yours." Rick says pointing to the long piece of meat hanging between Frank's legs.


first-time Ricardostgeorge 2018-09-27

She always worked late on Wednesday evenings and would arrive home after eleven—we always sat and talked for a while, the boys went to bed at nine and were fast asleep by the time she came home. I forced my tongue as deep inside her as I could and settled into a position where I could massage her vagina with my tongue on the rough spot a couple of inches into her glorious love canal at the top. She usually came three or four times before she reached for me to enter when we made love. She held her knees and pulled her legs further apart She came so hard, her back arched and she flooded me and the bedding with almost a cup of sweet fluid.

No name nubile

first-time petdyke 2018-09-27

My smile widened when I watched her walk up the steep stairs, my eyes following her behind. With her tied up virtually without words or ropes, I made slowly love to her. Took my time to kiss her all over and up and down again till I focussed finally on her love lips and she could not withhold her orgasm any longer. Those lips so sexy swollen, warm and wet, I finally entered her at ease. Well her lower smile was wide enough to let our love juices drip down and wet her sexy sphinxter for more of our joy. Without a word she left, blowing me a kiss, before she closed the door, with my eyes still following her bums ...

Rebecca in trouble (part 8)

first-time Headmaster-Michael 2018-09-27

His hand moved down to the top of her pubic mound, running his fingers lightly over her hairless skin, feeling her body shudder, still not touching her pussy lips yet. His left hand shot out and slapped her hard on her ass cheek, his right hand shot up between her legs, slapping on her exposed pussy, pushing her body up higher into the air as it absorbed the powerful blow. The finger tantalized her clit before moving up, spreading her pussy juice up between the cheeks of her open ass until he reached her abused anus. She only succeeded in making the Commander more excited, seeing her ass shake begging for more."You have such a sweet young asshole, Rebecca," as his tongue began to push inside her tightened anus.

Mount Erin #1

first-time petdyke 2018-09-27

Pete had noticed the young cute smart-ass from the South, whom he once saw. As soon as he ran into her again on Main Street - with a big smile - he asked her along for a hike up Snowy Mountain. Erin fancied the idea to get to know the snowy peaks of her new area and quickly agreed to leave early next morning... Indeed, Pete picked her up in his truck at dawn, after a night Erin hardly slept. Pete drove till the end of the road up Snowy Mountain. Suddenly Pete turned to her - and again with a big smile - he told her: "I´d like to test you, you pretty looking smart-ass, how tough and cool you are".

the nude model's first sitting

first-time diddliedoo 2018-09-27

Mary was surprised to see the young man as he walked into the studio. When he responded by saying he was 22, she told him he had the job if he wanted it. She smiled and told him that he didn’t have to explain. She removed the towel and grabbed his dick with both hands. She grabbed his dick and placed the head in her mouth and caught the rest. He stood there panting for a moment and then he grabbed the towel and began to wipe the sweat off him. When she felt she could stand, she got up and finished her sketch, looking forward to the next time he came to the studio.

my first panty adventure

first-time 2018-09-27

I remember one night when my friend and I had finally decided to crash out after drinking, smoking weed and listening to punk rock music. The idea popped into my head: I have to look at her panties. I slowly closed the door to my friends room and made my way to his parents' maser bedroom. I remember pulling a black lacy pair out and noticed it had a small whistle dangling wear the crotch would be, but there was no crotch! Standing there in front of a full length mirror, I looked at this gorgeous pair of panties. This scenario played out many more times for about another year before we just quit hanging out and got to old.

Giving a housewife a good fuck with a dildo in bot

first-time 2018-09-27

Knowing how hard it is for many women to talk about their sexual preferences I tried to give her some hints and added: "If you prefer anal, you may want to start with something smaller, when it comes to vaginal, I found that having a vibrator that's penis shaped and a little rough gives me the best stimulation, and if you're just looking for a quick clitoral satisfation, just pick one with strong vibrations, like this one." It ran all the way down her arm and covered it in cunt slime, which she seemed to treasure, because after I got dressed again and she straightened her skirt, leaving the vibrator still where it was, she giggled and licked my juices off her fingers as we walked out of the store, smiling at me and waving at the girl by the counter.

New York weekend.

first-time heresjonas 2018-09-27

My wife and I looked at each other and grinned as if to say, "That was a little more information than we expected."  Caroline jokingly said "Scoot over here; at least I can give you a hug." Keeping the blanket pulled close to her chest with one arm, she leaned over with her left arm and hugged him saying, "You have your whole life ahead of you stud-man, just stop trying so hard." As he finally got his act together and, having thrown back the shot, he walked in front of my wife not knowing what the hell he was doing, and she just glanced at me for a brief second, took a deep breath, and rather reluctantly and slowly reached up and put her hand on his cock.

masturbating to xhamster and being caught

first-time bj1553 2018-09-27

unconciously i slipped my hand under my bra and started tweaking my nipples as i thrust the dildo into my aching pussy, moaning and sighing with pleasureas i imagined i was touching hers from him. "feels so fucking good" i whimpered, my body beginning to shake as my hand moved even faster, the dildo now flying in and out of my pussy as i tried to mimick him slamming his cock into me. Then suddenly my toes curled and my body quaked as i toppled over the edge of the cliff a loud screech escaping my lips as i climaxed, my hands instantly grabbing the railing i was leaning over using that to keep myself steady as my legs threatened to give out on me, leaving the dildo buried in my pussy.

Delayed Action

first-time cbsummers 2018-09-27

He knew I'd been home-schooled by Mom most of my life, and was a bit out of the loop sex-wise, so he gave me a little sex education pamphlet. Laurie looked at her, trying to be compassionate, but I could see in her blue-gray eyes that she thought Mom was a nutcase. Mom went through her idiotic house rules, and Laurie listened with a bright expression of sweet innocence on her lovely face. I liked looking at all those girls, but I think Laurie was my favorite. I was a little bit shocked and surprised that this beautiful girl was sitting on the couch with me, watching TV, but I tried not to let it show.

20 and 52 daughter and mother

first-time 2018-09-27

the following day the grand daughter must have slept over cos she greated me with a cup of tea and a smile, i said you luck nice this morning you of home to your boyfriend,, no i dont have one nobody will have me,, shut up i said your a little stunner this totally broke the ice with her and she opened up to me, she became more talkative and told me a lot of things about her and her mam,,so i said to her to that i was calling in to see her mam when i go to whitby,, thats sound give me a bell and i will also take you out and show you the town and where to drink ,, i will do that.

Chandini’s Disappointment

first-time gemmini79 2018-09-27

Aslam thought it for a moment and hold his dick in his right hand under beneath the base .......spitted on its red big head and placed it on the cunt entrance he tried to press it but Chandini moved back so Aslam picked her body and placed at the end of bed wall side now there was no space for Chandini to hide .......this time Aslam kissed Chandini on lips to which she was responding and let him enter his tongue ......Aslam took advantage of it and again placed his hard dick head on cunt entrance which was oozing pre cum.

The First Big Time

first-time msxxl 2018-09-27

Chris you are an adult, I want to be your first at everything." Kim began to kiss me again as her hand fondled my cock through the material. "I want to teach you everything, but I want you in my mouth first though, I have to taste you." Finally Kim reached the forth button down and my cock sprang free, I couldn't believe how hard and long it had gotten, I would swear it had to be an inch longer then its normal seven inches and much thicker then it had ever felt before. I began to push her head back, terrified to cum in her mouth, afraid she would hate me for it until I felt both of her hands wrap around my waist and pull me to her.

My Kinkiest Experience

first-time NaughtyDreamer 2018-09-27

He continued to kiss and lick my pussy through my panties until he had me breathing so heavily that I was getting weak in my knees. I don't know for sure but I got the sense that he was just standing and watching me, looking at my naked body and probably stroking his cock. He crawled up between my legs, gave my pussy one more long lick with his tongue, stopping momentarily to suck on my clit. And then finally, I felt the head of his cock rubbing on my pussy. He quickly pulled his cock out and then I felt his hot creamy cum landing first on my breasts, then dribble on my belly.


first-time imcharliebucket2 2018-09-27

I start moving my tongue up and down your crack all the way to your dimples and back down to your are BEGGING me for more and grab my hair from behind and pull me to your waiting lips and give me a deep wet kiss and your tongue probes for mine and I begin to suck your tongue in my mouth. I gently move you back to facing the wall and while working your ass from behind showering you with kisses and sucking hard on your butt-high areas left and right you say to me - I want you in my ass I complied eagerly and you start to moan as I stroke you slowly and then despite wanting me in your ass you pull me out hard and fast and spin around taking all of me in your eager mouth while facing you...

Not My First Cocksucking Blacken Gay

first-time 425olds 2018-09-27

What had started out in high school as youthful sexual experimentation with my best friend Larry, quickly turned into an obsessive need for me to be on my knees sucking on his very big cock in order to get him to cum in my mouth. Tyrone would sit at one end of the couch eating Susan's delicious fried chicken and watching the game as I sat next to him with my face buried in his lap as I sucked and slobbered on his delicious black cock occasionally looking at the screen out of the corner of my eye. Just as I thought I was going to pass out, Gerome relaxed his grip on my head and withdrew his cock from my throat and I was able to take a few great gasping breaths even though the massive head was still filling my mouth. 

Internet Dream Come true

first-time iamscarlett 2018-09-27

Suddenely Hailie jumps out from the water putter her hand around Ray's neck and looked deep into his eyes. " Engouh teasing Hailie" He held her down, the water in his hair driped onto her tits " Honey i want you to eat me and then when you think you are hard stick it in and fuck my brain out!" Then she said" Ray you are the meanest person in the whole world" " WHAT!!!" "you are goping to leave in a week and i can't live without you what am i ever going to do?" They looked into each other's eyes for a long while and he began kissing her again.