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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My First Time

first-time 2018-09-27

anyway i told him to come inside for a drink and he said yes, he jumped over our fence and i went inside the kitchen to pour him a drink. the man let himself in and he started to touch my ass, so i rubbed his cock and it must have been at least 8 inch. next he turned me round and gently pulled down my thong and he shoved his pole into my ass hole, i started to moan with pleasure while he was shouting whore and slut at me. when he was about to climax he took his wet dick from ass and shot a big load of cum right on my cheeks.

finally some foot fun with hot blonde in tights/pa

first-time lovetightsman 2018-09-27

so today i got a message online from a female who i am quite friendly with who is in her early thirties and i have bought lots or pairs of tights and stockings and panties and lingerie items from her before on numerous occasions (a few pairs of worn tights that she has wore for me then took off when i went to her house and saw her in them). so she took stuff in the kitchen then i asked her if she could put a pair of the natural tights back on for me to get some pics and i asked her if she could wear them without panties (as i had asked her earlier when she originally sent the pics before i went to her house).

Teacher's Pet

first-time Rhon1768 2018-09-27

I packed up my books, grabbed my bag and looked at him as I walked toward the door, saying, "Shall we go?." He stood up and followed me down the hall to my small office. "Would you like to see more?" I looked at his cock in his jeans and could see it growing right before my eyes. He looked into my eyes and nodded his head, indicating that he wanted me to continue with this crazy seduction scene. I dragged my lips up to the tip, sucked at the head and continued to pull with my hand till I felt his cum hitting my face.

Ashley's Mix-up

first-time KittyFlower 2018-09-27

She pushed herself toward his dick but every time she did he would pull away from her not allowing himself inside of her. "Please fuck me Mr. Harris like Josh never has." With that he slid his dick inside her pussy fast. Josh walked up behind Heather and pushed his hard dick inside of her as if it was something they had done before. Josh tried to make Heather orgasm as well but he was not able to like Steven was with Ashley. Heather come here and clean off my dick for me before we start." Josh and Ashley both got dressed and left the house together.

Teased to almost torture.

first-time bylhamclarabella 2018-09-27

I turned taking off his tshirt and putting my hand in his shorts. I could feel his penis and stroked it slowly up and down the shaft. His penis was getting excited and I know that he couldnt wait put it inside me. I put is hand inside my panties as the dress was now on the floor. As he kissed my toes and feet I rested on elbows and unhooked my bra. I begged him to taste my vagina but he went all around it. I begged more for him to eat my vagina. I eventually swore at him saying eat my vagina now or when I get free I will **** you with my mouth and vagina all night.

Trish, Kate and me

first-time Mercutio85 2018-09-27

My friend who’s dad owns a private school took three girls (let’s call them Trish, Kate and Mel) and me to the empty school building during the summer. Two, maybe three hours later, I was shooting cum into the mouths of Trish and Kate, two of my dear friends and classmates. Trish came first, when Kate had swapped with Mel for a bit and then disappeared to the bathroom for a while. I try to be honest here, so basically what happened next was I shot a load into her hands maybe 30 seconds after she started rubbing and licking my dick. I jerked a little bit (Mel meanwhile, started licking my fingers as I was holding on to the bed) and shot a huge second load, right into their mouths.

D's Virginity

first-time doebear2 2018-09-27

"About time you get here Melinda we are going to be..." I turn to get after Sue's daughter and my heart stopped a beat as I was not looking at Melinda, but some stranger in cowboy boots and jeans. I had no clue who to call, but Sue told me a mechanic friend of Melinda's was coming over to work on her so she would get him to look at mine. We both got in the kitchen and started cooking, we got the dinner in the oven and I told D I was going to take a quick shower and for him to set the table and pick a movie for after. D's dick finally stops jerking and slips out of my pussy and I can feel our cum start to leak out my pussy.

Behind my bestfriend's back...[part 1]

first-time Martin1992 2018-09-27

:-D Mark, a girl named Mia and I went home to Mark's house knowing his mom wouldn't be home untill the morning. I asked if we should go for a dip in the pool and they both thought it was a good idea but Mark had to go change to some swimshorts - The moment he passed the corner, Mia began rubbing my bulge and I slowly grew bigger and bigger. she nodded and the next thing I see is Mark standing still with his hands infront of his cock :-D Mia then went back to my side and with 3 meters bewteen us and Mark, we looked at each other. :-O Mia moved her hands between the bodies of Mark and I and went down for his cock.

Learning from Sally

first-time Frank2002 2018-09-27

I think dad got only porn with the guys a with the biggest and thickest cocks and the best looking women who seemed to really enjoy fucking. I got a towel and cleaned myself off and had a great nights sleep thinking of beating off many times while my folks were gone. She told me she thought I enjoyed masturbating and reminded me of the times she showed me some nice cleavage and shortly thereafter I would give some lame excuse to go beat off. I remember looking down at her as she smiled and played with her tits for me, telling me just to enjoy the feeling and to shoot her full of all my cum.

Jill's Lesson

first-time 2018-09-27

I went through the card in no time, so I got One day I got a hand full of bills in the mail with no Mr. Owens walked over to me and told me that he wanted "Time to deep throat." he said and pushed into my and told me to flip over it was time to split my cunt Mr. Owens asked his secretary if she wanted to stay and The next day I went to the tattoo parlor and got my Master Owens, as I was told After a month of steady cum, Master got what he wanted. Mr. Owens baby they are going to make me work in there All I wanted was some little things in life and I went

Truth or Dare

first-time Throwawayaccount68 2018-09-27

It started out innocently, but eventually people were being dared to pull their dicks out, stuff like that. After sitting there awkwardly, raging erections, Brian finally asked, "You know how we played truth or dare the other day?" I sat there nervously, going through a few different dares, but I finally managed to ask him what I had been wanting to ask all week, the question I had been fantasizing about every time I masturbated alone every day that week. "Yeah." He grabbed my dick and brought it to his mouth and what I felt was something entirely new to me. I grabbed it and started licking around the head before taking it all in my mouth and sucking away.

So what is The Pimped Out Mistress name all about?

first-time ThePimpedOutMistress 2018-09-27

My husband wouldnt let me suck his cock or touch his balls and commented he didnt like all the wetness in my pussy. I went in and we started talking and it wasnt long befoee i had to touch his cock. I dont remember what order things happened in but his cock ended up in my mouth, his hands up my pussy and his fingers doing the familiar flicking that always drove me wild. It sounded like i wasnt alone in wanting these things and that i finally had a play partner, a sex buddy, who would use me for all the purposes id always wished to be used.

my first time

first-time diggersam 2018-09-27

I just close my eyes and can feel my dick start to be come hard again, and she says, well you have a lot of slimy goo oozing out between your fingers. She starts to rub up and down and squeeze (what I call now per-cum, as we don't know then) more slimy goo out and rubs it all over my dick and licks it off and squeezes more out, doing this many times. After a little time had went by and we sit up on the bed, she looked at me with a big smile and cum all over her lips and said, tonight, it's my turn to be licked and suck my juices out.

My First Sexual experience

first-time hotcpl20 2018-09-27

Making sure no body was watching me I took out my cock from inside my trousers and started rubbing with my hands. Mean while Chellamma was lathering her body and when her hand reached her pubic area she sat on the floor, spread her thighs and cleaned her hole using the soap. When her hands started touching my body I could feel my cock growing inside my under wear and the erection was quite visible from outside. Then she applied some soap on her hand and started rubbing the skin up and down.This was the first time a woman touching my cock and the sensation was unbearable.

Wild Call of the Moose - Part 3

first-time 2018-09-27

“Okay,” I said, “I don’t want to mess up your plans.” So I went back to bed and waited. “Oh Talina, I totally will!” she said, “I think you are really sweet and I don’t get these kind of feelings for people either.” It was a really good day and it was so nice to see Kari make new friends and see other people that she knew from high school. I wasn’t really sure what Kari’s financial situation was all about and I didn’t want her to feel obligated to contribute to the household, other than her sweet company and her loving snuggles at night. Kari spoke up on the way home and said, “I can help out with grocery money once all my student loans go through, okay?”

My best night at the club.

first-time JasmineCS 2018-09-27

After About five minutes of him showing off his amazing tongue-work in my mouth, we finally got in, and I began to drive to my place. Soon enough his fingers had crept onto my thigh, slipping down to gently brush across my nethers, while my right hand dipped into his slacks, grabbing hold of his length. My tongue ran round the head several times, then gently moved back and forth across the shaft, while my fingers took a hold of the base of that cock, beginning to gently jerk. After ten minutes of working at his length, we finally reached the best part. We rested for nearly ten minutes before he got up, exiting the car to run into the supermarket.

The Girl Next Door Ch. 01

first-time AveryTomDeaconHarry 2018-09-27

I rested my chin on my hands and Rachel moved round in front of me, knelt down and started spreading the lotion on my shoulders and upper back, my cock growing more as I enjoyed the silky feel of her hands sliding across my skin and the sight of her pussy and nipples in that nearly transparent g-string just inches in front of my face. She reached out and grabbed my arm, giving it a little shake, and said, 'Hey, you're meant to be putting some sunscreen on me, not staring.' Then she giggled as she covered her pussy with the same hand and added, 'I hope you are going to do my tits properly this time.'

uncle paul my first

first-time bi-wifey 2018-09-27

he got to hs kness and put the tip of his cock on my hole he started to edge it it slowly ad he fondled my breasts.his cock now half in he moved bk and forth getting deeper and harder the pain shooting through me after a while it eased off he fucked me for a time then he asked if i was on the pill yes i said as he groaned i wanna fill you up with my cum my mind racing away i never knew what it felt like he pumped in and out of me you could hear how wet i was the sound of my wet pussy and my uncles deep breathing was a turn on.

I Thought We Were More Ch. 06

first-time DrElectrogasm 2018-09-27

The oddest part of all of it is Rose wants to have sexy times with Alex but she also seems interested in me. "Um...ok, sure." Jacob said not knowing for certain if this was going in the way he hoped for. Jacob hesitated for just a second and Alex dropped off of him and began to back away from the couch. "And what makes you so sure of yourself?" Alex said glaring into Jacob's eyes. "Because Rose kissed me today and held me in her arms." Jacob said in as soft a voice as he could muster. Her body began to relax and Jacob could feel her vagina widen ever so slightly. I guess I just became a bisexual" Alex said with her face still buried in Jacob's neck.

Flirting with Strangers (cuckold) 2

first-time bbwgirl101 2018-09-27

The vivid memory of my first passionate kiss as I sat next to him in the back of his car, the feel of his hands on my breasts, it took a little nerve for me to start feeling his cock through his jeans but as soon as my tongue was in his mouth and my hand was on his erect cock, I was well away in the throes of passion and when he said he would video me sucking his cock, without hesitation I found myself unzipping his fly, reaching in, and pulling out his fat cock, even just touching his cock bought me to another level of excitement and as soon as my mouth caress his member, his fingers found there target, my pussy, I felt his rough hands on the inside of my thighs, moving the crutch of my knickers to one side and a finger slip between my lips just brushing my clit as his finger went inside me.

My Own Love Story

first-time 2018-09-27

To which she replied “I knew this would happen someday but when you came back from outside I felt this is the day and that she also wanted but had to avoid fearing of getting caught and we will get caught with the bed sheet, bl**d stains on it,,, I could hardly walk straight,,, its paining and feels like it is torn all there.” I kissed her on her forehead and said “jaan you don’t need to worry, I will manage all things as I have become a great liar and I love you more than myself will not let anyone know what happened” I kissed her on her lips and added “Let’s go and clean our self first.

In the stall

first-time Joecsa123 2018-09-27

He really didnt want me to put my lips on his small little cock so he gave me a TEN SECOND time limit... He didnt want to have anything with me sucking his cock anymore (but i think he liked it) because he said is that it ? but 10 seconds in he started getting some tounge all around my cock, he tried stroking my dick with his hand but my cock was too small so he used two fingers, He started deep throating my dick and he was loving it, I didnt tell him when the thirty seconds was up because i knew he liked it.

My cousin's mom

first-time jason1000 2018-09-27

I don't know nothing about boats specially big ones and Diane and Jake were working to stuff it for a 2 day get away. The guys started talking and asked Diane her name and introduced themselves to be vacationing business men though they looked more like escaped convicts than business men. Now Diane is not mindful that she is no longer covering her breast and as she was pacifying us gesturing with her hands we are all glued at her super perfect boobs with pink sharp nipples. Finally Diane went to the three guys and told me and Jake to back off at the corner. My fears disappear as my cock stood in erection looking at Diane while the three guys took turns fondling her boobs and nipple.

Erotic Comic Orgy Series - Chapter XV

first-time Victor2K 2018-09-27

After at least six months, Ava knew she had to tell John that she wanted to have anal sex with him. Sometimes, Ava used her outer lips to grab a hold on his dick and rub the moisten vulva against him, producing even more natural lubricant to fulfill their needs of future anal sex. Crawling to the mattress and getting herself in all fours, Ava rubbed one of her hands at her wet pussy and some of the excitement proceeds went to her ass, where she did another lubing job in order to make this better for John Cortese. Almost all of his cock went inside the bob-haired woman’s butt and, with slow moves, he began to know the place better, waiting for any feedback the brunette was able to do.