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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Club night

first-time nemerif1994 2018-09-24

As she showered, thinking, she began to enjoy the way the little jets of water hit her body, she turned around letting the water hit the front of her body, the streams of water hitting her chest making her nipples erect. “I’m looking for a place to have a few drinks, maybe dance a little, who knows”, she said, “But someplace new to me, I’ve been to all the places around here, do you know of a place” “I guess you’ll just have to find out, I really don’t know what you consider big or little.”, he said, feeling her hand as it began to move up his leg.

Soldier Fucks (part 3)

first-time 2018-09-24

As Maureen spoke to her son in law she slowly began to rub her clit and squeeze her tits as her daughter had commanded, “you fucking slag “ maria mouthed as she went off to have a bath, with Maria slamming the bathroom door Maureen looked up and slowly slipped her fingers into her wet hole, scooping out some of mikes come from earlier she gestured a one finger salute in the direction of the bathroom and as she spoke to gary she slowly licked the come from her fingers.

Mr. Nice Guy vs. The Mall Rat

first-time EsotericNiceGuy 2018-09-24

Jason reasoned that with enough planning and/or practice, he should be able to be like the guy in the movie, getting into peoples heads, saying the right things, earning trust, and all the while work himself passed his own mild agoraphobia. Enjoying the feeling of her chest pressed against him, he teased her, leaning in for the kiss but pulling back every time she went for it, until finally he confidently said "Those brownies really were spectacular. He brought his lips back towards hers, and rubbed the back of her head and neck before whispering "Can I kiss you?" That coy innocence broke her restraint, and she pulled him into her, wrapping and squeezing her legs around him and forcing her tongue down his throat.

My First Virgin

first-time WayneGibbous 2018-09-24

I fucked Alexis for over an hour, just going slowly, finally getting just about all of me inside her, taking our time, relishing in this wonderful, beautiful naked young woman under me, oh, there were times, a number of times when I had to slow way down, even stop, to let myself cool down. I've had sex with a few women as I've said but Alexis, when she started sucking me, oh, it was the most deliriously wonderful feeling of satiny, silken smoothness my cock had ever felt. "Mmm, even that feels so good," she said about my rubbing her pussy lips so I did it a few more minutes, really take the time to smear the head all around up, over and under her pussy as she moved around enjoying it.

Lacy, The Hair Dresser

first-time MilfHound 2018-09-24

Man oh man, I can remember the first time I saw her. SHe had brown hair, nice tan body, maybe about 5ś. Ooo-we, I was getting my haircut from her once, I couldn't stop staring at her magnificent 36Cs. I think she noticed me staring her up and down, when she finished my hair up, I saw her smile, I smiled back. After about 25-30 minutes, She moaned "Let me suck your juicy cock", I smiled and agreed. Probaly the best cock sucking of my time, She deepthroated me pretty good. She said "Maybe next time I could bring a friend". I smiled and laughed and said "Yeah, that'd be great" SHe picked up her stuff washed her boobs off, and then got dressed and left.

I'll Pull Out I Promise Blacken

first-time 425olds 2018-09-24

"The reason I asked is I hear about a lot of women want to have their husbands watch them with a black man." She sees her white hand holding his black cock and a thrill runs through her body. I want my hard black cock in you." Your big cock hit my cervix and it made me cum so hard. Is cumming on a black cock good. I want more and more of your hot black cum." "Are you ok, Amy. You look like you've been fucked hard." Amy dreams of Donald's big black cock making her cum. She thinks of his big black cock in her pussy. She thinks of his hot black cum squirting in her cervix.

Happy Birthday!

first-time deathscythe425 2018-09-24

Running a hand through the tangled obsidian mess that was his hair, Kyle blushed at the sight of Sky in such a provocative outfit; she usually dressed so conservative she made nuns look like strippers. With a blush, Sky brushed a lock of golden hair away from her eyes and looked up at her boyfriend, then replied "Well... Kyle brushed her neck gently with a finger and murmured "Are you sure you want to do this?" Blue-green eyes shined up at him as Sky nodded in consent. Sky's cheeks blazed red and she stammered "I- I..." Before she could say another word, Kyle kissed her again, gently caressing her curves. With a blush, Sky sat up and fiddled with her fingers as Kyle looked up at her expectantly.

Seeing Ben

first-time TheGoldStandard 2018-09-24

He unzipped and pulled out his thick 7 inch cock, stroking it as I got into position; I sucked gently on each testicle, as he liked, and then gave a little lick under for good measure before spitting on the tip and starting to suck. I loved this abuse from him and as I pushed my tongue out to get more of him in he slipped into my throat with a slight pop, obviously this was a step too much for Ben as he held me there choking and struggling as he shot bucketloads of cum directly into my stomach. Soon after I shot my load onto the ground Ben pulled his now soft cock from my hole, I got to my feet unsteadily, but bent over to clean off his used up meat.

Now the holiday can begin....

first-time pb200302 2018-09-24

His hand came up to massage her already swollen and tender breasts…he start to suck on her clit pulling it into his mouth and licking it,Debs was going crazy…her juices flowed and Tony was getting wet again. After a few minutes of attention Steve’s dick spurted two streams of thick white cum, Tony’s rod was red from the fierce attention that Debs was giving it…but it too erupted with more streams of cum….Debs quickly took it into her mouth making sure not to loose any….then Debs orgasm reached another peak, liquid started to spurt from her vagina…forming wet patches on the sand behind her….their moving slowed and the stopped and they collapsed, Tony was underneath Debs and Steve dropped in front in front of her….He leant forward and kissed her….tasting his own cum on her sweet lips.

jackie was a virgin

first-time 2018-09-24

i still had no idea she was a virgin.i undress her and she takes off my boxers.standing there in the living room ,both naked.i look at her.she isnt bad naked,nice firm young breasts.nipples are hard (must be the excitement)and a really hairy black bush.i pull her close to me and we kiss.she holds my cock running her fingers up and down my length and feeling my balls.i suck each nipple and gently bite.she yells in pleasure(i think).i lead her to the couch but she says no not here.she wants my bed.i now know why.she wants me to be her first and she wants it in my bed.she wants the lights on,which i dont mind.i like to see expressions on females faces as well as hearing their moans while i make love(fuck them )

Valuable Commodities

first-time Sailor1 2018-09-24

We were headed west over the southern Mindanao highlands and about the time we hit the Sulu Sea, steering for Jolo, Tracy told me that he had a response from NPO, the Navy radio station on Corregidor, up north near Manila, and that they had rogered for our sighting report and would then route it onward to various commands. He had, I think, two of his own Dutch Navy flying boats running patrols from Tarakan, and they were very keen on what they felt sure would be invasion convoys headed their way within a few days. I knew a little of Annaliese's background because she had told me during our picnics and time together the previous fall, but he could add a great deal of more recent information.

Erika: A Young Woman: Lessons Ch. 04

first-time PhilMc 2018-09-24

And she watched with interest as the knight rammed his massive tool in and out, yet the maiden kept telling him to "fuck harder, sir knight...oooh, push it deeper, my love." I kissed Erika's cheek as she kept her eyes glued to the screen. And you, too, you dirty old man!" When she said this last bit, she grabbed my hard prick and kissed its end, just to make sure I knew she was joking. She turned to me and said, only half-joking, "Be gentle, my old knight." I played with her first, with my finger and thumb, keeping her wet, then I positioned myself and slowly fed my cock into her pussy.

The Indian Serenade

first-time LSanders 2018-09-24

Shawnee looked up at Alex for the first time and smiled. A couple of days later, Alex was in one of the campus cafes doodling in his sketchbook when he glanced up and saw Shawnee sitting by herself at a table across the large room by a large picture window. Let me begin educating you on just how beautiful you really are." Shawnee smiled at him, and, for the first time, didn't look away. Finally, Alex broke the silence and said, "Shawnee, if you're okay with it, the black gown is definitely my pick." I was going to ask my sister to come next time to help with make-up, but, honestly, Shawnee, you're so beautiful just the way you are, that I think make-up would get in the way."

She wanted me to Sext...I started to

first-time 2018-09-24

Here is the situation: I am in college (which I really am) and you are too - and you are sitting next to me in lecture, and im guessing you are wearing the usual girl attire - a thong that is somewhat see through in yoga pants or leggings and some shirt or hoodie on. We both start taking some more notes again and i move my pencil over a little to where i go to grab it but grab your hand by mistake. As Im rubbing you, you move your hand over and start to search for my cock. My cock is like a freaking rock and you put your hand in my pants and start playing with it.

Sweet talk...

first-time jaidoc1 2018-09-24

A true path into lust, desire and soul lost. "Hummm well my path always beguins with a kiss on the base of the neck from behind My hands wouldn't be quiet, trying to find that wonder belly and try to cross forbiden barriers Kisses and licks would happen in a true find of open juicy lands of milk and honey, land where the lust find its home and the desire burns in increasing intensity..." "Moans and heavy breaths would be heard, and the rhytm of a tongue slide, lick and lips suck would cross your body in sweet spasms... 'Sweet gentlement, you promise me a true hell of pleasure, but you took me into the most higher and pleasurous ride till the most sweet heaven' "

police experience

first-time candidic 2018-09-24

my biggest fright was when two police women came to my car when I was in the back seat kissing my boyfriend.they ask if the car was mine and I asked them if we were ok or did they want us to move was ok to stop we did .15 minuits later another police car came to look at us so I said to the two male policemen is every thing o k and again they were just checking car and if I owned it.i bet they were just told to have a look at this georgeous t girl in a car with a guy by the women p c'.so I sexily answered all their questions.

Fucked By a Stranger

first-time Johnnytames69 2018-09-24

Trisha's head started to clear just a bit and she felt her body starting to come back to life as she scanned the area hoping to see something that looked familiar. She couldn’t argue with him because even though she was good in every obvious way, she also had been thinking about getting fucked several times a day. She held onto the back of the pew and took his cock deep inside her womb, she couldn't believe she was getting fucked where just a few minutes earlier she'd been singing with the group. The truth was that underneath the good little virgin her mother had tried to raise was just a horny nympho slut who needed to be taken and fucked.

Nurse Jenny Experiences Midway

first-time BlewWater69 2018-09-24

The short trip to the naval base gave the girls a chance to check out San Diego a little. The next three weeks of 'Wave" training - that is what the navy called their nurses - was intense but still fun in Jenny's eyes. Jenny and her friends got a little more first hand training from the nurses at Pearl and a tour of the devastation still visible. When Jenny saw the sunken ships and toured the hospitals with many wounded sailors, she was glad to be headed for quiet little Midway. Vivian, Dorothy and Joan took the first one while May, Bea, and Jenny got the last one. May and Jenny sat down in the sand while Bea, Viv, Dorothy and Joan went to feel the water.

Elated and Disgusted

first-time nyslutboy 2018-09-24

I am getting close to cumming and though it is all very awesome I don't quite feel that I can shoot a load in this anonymous persons mouth. I get down on my knees like a dirty whore on the cum covered floor and start sucking on this cock. I don't know what came over me but I start to get hard again and I begin really working this cock like a woman would. This throbbing white cock is still poking through and I still feel a bit guilty for not finishing the job for him. He begins moving faster and before I know it he is cumming shooting his load across my ass and up the small of my back.

Tori's Awakening

first-time 2naughty4u 2018-09-24

Tori sat up transfixed as she watched Chris head emerge from between Angela’s spread-eagle legs. Chris and Angela never realize that Tori was awake and sitting up in bed watching them and they moved and grinded to their way up passion mountain. As Angela shook beneath him, groping and tugging at her own breasts, Chris gave her about three hard strokes and then Tori watched and body tensed and he pulled out his penis. Tori was so surprised as she watched Chris spew is thick musk all over Angela’s heaving stomach and breasts. Just then coming out of her sexual haze she noticed Tori staring open-mouthed.

First Interacial Sex

first-time fetchdis 2018-09-24

When Jonny returned I was lying on the massage table with the towel covering me from my breasts to upper thighs, and no underwear. Jonny began massaging me at my shoulders arms, and neck, relaxing me in a few minutes, and then moved to my feet to work on my feet and calf muscles. He covered my butt and began the real massage work on my shoulders and back, then my legs. As he worked at my shoulders I slowly lifted the towel inch by inch until I felt that he would have a great view when he returned to my legs. Jonny rested against the table as he worked my shoulders again, and I could feel the heat of his muscular legs against my hands.

How I Survived the War

first-time CAP811 2018-09-24

No man, it was said, had ever gazed upon Helen's bare bosom, wondrous though it surely was. So feared was Roy that when he was drafted and left for the war, no man dared flirt with Helen. But my cock did begin to stir greatly as Helen took the soap and washed her face and arms, finally moving down to lather those magnificent breasts, taking her time in doing so. For years afterwards, I could recall with remarkable clarity those moments: the scent of her body mixed with hay, the intense blue of her eyes, the silky feel of those massive breasts. The thought of how good a woman feels, and what it's like to come home to one.


first-time Lominiel 2018-09-24

Suddenly, I feel your hand on my head, pulling the wig that had concealed my baldness for many years away from me. You run your hands down my shoulders and arms, and lightly brush against my breasts. You kiss me deeply and passionately, your hands working from their place behind my head down to my breasts, and there, you cup one in your hand while moving in circles with your thumb. "But I won't do it unless you want me to: I don't want to bring up memories of a painful past unless you're ready to trust me completely and know that I would never do anything to hurt you."

Jem's Lust Ch. 01

first-time Jem_Stone 2018-09-24

Jem got on her bed and begun to squeeze one tit at a time as she played with her soaking wet pussy with the other. She started squeezing and rubbing her pussy from the sides with both hands, and before Jem knew it, she was coming. Brandon begun running one hand all over Jem's perky and firm ass while squeezing a tit with the other. With a knee secured on each side of Jem's body, Brandon cupped a tit in one hand and begun squeezing the hardened nipple, while sucking on the other. Jem smiled as she snuggled against Brandon's chest, with pussy juice still running down her smooth inner thighs.