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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

first time

first-time bigsexxxy 2018-09-21

we would step behind some bushes every so often and shed stick my cock in her mouth or id play with er pussy. finally she got up and we both reached for her wet pussy at the same time.. we took turns eating and licking her pussy.. our friend licked her pussy so good and she came on his face.. finally at almost the same time i pulled my cock out of her dripping wet cunt and he out of her mouth and we came together all over her mouth.. when we got back his gf asked " where have u been??" he smiled and said "looking for our friends." the night ended and we parted..


first-time kelly_kelly 2018-09-21

It was not like Matt to be late, but her faith in his words was as complete as only love and trust could make it. But the closeness of Matt's muscular body to her had taken her on the verge of admitting the fact that she felt hopelessly attracted to him in more than just on a friendship basis. Matt fidgeted nervously and Jenny was surprised to see a crimson blush creep over his face. It's not as good as the hotel room last week, but at least no one will see us." he said when he reached Jenny, who was standing unsurely at the road side and looking fearfully at the surroundings.

With Sergeant Samantha

first-time guyloveshotstories 2018-09-21

"Aww, well, we were making out and you were feeling me all over with your hands and I was rubbing my chest against you." As she spoke her lips pulled back further and flashed teeth as her eyes would open and the eyebrows raise and lower, "I felt you getting hard and I said to 'follow me' up to my room. I wanted to take off my uniform but I knew you liked it, knowing that I am a sergeant, that little taboo thing going so I kept it on and I started massaging your balls in my hands and wrapping my tongue around your shaft and licking the tip/"

Sex With My Servant

first-time fuckutonight 2018-09-21

Now I wanted to enter her, mind u guys this is the first time both of us were having sex, so I inserted my finger and made way then I took my lund and inserted it in her pussy aahh hh she gave a very loud shout it was really paining for both of us but still we wanted to have the fun. First I gave slow jerks uuuuuuuu uuuuuhh hh aahh hhyyaa aa yeessss ssssssssss sssssssss Now I started to increase my speed and oh God uuuuuuuuuuhh hh I just cant imagine we were really enjoying a lot oo hh yyaa aa yyee eessssssssssssssssss After some time when I was about to cum I took out my lund and my semen fell on her belly, which she rubbed it on her body.

Bianca's First Time

first-time Cutebritt 2018-09-21

As she was walking across the path she saw the swing set and quickly checked her watch to see the time, she had to get home before her mum came looking for her. "What are you doing Trent?" asked Bianca "something I have wanted to do for a long time" he said and with that took off her tight baby pink hello kitty shirt and then her matching little pink socks. She was so tight it felt like ecstasy but at the same time her was worried he was going to hurt her "go harder" she said taking away his fear and making him unleash his built up desire he had had for her since they met.

Master Turned into Sissy

first-time 2018-09-21

i knelt there waiting to be told that i could move,and wipe the cum from my asshole as it dribbled out of me,i was totally broken,and started to cry like a little fairy,what a site i must have been,on my hands and knees,ass high up in the air,smelling of nasty sex,cum dripping out of my hole,face covered in pussy juice,crying like a little bitch,as Mistress and Master made fun of me,and Mistress told me how pathetic i was now,and that i was never again going to even be able to think i was a male,let alone act like one,then i felt Mistress slipping my chastity back into place,i didn't even try to resist,i knew that it was my place,to be a sex toy for her and her lovers,and to be her servant and sissy house maid,my life was sealed,and it was sealed because i made a nasty mess while her boifriend had his cock up my ass,just proves how pathetic we sissy's truly are!

No Such Thing

first-time Highland Fox 2018-09-21

"And how many men do you think either of us know in the real world, never mind that we're actually attracted to?" Sarah shot Cathy a look. "Need to know," said Sarah. She was, in some ways, even less sure of herself than Cathy when it came to what she was supposed to be doing when French kissing, and appeared to be psyching herself up for something she wanted to do, but knew it was going to be a big personal step. There is, however, no way in Hell I want my first sexual experience to be a one-night stand!" Cathy's hands were rubbing my shoulders. Cathy's hands on my shoulders became firmer as I kissed Sarah again.

Oddball Ch. 07b

first-time JimBob44 2018-09-21

Mary, in man's suit, long brown hair stuffed into a fedora, plastic machine gun tucked under one arm, stood next to Thomas, dressed in his police uniform. On the other side of Thomas, dressed in man's suit, blonde hair stuffed into a fedora, plastic machine gun tucked under her arm, stood Britney. "Yeah, I even swallow," Precious laughed as James grunted and wheezed after spewing a fair amount of semen into her mouth. Just then, Tiffany and Britney Wertmuller had bounded into their freshmen class, demanding everyone's attention, but Mary had not taken her eyes off of the handsome Thomas Kowalski. "So what are you and Daddy going to do?" Mary asked as she finished their dinner, just as John entered the front door.

My First Blowjob

first-time sexmeup469 2018-09-21

It felt really good bending over the bed like that, waiting for something, you're-not-sure-what, and being totally horned out, but I decided I wanted to see it happen, so we stopped and re-arranged ourselves. I want that feeling of a hot, hard cock inside me, Andrea!" We talked some more, and came to the idea that I'd accompany Andrea on a "Lady's Night Out." Shiela was going to come too, which secretly pleased me. "I thought it would be all right to tell Shiela about your experience with Mr. Cox," Andrea said. At this point a handjob was what I had in mind, and I think that was what Shiela and Andrea were egging me on to do; but possibilities started swimming in my head as my pussy started sending signals to my brain.

The Pin Ch. 03

first-time Stick_Man 2018-09-21

Once class was over and most of the students had already poured out of the room, Hugo called out, "Heather, please see me before you leave." As the last student left the room, Heather approached Hugo's desk, "Sí, Senor?" "I don't know, Heather," Hugo said as he let his eyes wander down his student's shirt. Hugo had a high sex drive so he made good use of his wife and his Pin rights to stave off any unclean thoughts he had for his students. Keeping his right hand holding his cock, Hugo placed his left palm on the small of Heather's back. Hugo approached Heather and lifted her left breast to his waiting mouth. Heather sweetly kissed Hugo on the cheek and responded, "Thank you, Señor.

Pam's First Virgin

first-time jallen944 2018-09-21

"What's this?" Melanie said, pointing to Pam's chest. Pam closed her locker and turned to look up at Neil and said hi. She watched his eyes as she let her knees fall apart and made sure he could see her pussy before she crossed her ankles and stretched her legs across the seat. Neil set his can of Coke on the table and sat in the seat by her feet, glancing at the edge of her skirt before opening his book. Pam got up and sat in the seat next to him, sliding close to look in his book. Pam walked to Melanie's with a happy ache between her legs.

First Time Ch. 03

first-time redtoad 2018-09-21

“Put it inside her blouse from below, Robert, and squeeze it like an apple.” Jake gave his expert advice as he was also feeling the effects of the oral administration, which Annie was administering to his randy cock. Ying was however touched by my innocent showing and she took me to the back room and offered me a close-up view of her hairy pussy when Jake told her that I had never seen the cunt of a woman. Use your hand and feel it if you want, but don’t be too rough with your fingers because it’s quite sensitive.” She cautioned as I squatted down to have a better view.


first-time alexcomfort 2018-09-21

Some interest has been expressed in the recovery of documents surviving from what on might call the regime of Dr. Stanton, a Principle of St. Swithin’s School for Girls who pursued with remarkable enthusiasm a disciplinary policy of corporal punishment. So Dr. Stanton subsequently managed a number of variations on this satisfying experience, including one, very cleverly managed he thought, when the welts from the first punishment were severe enough for the matron to require that he wait a week before administering the second. As both his reputation and his position at St. Swithin's became ever more firmly established, Dr. Stanton sometimes entertained fantasies of living in an earlier age, perhaps Victorian, or at least Edwardian - times when his policies and his skills might have been quite widely admired, times when his reputation in the practice of corporal punishment for girls might have been more publicly praised.

Meeting an online friend for the first time

first-time schmousen 2018-09-21

I was hungry to explore her body and moved my head down her tummy as I eventually lay between her open legs, my mouth kissing her trimmed pubic mound. I quite often get a bit soft as I eat pussy, so I watched Maria lightly rubbing herself as I gently stroked myself hard before putting on the condom. Maria watched me roll the condom on my now hard cock and then told me to lay on my back on the bed, just as I had instructed her to do earlier. As my orgasm subsided, Maria lay on top of me, her breasts pressed against my chest, my cock still deep in her pussy as it slowly softened.

Her Work Colleague

first-time jakemoran 2018-09-21

My wife glanced across to me, leaned over and kissed me she then stood up with Mike's help and lifted her dress in an attempt to remove it. My wife dropped back onto the sofa and placed Mike's hands back on her legs. He looks at me and I shrugged and he went back to her tits this time holding them both and flicking his tongue across her nipples as my wife and I started kissing more and more passionately. My wife started to jerk me off as she was sucking on Mike's cock. I went into the kitchen to fetch us another drink and when I walked back into the living room found my naked wife sitting on Mike's lap, naked.

A Red Letter Day Ch. 02

first-time jacqui_hills_uk 2018-09-20

He I so deep inside me I can feel his nose press against the flesh of my pussy, he slowly starts to withdraw, drawing his tongue against my sensitive clitoris...first contact is enough to start me cumming, with a gloriously blossoming orgasm which seems to start deep in my belly and move, though every nerve in my body to the extremities of my toes, fingers and face...with an aftershock as he starts to work on my clit with his erect tongue and I reach a new crescendo. I reach forward madly undoing the leather belt on his jeans...then the large stud button and finally pull down his zip...his finger has replaced his tongue as he finger fucks me, slowly making me start to cum again, as he rolls the pad of his index finger hard against my sensitive clit.

Another Weekend

first-time sancho2063z 2018-09-20

I said to myself, “Damm Tata likes Hustler.” So I quickly went into the bathroom, dropped my pants, sat on the commode, pulled the linen hamper in front of me so I did not have to hold the mags and began to stroke. She began to stroke my cock up and down and then I grabbed her wrist and squeezed and released it, then rotated my hand and told her, “Do that!” Again she did just as I instructed. At first she was just moving up and down my shaft so I took her finger and I asked, “remember this?” and sucked and licked her finger.

Lizzie wants Anal

first-time scottish-couple 2018-09-20

She was lying on her side; she had a vibrating butt plug in her ass and big black vibe in her sopping wet pussy. I approached the bed and she took my cock in her long fingers and started to stroke me some more. "Baby you look so sexy in that dress." I said as I grabbed her ass when the hostess went to check on our table. As I said before Lizzie is not a raving beauty like Christie Brinkley , nor scary like Joan Rivers, but I swelled with pride as I watched some of the mens heads turn as we passed. "YUP!" She said and got on her knees doggy style and spread the cheeks of her ass.

About Time

first-time TheLexEffects 2018-09-20

I feel his hands slide down to get a tight grip of my ass and before I know what's happening, his mouth is on mine and my legs are wrapped around his waist. His whole head feels like baby hair, I discover once I let my hands go wild. I can feel the desire building inside of him as he moves back up to the hook of my 32A black laced bra, not to mention I might just explode at any moment, so I pull back and rest my chin on his head. I grab the pulsating penis with my hand and slowly start an up-down motion while I reach my mouth down and gently suck each of his balls.

Two's Company, Three's a Party

first-time KeikoAlvarez 2018-09-20

Apparently Pierre and Guy had also cleaned out their mini-bars because they kept pulling out little bottles booze from the pockets of their robes which, by the way, were lying next to the hot tub and almost totally covered with snow. I felt the touch of two fingers on my chin and turned toward Pierre, accepting his tongue into my mouth while, at the same time, I felt a hand slide under my running bra. I felt like I was floating when Pierre lifted me to my feet, turned me around to face Guy and lowered me back down onto his cock. Pierre had a wonderful rhythmic stroke going as he moved in and out of me, a rhythm I struggled to match with my head sliding up and down Guy's cock.

I Am Superman Ch. 01

first-time Joe Wordsworth 2018-09-20

As long as she was on my arm for all social events, I had it made (and no small level of access to the rest of the cheerleading squad, who started looking at me with a different pair of eyes once I was "good enough" to date one of their own). I turned around and sure enough, there's my girlfriend looking at me like I'm some kind of lunatic--beating off to her friends with a limp dick under some bleachers. Even with the cheerleader uniform, even with her quizzical look and cute face, Mr. Winky decided he was going away for the next six weeks until Spring came, like some frightened gopher.

Made My Friend A Crossdresser

first-time ajbasu 2018-09-20

I touched his butts and realized he’s wearing underwear beneath that so I told him to remove that and I put my hands inside his lungi and tried to pull them down. So back to story, I pulled his underwear from his back while lungi was still on and that was the first time I touched his bare butts. I came near him innocently and took his penis in my hand and said “ So Anshul, looks like someone is enjoying lungi”. We went to bathroom and on one hand I took his penis and on another I started caressing his butts.

girl with the 1 inch clit

first-time kita430 2018-09-20

i was always curious about eating pussy, i mean i can suck a dick dry so i knew i could devour a fat pussy, if giving the opportunity. i knew then i was gonna suck the hell out of that pussy. so i got up and kissed her and laid her on the bed and sucked her breasts. she said you wanna suck this clit don't you? she said "are you sure you never ate pussy before"? i sucked her ass again and she kept cumming. she got on top of me and licked my neck and sucked the fuck out my 42dds. she sucked my cum and i took both hands and rubbed her face in my pussy.

Our New Life

first-time Xesevoli 2018-09-20

I yearn with the vision of that hair surrounding and caressing her naked breasts, and then dipping to provide a frame for the perfection of her hips and womanhood. She pulled me closer and a soft massage began as her hips began a slow rhythmic dance against my stomach Previously, as she'd lowered her hands, she'd hooked the band of my trunks with her thumbs. She released my tongue for a moment and pulled her face away, she smiled knowingly at me, winked quickly, and again returned to a deepened kiss. I've always liked the long hair of her pussy, but this time she'd shaved it for her bikini and the lips were as smooth and sweet as the finest butter.