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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

total slut

first-time ohioboy44906 2018-09-25

As we are looking at the different panties I held a pair up and said what do you think about these and she said yes but you got to get red nothing says come fuck me like red. All I could texted back was ok I did as I was told to do and waited I could hear people walking past the room knowing they could see me my cock was so hard at this point I wanted to stroke it but he told me not to after about twenty minutes or so he walked in wearing a white tee shirt and blue jeans.

Naive Sorority Sister

first-time GinaDMarco 2018-09-25

When the Kappa Phi Gamma sorority started their Recruitment Week, I knew this was my chance to spend my college years the right way; this was my chance to have the "College" experiences I had seen every character in the movies go through. I never thought the girls looked like the type to love anal and I know I never tried it but I did want the "College" experience so I carried on through Recruitment week. I wondered what the surprise was, but in that moment in time I was too high on the sisterly love to care, I so wanted to be a part of Kappa Phi Gamma.

Avec Plaisir

first-time 2018-09-25

He stiffened his back turned to Lluc and with more f***e than he intended, he said, “I have a restaurant to run, there are no eggs here and I’m leaving.” Eli moved his hand to grasp Lluc’s wrist and found his own clasped hard and pulled back over his head. “Non, Monsieur,” his voice slightly shaking, “you will stay.” Eli threw his weight into his other arm to push away and found it twined with the first, above his head tightly pinned, stretching his chest and lifting him slightly up off the chair.

Cutting Ms Betty's Lawn

first-time goodsonformom 2018-09-25

I sitting across from him asked, "Rene......what do you want?" He got up and stood in front of me, his hard cock pointing forward, inches from my face. I moaned and he asked me, "Are you okay with this, are you comfortable?" I nodded again saying, "Yeah, it feels good.......our cocks touching is so good." Rene took his hand and began stroking both of us. He was oozing cum and my chest was wet with his arousal as I held him and said, "It's okay......I want more too." He quietly asked me, "Would you kiss it,......I'm so close?" I leaned down and kissed it licking away the precum......he moaned and then I took the head in my mouth and swirled my tongue over the shiny head of his cock.


first-time brokendarkone 2018-09-25

I began whispering in her ear, "I remember you telling me you like this? I pulled back though and then continued to watch the melting ice cube as it drifted down her body I ran the ice cube down to her belly button where I let it swirl around, then drifted it back up to her left nipple. She swallowed, looked directly into my eyes, "I want to feel your tongue on my pussy." I slid forward and began running my hard cock over her slick center, "Put your hands back on the spindles," I said as I noticed her trying to use her hands to slide away from me.

Maybe She'll Say Yes

first-time Totzman 2018-09-25

"All right, Gentlemen, let's clear the landing pad," Alex said as he stepped up to the pool's edge. "Now THAT'S the girl you should get for your art project," Steve said, admiring Audrey's curvaceous body. "Do NOT ask her," Alex said, with a penetrating stare into Steve's eyes. Alex was too busy watching Audrey climb the lifeguard tower to mind the water Steve had just splashed onto him. "Aw shit," Alex said, knowing that he would have more success trying to build a car himself out of the pool's piping system than cock-blocking Steve. "You know, you said you wanted to model?" Alex asked. "Don't mind Teresa, she's always like that," Audrey said, opening the door to the locker room.

The things i think about !!

first-time tricky2010 2018-09-25

The vid cam fuck on top of a concrete plant overlooking Doncaster town centre at sunrise.. The fuck at Doncaster racecourse on the finishing post.. the revenge fuck at Doncaster aircraft museum.. but she was my girlfriend before him so he got caught in the crossfire.. took me to her flat and i fucked the ass off her.. spoiled little rich girl lol. The rich girl who's daddy owned a donkey farm and was the local gangster.. little rich girl thought i was trying to do a runner without paying lol. proper little posh girl.. she drove 5 hours to my house for a fuck because she realised how naughty i was.. The little raver girl from Dundee..

Wife Alone

first-time 2018-09-25

Jan continued, "Yes, Molly, he was black. Do you think you can find me a handsome young black guy wear to wrap this white wife in for a black man to good looking dark skinned black guy smiling and seeking to plant his black seed into a white man’s that of a black man in bed with a white married woman. continuously pounds his black manhood into my white seed started spewing from his black balls deep into my I knew that the symbolic white and black rose had just young black stud dog as he sought relief for his sex looked at my beautiful young black stud and realized After Andy left the next day, Jan come over and started

Stealing My Neighbour's Husband

first-time deepemerald 2018-09-25

As I read them in bed late at night I let my fingers play with my tits and my pussy and I brought myself to my very first orgasm. Sex starved as I was, and short of cash, I pulled my t-shirt and bra off and soon his face was buried between my tits and he started sucking and tweaking my nipples. I wanted it to last forever but my body gave in far too quickly and I cried out as my pussy showered Eric's face. He fucked me with long, deliberate strokes and soon he held me up by my tits, kissing my neck as the night was full of the wet squishy sounds of his cock slamming in and out of my cunt.

Chubby Freshman Chapter 9

first-time colourfast 2018-09-25

He then quickly looked the man over and again noticed the bulge of the man's cock as he replied "Yes we are and you are a wonderful host." Jerome answered that he was so happy to have them and added quietly that he wanted to get to know Terry a bit more before the night was over and caressed his hand gently as he said "A number of the guests are staying the night and I hope you are too." He then excused himself as he had some details to attend to but would be back shortly. Ten minutes later Terry rejoined Jerome and the older man quietly said "Follow me." He started up the central staircase and said a quiet good night to the security who was standing not far from there watching the as the two climbed the stairs.

First time at the gloryhole.

first-time porkchop1977 2018-09-25

The old man continue to pull back through the hole and indicate he wanted my cock at which point I would rebuff him and he would put his dick back through and I would go back to sucking him. I sucked, slurped, licked, and gobbled his fat penis, a penis that entirely filled my mouth, the whole time hoping and waiting for that first string of sweet come that I knew I could eventually work out of his dick. At one point, he briefly left my booth during which time I went back to sucking on the old man through the glory hole though, he promptly returned.

Parkin Job

first-time 2018-09-25

She pulled her shorts off and showed me her wet throbbing pussy. I was awe struck viewing her nicely shaven pink wet pussy. She managed to pull my shorts down and started to stroke my fiery red hard cock. My boyhood slid so easily in to moms wet snatch as I buried my bone balls deep. Before I knew it, I was fucking my mom good and hard. All of a sudden she started cumming on my piping hot cock. Her juices were all over my cock and balls, and as the intensity grew from the long hard thrusts I was allowed to do, I started filling moms pussy with shot after shot after shot of thick hot cum.

My Angel of Mercy

first-time eidetic 2018-09-25

The cabin cruiser was on fire and there were people standing at the stern yelling and screaming, and I saw them holding up little kids, trying to get life preservers on them. And the woman was having a hell of a time getting the life preservers on the squirming kids. The next thing I knew, I woke up in a dark hospital room, hooked up to a bunch of equipment, and sporting an erection that was extremely painful. There was no way I was going to tell her that the PCA wasn't going to give me the kind of pain relief I needed. "Rita, Mr. Foster is asking about some kind of artificial vagina that he could use to relieve himself," I told her.

He Bags More Than My Groceries

first-time greenside80 2018-09-25

Half the time I felt like he didn't even notice me around and having this young guy giving me attention made me feel pretty good. After about a month, we were going through the same routine and as he helped me load everything into the trunk, he asked me if I wouldn't mind letting him take my car for a test drive some time. He licked and sucked my pussy for several minutes and I began to feel a sensation that I hadn't felt in a very long time. He took this time, fucking me slowly as he enjoyed the feel of my pussy wrapped around his cock. He took his time at first, once again enjoying the feel of my wet pussy as his cock slid in and out of it.

A Beautiful Fuck

first-time hangingwithcooper 2018-09-25

"I guess I know what's on your mind." She slowly pulled her bra out from underneath her shirt and looked at me. I smiled, "There's one more thing that I'm sure will please you, and I promise we'll do it as soon as I get my hands on a condom." She knew instantly what I was talking about and got of the bed. Lindsay climbed back onto the bed and sat on my cock facing me. "Lindsay," I replied, "How can I say no to a body as amazing as yours?" We kissed, and the emotions came back to us. I couldn't believe how amazing this girl was, and I came right then and there.

Car or Motorcycle

first-time 2018-09-25

My closest friends are an intricacy of fun loving, caring, compassionate and extroverted people. Although there are many tales, adventures, experiences and fantasies to write about, I want to share this highlight in my life. This was a fantastic day and a super way to get acquainted with a new friend. This day and night were probably the longest, most luscious and sensual foreplay fun of my life. My new friend contributed a sugar sweet hot space in my forever expanding circle of life. Now, I figure that is a pretty good sexual experience to be able to write it out and derive an orgasm at the same time by imagining and reliving it! Thank you my hot naughty wild fun friend for being tangibly wonderful!

Oh how I miss it...

first-time Bareass13 2018-09-25

I started trying more often to feel her little sexy body that she flaunted around the house in her tight shorts that looked like you painted them on and her shirts that always showed the perfect amount of cleavage. Usually it was the same routine we would come home grab a snack, watch some tv, and do or chores before mom got home. So the day went on we got to the house as I walked in the door closed behind me and before I could set my backpack down she pushed me against the wall and kissed me shoving her dancing tongue into my mouth. I walked her backwards to the couch as our hands couldn't stay still rubbing and petting each other like we only had ten more seconds.

Emma's Deception

first-time treated 2018-09-25

When the girl's lips had touched the nipple, Emma had shuddered with the thrill, and the girl, Sandy, had sucked it into her soft lips, and begun to stroke it with her tongue. Emma heard or felt a wet pop as the lips parted, She squeezed her eyes shut, praying that he wouldn't recognize her as an imposter, as a stupid kid trying to be a woman, but he kissed her lightly on the lips, and before she could return it, he'd moved to her neck. All planning and thought left her, and she lay there with her legs spread, her oozing pussy open, cum running down her inner thighs, and a man bringing her unbelievable pleasure.

My first homosexual contact

first-time thickyoung21 2018-09-25

"i haven't got any look!" he said as he pulled his shorts down, to reveal a very skinny, small dick, alot like my own but much thinner and he was also cut. He pulled my skin back gently and had his hand around my cock, i felt funny and to mine and certainly his surprise i started to get a hard on. He said that he had looked at some of his dads magazines when he had a hard on before, he explained that he had seen a guy's dick being licked by a girl, and it looked like he was enjoying it. He pushed me back and licked mine, he said he couldnt taste it properly and to my surprise took my entire head into his mouth, he pulled away and said did that feel good?

Good Girl vs. Slut Ch. 15

first-time HiddenDevil_ 2018-09-25

Filled with more confidence, now that she knew Mandy was interested, Trisha began to slowly bob her head back and forth, sucking softly as she did it, gulping the rod into her mouth as the hard shaft pressed and plunged between her lips. The stranger responded with another hard buck against the wall, and a loud moan: "Fuck yesss!" The moans were growing louder and faster, and as Trisha eagerly rocked back and forth, slurping and licking at his meat, she could hear each of his groans to himself, his random mumblings as he lost himself to his lust: "Oh fuck hot little girl, you dirty slut...suck that cock sexy girl...suck it...God you're so fucking hot...your little body and your nice titties...oh yeah..."

The Making Of f****y Slut

first-time 2018-09-25

I felt shy looking at the way uncle was staring at my body, inch by inch studying me from the tips of my toes, up my legs, thighs visible through my skirt, my panting chest and over to my face. Uncle slowly picked up pace and began fucking my pussy faster till I felt my body almost explode with pleasure. I felt so close to him that I held his face in my hands smiling brightly at him while staring into his eyes, encouraging him to take pleasure with my body. When he was done cumming, I smiled widely and kissed him and told him, “I love you fucking me, uncle” and added, “and I want to do it again and again and again” causing uncle to laugh out.

Harri: Face the Slut Within Ch. 05

first-time thenry 2018-09-25

With great relish, Jess unveiled my outfit for the day - a short, black pleated skirt, a bright yellow low-rise thong, matching yellow bra, and a white little polo-collared shirt. It looked like he showed up, day or night, every couple of hours, in all manner of dress, to transfer blocks from the automated machine onto the frame. "And then it's the way people treat me, and maybe when I'm getting used to that, Jess dresses me like this." I sighed, looking down at myself. But right now, going out in public feels like walking down a catwalk and every guy's got a stuffy, eying me for the best hole.

The Hotel Ch. 1

first-time dgthomas 2018-09-25

“I told you I’ve been like this all day.” My hand slid down and felt his hard cock and then asked, “Have you been as well?” He chuckled and said, My hand remained on his cock and his moved down to the hem of my negligee and raised it over my head breaking our kiss as he completely removed it. As he played with my pussy I felt a climax building up inside of my cunt wanting to be filled and my hand found his cock and I touched him and he had a look of shock and laid on top of me slowly placing the tip at my soaked entrance.

My first gay threesome, including double anal.

first-time thewhoami 2018-09-25

John was getting seriously into fucking me, pulling right out, before fucking his full 8 inches straight back into me, ‘ride that fucking cock, you sissy faggot, fuck yeah, take it deep, now hold on for the fuck of your life.’ With that grabbed my waist and suddenly started to pick-up speed, absolutely hammering into me, fast & furious, every so often pulling out before thrusting all the way back in. They both start laughing, John slaps my arse hard, and said, ‘oh yes you will, and you’ll fucking love it, you silly faggot, you’re going to getting the fuck of your lifetime.’ I am struggling to break free, but Tim is holding me tight, as he says, ‘don’t worry, it will hurt a bit at first, but you’ll love it, and we’re not going to damage you in anyway.’