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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Hidden aunt sex

first-time 2018-09-25

I heard the sound of cleaning clothes from window. she was wearing saree I could see her milkly white belly and large and I could see old man working in their property. like a mentally retarded man but he was working without noticing as usual after a while I noticed this man deliberately worked cleaning this man was around her and pretending to work. obvious that her husband an old man couldn’t satisfy her as days going to happen now for a moment I thought what if the man goes I was watching a hot movie I told her ‘doing well, I knew that jumping fence I told her she looks god in saree.she immediately wash she began to seduce me by wearing transparent cloths and

Trip with grand dad-"it happend"

first-time TinyPetra 2018-09-25

The old lady asled if there was something more, and my gd went away to the papers, and when he got back I was a bit embarassed when he was putting two porno magazines on the desk. He went in to the shower and I started to undress a bit, not to complicated actually as I didn't wear panties or a bra under my dress. Stopped the shower and dried off a bit before I stepped out to my gd with the towel around my hair, and completly naked. He took a towel and cleaned the cream away and he was admiring what he saw, and I felt on my bald pussy and it was great..

I Want You, Mr Brooks

first-time miss_tamara 2018-09-25

Natalie walked up to the desk, breath fast, and tried to look him directly in the eyes. In a boldness she could barely believe was her own, Natalie leaned over the desk, placed both hands on either side of his face, feeling the roughness of his stubble, and kissed him hard on the lips. His cock felt hard and insistent in her, and his growls and low moans were making her leak more juices until she could hear her wetness every time he moved. His eyes were wild like an animal's, roving all over her body; her school skirt wide open revealing her pale breasts, hair falling in disarray over her shoulders.

The Moment

first-time devlincyde 2018-09-25

She felt a chill from the open window, but kept her eyes shut. His mouth on her breast, his hand on her cheek and his finger slipping into the virgin folds of her pussy. She felt more tingling as her hips instinctively rose up to meet his face. She kissed him deeply as she felt him guide his cock against her pussy. She stayed over him, her plump little ass in the air, her tender pussy only perched on his cock head, for a few moments. The tightness of her pussy against his cock, the heat she was generating and watching her face as she slowly took him in rejuventated his own orgasm.

The First Meeting of Lovers

first-time Zoeeee 2018-09-25

When we get to my truck I offer him a ride; secretly hoping that his car is really far away and secluded so that I can have more of him, I want to hold his cock, naked in my hands, feel the hardness of it and taste him. So, after many miles of playing with my wet pussy, I finally had to stop to remove my bra and change into my sweats, so much more comfortable easier access, it feels so much better as I continue to drive south on Interstate-5 not really wanting to go, but not prepared enough to stay either.

Patriarch Paradise #2: Anna & Béb&eacut

first-time petdyke 2018-09-25

Private patriarch Paradise: encouraging eldest dear daughter tasty teen virgin Anna offers her flower Philosopher Peter Poet has a hot time in India, initiating five foxy sexy s!sters top-down from Anna Anna has a tasty tight teen sexy sphincter which I try to penetrate with the tip of my long tongue Anna longs to look how my mighty member gets red by Bébé's first full ride down my bent brown banana Bébé bangs my banana better than her sexy s!ster so she is warm welcome to come again from fucking me Bébé bangs me all night long while Anna holds my balls in her hand to squeeze the sperm to shoot them Private Paradise gets better every day and night with the eldest erotic sexy s!sters serving my needs

A Perfect Night

first-time flyingcat 2018-09-25

"Are you feeling ok?" She felt my head with her hand, inspecting me and checking if I was ok. I shook my head and walked out to the Bar. I felt her follow me and sat next to me at the Bar. I got another drink and ordered one for her. I felt her smooth lips against mine again, but this time she pushed forward. I moved them off slowly exposing Jen's needs and wants. "I want you." I looked up at her, watching her hips rise and fall as she became irritated with lust. "Go faster." I grabbed her thighs and started moving in and out of her with my tongue. I smiled watching her kiss down my body.

Sercet sissy

first-time Latexslav3 2018-09-25

After a few days of college Mrs Vazquez was getting fed up with my pervy behavior towards her and she said to me "i want to see you after school we have private matters to discuss." After hearing her demanding voice yet so sexy i almost fainted. "Michelle you slut i want you wear this as part of your sissy training." Mistress Carmen proceeds to gag Michelle, place the collar around her neck, insert the plug into her tight pussy and lastly lock the heels into Michelle's feet. Soon and eventually Michelle over hears Mistress Carmen say something like Master and her having a new sissy slave.

Fucked By Candy

first-time ixAELxi 2018-09-25

Sam placed her hand on my erection, while Candy and I kissed. She placed her hand on my erection and began expertly teasing my cock. I began to suck on her nipples and she rested on the bed. After pleasing her nipples for a time, I placed my mouth between her two mountains and sucked as hard as I could. "Do you wanna suck my dick?" I asked ever so charmingly. She began sucking my cock in earnest and with only a little encouragement she was bobbing her head up and down on my rock hard prick. I slid my virgin cock all the way inside her. She rode my cock slowly, pleasing herself while I played with her tits.

The Team

first-time Ashson 2018-09-24

Rick slipped his hand under the waist of the panties and gently pushed them down, while Sandra stared at him indignantly. Rick smiles at a scarlet faced Nicki and gently placed one hand on her pussy and squeezed. Rick moved around behind Nancy, reaching between her legs, urging her legs to apart a little more, and then, while Nicki watched with horror and delight, he pressed his cock against that moist slit in front of him and started pushing it home. Nicki watched Rick as he smiled at her, then gently reached down and took her ankle, and then just as gently moved her leg to the side and off the bench, leaving her open and exposed.

The Weekend

first-time JandB001 2018-09-24

Cathy and I sat and watched as you two danced slowly, your hips touching lightly at first, then closer he came, and I could see your eyes close, as you lavished in the feelings as he moved his hips back and forth , grinding his manhood into your thighs. On the way home as we rode quietly in the car, you moved closer to me, letting your hand fall to my thighs, slowly stroking my leg. And even harder when you moved your free hand to the bottom of your skirt and slowly pulled it up, exposing your lush, smooth, creamy thighs.


first-time curious-me 2018-09-24

She pulled down my underpants, releasing my cock from its prison, and I heard "Ohh, I love it daddy, I want to suck it!" Not waiting for an answer she opened her mouth and let my rod in her mouth. Let me feel your hard cock in my tight pussy!" I sat between her legs, aimed my rod at her pink cunt, and pushed it in gently. At a slow pace I started fucking her ass, every stroke I went in a little deeper. So I pulled my cock out of her ass, and I rammed it in her cunt with high speed a few times more, and then I came too.

Brotherly Love Ch. 05

first-time Myalyn 2018-09-24

Do you think Derek will stand up for us or is Logan just going to kill us both?" I asked as I perched carefully on the edge of Mark's bed. "Okay, hurry up and get your asses downstairs before Logan does suspect something." Derek left and Mark turned to look at me. "Logan!" Mark yelled and I heard a noise that sounded like knuckles connecting with a jaw. Mark stood up to his full height, letting go of me, but pushing me behind him as he faced Logan. I knew the force behind Logan's big brother protectiveness for me and I worried about Mark's own protection.

Her First Anal Sex

first-time adel5000 2018-09-24

She'd only idly wondered about anal sex before, until that first time I teased her ass her ass, so any additional stimulation was bound to feel good. about having my hard cock in her ass. this was a good time for my next step: I wetted my thumb and slowly slid it into her ass As I led her to the car to go home, I put my hand on her ass and gave it a squeeze. clit while I slid my thumb inside her and continued to lick her ass, more aggressively generously and started with just one, gently moving it into her ass and sliding it in and I smiled and shifted to my knees, bringing the head of my cock to her ass.

Big Easy Lessons Ch. 04

first-time aspiringDOM 2018-09-24

I kneaded her nipple between my fingers enjoying the feeling of a breast in my hand; her breathing began to pick up. As I continued lapping at her pussy, I allowed my hand to rest against her mound and my thumb start slow circular motions around her clit. Her body fell to the bed and I retracted my hands, allowing my breath to cool her clit and make her pubic hair sway in the breeze. With that, she pushed my cock down a little and I felt my head start to spread her open. Her hands slid down and she started rubbing my cum into her pubes and stomach, taking a little on her finger and sliding it between her lips.

Taken from Sturgis

first-time LadyAurora39 2018-09-24

I pass the time looking at all the tattoo drawings on the walls while Paige gets the South Dakota state flower and some creeping ivy on her lower back. "I'm throwing a party tonight at our campground out of town and I would consider it payment for you to come, let your hair down and continue this little rebellion the right way." He offers, shooting a look at Paige who is practically jumping up and down in eagerness. "Do not disobey me and I will be gentle with you Little One." He whispers in a soothing voice as he grabs a handful of my hair and pulls my head towards his growing cock.

The Shower Block

first-time Bodyartist 2018-09-24

You smile and wink to me to come closer, as you thrust three fingers deep into her pussy, well aware i could see everything, you spin her around as she gasps at the pleasure youre giving her, you wink and encourage me to play with her taught excited nipples, as your pace quickened with your fingers, i reach around and start to feel her soft ripe breasts , with those buttons standing proud, having stripped from my trunks, i press into her back so she can feel two cocks rubbing at her body, from both sides, a large one pressing into her back, and your s pushing her venus, brushing her clit as you guide it up and down her moist puffed lips, i guide mine up and down her buttock cheeks causing her to grid her self up and down against the urgent feel of two hard cocks wanting to push into her hard and deep as waves of pleasure flooded her head, sandwiched between two guys in the site showers, in full view of anyone entering.

For Your Eyes Only

first-time easyballs 2018-09-24

Jill looked up into his face and moaned between mouthfuls of cock, "Fuck Dave.. Dave did as requested until he slid himself up over her stomach, lying across her and began kissing Jill passionately, then softer, nibbling on her lips, licking her throat and her ears. Jill's mouth was open and little gasps could be heard coming from her as Dave rocked back and forward each time sliding more of that huge pussy pleaser into Jill. At almost the same time Jill began to cum again, her legs started to shake, and as I looked between their legs her stomach was quivering madly until she buckled under Dave's onslaught and he had to hold her up by wrapping his arms around her waist.

Firsts All Round

first-time HJVento 2018-09-24

"Kind of, but not what you are thinking off, it is not for fishing" Jamie was revelling in her chair as the conversation played out, "it's a butt plug, one you are going to slide inside your ass and wear all day long for me until I get home" she typed out calmly and slowly. Jamie packed up her stuff and headed home, making sure to concentrate really hard on the drive home with the ben-wa balls still driving her crazy and by the time she got home she rushed in and into the lounge to find Adam watching TV, wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

Brotherly Love Ch. 03

first-time Myalyn 2018-09-24

Jaimie, talk to your Marky." Mark pushed my wet hair out of my face and tried to make me look at him. I think you're a pretty good kisser though." Mark was trying to tease me but it wasn't going to work. I couldn't look him in the face when he told me how many girls he'd slept with. Mark?" I frowned at him, not sure why he was acting a bit ashamed like he was. "If I tell you this, you swear it doesn't leave this room?" Mark's eyes pleaded with me to be gentle. "Yeah, okay, great." Mark stood up, clenching his towel tightly around his waist.

My Bestfriend And Me -Part One- (True Story)

first-time Joseph-Jones 2018-09-24

I then came back to earth and realised my chest was being stroked by none other than my best friend and to be honest I liked his touches he then looked up at me and sighed I knew it was time for him to tell me the big "secret" of the day "Joe......" he paused before looking away and biting his lip I could tell he was considering whether to tell me or not "Liam whats wrong?"I whisperd it cause I admit I was worried he sighed and looked up at me oh no he had tears in his eyes he stutterd through his words "J-Joe I-I Lo- No I l-like....." he was seriously scarng me now and my emotions weren't afraid to show.

Lexie's Story

first-time Lexie Lawless 2018-09-24

I thought about a drunken orgy with Jeff, Dave and I, and my fingers lingered over my clit as naked images of Jeff and Dave, with rock hard cocks pointing out in front of them filled my head. It looked like fun, so I drank down two large cups of punch, kissed Jeff and Dave on the lips and hopped into the middle of the game. Lying next to him, I laid my tits on his chest and whispered in his ear, “Now I’m going to fuck you with my sopping wet pussy, I want you to bury that rock hard cock in me and make me scream.” Jeff came first, his cock popped out of my mouth as he was cumming and his load splattered all over my face and hair.

My s****rs sl**pover -part 2

first-time ogieoglethorpe 2018-09-24

It was now after 11 & my mom decided it was her bed time, she went to the basement door & told the girls "good night & behave!" the basement door opening, it was Lori, I quickly rolled on my stomach & made it look like I was watching TV. "Steph, truth or dare!" asked Cindy, She must have said yes, because it got quiet again, "drink!" I heard a couple of the girls tell her. "Take off Denise's shorts & underwear & lick her pussy" Steph said in a bold move. It was Sara's turn to pick someone & I think the girls were having more fun with this, because this one was a dare too.

s****r, b*****r, Summer Lover

first-time 2018-09-24

time Gary had cum in as many hours) but Jan made sure that every drop Gary watched the nubile 14 year old swish away for a few more moments, As Gary began to stroke his member once again, Jan leaned forward, Jan once again sat cross-legged before her 16 year old sibling, once Gary and Jan were no different - this love of sun, surf and sand was And like all good Aussie k**s, Gary and Jan took the campaign They reached the water and Jan remover her hand from around Gary's As Jan once again began to grunt, Gary moved his head from his Gary looked, for a long moment, into Jan's eyes before speaking.