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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Jacking Off for the First Time

first-time Nudenative 2018-09-26

I had quickly noticed watching all the porn during my earlier years, that all the guys at the end of their scenes and sessions, they would suddenly take out their massive porn cocks from the girls they were impaling, and they would grab their erections with a hand and begin stroking quickly back and forth, or up and down. I was stunned in not discovering this earlier in my life as I stroked a little faster, because my mushroom head felt exquisite with the self pleasure. My right hand, slick with lotion, was loud going up and down my erect cock, with the wet and slippery slapping sound of skin being stroked.


first-time THEFORBIDDENMAN 2018-09-26

Is to see if i can get a sub or slave, based in the STATES, CANADA SOUTH AMERICA to do this for me, iv got to try and get someone to do this in person as my representative-WHAT AN IDEA got to get this going now Inform the girls that this is what i want to do and see if i can get this to work of couse they will think yha yha what ever- who is this nutter, but iv got my plan time to ask the subs of the Americas who up for my challenge, good has anyone looked at how so little information anyone post about themselve god rows of man seaking woman and nothing else, but that the challange iv set myself.

First Time Oral

first-time Aussiemerk 2018-09-26

Figuring I had been stood up, I grabbed my backpack and got up when a woman came rushing up to the computer lab gasping for breath. The closeness of her body had me really turned on, it wasn't long before my hand was up under her t-shirt and the bulge in my pants was pressing against her ass. She reached down, once again taking my cock in her hands, slowly stroking it and watching as it got larger and harder before her eyes. Slowly she wrapped her lips around the head of my cock, licking up the flowing fluid with a lust filled smile.

Tech Support 3 by loyalsock

first-time loyalsock 2018-09-26

An electric charge shot through Sarah's body as she felt Aaron's fingers nonchalantly slip into her crack, brushing the soft, sparse hair inside and almost imperceptibly grazing her anus. Sarah's eyes suddenly opened wide at the sensation of Aaron's nose pressing into her butt, the sound of deep breathing filling the room. Aaron tried to comprehend what could possibly be driving Sarah to do something so provocative as fingering her ass right in front of him, but he didn't need to understand. Sarah lay her head on her side and let her body go limp, concentrating on the feeling of Aaron's fleshy tool touching her butt.

Wedding Night

first-time maanmathan_playboy 2018-09-26

"What they have to do with this, Priya?" Akash asked as he took the tip of her pink saree and rolled it between her fingers. "They will decide whether tonight is our wedding night or maybe after some days." Priya replied back with a sly smile on his face. "Would you like to say anything, Priya?" he asked enquiringly."Because I want you not to speak but to make some other sound with those inviting lips of yours." I blushed and closed my eyes as I felt his warm hands cupping my hips inside my saree. But now I know for sure she likes sex and would love to explore her first time with her husband.I rolled the saree off which was clutched tightly onto her body moments before.

"Arresting" Officer

first-time XXXNoBounds 2018-09-26

Emily laughed again, and reached up with her lovely hand to close my mouth. Emily put her hands to work on her breasts instead, pinching, pulling and twisting her highly aroused nipples. "Ooo, goody!" My hands were still full of plates, but she tugged my shorts down, freeing my hard cock (I know I had been cooking, but I had a perfect view of a naked goddess the whole time, so, of course I was hard). By the time we had dried each other, I was hard again, and Emily had that look in her eyes. Emily was slithering out of my arms, and I opened my eyes just in time to see her perfectly formed ass jiggle as she scooted into the bathroom.

Busted 5: In Training

first-time cambriakid 2018-09-26

Well, okay, hold on, don’t cum yet, just stop!” she said and then she took her time getting there. Donna came inside and my wife said to her, “I’ve got a book I need to finish so I’ll just be out on the deck if you need anything.” Then she turned to me and said, “You do whatever she says! As I started to cum, Donna quickly removed her mouth and pinched the end of my cock closed just like my wife had been doing all week. Donna told me to kneel again and she began to feed me my cum with two fingers just like my wife. You’re going to suck cock like a professional baby!” she said happily.

Zoey's Wild Imagination

first-time 2018-09-26

Feeling all of her, her body pushing against him like small pushes and nudges, not wanting him to let go as she feels his grip tighten the way she wanted him to. The breathing and feeling intensifies as she lets her eyes close shut, feeling the girl approach her from behind as her hands fondle her breasts and her lips press up against her neck as she nibbles right on the back, where chills rise up her spine. The girls fingers tap along the edge of her pussy lips, her thighs trying to close the area in which the man and girl are pushing against her, but they keep her legs apart, grinding their appendages into her.

Caught By s*s

first-time ernieboy 2018-09-26

As usual I found a pair of briefs, I checked the gusset it was stained, I sniffed at it, taking in the scent of Sophie's pussy and couldn't resist having a taste of the gusset, my cock was rock hard and I was wanking like crazy, sat on Sophie's bed and looking through the dirty mag imagining I was sniffing at the girls pussies. I quickly held the magazine over my hard-on, then realized I still had Sophie's knickers up to my face. She told me keep wanking, which I did, the then started to tease me, she picked up her dirty panties and held them to my nose and started to talk dirty to me, telly how I like to sniff my own s****rs cunt!


first-time pleasureseeker420 2018-09-26

He helped me with my decision because I could feel his ball sack start to tighten up and his cock got harder and his breathing began to quicken and he pushed further into the hole and froze in place. I can't describe the feelings of crossing a bridge that I knew I wasn't capable of crossing and how it felt for the first time in my life to have a cock in my mouth shooting its cum and me swallowing it. I sat back in my booth again I was aware of some of his cum dripping from my lips and how I felt like a depraved nymphomaniac after sucking two cocks for my first gay sexual experience and thought how I must look.

A Matter of Time Ch. 07

first-time absoluteid 2018-09-26

A decade later, after repairs from those disastrous moments were nearly complete, they'd learn about the small STD that Janet gave Marty which, in turn, he gave Victoria on their wedding night. "Sit back," she said as her older self positioned herself on the couch -- spread eagled like she'd been a few days earlier fucking her husband in this exact place. "That feels good," her younger self chirped, enjoying the physical pleasure after the emotional pain of a few moments prior. The vamp began sucking on the purple vibrator slowly, the toy bulging against her cheek like Peter North's cock was bulging against the cheek of Christy Canyon on the television.

Educating a New Neighbor

first-time happybirthday 2018-09-26

I told Matt that I was going to ask him some questions that he might find embarrassing but I wanted him to answer the questions as best as he could. He said sex was about touching and feeling a girl's breasts and kissing. I told him when a man gets excited sexually and things sexual thoughts the penis gets hard and erect. I pointed out his penis and told him a lot of people call it a cock. I spread my legs apart and told him we were going to have sex. I pulled my lips apart to give him easy access and told him to go ahead and slip his rock hard cock into me slowly.

Amazing Anna

first-time daveb6970 2018-09-26

Get on the bed" she demanded "i want to sit on your face" i got on the bed and lay down on my back i couldn't wait to taste her.She climbed on top of me and positioned herself just above my face i looked uo and could see her swollen pussy lips and smell the juices i pulled my headup to herpussy but she just pushed it back down again 3 or 4 times this happened and i was getting frustrated with her teasing the suddenly she let go of my hair and pusheed her pussy towards my face straight away my tongue eagerly went into her hole as deep as i could push it she was starting to moan and this just made me push my tongue deeper my hands wrapped onto her thighs trying to pull her legs further apart so i could get right into her and get as much of her juice as i could

Gina´s Gyno Club - part five

first-time petdyke 2018-09-26

Leslie paused at almost every word as she spoke: "Every virgin in US and Canada has the right to a gentle, elder girls - into an almost painless warm welcome in the world of women!" Leslie - university teacher - had just formulated, after Connie had so happily lost her virginity. The three young women stood up, rose their glasses and with a smile erected with their toast - without any word spoken further - ... "Gina´s Gyno Club" - as it was christened by Leslie. They looked forward to this twist of their careers. Connie would find first fresh flesh for their club. God looked at the three young girls. She smiled as well! "Finally a fair chance for world peace"

Local Style

first-time KeKaneAnoi 2018-09-26

Wrapping one arm around Kai's shoulder and running her other hand through his hair, she felt him moan with his kiss. Hearing this part sigh part moan, Kai knows Iliana is getting aroused again. Slowly, Kai begins rubbing her nipples again, looking for the pulse on her neck with his lips so he can assault it with kisses. Moving slowly forward, rubbing Iliana's nipple with one of his hands to keep her aroused, Kai pushed into her maidenhead again. On the 5th time Kai bent over Iliana and began suckling her pulse at her neck, knowing it would take her mind off his penetration of her. Keeping his motions slow and steady, and continuing to suckle her neck, Kai quickly brought Iliana away from pain and into arousal.

Halloween Pt3

first-time TransContinental 2018-09-26

So, taking a deep breath, I reached to the waistband of his sweats, and pulled them down a little; just enough to release his big, black dick. Like I thought earlier, there was no way I was going to get all of it in my mouth. I felt like I couldn't breath, suddenly, with his dick in my mouth, and all other available space filled up with my saliva and his cum. I was pretty sure I had at least once, and now I felt like a complete dick. You're not walking out of this frat house looking like you just got hosed." She removed the cum from my face, careful not to smudge my eyeshadow or disturb my false eyelashes.

First Time Paradise

first-time alexcarr 2018-09-26

There it was then waiting for my cock, I spread those cheeks wide apart and gave them a few sharp slaps ro rev him up,then I pushed my mouth deeply into his asshole and got another taste of him there, a taste which so very much turned me on, I gave his cock and balls a little more rubbing and started to place the head of my cock to touch his asshole, immediately feeling the heat there and grabbing each thigh with my hands to get a good hold, this was gonna be some first time fuck for Ricky, and I wanted for it to be special, moving his hips to and fro as I started to work it into him, hearing his yelling as I pressed it deeper and deeper up inside.

Mammas kille

first-time johas2 2018-09-26

Precis när jag skulle resa mig ur soffan, för att gå och göra iordning en macka och sen gå och lägga mig, sa Jasper något som jag inte riktigt kunde urskilja. Det kunde inte ha varit länge jag sov, men jag vaknade upp, och kände att jag behövde gå ner och hämta ett glas vatten. Jag antog att det inte var någon av de vanliga filmerna han brukade se, för han satt långt bakåt lutad i soffan, och stirrade rakt på TVn. Inte omkring hoppande och ropande : "Titta bakom dig!" eller "Skjut! Det var då han slog till mig, inte hårt, utan bara som en varning, att jag skulle vara tyst


rocodile Tears

first-time 2018-09-26

Josh didn't notice until much later that despite her sobs, Sheila did not have one tear stain on her face. Josh knew it wasn't one of Sheila's bracelets when he heard the click and felt the band snap over his wrist. Sheila let her heavy breasts heave on Josh's chest, and he ached to taste them as well as have her on his dick instead of his rough hands. The smallest mewl came from her clasped lips and clenched eyes, lifting herself up, Josh watched entranced at the crossroads where their bodies met. They had been friends for years, withstanding a long period where Sheila had ignored him while trying to control her feelings for him.

Valentine's Day, 1945

first-time PhilLanderer 2018-09-25

The year was 1945, the month February, late in the Second World War. The European conflict was so advanced that the real soldiers were already dead and buried: only old men and young boys like myself remained. Had I known it would be my last chance to share a meal with my family, I would have hastily left my post, but as things were, my small guard unit and I ate a celebratory early meal: passing around a rare summer sausage that had come with our rations to help us celebrate this special day. One sixty something soldier told us, rather graphically, exactly how he planned to distract himself from the coming fast by partaking of his new wife instead, a woman who'd already lost her first husband to the war.

The Cherry Poppers Ch. 02

first-time BlewWater69 2018-09-25

Lana was cheering every good play by the Thunder like Jason and he felt she was having a good time. Jason's were fairly warm, Lana's were like ice. Jason seemed to like it the deeper she could take his big cock, so she tried taking him as deep as she could. Lana pushed Jason's cock against the back of her mouth, where the big cockhead wedged into the opening. When Lana felt him begin to lose his complete stiffness and he started to tremble from her sucking on the head, she knew it was time to let him relax. "Yes. You didn't think me too naughty, did you, for suggesting that?" Lana asked, a little more seriously this time.

getting some in the movie theater

first-time dr-d 2018-09-25

As I fucked her pussy with my fingers a little bit harder I whispered in her ear “Do you like that…do you like when I play with your sweet spot babe?” she moaned and quickly answered “oh…yea…ohh yeah!” before I knew it I could feel her getting wetter and I knew she was about to climax so I took my left hand and pulled out my rock hard dick and began to stroke it. But before I could say anything she got up and stopped sucking me… a little disappointed I couldn’t cum in her mouth we went back to kissing oh so passionately as I stroked my dick faster and faster then she took her hand and stroked me faster until I shot my hot load all over the seats in front of us.

The Nun's Accident

first-time Abigdiesel 2018-09-25

I said yes, he asked how I liked it so far, and I told him, it takes a little getting used to, but the other nuns are nice, a lot better than what I was used to in my school surroundings. I started making those noises again like I did downstairs ooooh, oooh, oooh escaped my mouth, he asked one more time if I wanted to stop, and as he was rocking went further inside me as I screamed Nooooooh, about three quarters of his shaft now sliding up and down inside me, as I was screaming for more.

Loni's story

first-time ThePhantom 2018-09-25

The bulge in his suit pants grew as she began to unbutton her blouse to reveal a white silk bra holding her pert tits in place .She stood there looking at her teacher with the undeniable look of lust and wanting in her eyes. He lowered his head and began to kiss her breasts and lick her extended nipples and she moaned louder. He stopped her only long enough to recover a condom from the strip that was hidden in the storage cabinet. Loni just watched wide eyed as he slid the protective sheath on his cock. Loni placed her hands across his upper back and begged him to fuck her again.There was a pause before he began to push his cock insider her. A minute or two later Loni began to push herself upwards forcing her teachers cock deeper insider her.