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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The New Years Fuckin Eve

first-time 2018-09-20

I was going slowly in and out when she said, "Fuck me hard with that black cock." I slid around for her to suck my dick and I started sliding the vibrator in and out harder and faster. We used the vibrator a couple times a week during sex and eventually, she started talking really dirty when we used it, begging to be fucked by the "Black Cock" and how good it felt. I greeted David with a hand shake and when he looked past me, he whistled and said, "Oh my god." He walked right up to Ellen, gave her a hug, pulled back and she stood on her tip toes to kiss him square on the lips.

My naughty sex life in different parts!

first-time ninaslut4321 2018-09-20

The first boy came around a few trees to have a feel, I opened my shirt so my tits were still in my bra and his eyes started to twinkle (I loved this) I slowly undid my bra and revealed my tits out in the open, he was soo shocked! I slowly grabbed his crotch shaking a little while his hands were firmly on my big tits, I undid his zip and reached in and pulled it out, I only ran my finger up and down the shaft as I didn't really know what to do with it, but instantly he went really hard, being able to do this made me feel amazing, we carried this on for about 30 seconds until my friend called me in which we both quickly sorted our self out.


first-time StarScreamUSA 2018-09-20

Jan said she was getting close to cumming and grabbed her ankles and brought them by her shoulders leaving a hole in her cunt and wide open for them to see as she had a very strong orgasm moaning out loud. When we heard them coming down from the roof I grabbed Jan's tit's and started to rub them making her nipples stick out against her tee shirt. I decided to tell Jan that I was going up to take a shower and then excused myself leaving them with Jan. Both the guys then said that they better get busy if they wanted to finish for the day. Jan went into the bedroom and took off her tee shirt as I yelled into the room.

Dominant Male Boss - Part 1

first-time dublin1980 2018-09-20

At the end of a long day (around 10:30pm), I had been in for 14 hours at this stage, I received an email from the client whom I was currently working with. This email explained that I was now the victim of a cryptolocker Trojan and would have to pay a large ransom to get the files back. Alan is never in this early but when I went into his office, he was finishing getting dressed. I walked up to Alan's office with Donna and he told me I could leave. I felt like asking if I could come, just to keep an eye on them but I know Alan and Tina (his current secretary) often met clients.


first-time Erectocrat 2018-09-20

My hymen had been broken roughly and it sent a wave of pain through my body, but I also couldn't help but loving the feeling of Spider inside me. I hadn't planned in it, but now I wanted to be fucked hard, to feel the impact of Spider's whole body on mine as he drove his dick deep inside me. As it reached the top, it drop again, but this time, Spider had a better grip on the bench and had the head of his dick on the soaked lips of my pussy ready to slam inside like before. Cause I got fuckin' soaked," said an older drunken man with his back turned to us outside the door.

Different Strokes - featuring Princess Tori

first-time azizahmed94 2018-09-20

“Yeah, baby, I’m going to go where you’ve never had anyone go before.” PrincessTori said to me in a teasingly sweet voice as she started to lubricate the strap-on dildo right in front of me. My body tightened up — my head turning left & right, looking for a place to run to; fear must’ve been screaming in my eyes. Tori smiled as she saw the look on my face — I could tell a wave of pure pleasure flooded through her firm toned body as she fed on my fear. I let out this scream that even my panty gag did little to stifle — and Tori was wracked with these amazing convulsions that shot from my body, right through the strap on, to her clit.

My Sex Life: School Play

first-time Templar_Writer 2018-09-20

"I told you this was about me." She laughed softly and when she reached my chest she lowered her head to my right nipple and licked slowly. "Well, since you did such a good job I guess it would be really mean to leave you hanging." She laughed before lowering her head to lick up the shaft of my cock with agonizing slowness. Charlotte continued to ride me as she leaned forward both hands on my chest while she kissed me despite my face being covered in her cum. "Hmm, you may not be huge, but I had fun." She lay on me for a while as I began to feel the dull ache in my wrists and ankles, the increasing sensitivity of my cock and the slight sting in my chest from her nails.

Getting His Attention

first-time Azuldrgon 2018-09-20

Amy's hair was up in a pony tail and her eyes sparkled a bit as Carl looked at her. Amy drew near, took her hands and placed them on either side of Carl's head, then pressed her lips against his. As they kissed again, Amy slid her hand behind his head to press it harder against her lips before her tongue slid into his mouth. The kiss was gentle before Carl could feel Amy's need. This was rewarded with a soft moan from Amy. Carl began to kiss there more before he felt Amy's hands press his head against her more. She whispered, "Yes...." Carl then paused for a moment to look at Amy. Amy started to thrash a bit before her hand found the back of Carl's head once again.

85% geek

Lunch Break Fun

first-time Master_and_Sex_Kitten 2018-09-20

He looked up at her and she smiled back shyly, her hand moving his slowly up now, closer to the leg of her shorts, his fingers sliding to her inner thigh... I need to know you will do what I want..." Sam blushed as her breasts slipped down the back of his neck, pressing hard against him as her nails dug in to his shoulders. Jenny's eyes shot open as Sam's fingers found her nipple, hard and ready, playing with it lightly as his other hand moved back down to her folds. Rubbing her pussy and her tits with his hands, Sam moaned as he felt her soft, tiny fingers wrap around his cock, making a fist as she started to pump him.

Holiday in Cyprus

first-time girliekiller 2018-09-20

The man's hand went up Louise's micro skirt and a finger slipped inside her, for an instant before it took a quick tour of her clitoris and then moved up to Louise's mouth. He instructed Louise to lick the cum off of Victoria's face, which she did then the man told the girls to French kiss each other so that Louise could taste his cum as well. Victoria's legs were wide open and her bum was raised slightly, Louise had sat up just in time to watch the man rubbing KY Jelly over Victoria's bum, he used his fingers to loosen her and spread some of it inside her. When Victoria began to lick the cum from the other girls breasts Louise instantly came, spurting a little of her own juices into the man's face.

Mother's Boyfriend

first-time Ashson 2018-09-20

It was the last time because Andrew heard me and let me know his opinion of young ladies swearing and the respect owed to parents. My mother had already left, her shift starting early that week, but Andrew was sitting at the table drinking coffee. I came in, still in pyjamas, seeking my own coffee, needing something to kick-start the day. "Very nice," Andrew said in a most appreciative voice, one finger coming up to lightly touch my nipple. I was left staring after him, shocked, mouth open, pyjama top wide open, face flushed, nipples erect, coffee not in my hand. His mouth started spending more time pleasing my breasts and nipples while his fingers worked diabolic destruction on my pussy and my nervous system.

The Jerk Off Folder

first-time yesplease17 2018-09-20

"And you decided to go with my bikini photos?" She looked at me for an answer with a smirk on her face. Kelsey grabbed both my hands and slid them up her body, ending them on her petite breasts. "Someone's happy!" Kelsey said, staring down at my boxers. Kelsey giggled as she pulled off her short shorts, revealing her matching light blue panties. I could feel the shape of her ass as she moved my hands into her panties. Together, we pulled off her panties as I felt every inch of her perfect legs on the way down. Our bodies pressed against each other again, but this time I felt the warm tightness of her pussy. Kelsey smiled as she felt my warm cum shoot up inside her.

I was just bored…

first-time rich5911 2018-09-20

It seemed like this orgasm would never end and the hold time he talked to me about what a slut I was to come and get fucked by a stranger, who now knew me and what a horny little bitch I was. I told him lets do it and I moved into position knowing I was about to get my mouth fucked like a pussy. James moved his cock into my mouth looked down and said suck it slut and with that he went in and fucked my mouth for what seemed for ever, so much my jaw was getting sore, until he pulled out and covered me with what at the time was the biggest load of cum I had ever had on my face.

Encounter with an older man

first-time iamyourforever 2018-09-20

As I sucked Tom's wonderful cock, I realized that how long, I felt Tom's skin touch my bare ass and I same pace for a LONG time, until Trelane started Tom's cock was hard again in no time... In a very short time, I felt Tom shiver and start to Trelane said that he had never sucked a cock noticed Trelane slipping his cock ring off and placing I finally noticed that Trelane's cock was super Trelane shifted and I felt the rest of his cock plunge closed my eyes again and felt Trelane pull me closer, Trelane's cock stayed kind've hard, so I moved my hips his fat cock felt so good in my ass!

Models of 'Perfuction'! Ch. 02

first-time anonentity 2018-09-20

I then determined to explore Mae's individual beauties the way I had her sister's, and of all the poses that I put her in the one that most satisfied me was a view of her lying on her tummy with her knees drawn up to lift her buttocks and expose the full bulges of her labial lips between her slim thighs, while she stared back at me so that I could catch the mixture of shy wonder and excitement in her expression. "Laura told me she wouldn't mind modeling for you and I wouldn't mind letting her do it if you would paint her ass the way you did Mae's with her fingers up her twat," Jack offered with a keen glance at me.

The Older Male Virgin

first-time Scot1234 2018-09-20

Mary knew her blouse fitted her round breasts snugly and when she leaned forward in her chair, opening a couple of buttons as she did so, the flustered man on the other side of the desk was rewarded with an ample view of each of her prize assets. She stood now defiantly in front of the embarrassed former priest, her round breasts still covered by a lacy black bra that matched her knickers but still managing to catch the eye of John Carmichael so that he was totally incapable of looking elsewhere. He had never ejaculated in his life (unless you counted those inconvenient wet dreams he used to have in his younger days) but he felt sure it was about to happen any time now as Mary changed tactics slightly and began to suck on his testicles.

Beyond the Fence

first-time TheHiddenPen 2018-09-20

In different times she may have come under family pressure to marry, but her father himself was constantly drunk and so was in no position to put pressure on her to do anything, and her mother had some sympathy with Elina's reluctance to marry a similar man. As soon as she was in the stall and undressed she would get her hand between her legs and start to touch, developing her skills as time progressed, learning what she liked, what felt good. Elina and Lukas were meeting most days now, rain or shine, always at the point of the fence where they could push their fingers through and touch.

coaching sex

first-time aakbar487 2018-09-20

One day season was very cold and rain was starting but rain was not very much but sufficient to stop class and I had to go home then Shaheen told me that come and sit in my car so she would drop me and if you cannot come in my car then you cannot feel well andthen I realized that the idea was right so I sat in her car and she started the car and also see my paint. I wait for girls mail especially but boys are allowed to discuss some thing on sex with me on my e-mail address

Marie's Magnificent Massage

first-time kpkp555 2018-09-20

You either need to start getting regular massages to work these knots out and stay stretched out or you need to quit the fights. Let's work out some of those kinks and knots you've got going on." She explained she'd be using almond oil to do the massage, a natural moisturizer, food grade. She stroked his cock as expertly as she had massaged the rest of his body, spending extra time around the head and even cupping his balls in one hand. Five minutes later he was back in the waiting room, nervously sitting between Betty and Marie, eyeing first one, then the other. "I do feel amazing, much more loose and limber", Mark conceded, stretching his back and letting out his breath audibly, as though to prove the wonders the massage had done for him.

MY COUSIN part 3

first-time 2018-09-20

A little awkward though to feel horny early this morning when i stared at Mike's naked body, seeing his soft cock pointing to the side and his balls cooperating with his nice masculine legs. "yeah, good morning, I went outside because the messenger came." i smiled back. And I just felt horny again, with Mike sitting on the chair naked and I can feel pre-cums is dripping out inside me. At the back of my mind, as i thought, "yeah you're right, it really is as if it's not my first time but i just felt like i know what to do with your delicious cock." i can feel your hot cum inside my ass man.." Mike now smiling.

After Laura

first-time flimbim 2018-09-20

The couch was fairly low and she wasn't sitting too close to me, but even so, I could see that her skirt had slid up another inch or so and I'd have been happy to stare at those sexy legs all night if it had been any woman except Miss O'Brien! I could see the outline of what looked like a lacy bra as her breasts pushed against her dress, and every time she closed her eyes I stared at her legs. It's hard to describe what my first time inside a pussy was like, but it was fantastic And, oddly enough, what I remember most is the feel of her stocking-clad legs, wrapped arouind me and holding me in her embrace.

At the hotel

first-time Chelseaboy1964 2018-09-20

he said he would so after a few more drinks I told Jade that I had booked a room in the hotel for the night and ceiling, she knelt on the bed took my cock in her hand and gently stroked it, I asked if she would try something a little different and she her tit’s while I pushed two fingers inside her, I moved back and laid down, Jade licked up my thighs until she reached my cock, then she the rest of the night, so as she sucked my cock she pushed back taking Carlo’s full length inside her Jade gasped as his thick long cock slipped

3am 3some pt.1

first-time sexybeast23 2018-09-20

I was half asl**p with a rock hard cock. My girlfriend stumbled to the bed and whispered in my ear "I want to have a 3some and I have someone here, now". I quickly woke up and took a quick peek. My girlfriend was rubbing my hard cock as she convinced me into the 3some. Our new friend entered the room and I could already see her hard nipples through her top. Her and my Girlfriend started to make out and slowly move to the bed. The gently took off their dresses revealing two moist panties. I'm just watching and rubbing my hard cock My Girlfriend looks over at me and comes over and pushes me to the bed...

little sls chapter three before prom

first-time linmarris 2018-09-20

Every girl he fucked he said the words ‘I’m in love with halina, I want to spend every second with her, we will fuck on prom night and I will never fuck another girl besides her.’ Bitches wanted his dick so bad they accepted ‘just sex that ended in two weeks.’ His phone did not stop beeping. ‘I just giggled and told him I warned you I would make you cum in your pants.’ He stormed off screaming I’m going to fuck some girl with a ponytail.' I loved how much fun we were having brutalizing each other. You didn’t touch my pussy, you didn’t touch my nipples, you stuck your little bent dick in my dry hole and pumped me the way a man in a cow pasture fucks his goat.