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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

BabySitter Bribe

first-time Ashson 2018-09-22

Almost before I knew it my blouse and bra were off, lying on the table, and his hands were cupping my breasts, stroking them, his thumbs playing with my nipples as if they were miniature joysticks. It wasn't until I felt Allan's hands slip under my panties that I found he'd unhooked the catch on my skirt and it had dropped. If I hadn't been so busy holding his cock so it couldn't attack me I'd most certainly have pushed his hand away. His cock seemed to just twitch my lips apart a little bit (or a lot, to fit that thing in) and I could feel him coming inside me.

Hitchhiking with Dad Chapter One

first-time john1195 2018-09-22

A man who looked a lot like Joe walked into the house. "Joey likes cum," Joe said. "Joey, I don't mind if you want to suck Hank, as long as you can fuck him while he sucks cocks," Tony said. "Lou would love to get sucked," Tony said to Joe. "Joey wants you to come in his mouth," Joe said. It sounded to me like Joe wanted Hank to fuck me. "Joey, I want Hank to cum in your mouth while I fuck you," "Joey is going to suck Lou, too," Tony said. you that video of the father fucking his son," Tony said to Joe. "You're going to suck it twice a day, Joey," Tony said.

Luckiest Guy I Know Ch. 01

first-time MaryAnderson 2018-09-22

She kissed my check, she smelled nice and clean, and said, "I think maybe Viki would be good for my son, help him catch up with the other guys." Viki straddled my legs, lifted it with thumb and index finger, took a long look, wrapped her hand around it, and said, "Very nice, big, but not too big, just the way I like. Viki said, "Good, but next time don't make a girl wait so long," then got off the bed and said, "Y'now, I've haven't been entirely fair with you." She unbuttoned her cut-offs, let them fall to the floor, stepped out of them.


Diana And I Suck A Cock

first-time naughty_bi_interest 2018-09-22

Diana opened her mouth and moved her head forward letting the head of his cock slide between her wet lips. Diana moved her hands up to his waist and pulled on it pushing more of his cock into her mouth. I realized that my wife was finger-fucking herself and playing with her clit as I continued to tongue her ass and Steve sucked on my cock. Steve sucked my cock dry of my cum and I moaned at the sensations coming from my sensitive cock as it slowly softened in his mouth. Diana moved her body from mine and I looked down at the blonde head that was sucking on my cock. I moaned as our bodies shifted and I felt his mouth suck on the head of my cock.

My Best Friend Pt. 01

first-time Nakedturtles 2018-09-22

He told me that he didn't want to go through high school looking over his shoulder, worrying if someone would flick his head or throw paper balls at him or put spoiled milk in his locker. When high school started he was very very nervous on how people that used to go to our middle school would react to his new look. "I think I can pull it off," he said jokingly, and started to imitate the movement I was doing. He spread my legs and I felt like I could orgasm right then and there. I guess he did too because he stopped and said " I want us to cum together." I sat up and got on top of him.

First time in the Ass! Pegged

first-time 425olds 2018-09-22

When she got to the bottom hem of her t-shirt she grabbed it and started lifting it up. So...we can either live out the rest of our lives like it has been for the past two weeks or you can let me get my feelings out for the next twenty minutes." Soon I could feel the end of the dildo pressing against my ass. Once it got past the initial opening, I felt a sudden rush of lust. With another "Oh god fuck my ass", my cock spasmed relentlessly and I could feel the cum that had been building up for two weeks spray the bed. I could feel my wife slowly stop thrusting and then inched the dildo out of my ass.

My First

first-time Ashson 2018-09-21

I'll give you to the count of three to start stripping, then I take over." Logan smiled at her, and Suzy cringed internally, knowing that she couldn't stop what was going to happen. Logan reached over and took Suzy's hand, placing it on his cock. Then, with his hand covering her pussy but his finger deeply inside her, Logan lifted Suzy, feeling her squirm against his hand as he tilted her over and laid her on the blanket Carl had so thoughtfully provided. Now Logan settled down to some hard pounding, his cock slapping hard into Suzy's tight little pussy, while his balls merrily spanked her outer lips with each thrust.

Birthday Present

first-time Riflections 2018-09-21

I saw Ricky sitting by the fridge on a chair, and I went to ask him if he wanted a plate. Kathy was going to go home but Ricky was still enjoying himself, chatting with some of the single ladies. "Ricky, you can go to a birthday party with me if you don't want to go home," I said. "Oh fuck they are so big," Ricky said while sucking on my tounge. "Let's go into the bedroom." Ricky walked me into Kathy's bedroom and I laid on the bed playing with my pussy. "Sure," Ricky sat on the bed and I jacked him off while sucking his cock.

A Little Naive

first-time Anekri 2018-09-21

I had lost track of time, I didn't know how long it had been since the kiss started, but when he moved his head away I was gasping for breath. My head bobbed up and down in unison with my hands, my tongue flicked the head of his throbbing dick and after a few minutes he exclaimed that he was ready to come and asked me if I wanted it in my mouth. "I want to taste it." His whole body convulsed and his dick twitched in my mouth, and then I felt it, stream after stream of white hot cum flowing into the back of my throat. I pushed him against the wall for a second time and pulled down his pants to reveal his cock.

First time with a guy

first-time 2018-09-21

he was very cheeky and wanted to look at my cock and I got shy and tryed to hold it down but he must have ben able tosee that it was hard and there was nothing i could do about it. I looked down and his cock was pointing up at me so i reached out ith my hand to hold it I started to wank him and he said yes rub it. I was just going to cum when he shot his load the sight of him cuming in my hand and the way his cock was throbing just sent me over the edge and I blew it all over the urinal he fell to hi nees and spun me round and pulle me by my bum into his mouth wwhere I spen the rest of my load by this time the guy was wanking to and I saw him cum at the same time.


first-time couple4cum 2018-09-21

so when we moved he asked me to get my tits out as i was wearing a very low cut top i just popped them out over the top,he started taking the pics and then he asked me to hitch up my skirt well the look on is face when he saw i had no panties on and my shed pussy was staring at him,he took some more pics and then he started to touch me i said this is not what we had agreed but e just wanted to touch he began rubbing my nipples and then he was rubbing my pussy,all the while my hubby was sat at the next table unaware of what was going on,i must say that i was getting very turned on by this he was really making me cum,then he asked me what i would do if he took his cock out,i was taken aback by such a question form a guy i did not know so i told him if e wanted to find out just get it out.

thanksgiving for the ups guy

first-time pcarter 2018-09-21

Mrs. O'Connor said, "I've got a customer guys, help Mrs. O'Connor told me that her husband called her an hour felt Mrs. O'Connor's hand come from around my neck down "That feels so fucking good, Mrs. O'Connor! O'Connor; I wanted to know if her pussy tasted as sweet As my eyes descended upon Mrs. O'Connor's sweet ass, I Mrs. O'Connor moaned softly as she felt her panties hit Mrs. O'Connor felt my cock at her opening, and knew it fucking pussy," I said to her as I started to take long my cock, sizzling the walls of Mrs. O'Connor's pussy. said, "Hey, what did you think of Mrs. O'Connor?" Mike then said, "Mrs. O'Connor, the lady with small gift

lovely village lady

first-time berserklord 2018-09-21

That day, the weather was a bit clear, even though there were light rain, I started and scaled a peak and by the time I returned it was 4.00 P.M. I had entered a village and was walking along when there was a heavy downpour. Her husband waited for some time, informed and seeing that the rain was not stopping, informed that he would be going to the field to check the state and then buy the goods and try to be back by 3.00 to 4.00 P.M. and then went to buy the foodstuff and probably to get a smoke, I took my clothes off and wore my towel and went out in the rain for a bath.


first-time JH-1 2018-09-21

Ned grinned at me, and said, "You've kinda got a soft spot for Christy, haven't you?" Christy shivered, and said, "Ohhh, Jim, I think I'd like that." Joanna went first, then Ned. When Christy got under the shower, Ned said He and Joanna were going on, so they could help his mom with the food. We went in to the kitchen, and Christy danced over to her mom, and said, "Mom, look what Jim gave me." Christy raised up, off my chest, and said, "Jim, I'll want a lot more of that... Her mother smiled, and said, "Jim, I knew from talking to Christy, that she's wanted this to happen, for a long time.

A Night She Would Never Forget

first-time MarineGirl1982 2018-09-21

The stranger suddenly takes Sarah's hand and pulls her out of the seat taking her out of the bar. Feeling suddenly daring Sarah sat up and started to lick the tip of the cock, pushing her tongue hard against the tip exploring every nock and cranny. Slowly putting it into her mouth put still using her tongue against the tip, she knew she was still doing something right as she heard him moaning in pleasure as she carried on moving her mouth up and down his rock hard cock. The Stranger started to push hard and deep into the tight pussy feeling what no other had felt before feeling himself getting closer and closer again.

Breakfast of Champions

first-time 2018-09-21

In a half-d***ken stupor I awoke to find Tom engulfing the tip of my cock with his mouth. My cock went from half stiff to fully erect within seconds, and noticing the difference, Tom started stroking my cock before stuffing it halfway down his throat. Taking his cue, Tom started to stroke me off even faster while his mouth devoured the top portion of my cock. As he started pummeling my ass with his shaft I felt like I knew my place in the world: a slut that needed to be dominated - filled with cum. When I woke up in the morning Tom pulled out his cock and started to fuck my mouth.

me and my b*****rs best friends son

first-time nickone42 2018-09-21

he had no one as such because he"d fallen out with his folkes a few years back and left home, i was doing his nans hair one time when he walked in she introduced us and he was cheeky young man with a slim but firm body as i noticed cause it had been a warm day and he"d just finished a long bike ride 10k so he said ,, he asked for a trim so i said come on then while im here so while cutting his hair n chatting away about this and that , i noticed he had slipped down and forward in the chair, parting his legs saying thats better was getting abit tight down there, where he"d looked right into my eyes and looked down at his crotch then back at me where i was i must admit starreing down at his crotch, where he grinned so i smiled back at him and i said hey easy mate dont start what ya can"t finished ,, there was slience for a bit then we both just laughed out so loud and just kept giggleiing...

I Scored with A Female Burglar!

first-time Dutch84 2018-09-21

so slowly she looked up to me and I looked at her asked her "before I call the cops, you better explain to me why you broke in my apartment?" and she said " im sorry i didn't mean to!" and I said "I see, very well." so I walked toward the phone and she ran to me she said cryin like Niagara Falls "please don't call the cops" and I said "why?" and she said "because I never went to jail before" and I said "that ain't no excuse, tell me the real reason why?" and she said looking right dead in my eyes "its just the thrill of breaking in and taking things without getting caught.This gun is my uncle's I took from his top drawer to basically scare anyone who threatened me and I just want to see how long i could go on without being caught." I know it was fuckin stupid, but I hung up the phone and she said tryin to straighten up the tears from her face "your not going to call the cops?" and said looking into her eyes and same the same time taking an out of the blue stupid dumb-ass chance "I'd rather make love to you instead".

The Bike Shoppe

first-time dixieman54 2018-09-21

Jack thought the best thing is to tell Lisa he was going to go in and fix popcorn to watch a movie together and she could go change clothes for nighttime. Jack grabbed her hips so she would not sit directly on his hard cock and noticed then that he didn’t fell panty lines. Do you think your cock can go in my pussy hole?” Jack said “yes, we have enough lube down there for us both” He pulled his finger out and smelled her scent. After the breathing subsided, Lisa got up off Jacks cock, and his cum started leaking out of her pussy.

My second time ...

first-time oldognewtrix 2018-09-21

Time to leave i said to myself, and i eased open the door and looked out, there was no one there and i wasn't sure if i was disappointed or not as i made my way to the exit. I left the toilet block and walked away from it, i had only gone a few steps when something made me turn around and i noticed that two men were entering the block that i had just left. He turned and walked away and out of the door, i watched him leave and saw the toilets through his eyes and realised that they were disgusting.

A Long Way Home Ch. 05

first-time dan57 2018-09-21

Leena kissed Ritu on both cheeks but Peter surprised her by kissing her straight on the lips like Tom did usually. Tom and Peter exchanged a vigorous shake hand but Leena surprised Ritu once more by moving sinuously toward Tom, flaunting her luscious hips and her big breasts as if she wanted to seduce him. When Tom took a seat in front of Peter and proposed the girls to sit on their lap, Leena immediately complied, putting her right hand around Peter's neck, but Ritu was not far behind.

New Friends, New Experiences Ch. 01

first-time vonWachstein 2018-09-21

Like a lot of girls, I chose a bikini not because I wanted to show myself off—rather, I'd prefer not to—but because of my build. "I never thought about it like that." I looked down at my burger, thinking about our impact on the world. One night, after I got off from a terrible day at work, I came home and found AJ and Bugsy on the back deck, with a weird device beside him, it looked like a pot on the bottom with hoses coming out of a stem sticking out the top. They should remember that we put them in office, and we can just as easily take them out, and being a giant bitch isn't going to help a re-election bid." AJ said as he took a drag on whatever it was he was smoking and blew a series of smoke rings.

lost my virginity at 15 to my uncles wife

first-time curiousme74 2018-09-21

As she sat back down, my uncle asked my moms s****r where i was staying, if i could spend a few nights at his place, since we didnt see much of each other first 3 weeks. I stood there with major boner, she looked at me, grabbed my hand kissed my lips and asked me to sit down with her on futton.I was slow to react/move she said come on, dont be shy, we both know what we want. She asked me to lay down on the couch, she was seated up beside me, she came down kissed my left cheek, and started rubbing my nipples.

Brown's Shoe Store

first-time Slickman 2018-09-21

“Hello Tom.” Betty said as she walked over to look at the same display of shoes she had seen every week for the past three months. ”If you get bored Mike doesn’t have a date and you can spank me anytime you want.” Brad said to Janet as she turned. “I have a feeling Mike will be busy enough.” Janet laughed as she watched the two 18 year olds walk down the basement steps. Meagan sat back down next to Mike and watched as Heather and Mark moved up to dance close together. Janet was sitting on the sofa waiting for a phone call from her boyfriend when she heard the basement door open and someone run into the bathroom.