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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Eating on a unlucky day.

first-time octpaul69 2018-09-23

Well i had a friend (fuck buddy). We was hanging at her house in her bed just chilling talking about school. So i was feeling kinda worked up because she had on this short short skirt. So i asked her straight up... Can i eat you out. As usual she said no. So i played with her and teased her til finally her skirt and thong was off.So i had fun eating her out for a good hour or so til i realize that she was on her period. I flip the fuck out but after that day it really didn't bother me cause i know people are willing to top that.

The Mysterious Package

first-time AdamZasse 2018-09-23

At precisely six o'clock Jacob Carlotti returned to his living room, turned on the television and sat down to watch the evening news. Jacob Carlotti prepared his dinner, and at six o'clock, he turned on the television to watch the evening news, his two Persian cats playing at his feet. When Jacob Carlotti opened the door, still carrying his towel, he saw that his cats had been playing with the large padded envelope that they had dragged from the kitchen table where he had left it. When Jacob Carlotti returned home that evening, after starting his dinner and feeding his two Persian cats, he retrieved the questionnaire from his dresser and read it again.

I'm An Adult Now: Ocean City

first-time astuffedshirt_perv 2018-09-23

I put the mug back with one hand while I tugged my shirt down tight against my boobs like Jenny had taught me. "We'd like a beer," Jenny said. He broke our kiss and started on Jenny again, his hand still squeezing my ass. He broke our kiss and looked at me intensely as he fondled my breast, Jenny still on my neck. I knew guys liked it when girls sucked their dicks, so I swallowed and tentatively took him in my mouth. This time he held her head with both hands and started thrusting in and out of her mouth. Jenny moaned and he turned to kiss her and I realized he was fingering her at the same time.

One Time Ch. 01

first-time AnitaPenayme 2018-09-23

He was handsome, nice and every girl on the cross-country team was waiting for her turn to dance, and he was asking every one of us going around the table. I looked at Addie, she said, "It's O.K., he's a really nice guy" and he hadn't been drinking so I grabbed his hand and went back to the dance floor. I remember feeling and sucking on the head of a cock for the first time as Christine McVie sang "Sweet wonderful you, you make me happy with the things you do." I felt nasty (in a good way), dangerous and powerful. Word even got back to his parents (Addie's parents and his were friends) that he was "banging the girl's track team" and his Mom called him to find out what was going on.

My experience with the twins.

first-time VictorL4fun 2018-09-23

I got to finger fuck her furry little pussy, and make out, but didn’t get to see her naked, not that time. ( I eventually convinced Jill to shave her pussy smooth, but Nat never liked the idea of being balled down there. She said that was perverted, loving a hairless pussy was a sign that guys secretly wanted to fuck p*****ns. It was a few weeks after Jill and I started fucking, that Nataly came to me and asked "Are you having sex with my s****r?" I simply said "yea" The closest I got was the time I fucked Nat at their apartment until she was asl**p. My cock was still wet from being in her s****r’s cunt when I stuffed it into Jill's now smooth pussy.


first-time ab-2007 2018-09-23

I think I was treated like this virginal son, so I guess I just got used to acting that way. She kept saying things like, "Let's go in your tent and fuck, what do you say, yes?" or "Looks like you've got a big one in there, want me to touch it?" She kept looking into my eyes and smiling, almost willing me to do as she said. Heidi took my hand to let me to the tent, she stopped me just outside the door flap and we kissed passionately as she rubbed body against mine. Heidi played like she was my girlfriend and we eat breakfast with all the guys standing around and staring at her sparsely clad body.

It's very true, once you go black, it's

first-time dwdrums57 2018-09-23

My friends b*****r was really smokin hot and if I was going to do anything sexual with qnother guy or turn gay it would definitely be with him. So he knows my feelings about his 15y.o. b*****r, he knows i'm curious about sucking off another guy and I'm going over to pick up some pot knowing that this could happen. Still speechless, I took a few hits of 420 to relax and finally admitted to him that I had been curious about sucking his hot dick for awhile now, and he had the same fantasies about me. Needless to say, since I was getting a free pass to my fantasy, I just looked down at his rock hard dick and wanted to take his whole hot cock into my mouth.

Jack's First Blowjob

first-time ozzietosser 2018-09-23

"Hey there, you're looking a little lost," the girl at the reception desk was cheery and Jack noticed, according to her name badge, her name was Charlotte. Go straight through and then the change rooms and showers are on the right," Jack could feel Charlotte's eyes following him as he walked through the door. By the time he was onto his fourth machine Jack had worked up a healthy sweat and his workout top was clinging to his back and beginning to outline his abs nicely. Jack finished his last set, grabbed his towel and headed through the empty gym to the locker room. Jack could feel himself getting close to orgasm but knew he couldn't reach climax while standing in the shower.

The park

first-time flamingdice 2018-09-23

She looked to be in her mid twenties, long dark hair; wearing black sunglasses and dressed in a short flowing summer skirt and strappy top I’d say she was a size 8 with perky small breasts and lovely long legs. I was disturbed by my phone vibrating, I had a message from an online dating app I had been using for ages, no doubt another spammer I thought but I looked in my messages and was greeted by a familiar face next to the text, it was the girl sat 10 feet away! I sat down and put my book on the grass, ‘so you like Titanic huh?’ I said.

Learning to Crossdress Pt. 02

first-time crossdressme70 2018-09-23

Again, her "girl/boy" words didn't register anything with me, but I just looked up at her and said that I thought she was the most beautiful and amazing lady I had ever met, and, as I ran my hand up and down her nylon covered legs, and felt them squeezing my cock, said that I loved everything about wearing her silk panties, the touch and feel of her nylons, her lovely satin bra and slip, and especially kissing and tasting her heavy, creamy lipstick and gloss, and that I would do anything she asked.

Video Story: Lost Virginity Leads to a Ruined Couch

first-time LitTV 2018-09-23

Literotica is happy to introduce LitTV - a place where community members can share sexy stories in video format. Please share your opinions and suggestions for the future of LitTV. Want to share your sexy video story, erotic vlog, or hot how-to? It's easy and fun! Click here to get started. In this video, Alexis tells how she lost her virginity. What should be an intimate and special moment quickly turns awkward then hilariously horrifying. Enjoy Alexis's video story, and please let us know what you think in the comments! Losing My Virginity, & Wrecking The Couch By Alexis Blaze

The Step s****r

first-time chaseRt 2018-09-23

espically those horror's with some erotic stuff in it so i went shopping with my f****y and got her a book little did i know what this would have in store for me. She read that book all night long then the day after, she was weird with me, would not talk or even see me so i just let her to it. So we start to talk and it's just about the usual stuff then it went on to her tell me to read this page of the book I got her.

Young Fun In The Sun

first-time kezza6969 2018-09-23

Interestingly enough they accepted my spur of the moment suggestion that Cass was welcome to finish her holiday staying with me; that she could sl**p in my second bedroom; that Cass and I would clean up their cottage and wash the bed linen and towels; that, yes, we’d gladly use their food; that Cass would phone them collect twice a week when we visited town was reassuring thank you; and leaving an empty esky for us to bring home some fish when I delivered Cass to their home in Perth was lovely idea. As we moved further along the beach Cass animatedly and excitedly talked about the unexpected show, how it wowed her to watch, how fantastic it was to see the woman’s cunt exposed like that, to see his cock still dripping on his belly. Cass straddled my body, her pussy over my face, my cock held upright in her hands and my knob in her suctioning mouth.

Our Encounter with a Lovely Sexy Couple ( swing s

first-time 2018-09-23

We began to read profiles and see who seemed a little like us but didn’t mind a new couple. J and her hubby and a couple of by standers were looking and I think they liked it. I think he came over and took over fucking her and then he fingered her and she squirted everywhere. Then we realized something she never got to experience eating a girl out and hello I’m right there ;o) I said, “lets get it on” I couldn’t help myself but to laugh, partly the alcohol, but also that I’ve want to do this for a long time. I’m so glad we met the two couples that helped bring us to point you know where.

One Eye Open

first-time Eric_43 2018-09-23

Suddenly, as I massaged my slick cock, I felt eyes on me, like someone was watching me. What would it be like to feel a warm cock squirting that hot stuff into your mouth? But this desire to taste a man’s cock, to feel it pulse with sperm, to taste that hot jelly, and swallow it all, was an obsession that had been with me ever since that day when I saw the man in the sauna looking at me with the eye of his penis. I swallowed and licked my lips, not sure if I liked the taste, which left a slight burning sensation, and milked my own cock for residual fluid.

Janie and Me: How I Lost... Ch. 03

first-time LuciousBi-Writes4U 2018-09-23

When Janie was satisfied that I'd finished big O number one she slid down and sucked my clit again...then she licked my outer lips and inserted her tongue deep inside me and sucked out hard, sucking out every drop she could of my virgin nectar-even tongue fucking me up deep inside for more as I came for the second time right in her mouth. The feel of her lips against my pussy, the softness of her face buried between my thighs, the hot wet knife of her pointy tongue spearing its way deep inside my cunt as she fucked me over and over again that night was unreal-A feeling that I would never forget-one that I would become hungry and wanton for-longing for it for the rest of my life-something I had no idea of back then on that cold winter night.

Yuletide Cheer

first-time dejectedgeek 2018-09-23

She wrapped her arms around me and whispered into my ear, "You're such a sweetheart." Sheryl looked me square in my brown eyes and gave me a kiss on the cheek. She felt my hand edging closer and closer and let out a small laugh, "Ready to go again?" I smiled and slid a finger into her pussy. Anybody home?" Sheryl's eyes darted open and the next thing I know her hands were on the back of my head and lips were on hers. When she released me from the vice grip she had on my head, I opened my eyes and smiled at her, "Well hi to you too." Sheryl planted a kiss on my cheeks and sighed.

My First Time & Her First Time - It Was Great

first-time asian_guy_19 2018-09-23

This really turned her on and as I slid my fingers back into her, moving them in the come hither motion while licking her clit she was screaming out "oh fuck me Justin...fuck me please baby...I need to feel that hard cock in my pussy now. Then Nancy told me that sucking my cock made her wet and she asked if I would eat her pussy one last time since Chad refuses to. We stayed like that for a minute to let her get used to the feeling and then I slowly started to rock my hips back and forth moving my dick in and out of tight little pussy.

A Date with Destiny

first-time Mjolnir 2018-09-23

"I think you know the answer to that, Uncle Mark!" She looked at the beatific smile on Elizabeth's face, and knew that she wanted to feel the same pleasure. I need to make a couple of calls, and I'll be right in after you." The girls nodded, and Darlene hurried to start filling up the tub. While Gerard and Pierre set up, Mark hurriedly got dressed, and the girls' eyes widened as they noticed that he put on a white tuxedo. Embarrassed, the girls pulled away, but with a wicked smile, Mark just kept going for another moment, only removing his hand from Darlene's lap with great reluctance.

Farm Girl Gets Caught

first-time SweetPrettyAss 2018-09-23

Of all the pussies he had experienced, the most delightful one was between the legs of his country cousin, and he eagerly licked the delicious juices from the insides of her thighs, before his tongue started on her crotch. Not wanting his mouth to be inactive for too long, he moved his face back down and feasted on all the fresh juices her pussy had produced, before starting to lick her other outer lip. Her handsome cousin had started by licking the slightly less sensitive area around her fun hole but, after that, she felt his tongue being insinuated into what she knew was a narrow space between there and another part.

Late Spring Interlude

first-time istanbulnoir 2018-09-23

They were standing facing each other with the shallow water coming about halfway up to their knees, and now that it was exposed to the air and the day I could see that the dark young man's cock was fully erect and long and it moved by itself with little quick jumps, and it was pointing towards Maria. She began to sway her body as his head moved slowly up and down, and as he lapped at her pussy, running his tongue up and down her bald slit, she lifted one of her legs out of the water and rested her foot against his arm and she looked like a stork, standing there in the water like that.

I've Become A Slave to The Cock

first-time BJcumcraver 2018-09-23

He fucked my mouth hard like a tight pussy as he yelled at me, telling me what a dirty little cock sucking whore I am. He violently fucks my face hard gyrating his hips like mad, shoving his cock deeper and deeper into my throat. "Suck his dick you no good whore!" she yelled as she fell to her knees and proceeded to f***e my head back and forth on my Master's cock. Just like your wife, she loved the feeling of a real man's cock inside her!" my Master yelled. Your just good for being fucked like a little bitch!" my wife yelled pulling her dick out of my mouth and slapping me with it.

The First Time I had Anal Sex

first-time Cherilyn16 2018-09-23

As time went on and we became more comfortable talking about things like that; out of curiosity, I started to ask her more about it; or more or less about having anal sex. Then for like the next minute or two, I felt not only his hands cup my butt cheeks, but him sliding his hard wet dick in between them. As he continued to push, I remember feeling the thick head slowly slide in, which that may have hurt a little; but once it passed through the hole, it felt much better. After about a minute or so, when I was just starting to get used to the feeling of it slowly sliding in and out of me, he suddenly grabbed my waste and pushed his cock into me a little deeper.

The picnic. The beginning of an amazing friendshi

first-time bigtoytime 2018-09-23

H began to work her clit as she rocked on my cock and I told H to watch out she was about to squirt big time. I layed H back and started rubbing her soaked pussy as CC was kissing her and licking her nipples. Then 4 then I slid my my hand in her and she had a huge orgasm as it went in and I started working her from the inside. And there are both ready and H starts shaking and I let start fisting CC like never before and H lets out a quiet scream and CC blows huge as H try's to catch it all and gets soaked as well as me .