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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Not All Guys Are The Same

first-time joe_1244 2018-09-27

"I had a great time, Mike." Jessica said as they broke away from their hug. On the third date, the same thing happened, only this time Jessica did not ask Mike to come into her apartment. She had been on first dates in college where the guy wanted to go down her pants and get her hand on his bare penis. As they made out in Mike's car in front of her apartment, there was an occasional hand on the arm or leg or stomach, but nothing that would qualify as "heavy petting". I can't believe how good that felt," Mike said as he pulled out of her and lay back.

Vaginal balls from the sex shop and the first betr

first-time 2018-09-27

Vaginal balls from the sex shop and the first betrayal of her husband: a mature woman first ends with a neighbor after he licks her pussy - Good morning, this is Rita. - I just wanted to clarify, if not come to your address for sending me from the online store? "Beloved, give this parcel of our neighbor, Rita from the second floor. Her husband, like, can not meet. ' When Rita called again, I began to imagine her naked, with vaginal balls inside. She asked only that the contents of a parcel remained secret from her husband. Smooth, swollen pussy lips were open, like red bud, opening the entrance to the wet pulsating vagina. Rita pulled her hips wildly and screaming in ecstasy.

Ann getting married soon but lets me fuck her in h

first-time Bigyin4u 2018-09-27

Ann was in work when I asked, so she went to the loo (restroom) and sent me a picture of them to my mobile. When she told me it was smooth, I said "prove it." Again she went to the loom and sent me a picture and it did prove she was hairless. I meeting was to take place during Ann's lunch break. Soon I knew her lunch hour would be up so I said "Another time I would like to stroke the skin of your pussy. Ann slipped her knickers off and I played with her pussy. I loved the feel of her smooth pussy lips. If you want more please let me know and I will writethe true account of our further meetings.

Lunch Special

first-time AJBA 2018-09-27

On this day, he was feeling really horny and wanted so badly to fuck her in her office. They had never done this before but he was in the mood for a quickie, a hard fuck without getting caught in the busy school they worked in would be exciting. She was waiting for the day he would want easy access to her pussy at work. She fantasized he would come in to her office one day and aggressively fuck her like a savage maniac. She wanted to stop because she was nervous abot getting caught, but this felt to good. He was getting ready to cum so he brasses her up on the desk, spread her legs open, and started licking her clit.

It Happened Tonight

first-time KrisCoyote12 2018-09-26

As she began to work her way down towards the rock section, closer to where I stood, she turned her head slightly, and I gazed upon her marvelous face. "Yeah, the new album by The Dryers just came out," I said, looking back at the long line behind me. "Yeah," I said, looking back at the crowd for a second. I just stood silent, looking into her eyes, trying to get a grip on what news she had just spilled into my mind. She looked so innocent with her eyes closed, her expression untwisted and calm...I scooted closer to her, feeling her body heat surround me. "Sure, that'd be nice," she said looking at me, revealing her smile even more.


first-time 2018-09-26

"Uh, like this," TARA said, "If you want to get it started." She cupped her left hand beneath her left breast, and plucked at her left nipple with the thumb and forefinger of her right hand, pinching down near her dark areola. She felt really horny, and was anxious about when he was going to ask her to fuck.Once TARA lay down,he caressed her whole body with his hands, even sliding a hand inside her panties and feeling her bush."We only talked about, you know, me giving milk ," TARA prompted. With him lying on top of her, his semen and manhood inside her, TARA felt as if she had no choice in the matter.He was offering to solve 0ur money problems and give us a place to live with 0ur baby--in return for milk and pussy.

Girl Friend and I Become Step... #2

first-time HankWilliams1956 2018-09-26

“He’s all ways told me I was fat and ugly and for that reason no one will ever want me to have sex with me, or even marry me other than him, but then he stopped fucking me and having sex with me all together, and then he said I was fucking around on him, but he wanted me to dress like I’ve been dressing, and said if no one hits on me I would know that he is telling me the truth, and I was believing him because no one ever did hit on me, till I came through that door there today, and with what Nestlé there said to me about being a cock teaser, I got to thinking about how you said I made you hard every day I’ve been here, just by looking at my what I think is a big ass butt…”


first-time enchantedbrit 2018-09-26

Still holding your hands I kiss my way slowly along your chin to your earlobe, taking it between my teeth, nibbling softly. Letting go and placing soft kisses down along your neck, I move around to your other earlobe, taking it into my mouth and pulling it gently between my teeth. Closing your eyes again, you tilt your head back ever so slightly, feeling my warm fingertip flicking your nipple under the water. You release your lips from mine and lay your head onto my shoulder, your arms tight around my neck, breathing deep and quick, feeling your pussy throb with each sensation of your orgasm. Turning my head to kiss your lips softly, you smile, sated and content, letting the bubbles ease you back to normal.

Bad Dolly Ch. 02

first-time bad_kitty22 2018-09-26

I thought of what would happen if Mr. Wells had felt guilty about our little rendezvous and had told his family. My heart did somersaults in my chest and I felt rotten, I wanted to leave, my guilt was swallowing me whole as I sat down and someone handed me some French toast. 'We might be a little longer than usual, Dolly, so if you want to go home just ask Mr. Wells, okay?' Magda informed me before ascending the stairs. 'Oh honey, I hope you're alright, I'm sure your kitty's in a better place now.' She smiled then looked at Mr. Wells, 'babe, I've got friends from church over, could you drop Dolly off?

Strange Luck

first-time RagingEmu 2018-09-26

So while home for a weekend from college I went to the local adult store. That mantra still goes through my mind today before I have sex, but I think it has quieted down. We both tried anal sex for the first time ever that weekend. That was the last time I ever had anal sex, btw. I brought her back to the plane, she called home and had about 5 messages from my mom looking for me. My roommate knew where I was basically, but is he going to say "Yeah he's off fucking for the weekend, want me to call when he's done?" We sat there in Ruby Tuesdays after my parents showed up at my dorm around 8pm with the campus police.

Summer Transformation Part 2

first-time archerfan88 2018-09-26

Option one: you can remove all of the hair on your body, and start practicing with the small dildo, and I'll see you on Monday. Looking back at myself was a wavy red haired, extremely busty, voluptuous young girl. I opened my laptop and saw that I had watched the rest of the attachments. The end of the email showed written answers, where I had to state what my perfect girl looked like, and 3 secrets that no one had ever known. I felt myself start to get wet but, fast forwarded through the porn until I reached the last attachment. Upon opening the attachment, I heard him say "Check your email again. I look like a full fledged girl!

Carlos' First Encounter

first-time SexyChele 2018-09-26

As I walked around the main building, I noticed the door open and the group that had been outside stepped in, the handsome young tour guide leading the way. As we entered the hotel lobby, Carlos walked me to the bank of elevators, and as the doors opened, I pulled him inside with me. Pulling away from him, looking deep into his dark eyes, I reached behind me and undid the clasp on the bra, slowly letting it fall from my shoulders and then my breasts. His eyes watched every movement, and when my breasts were exposed to him, I felt his hands on them once more kneading, pressing the flesh with his fingers.

My First Facial

first-time julieshining 2018-09-26

His penis wasn't that large as he was only 18, and it was good because it meant that performing oral sex on him was easy – it didn't give me a jaw ache. Some girls talk about how they don't like sucking their boyfriend's penis, but I have never understood that. He took much longer this time, about 5 minutes, and as soon as was close to cumming he grabbed my hair and pulled me away with one hand, and with his other hand he kept masturbating those view extra seconds till he came and then pointed his penis at my face. I've since learnt it is one of the things that almost all guys like, so I have done this with every boyfriend since.

18 Year Old Seduces Her Tutor

first-time XXXNoBounds 2018-09-26

She was always at home when Roger was tutoring Lara and it was a good thing she was there. Roger was handsomely paid for his work and according to the high school teacher Lara's math was improving. Lara had become curious about Roger's cock and she suddenly had a desire to see it but she knew that was unlikely. She decided to let Roger stay for tutoring and she would try to get him to show her his big cock. Roger knew that he should stop her but it felt so damn good and she was so sexy in that school uniform. She lay in bed replaying the evening and remembering how much she enjoyed Roger's big cock.

Amanda: The Tease

first-time The Collector 2018-09-26

To make a long story shorter and spare some of the rather boring details, all but four people had left by three in the morning, mainly because Ryan didn’t want anything to happen to his parents furniture, which already looked like hell as it was. “What are you doing?” Amanda asked, trying to push her pussy back onto my cock as I moved a few inches away from her. Then, as we both let loose at the same time, screaming one another’s names, I grabbed her hips and pulled her back over me, pushing myself as deeply into her fantastic ass as I could get before unloading what was a large amount of cum considering I had already shot so much of it into her pussy earlier.

Getting in contact with my Ex s****r in Law.

first-time captain3843 2018-09-26

They shafted you and left you high and dry, my whole f****y, after all you have done for them, and my stupid b*****r, he had so much going for him, great house, fantastic f****y, stunning wife, oh John thank you, you always say the nicest things to me, well its true Helen, you’re a very good looking woman, no I’m not, I look so much like a prude, no you don’t Helen, you only think that you’re not, remember when I used to stay with you when I came home on leave, you always looked so nice in your swimming costume by the pool in the garden oh and that’s another thing why he left all that for some cheap tart I think he’s gone mad!

whats on ur mind ? ;)

first-time nipple_suck_lover 2018-09-26

the office fetish when i was travelling wid my boss to india for a buiseness meet. my boss was a beautiful woman.. big beautiful eyes.. i always had a fetish for her.. one day v were both assigned to go to delhi in india.. while travelling i couldnt stop looking at her.. after we reached there.. v got done wid d meeting n went to d bar for a drink.. she grabbed me by my waist n whispered "u have d sexiest eyes in dis planet" i kissed her.. i pushed her on d wall n removed d buttons of her t shirt .. started sucking her nipples.. licked a trail on d belly button.. i kissed her beautiful breasts..

The Physics of Attraction

first-time IshtarsMoon 2018-09-26

Christy sat her book down and looked at her friend in disbelief, Emily actually liked the guy. By the time Ryan knocked on the door she'd gotten her contacts in and the ponytail had been switched to a looser clip that let wispy tendrils fall around her face. "Studying for a physics test," Emily answered as another blonde skeptically eyed Ryan. As his body relaxed Emily stroked his hair and planted gentle kisses on his cheeks and neck, hoping to prolong his pleasure. Emily tossed her shirt aside and Ryan stared intently at the luscious swells of her breasts just barely contained under black lace. Emily reached around and unhooked the clasp, studying his face as her bra slipped forward.

Wifes Surprise Gift. Part 2 (FANTASY THAT WILL BEC

first-time TheScarletPimpernel 2018-09-26

I kissed her neck just under her and gently ran my fingers from the top of her thighs up the sides of her body, cupping and rubbing her nice round tits. I told the guy to slowly start feeling his way up my wife's body to get a sensory image of how sexy she was. By then the stranger was cupping my wife's big round double D and stroking his thumbs over her hard pierced nipples causing them to spring back and forth and go harder than I've ever seen them before. When I took my hand away, my wife reached behind her and grabbed on to my throbbing cock through my trousers and gave I a good hard rub.

Daddy and the Sitter (Title Change)

first-time Devilsdaughter 2018-09-26

Jen stood up and I watched the thick cum drip from her sopping wet pussy and she turned round and straddled me and took my cock in her hand and placed it between her swollen lips and thrust down taking it deep into her hot cunt. I lay back with a contented sigh and my hot sexy wife sat on my face and let me eat her delicious pussy as she leaned forward and started eating out first Jen then Lou. While she did that Mhairi got the girls nipples hard, kissing and sucking them while she caressed my cock. I've got an idea." said Donna, "Mhairi darling get on the bed and kneel beside Lou. Alex, take turns at fucking all the girls assholes and while you do that I'm going to do you with the strapless dildo.


first-time arwen_79 2018-09-26

Jack pulled back the covers on the bed and lay down next to me, and he began kissing down the side of my cheek and down my neck. As I kissed Jack, we began to caress each other, our hands wandering all over each other’s bodies. Let me do all the work, let me please you.” As Jack worked his fingers in and out, that little twinge of pain I first had slowly dissipated and waves of pleasure started running through my body again. You can cry, it’s ok, this is something special between you and I.” I whimpered a little, trying to hold most of it in, not wanting to let Jack know how scared I was and how much it hurt.

Becoming a Sissy Cocksucker (true story)

first-time vickiebicd 2018-09-26

His other hand reached over and turned my head towards him and he looked me right in the eyes and asked me if I'd like to try it. I licked my lips and leaned forward again, but as the head touched my lips this time, I offered only little resistance as it passed into my mouth. As the spit ran out of my mouth, tears started running from my eyes, he asked if I would like to taste his cum. His hands grabbed my head and all at once, he let out a loud moan and his body began releasing a warm, bitter, salty gooey fluid into my mouth!!

I am now a member of the "Mile High Club"

first-time sanmarcosdrew 2018-09-26

I lowered the middle seat's tray and said, "See we have our own club right here in the plane." I ordered a beer and as the pretty attendant set down my beer she told me that since the flight captain was late getting to the plane (which caused the 90 minute delay), he was buying the first round. Every now and then his hand would return to my cock and give it a gentle squeeze to which I closed my eyes and smiled. My ass going up and down on his cock must've felt good to him as he was moaning in ecstasy with each sphincter clamp and release I put on his man meat, The effects of the beer was making it even more erotic.

The Cafe

first-time satellite186a 2018-09-26

I feel your hand move up and your fingers curl round the back of my neck as you pull me closer. You pull me to you and I feel your hand slide down across my chest, reaching down as your fingers curl round my shaft. Your mouth and hand reach the erection together and I feel your lips close around the tip once more, taking my length into your mouth, as you cup my balls. Smiling, you move down a little to take me in completely and I feel you grip me as tightly as before, your pelvic muscles taking on the role played by your mouth a moment ago, to hold on to me.