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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Uncut Gym Encounter

first-time uncut_ 2018-09-24

Usually after I get a really good hardon in the steam room I can start to control the bl**d flow to my cock a bit better, making it as easy as a couple quick pulls to bring it right back to attention. The uncut guy soon took the shower right next to me. I looked over to see the uncut guy pulling on his foreskin as well, and I heard him let out a mmm as he did. The uncut guy soon opened the door, and asked 'did you by chance grab the wrong towel? He asked 'so where you headed to next?' I smiled and said 'nowhere', and glanced down to make sure he saw me looking.

You know you Love it GF's Strap-on

first-time 425olds 2018-09-24

It all started when she would rub my ass while she sucked me off which felt so good. Her beautiful curvy figure with a hard cock standing tall from her pink panties. "Tell me you love my cock!" Both of them look and feel very life-like. It thrills me to watch her working her cock in and out with such fervor. "Come over here and suck my cock, Bitch," she said. I usually have my hand under the strap-on rubbing her clitoris as she fucks my mouth. "Ooo, Baby, you really do love my cock in your mouth," she cooed. I tried to pull my mouth off of her cock to speak but she gripped the back of my neck.

Step daddy

first-time lovely_sarah_87 2018-09-24

When i was a teen ager, my step dad took me out camping. I should have known something was up. One night i was almost asl**p and he snuggled up to me...NAKED! I was like WTF and he showed me his cock. It was hard and about six inches. he told me to take off my clothes, which i did. He proceeded to lick and eat me to my first orgasm by a man. then he had me open my legs so he could show me how a woman should feel. I was so scared but it was really great. He came inside me but he was fixed so i didn't get pregnant. What a lesson...

My Angel Marcia

first-time upupanawy 2018-09-24

At nearly six feet with wavy blond hair and broad muscular shoulders he attracted girls and turned heads wherever he went. Sitting at the far end of the pool he saw Marcia Colton. Marcia was definitely one of the untouchables as far as Tim was concerned. Tim felt a short electric burst run from his face to his legs. Her arm went up to his neck as her face moved to his lips. She reached up, grabbing his arms now tightly around her soft shoulders, and moved his hand to her soft inner thigh. The head of Tim’s cock parted her wet lips. Tim felt the pleasure begin to well up inside. Tim turned to ask her if she wanted a drink from the party.

Marcy's Playground 4 by loyalsock

first-time loyalsock 2018-09-24

I stopped trying to analyze the Marcy-Evan-Heather-Jean-Luc mystery. I got to read a lot during the slow times, said 'hi' to the regulars, and smiled at everybody coming and going. I tried to figure out which of the girls I'd swiped so far might be about to do the back door nasty with Evan; I didn't even want to think about who might be hooking up with Jean-Luc. There were a lot of possibilities, but as the Nasarat twins just demonstrated, what did I know? A girl could do worse than lose her virginity to handsome, charming guy like Jean-Luc. Behind the suave exterior, and the funny, forward comments, I got a feeling the main thing about him was that he was kind.

Amber's Awakening Ch. 02

first-time CarolinaPeach 2018-09-24

The first person I saw when I walked into Quick Silver Records, Cody's workplace, was a girl tricked out in black leather and chartreuse, with her green hair done up in crazy pigtails. He leaned in to kiss me, his wandering hand finding its way to my inner thigh now, parting my legs. I turned my head up to kiss his bare stomach, excited by the narrow trail of dark hairs leading into his jeans. The big buckle out of the way, I kissed and licked the place where the trail of hair dove under his waistband. My finger nail brushed against a flat spot just behind his balls and Cody sucked in his breath sharply.

First and amazing experience with two men 2 days a

first-time lindaxx 2018-09-24

We moved around; my boyfriend stand up in the bed and I started sucking his cock, while I sat on Mr Z cock for a very deep fuck..we all were already soaked wet sweating, terrific..My boyfriend loves me to suck his balls and the space between his ass and balls, a lot of licking there..just delicious. so he started sticking it little by little...then I thought I was going to die with pleasure..both were fucking me very hard, we all were almost screaming and sweating...Mr Z came first, then my guy..both inside of me.After they come, I layed down and Mr Z went to his knees and started licking my pussy, but I mean REAL LICKING..fucked my pussy with his tongue..he ate everything!

Inpirational Teacher... years later.

first-time Allaroundthehorn 2018-09-24

She continued on in the description..." My pussy has had a few men, but not many, my mouth has satisfied more than a few, but my body had several jerk off to it" She saw the number rise with over 20 in the room watching her get fucked by this relentless cock that she came on multiple times. In turn, 3 or 5 men came on her body, one even came on her clit while another cock fucked her. Her tits were getting plenty of attention and several men were eating her cum drenched pussy and even her ass. Tell them that I fucked 30 men and took their cum, tell them that I fucked you too...oooooo" As she said this, he slid his cock in her.

How I lost My Virginity

first-time zimabean 2018-09-24

Mom started to work my cock with her pussy and I was enjoying every minute of it. Mom continued to work my dick for another minute then I exploded deep in her pumping what felt like a gallon of sticky jizz into her pussy. I asked mom what dad would think about this and she said that they were swingers and he has seen her take other men but I should not say anything and to let her work it out with him. Dad told mom to make a man of me and she walked over and said for me to remove my PJs which I did.

Becoming my bosses

first-time shotguner 2018-09-24

The next day at 10am Tony pulled into the drive I was worried cause of last nite but nothing was said as the day went on Tony seem to stay out of my way and when I look back on it I sould have left it there but, being that he was the boss and I didn't want him mad I went to talk to him at the end of the day, as I walked up to the door the office gril was gone so I went to the door and was about to knock when I hear Tony say YEA BABY THAT IS REALLY GOOD looking around the door I saw Wendy the front phone gril sucking his cock at this I started to go but my feet could not or would not move my eyes focesed on that cock it was big aqnd wide her mouth was open to her max and she was working hard on it Tony put his hands on her head and pulled away then layed her on the desk and giudedit in from the sound of her moans he was something very good and she loved it.

Cry Wolf Ch. 01

first-time Slickman 2018-09-24

"Guys, remember being a scout means you respect each other at all times," Ted's father Jack said. "Capture the flag." Ted said looking over at Robert, Tom and Bill. "And, we can see the campfire." He grabbed Robert's left hand and when Ted grabbed his right one they pulled him through the bushes. "Robert, can you hear me?" Jack asked happy that the boy was waking up. "Hey, Mr. Young is here," Robert said sitting up to look over his mother's head. "Robert, think god you are alright," Jack said walking into the room. "Hi Robert," Ted said knowing others were watching. "I guess I felt closer to the wolf than I did the other scouts," Robert said looking out the window.

Catch and Release

first-time darcysweet 2018-09-23

Casting an eye across the Christmas drunk crowd—high on the coming holiday—Grace could find no other person sitting and shaking their head like her. After an uncomfortable silence that under normal circumstances Grace would never have tolerated Brent cleared his throat and offered his hand to Drew and said, "I'm Dr Brent Sutcliffe." He stood and offered the hand that had just made Grace come to her boyfriend to shake. "Beauty needs no use," Drew said, his eyes on Grace despite the fact he was answering Brent. Drew stood, smiled and said, "Well, Grace, I wish your Christmas to be very merry my dear. The woman who arrived in her traditional green satin Christmas dress didn't spread her legs and come on the hand of a virtual stranger.

Fly Fishing - A Two Act Play

first-time NPH786 2018-09-23

Lisa-(in a smart ass tone) "Well I guess since you've been staring at my pussy and boobs for the last ten minutes, you could try and get to know me...." Jerry (shaking her hand vigorously, watching her breasts bounce) "VERY Pleased to meet you Lisa...." Lisa - "They come back because I'm a GREAT lay Jerry!" There was this guy who was working in a food processing plant and one day he comes home to his wife and confesses that he has these perverse thoughts about sticking his dick in the pickle slicer. Lisa - "Wow Jerry, you really know how to seduce a girl! Jerry- "Ok. So now I KNOW you're just trying to make me feel good!"

The wash and wank parlor

first-time canterbury1671 2018-09-23

Then a short curvy girl named Sasha came in and said hi. Meantime Sasha was turning her head around and kissing Dan. The sight of this made me really hard. Dan and Sasha was french kissing as my mouth came in contact with their mouths. I was gently touching Sasha's smooth shaven pussy as I felt Dans hand touch my shorts. Sasha looked down at the sight of Dan playing with my cock and got hold of my hand and put it on Dans leg I then moved my hand over to his erect cock and stroked. Sasha then moved to Dans cock kissing and sucking. My turn I thought and moved around to kiss the side of Dans cock.

My First Time

first-time onthebitch 2018-09-23

After a while she pulled her head back, holding my penis in her hand and asked, “Are you having fun?” I nodded yes. She began to move her mouth faster on my penis and I got back that strange feeling again. I couldn’t figure out what Mrs. Thompson seemed to be swallowing until her mouth could hold no more and I saw burst of white fluid shoot out from my penis, covering her outstretched hands. I said yes and it took a while to get it off, but finally Mrs. Thompson stood naked facing me, her beautiful body inches from me. Mrs. Thompson reentered the room, her breasts swaying as she walked and smiled as she saw me enjoying her panties.

Daphne's Memories of Love Ch. 02

first-time ImmortalRomance 2018-09-23

"That's exactly the way you make me feel," Daphne replied, gliding into his arms as her hands sought out his body. "God, Daphne!" he groaned, before taking her lips in a hot, wild kiss. The tight dress was molded to Daphne's body in the heat as she felt his hands caressing her through it, making her tremble with need. His eyes changed colors in the semi-darkness as he ever so slowly and gently began pulling down the straps of the dress, exposing the majority of her breasts to his gaze. His kisses made it difficult for Daphne to think clearly, but she wondered suddenly if she should tell him she was a virgin.

My sexy minx :)

first-time 2018-09-23

He's loving it, you can see his pants tent as his cock gets hard watching his gorgeous wife suck her lovers cock, she's getting horny as she strokes and sucks me while her hand drifts down to her nipples and starts to pull at them, she wants this, shes watching me as her mouth goes up and down my shaft, her hand moving faster wanking me, her tongue licking my tip, and licking some precum from my cock, I'm so horny right now, knowing her hubby wants this as much as she does.

Brad's New "Friend" Pt. 01

first-time DRobbie06 2018-09-23

Kevin offered but as he was getting his keys Mick said he was going that way anyway, so I rode with him. "Oh yeah I know Brad," Mick said matter of factly, "but you're going to suck my dick before I drop you off." "Who said anything about being gay?" Mick asked as he pulled into a dark parking spot beside a building. "You don't have to be gay to suck a guys dick Brad. With that Mick held my head tightly with both of his hands and pumped his hips. "Plus, when you suck my dick again in a day or two it will all be a moot point," Mick stated.

Vicky Ch. 01

first-time TimRailing 2018-09-23

They write about achievements, funny situations, love, adventures gone wrong, sex gone wrong, and this all takes place in some city the author lived in while broke and desperate. If only my family knew how much time my mind spends in the gutter, thinking of boys, wondering about sex, reading trashy novels, occasionally even watching a porn, and always waking up with the help of my best friend the vibrator. I'm just being realistic, my mother is a freak of nature, most curvy, hourglass bodies eventually take on a beach ball shape that wouldn't even get a second look from a sixteen year old kid with no internet to satisfy his "curiosity".

Sins of Joy Ch. 07

first-time bena4u 2018-09-23

To be honest, I had to admit that from last few months, every time, I meet Shgufta, I was overtaken by an urge to lock her in a tight embrace, to kiss her, just rip apart her the things she was dressed in, hold her breasts in my palms and knead them, suck them, and drive my cock deep into her little pussy. Snapping my mind back to Shgufta and her very personal thank-you, I looked down at her, feasting my eyes upon her breasts and on down to her dimpled belly button, her panties I recognize I had taken them of her mother several times, last night in fact.

With Mrs. Cannon's Help

first-time Fun_gent 2018-09-23

"Oh my, that's nothing to be embarrassed about so is Patty and I was going to see if you would like to be her first, now you can be each others firsts," Mrs. Cannon said with a bright smile. Mrs. Cannon seeing Patty's attempt stopped her and coached her to use lots of spit in her mouth and keep it wet to maximize my pleasure and hers. As I began to push Mrs. Cannon move the head of my cock up down Patty's wet pussy. Mrs. Cannon instructed us," Now start sliding out of Patty but don't come all the way out before you push back in.

My New Happy Place

first-time bonro001 2018-09-23

Looking down at her laying beside me gently taking my cock in and out of her mouth is such a great site, she tends to squeeze the base as she slowly works up and down. That was is, the slow steady pressure, the look on her face knowing what was to come, the rhythm of her body, I lost it like never before and shot loads of cum into her waiting body. My cum was still mostly inside, I could taste the salty coming out just a bit, but she was smart and hovered where my tongue could just tickle her button.

Première fois - First time - Erstes Mal.

first-time TheIncredibleCock 2018-09-23

sie stellte ein klebendes, oder Jeans, das es drückte, haben sah ihr String-Tanga, und alles ihr machte sie es scheinenden, damit man angeregt wird. Eine lange Schwierigkeitsperiode habend blieb ich 1, oder 2 Köpfe mehr mit ihr, damit sie mir eine kleine Zusammenfassung macht, an diesem Tag dort trug sie ein klebendes schwarz mit roten Absätzen, sie wurde ein wenig ausgestattet, wie eine Sekretärin ich verband, wie ein Bär sie es bemerkt hat sie übergegangen in der Nähe ich sie an Tatsache, die etwas gefallen ist, sie geöffnet meinen Hosenschlitz sie mein gesogen! ich habe in seiner Katze ejakuliert nach ich es zurückgezogen sie an censé meiner Eichel, die soeben nach einem creampie vorgestellt wurde, sie sauge meine Eichel ich war an Hauchende ganz mild ich wusste, das nach ihr sich zu sagen anzuziehen ist, und sie bei ihr zurückzukehren ist.

83% elle

Black mail ch 1

first-time tryme69u 2018-09-23

So first things first no more wearing my cloths unless I give them to you." She waited for my response and I nodded agreement "seconds you know that managers spot at the store you wanted, well it's mine and you are going to help me get it" I signed and again agreed " finally I think it's time we stop playing with each other and take care of each other so when I need a good fucking you are going to give it to me and when you need one I will do so in kind agreed." Sunrise I agreed immediately "well now that we have that sorted let have another drink and go to bed I'm exhausted and you look like hell.