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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

SHORT STORIES - Some Pervert´s Fetishes With

first-time anitabrausa 2018-09-22

When time to have sex he said he did not want to try my pussy and only my ass. He loved to fuck me but his big fetish was to cum outside the pussy on the hair. He fucked me very good for long time and finally remove condom and cum on my pussy hair. I think it maybe taste different because of her pussy juice and his fresh sperm. Another kinky obsession of another horny man was beyond fucking me very hard and calling me dirty names. After each fuck he would take my panties and cum right on them where my pussy would touch. I would dress the dirty panties and feel the warm sperm rubbing my pussy.

The Flash

first-time needingitbad 2018-09-22

Can I leave a message?" I look at her for th thousandeth time thinking that I'd sure like to see those mellons she's hiding and know that a snowball in a Christmas kitchen has a better chance yet I still hope and I know she sees me staring. "What!" come a shout from "The Man," "Its nothing uncle," she says, "Mr Tims is going to Tommy's game with me that's all and Tommy is so excited about it." "OK Amy," I am going out the door looking back she parts her legs a bit more.

Nearly but Naked

first-time sammican1 2018-09-22

But at times I felt a little uncomfortable for my attraction to him verged on going beyond 'typical' puppy love.' I sometimes looked at him and wondered what he would be like naked, whether he had a big dick or not and what it would be like to be in his arms, my bare tits squashed against his hairy chest. "Yes Cal it was wonderful" I whispered back feeling his finger trailing across my bare bottom for unbeknown to me he had fiddled my panties down round my thighs. As we kissed he moved his hand round to my front and after gently rubbing my pubic mound and lightly running his fingertips along my wet lips I felt him hold and then pull on my panties.

The Cherry Poppers Ch. 11

first-time BlewWater69 2018-09-22

Beth and Jason talked about summer vacations they used to take as kids when Paul returned with the drinks. Jason looked at Beth, finally seeing her completely naked in the light from the bed lamps, not the dim cast-off light of the airport floods. "You too and I love this guy," Beth said, encircling his rigid cock with her small pale hand. "He'll love me better after this," Beth said, pushing Jason to lean back against the headboard and crawling between his legs. "Jason, I love sucking your cock," Beth declared. Beth was working Jason's cock to perfection and he could feel the beginning quaking of his testicles as they stirred with anxious seed.

Shopping with "Auntie" Liv

first-time LustyQuill 2018-09-22

It wasn't a swimsuit, but more like careful bits of dark green ribbon stretched over her tits and down her crotch. Just a little rub and tug from your dear Aunt Liv," she said with a wink. "It's okay hun if you want to cum right away," she said as she rubbed my dick against her breasts. I bit down trying to hold my tongue as my cock began throbbing in Aunt Liv's hand. Liv held onto me with her cum-covered hand as she looked around, presumably for something to wipe up with. Liv quickly hung the swimsuit on the rejects rack and we snuck out of the dressing rooms like a couple teenagers playing hooky.

Katie's Exploits Ch. 01

first-time swingingpuss 2018-09-22

The Blond haired Kirk, humble in his position looked like an angel submitting to the dark devil. Kirk tried to move away only to be held in position by Pat who smiled at me and said “Would you like to watch us Katie?” Kirk began to speak but Pat put a finger on his mouth and turned him on his back and woke his dick up again by licking and sucking his dick. Positioning his ass in front of Pat’s face, Kirk turned his head to look at him. Getting off Kirk, Patrick sat on the floor and let his head fall back on his partner’s stomach and licked the cum that was on his lips.

Breaking in a Virgin

first-time erotiquegirl 2018-09-22

At one point he was behind her in a sexy dance and moved one hand up her inner thigh and another across one of her breasts. When they got in the elevator, he kissed her deeply and put his hands up her lingerie top feeling her boobs freely. He loved her full boobs and licked and kissed them a lot while playing with her hairy, but trimmed, pussy. He had manicured fingernails so two fingers fucking her pussy was more than okay. She was close to cumming as her breath got more labored and she was moaning softly. She took the lead and kissed him then slid down him and engulfed his cock. "Put you hand on my head," she asked, sucking his cock.

A week end with friends

first-time uwqgqfrm 2018-09-22

He introduced me to a few other people sitting around us and we chatted some more, had a couple more drinks and then I asked him if he wanted to dance some more. When we got to the dance floor his hands went right to my butt and boob again and mine went right to his dick. While still rubbing William's dick I arched my back for his friend so he could get a better angle and the next thing I knew he slipped right inside me. I kept looking around at all the people standing and dancing around us and feeling like a nasty slut and loving it!

A Night To End The Week

first-time Shoshi 2018-09-22

Susan began to feel her heart throb as she watched him masturbate only inches from her head, working a steady rhythm in the quiet of the room all she could hear was his heavy breathing and his movements on his cock, his breathing was so deep that it hid her now hardening breathing from his ears. Jon knelt up on his knees and guided his throbbing cock to her cunt his hands rested on her thighs as he pushed powerfully into her moist clit, she moaned with pleasure and began to meet his thrusts as he mounted her.

Nephew Ryan

first-time john1195 2018-09-22

feminine little hands on Ryan's huge shoulders and arms. couldn't imagine what Ryan must look like at 260 pounds! The thought of seeing Ryan pose like that, and then having a lower torso, Ryan's abs formed beautiful mounds of rectangular muscles. Ryan smiled and turned his face to me without putting his arm down. I couldn't imagine that a posing-strap clad Ryan would look any Ryan placed his huge hand on my genitals, squeezed them hard, Ryan lifted his arms and hit a double biceps pose. Ryan kept his arms wide and began to dance his pectoral muscles. As Ryan posed for me, his semi-limp cock became harder and harder, pressing Ryan raised his arms behind his head, pushing his body into a tight ab pose

Ass Fucked by a Giant

first-time AnaLeePleasured 2018-09-22

His hand moved from her waist to her leg, gripping it hard and pulling it up out of the way so her cunt opened up even more. He continued to make thrusting movements so his cock head popped in and out between her spread lips and then she felt a few inches of his thickly veined shaft begin to enter further inside her. As she relaxed, Tara felt her entire body being taken over as if by some magical force and her enjoyment grew with each thrust until she was arching her back to accommodate more of him and help him fuck her more fully. Zeek stopped fucking her and moved her face down towards his slippery angry purple head and Tara began to suck him as best she could.

A Mother's Helping Hands - Part I

first-time DizzyD427 2018-09-22

“Well I know this may be a little embarrassing for you Jamie, but if you have an erection that stays hard for a few hours, and you need to masturbate for relief, you need to tell your mom when you’ve ejaculated… and then again as soon as you get another erection,” then she added, “And Mrs. Bradley, I’d like you to keep track of the duration between his ejaculation and his next erection to see if it is increasing, and if it is, it might mean his condition is improving on its own.” Immediately Charlotte knew she needed to explain why she had seen her son’s penis again, and said, “No, it’s just that having an erection jammed in his pants for long periods of time was really getting uncomfortable for Jamie, so I told him that while we were home, we were dismissing modesty and he didn’t need to keep himself covered.” Then feeling embarrassed she asked, “Is that bad?”

Two F***ing Years at University Ch. 03

first-time MrsJ 2018-09-22

Of course that little love tunnel had been 'open for access' to a number of guys (7 in fact, as I'd learned a few nights ago!) on numerous occasions since that evening, a year or so back, when Lillian had bled as she was being readied to lose her virginity to Jim. ...And I later learned from Lillian that she had been most impressed with my 'artistic waterworks' and that, when it became obvious to her that I was about to uncontrollably spurt, she had been standing there with the palm of her hand tightly pressed down on her clit, firmly covering the entrance to her love tunnel -- hoping that neither Ed nor I would notice!

Adventures of a bored Dublin wife. Part 1, Paul

first-time jackelaine 2018-09-22

He moved his hand to my leg,and moved up under my skirt.He found my wet pussy and slippd his hand inside my knickers.His finger slid inside me.I groaned with ectasy.He finger fucked me for a few minutes while he sucked my tit.Then he was kissing me again.Then he put his hands on my hips and slid my knickers off.He pulled his trousers down and a large cock sprung out.It was about the same length as Jacks,6 inches,but thicker.'Do you have any.....',I started to say,but he slid inside me,filling me.I gasped,and he told me no.He moved in and out slowly.It was heavenly.'We shouldn't',I said.

Selling Real Estate has Advantages

first-time onemoreguy1 2018-09-22

He was tall and good looking and he paused half-way along the walk, studied the house and the neighborhood then he seemed pleased and so she opened the front door and went to him. Finally in the upstairs she took him to the master bedroom and pointed out that the family had a king-sized bed and it still left ample room to walk around and the room was equipped with large walk-in closets. Dressing her was a long time thing because he didn't want to release her body from his hands but finally she was presentable again and went into the bathroom to clean up and straighten her hair.

With Best Friends Like This.... Pt. 02

first-time bac512 2018-09-22

"Your cum feels so good on my face" she screamed, rubbing it in her skin, and in her mouth. She began to moan, "Ohh Bryan, you're making my pussy feel so good! Please don't stop, your cock feels so good deep in my virgin pussy!" I slid my cock in and out, and further in, her ass was so tight, and she was loving this even more than getting fucked in her pussy! I popped the front clasp on her bra, allowing her tits to fall freely into my waiting hands, they were so soft, and so round, and holding them gave me extra control over to stop her upper body from shifting forward as I shoved my cock deep in her ass.

Crocodile Tears

first-time coldamaranthine 2018-09-22

Josh didn't notice until much later that despite her sobs, Sheila did not have one tear stain on her face. Josh knew it wasn't one of Sheila's bracelets when he heard the click and felt the band snap over his wrist. Sheila let her heavy breasts heave on Josh's chest, and he ached to taste them as well as have her on his dick instead of his rough hands. The smallest mewl came from her clasped lips and clenched eyes, lifting herself up, Josh watched entranced at the crossroads where their bodies met. They had been friends for years, withstanding a long period where Sheila had ignored him while trying to control her feelings for him.

Life is a Carnival

first-time davidwatts 2018-09-22

The operator stepped aside to let the mechanic play with the controls for a minute, and the ride started moving again right away, only this time it started whirling around at top speed, and we all cheered this Ken guy for a job well done, He gave us a half-hearted wave in response to our ovation, and after watching the ride spin long enough to make sure it really was fixed, headed off to parts unknown. "I told her that a friend of mine really thought she was cute, and he wasn't immature like the rest of our pack, so she said that if you want to talk to her, you should go find her when they start to shut down around 11 or so."

Last night

first-time jadon69 2018-09-22

I started sending dirty emails with this guy who really wanted to hook up with a guy, suck cock and fuck but was a bit nervous. He figured I’d be a great starting point and I didn’t care because I wanted to get sucked off and fucked. I could feel wetness in my man-cunt as his cock bulged in his pants. My hand on the back of his head, he took my clit into his mouth as sucked me so nice and hard. Then I licked the underside of his shaft, sucked his balls, and worked his cock deep into my mouth. I took one hand off the railing to jerk my clit as his cock pistoned in and out of my man cunt.

A Nice Girl Virgin

first-time nclotsoffun 2018-09-22

I could tell by the look in her eyes she was surprised and relishing the new experience getting a hard cock in her virgin pussy for the first time. Every time I thrust in her tight pussy she moaned and I kept it slow and steady as long as I could I could feel my cock getting harder and harder and getting ready to cum. I pulled out a couple times just to sustain the experience and see my hard wet cock come out of her soaking wet pussy. Over the next month I could see the remains of what was left of the hymen each time I blew my load in her hairy strawberry blond pussy as we had bareback unprotected sex.

Boy Training

first-time midnightfalcon 2018-09-22

He was getting more relaxed as the whiskey took hold and he began by massaging the oil into my chest but that lead to my breasts and now I was squirming like a wild woman. Sucking on his hard little nipples, I let my right hand slide down and clutch his shaft. I began to let my curved fingers glide up and down its length and I felt the pre-cum begin to weep from the tiny slit in its head. For only a second I paused to draw the covers off our bodies and now I took my lips from his nipples and my face moved to with inches of that beautiful cock.

Slightly, Once Ch. 02

first-time Balrog 2018-09-22

I looked at the shapely back before me, from the long blonde ponytail, strong yet delicate shoulders, graceful arms through rolled-up sleeves, and long curves into a lovely waist, flaring out to slim hips. Then, I grabbed her hips and started thrusting, watching my cock disappear and reappear. Kim reached behind and grabbed my hands, moving against me. This is different." I grabbed her hips, and started a rhythm of slow, loving movements. "Oh Dave, I love you!" she said, as she moved against me. "You told me all I need to hear with your body; with the sweetness that you made love. You do love me, don't you?" Her eyes looked into mine, deeply, brightly.


Girlfriend's Viking fantasy

first-time JamesPrez 2018-09-22

You stand up and i let you lean against our massive bed and i kneel in front of you taking your cock deep in my throat. I would let your cock fall between my tits and massage your cock as i flicked my tongue over the end You would make me stand and watch you lay on the bed.. Taking you in my mouth sucking you harder and making you moan You feel im wet from getting horney sucking u off so u pull me onto ur face.. Until u grab my head to look at your face as you trust one last time and explode warm cum inside me You throbb for while as i lay panting on you..

A Dream One Night

first-time pocket rocket 2018-09-22

Moaning softly I reached for him and held his head to my chest as his hand stroking so gently on my shaft that it was a moment or two before I was conscious of his caress. After what seemed and eternity my hand slipped back up and away from his round backside to his neck where I held him in my grip to let him know I was enjoying the deep sucking kisses he gave to my chest. I nodded in the dark and he touched my cock and moved down to kiss my chest and then belly before taking it in his lips and licking the tip.