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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Their First Lesbian Experience

first-time Gez71 2018-09-23

Sylvia told her friend to lie on the bed, whilst she put on the strap on. “I think we should have a shower first,” Charlie said and her friend agreed. They ran the shower and finding a new found confidence, Charlie led her friend into the bathroom by her cock. “Now, come on, Charlie,” Sylvia said, “I didn't buy this for us to just shower together. Put like that, Charlie's worried evaporated and she said, “well, you'd better touch me first, you know, to get my pussy lubed up”. Charlie laid back on the bed, and Sylvia climbed between her legs, lubing up the strap on.

Lisa's Confession Sessions Ch 1 Gwen my Babys

first-time 6988slutty_rbckyy 2018-09-23

I began to open my mouth to express my fear and concern, but she smiled and said, “Just let it happen, trust me.” She masturbated me and made me explode on her slender fingers. My arched back held me off the bed until Gwen ran her fingers, first down to my butt-hole and then back upward and over my stomach to my erect little nipples where they made circles similar to what she had just been doing to the “outty” portion of my privates. Gwen swung her head to the right as she apparently rubbed herself just like she’d rubbed me and then pulled her hand form herself.

Goddess and Axe Spanking

first-time blj46906 2018-09-23

And you better come straight home after work prepared to go over my lap.” 
He’d heard Goddess’s breathing change but she had not said anything other than, “I am so sorry, Axe, I had no idea the tank was empty,” in a meek little whimper. I think you want me to be strong for you and not afraid to take you in hand when I think it’s needed.” 
Goddess writhed sobbing like a c***d, kicking, her body jerking from the scorching heat of Axe’s lashes with the leather paddle. He felt the soft building of sensation in the back of his testicles and prostate and moaned softly into her mouth.
Axe pulled back breaking the kiss and slid a pouting Goddess off his lap to stand in front of him.

Fucking a Girl with Huge Tits

first-time andrewsmd 2018-09-23

That was one of the best things as I recall; such a hot tight deep pussy, but as I got going I went for a move from the perfumed garden and gave her several small pushes with only an inch or so inside and then a long strong thrust that took her breath away. The sight of those beautiful pink inflated pillows with softening nipples and spreading areola kept me hard and deep inside her pussy waiting for seconds. The next day in work the same sensations were present it was nearly impossible not to get hard when I thought about the lovely girl with the huge tits and shaved pussy.


first-time honey28 2018-09-23

"Ooh, Winn, this looks like your size," Anna said, pulling a dress from the rack. After dropping Anna off, Winn's thoughts turned to Jake, as they always did. She passed each candle to Anna, and they passed from hand to hand until Winn gave them back to Chelsea to be lit and placed back in the center of the table. Startled, Jake opened his mouth to say something, but then Winn raised her head and smiled. Winn started turning her head from side to side, as though she were fighting it, and Jake felt panic rising from his gut as he felt her grip tightening on his hand. Please go in peace." She let go of Winn and Anna's hands and extinguished the flames, then turned on the lights.

f****y Fuck

first-time mariah567 2018-09-22

AUTHORS NOTE: My name is Mariah, 22 yrs old and a lover of all things sexual ;) if you like this story and feel like you want someone to listen to your filthy fantasies, then im your gal :D Do you want Daddy to make you feel good?" I nodded and he slid over to me, reaching for mybshirt and pulling the neck down so that my left nipple was exposed. I began drooling with excitement and when he grabbed my pants and yanked them off, i screamed with anticipation, to see him spread my pussy lips and see it running wet. He suddenly brought his finger to my dripping pussy, inserting his pinky into me, shoving the cake further in me and watching me squirm until i moaned loudly and went limp.

Me And Mom's Secert

first-time 2018-09-22

I started to feel my dick get hard, so I didn't say nothing she just laid there, finally I said ok sorry mom, she got up but my cock was so hard it was sticking straight up, lets try one more time I said. my mom came over over put her hand on my shoulder and a soft kiss on my lips, baby its fine we are both single and who cares if we were with someone, and who gives a fuck what people think, my cock was so hard at this time. my mom got off me and put my cock in her mouth and as soon as she did I exploded my hot cum right in her mouth, she kept sucking my dick until I was dry.

College Fantasy

first-time Harry_Balsach 2018-09-22

The year went buy and after a few months it was time for everyone to head home. I think there's a good chance you're going to get it." I wasn't entirely sure he had heard me but when he came out of the shower it was pretty obvious that he had. I just closed my eyes and kept sucking, enjoying the feeling of his cock filling my mouth. I took as much of him into my mouth as I could then squeezed my lips tight and slid back up to his head, trying to milk out more. I couldn't smile much with a mouthful of cock but I'm sure he saw it in my eyes.

Surprise Reward

first-time Mr James 2018-09-22

Without pulling her nipple from his mouth, she reached inside his briefs and slowly eased them down over his hard, hot erection The swollen purple knob was shiny and slick with the first drops of his pre-cum and she spread the oily liquid over the swollen shiny head. Sliding his hand under the cloth of her panties, Paul slid them down her legs lowering himself to his knees and leaning forward to lap gently at her hot, wet, pussy. Paul was satisfied that she was wet enough for his hard cock to slide easily inside her and gently lifted her onto the bed. Paul knelt between her spread thighs and gently stroked the tip of his cock along the length of Lisa’s tight pussy.

He Never Knew She Was A Virgin

first-time curlyandcurvy 2018-09-22

Finally he came up to the counter, as soon as I asked what he wanted our eyes locked and I felt a shoot of electricity surge through my body to the tips of my toes. My pussy clenched and I felt myself becoming more wet, just by looking into those eyes! I desperately wanted to reach down and rub my clit into a painful orgasm, I had never been so wet in my life, but I refrained, giving my nipple a gentle tweak as I adjusted my nametag. As I walked over towards him with his coffee he looked up and me and I knew he was watching my tits, jiggle inside their black satin cups.


My First Mature Pussy

first-time 2018-09-22

so i grab her a beer and one for myself.Then we start drinking talking and we already finished our beer so i ask her 'would you like to play beer pong ' she said yeah sure , so far so good. so i said 'but you are an attractive women for me Linda, i guess some guys are blind not to see a good looking lady walking around with out noticing' thats when she looked around seeing if anybody is looking , she moved her hand from my knee and moved it up and she grab it and squeezed it, i started to get hard.

Friends with benifits

first-time Hotnhorny81 2018-09-22

I want to slowly penetrate him at first, then harder and faster i want to make him squeal like the pig he thinks he is, i want him to feel dirty for enjoying it so much. I want to hear him to scream our safe word, then I want him to break free of his bindings I want him to take over, i want him to hold my arms above my head and kiss me hard i want his strong, course fingers to explore my wetness, i don't want him to be gentle now, i want him to bite and pinch my nipples i want him so sexually frustrated and need of a release that he fucks me hard, i want him to penetrate me from behind with such f***e i scream out his name.

My holes will never be tight after tonight

first-time 2018-09-22

I finished my beer and was handed another by that time the man finished and my friend fell back to her feet they wispered something to her and she nodded yes. I said i was going to the restroom but began to fell dizzy as i came out 2 black guys coaxed me into a room. They stripped me naked layin me on a bed one had his fingers in me while the other undressed then they switched now they had thier cocks pushin down my throat one after the other to the base. They held me up splitting me apart after all 4 fucked me twice they left me with the leader.

Lucy: Speakeasy Visit

first-time caprine 2018-09-22

As I answered him and we continued talking, Wayne moved his hand from the top of my dress to beneath it on top of my pantaloon covered thigh above the end of my knee socks. Then Wayne's hand slipped further, ripping the leg of my pantaloon in the process, to reach his goal, and began caressing my naked nether lips. Wayne withdrew his hand and, placing his fingers in his mouth, one at a time, he proceeded to lick and suck them dry while I watched. "He put his hand under my dress and under my pantaloon on my bare leg and started moving it up towards, uh, well, you know where."

Life with Aunt and Uncle p 14 - 16

first-time VictorL4fun 2018-09-22

There were no other adults to care for her and Josh and it now sank in that this would be life from now on, fucking Uncle Richard and Aunt Beth whenever they wanted to enjoy her teenage flesh. Mel was a little suprised to realise she didn't mind right now although that was probably due to the fact that she was fast approaching another orgasm, brought on by the adult cock stretching her open and sawing back and forth faster and faster. Josh wanted to cum too, but it was not his hand that was stroking his stiff 10yr old cock, it was Aunt Beth who had hold of him. So she took his stiff little cock right into her mouth, she wanted to teats his cum.

Post Dated

first-time 4eyes_Scarred 2018-09-22

He says the last like he watching something heading off over the horizon knowing its better that It goes, but he's going to miss It all the same. I wasn't old enough and dad told me in no uncertain terms he was not, "'...going to let any of them worthless mooching whores have an opportunity to call CPS on him for pimping out his boy, just so they can stay in their apartment another month for free in the time it took the owner of the building to find a new landlord.'" End quote. Yes, this sweet old portly lady (that I didn't know was a Siberian Snow Cougar) has a..."fondness." I nearly died laughing when dad told me and I still couldn't believe it.


My 13th Birthday initiation with mom

first-time 2018-09-22

I was standing there and she reached down and grabbed my completely hard cock and started rubbing. “Now I want you to fuck me, very, very hard.” With that she grabbed my cock and literally stuck it inside her pussy. On the tape a hot young girl was giving a guy a blowjob and so my mom kneeled on the bed and took my deflated cock in her mouth. Eventually the couple on the tape began fucking doggy style so my mom got off of me and got on her hands and knees and stuck her ass in the air for me. While I was fucking her I stuck a finger in her ass and began to finger like the guy on the tape was doing.

kuwari chut‏

first-time 2018-09-22

Achanak mene ungali karne ki raftaar kuch bada di vo bilkul bin pani ki machali ki taraha tadap rahi thi phir mene soch ki mera itna bada lund eski choot mai jayga kese phir achanak mere nazr paas mai rakhe hair oil per padi mene botal mai se oil liya or pehle to uski choot per lagaya or phir apne lund mai center se center milake pehle to maine halka sa jhatka mara to vo chilla uthi oiiiii maaa margai aaaaaaaa oooooooooo aram se plz mene ruk gay or phir uske lips ko choomne laga, kuch deer ruk kar phir se mene center se center milaya or phir se 1 jhatka diya kuch inch to andar khusa lekin use kafi dard ho raha tha maga, to mai wahi ruk gaya lund ko uski choot mai kuch deer ke liye rok diya kuch deer rukne ke baad mene phir se 1 jhatka diya kareeb 5 inch ab uske choot mai ghus gaya ab mujhse nahi ruka gaya or 1 zor ka dhakka diya vo zor se chillaii aaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiii mar gai maaaaaaaaaaaa ooooooooooo mardala aapne mene kaha abhi tumhe maza aane lagega phir kuch der mai use bhi maza ane laga lekin mera lund kuch ziyada hi bada tha to andar or bahar or dhakke marne mai dar badta jata tha.


Weeding Night Nephew and Aunt

first-time pissa1212 2018-09-22

priy*** was lie on the bed with saree.char*** remove his shirt and he clasp priy*** .Cham*** Removed her she is on her blouse and petticoat.priy*** is milf women.and she also have milk on her breast because she was pregnant 4 months ago.she had huge breast. Cham*** remove his denim and give his cock to his new wife to suck.this is the first time priy*** sucks cham*** 's cock and she waiting for see it. until she suck his cock cham*** press her wife breast.after that cham*** ask form her to drink her milk.the cham*** remove her saree blouse and put his head on her laps start to suck her nipples.After that cham*** lose her petticoat.she wasn't wear a panty.

Highschool Sucks, Hard Ch. 02

first-time citizenseventeen 2018-09-22

"With that suit on the whole world can tell your cold." Jumping about six feet into the air I turned to see the face I knew went with the voice "oh, and I don't recall you mentioning a swim, I thought someone was coming right back to call their boyfriend, hmm?" My body became like fire wherever his hands touched and I needed more and eventually all I knew was the pressure in my stomach and the torturous friction of his chest against my painfully hard nipples. It felt like pain and pleasure, not sharp, just a nagging delightful pain/pressure inside, and every time I moved it got better.

Better Late Than Never

first-time lovercat2942 2018-09-22

After all, said Maureen, these women had, among other things, a teaching function, and they could utilize their sexual experience to help me out in this area in a very non-threatening way. After about 30 seconds Annie said supportively, "You really know a lot about this, don't you!!" I really enjoyed eating her; in fact, that became my preferred form of sex when I got married a few years later. The experience with Annie gave me a good outlook for the future sexually as she was so encouraging and helped me in ways that I just couldn't express. I felt quite grateful that my first sexual encounter, which I had long feared, was a dynamite experience after which I felt much hope for the future sex-wise.

Rose Petals

first-time babyphatdimples 2018-09-22

As I start to breathe heavier in anticipation, you rub one finger from the top of my neck, down my back, and down my ass stopping right on my asshole. “I’m going to cum Daddy.” “Uh huh that’s it cum for Daddy baby.” I can’t hold it any longer and I stand up releasing the vibrator from the vice-like grip my holes had on it, and start to rub my clit very fast until…”I’m cumming.” I scream staring right in your eyes as I start to squirt all over myself and in the bathtub. “Tell me you love my dick in your ass” you command me as you continue to rub my wet pussy and fuck my ass slowly.

Prelude to a Nap

first-time MathGirl 2018-09-22

I asked John if he would come if I sucked Herman in and out of my mouth while I fondled his testicles, and he said he could guarantee that he would, and would I please do that right now because he felt like he was about to explode. The last thing I said before I took a mouthful of big, warm Herman was, 'I'm not going to stop this time, Lover.' And I didn't. As he said, 'Oh, Diane, don't stop now,' I felt Herman suddenly get so big that I don't think I could have gotten him out of my mouth if I had wanted to.

Eileen's first time at 75

first-time maytoseptember 2018-09-22

After a couple of minutes I noticed Eileen shuffle a bit on the sofa and she hitched her brown skirt up a little, shedding some more light on those granny pants. I thrust up a bit and felt Eileen nearly gag as I f***ed 4 or 5 inches of hard cock into her mouth. “You like ladies cum then?” I said and started to kiss her, forcing my tongue into her mouth, filling her mouth with her own cunt juices. Within another minute or so, Eileen backed away from me and panting heavily she came again, pressing her own hand against her wet pussy as her juice dribbled through her fingers.