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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Lovely Looking Leah Learns Love #3

first-time petdyke 2018-09-20

Warm weekend turns burning hot for Leah's cute ballet bums Leah feels his hands grab her bums and part her love lips, his breath at her clit. Pete pokes her a bit longer in order to get Leah close to coming on his finger. Pete puts his hot hands to work and turn her pink bums into a deeper hue on view. Soon Pete is satisfied by the heat her hot bums radiate and how wet her slit is. Up again, I tell her to hold her tiptoe position, giving her love lips a long lap. It obviously hurts, but Leah loves the heat the cat gives her pussy, turning it red. Leah's love lessons last all long weekend

Little Arab Buttercup Ch. 01

first-time LorenzoAbajos 2018-09-20

I started making a schedule of the times she appeared in the bazaar, how long she stayed and which direction she traveled when her group moved away. After taking all afternoon to finally decide she lived in this large residence I returned to the consulate to mull over what I knew and what I desired. Finally, I took the plunge and started making stealthy forays into the city streets after darkness fell, moving quickly and with purpose to her domicile. While she still held my cock in her little hand I began kissing my way down her belly. Finally she had to release me, but a smile came to her as I moved my mouth to the little clit peeking out of its hood.

A First!!

first-time Wuffy1 2018-09-20

With all "pretending" to watch the vid, I slid my hand under her black short nighty and slid the side of my hand along her pussy crack.I moved it slowly as she got Very wet and started to gyrate her ass on the couch. The other guy smiled at me and gave the thumbs up. With her foot on my knee I put 3 fingers in her dripping pussy and one up her ass. With all of us pumping faster and faster I got up and slide my hardon into her ass holding her stockinged ankle hi in the air. I fucked her ass Harder and we all moved in unison, pumping, grunting and moaning.

The First Time

first-time McLovin60 2018-09-20

A smile appears across her face, one hand holding the base of my cock with the other on my hip as she tenderly breathes on my penis, then runs her incredible tongue up and down my shaft. I stick my tongue back into her inner lips, making a lapping motion as I flick her clit with my thumb, her hands pulling my head into her as she orgasms, her body shaking and her pussy quivering against my mouth. I run my tongue from her heel and down her calf to her knee, tasting her sweet skin as I put her leg over my shoulder, pulling her thigh into my stomach and chest with both hands, picking up speed, looking into her diamond eyes.

Meeting my Master

first-time 2018-09-20

He asked if I wanted to be his slave and after a few minutes I finally told him yes. He usually had me thinking of things by the time I got off the computer by the end of the night and I couldn't wait to meet him in person. I think he was trying to read me, I guess he liked what he read because he reached up, putting his hand in my hair and pulled me to him as he leaned down for a kiss. He told me to control myself; I took deep breaths, trying not to think of what he was doing to me.

Enjoying a Big Ass in NYC

first-time buzzthe 2018-09-20

She was still wearing the sweatpants, so I started rubbing her thighs and sticking my hands on her nice big butt cheeks outside of the pants. I told her, "This is very erotic and my cock is rock hard." Then I went back to my knees with her hanging pussy lips, her wetness, right in my face. "I do not care, please fuck me now." So I got up from my knees and I grabbed my cock and I rubbed it on the slightly open hole of her pussy, wanted to get my cock more wet. As I got the head in, she said, "This feels so good and you are so warm inside." I gradually, with each thrust, stuck more of my cock inside her and her moaning started to get more regular.

seduced by friends mother

first-time bayerboy 2018-09-20

I got my first experiance at 16, getting seduced by my best friends mother who was 55! On many occasions his mother would come into the bathroom to get ready to go out downtown and it was on one occasion she came in only wearing her dressing gown! I was in the bath and it was very difficult not to keep looking in the mirror only to catch a glimpse of her open gown! She was standing still with her back to me when she turned round, looking down into the bath tub only to see i had got a hard-on, making a comment asking if i was ok! There was her gown open to her waist, exsposing her big breast sitting cupped in her bra, i was speachless!

Masturbation friendly workplace

first-time trevor100a 2018-09-20

We had been enjoying a masturbation break every shift for 2 weeks before the boss realized we were in his porn collection. He said he knew we were masturbating during work because he found obvious stains in one of his magazines many napkins we had ejaculated into in the trashcan. He admitted doing it a lot himself growing up and said that it was common for boys our age to masturbate each other too. He told us that as long as we got our work done and kept masturbating he wouldn't tell on us. By then my friend had a replacement masturbation buddy to work and they both produced a lot for their boss.

i fuck a 23yr babe

first-time brownguy94 2018-09-20

He was cool with it, the 2 bros staying up all night with tv and some beer, then my homie got a text my girl saying that "if its okay for me to sl**p with her?" Now i seen his reaction and he told me, i accepted the offer and later on i went to the basement to sl**p in my homie room. There she was waiting for me, "had fun?" she said, "yeah, we were just talking and watching tv." We got ourselfs comfortable and man it was hot in that room....REALLY it was hot because my homie turn on the heater and shit was making me sweat. i heard lots of moaning, i kiss her because i dont want my homie to hear us fucking in his bed.

Confessions #5: Nice niece Nunia -1

first-time petdyke 2018-09-20

Soon I get some secret chances to peek or hear her moan in masturbation longing for her love Nunia loves to dance all nights long - finally can completely outlive her African roots! No obligations: you just take a nap when you feel like, tasty teen Nunia loves her fresh freedom I watch her shower and shave her tasty tiny twat at least ten times at erotic evenings I only met her that one time, when I tried my best to help sooth the pain of my nice niece I know one other way to help her ease her pain in the company of that teen more discretely Nunia slowly feels a bit better with my helping hands - as well some water with pain-killers

Cheating wife and her lover discuss her cuckold

first-time magas911 2018-09-20

I thought of the words Mr. Hamilton said, that my husband was now my cuckold and I was sexually liberated. "During that time my Jeffery worked part time in a super market, plus going to his classes, studying and all of the work that Mr. Hamilton gave him, my Jeffery was often too tired to even think of sex and that's the way I wanted it. Mr. Hamilton smiled and said, "Well Sharon, it looks like your cuckold really wants to be a cuckold but we are going to have to make sure. "Then Mr. Hamilton said, "Sharon, you may tell him when to swallow." "I lifted my mouth up from my cuckold's and there was a long string of semen from my lip to my cuckold's lip.

Growing up in the south in the seventies

first-time 2018-09-20

Mom pulled my cock from her lips and squatted over my face for us to 69 together while dad fucked my butthole When my grandparents showed up it was about 7:30 and mom had finished dinner and was putting the finishing touches on herself when the doorbell rang, I jumped up from the tv and ran to answer the door, I noticed that my Gramps had a boner and granny was running it, they broke their embrace and gave me hugs like usual but when Granny kissed me she slipped me some tongue and squeezed my ass cheeks and said we are gonna have fun tonight, and went up to my room with mom.

Girlfriends Mother hmd

first-time lochip 2018-09-20

First let me tell you a little about her, we will call her Cathy in this story, cathy is a about 5'8 and maybe 120 pounds around 45. But the thing that sealed the deal was when she bent over and i caught a glimpse of that wonderful ass sticking straight up at me when she put the chicken in the oven. She once had caught me naked with her daughter and didnt approve of it at all so i knew this time wouldnt be any better. she undid her dress straps on the shoulders and told me to do whatever i wanted for the next ocuple of minutes since my girlfriend would be home soon.


first-time norstorm 2018-09-20

Later, when her brother walked into the kitchen, where she already was eating breakfast, he seemed much more relaxed than after the usual shouting through the bathroom door one of them did every day. Also, Mark would surely like a blowjob, even though he was just joking, and wasn't the whole point of this to try to please people instead of getting her own way? Two teachers gave her encouraging looks after their classes and one even seemed surprised, but even the apathy most of them displayed was a lot better than the annoyed faces she'd usually have in front of her. After school ended they walked home together talking about nothing until they split up in the usual street corner.

s****rs boyfriend.

first-time blacklj 2018-09-20

ahhhhh baby" I felt his huge hot load shoot inside me this sent me over the edge I was shaking and twitching with pleasure as he was squeezing the last drops into me he pulled out and said " hahaha watch this" he showed me that he had been recording it the whole time and in front of me while my hands where still tied I seen him send the video to my s****r with a text saying "yes he had been the one wearing your panties" once again my hart snack I couldn't believe what I had just done I said "please untie me now dean" he un tied me and said "don't worry slut I will send you the video" I ran to my room and cried for about an hour.

Taking the Girl

first-time Daddy_Jack 2018-09-20

Slowly I begin to remove your dress, pulling it down over your shoulders, but letting it hang on your upper arm, suspended, as my fingers dance below your throat at the top of your beautiful white breasts. My fingers continue to caress the other thigh while my wet lips offer kiss after kiss, moving up toward your gushing cunt. Your taste is divine as I suck on your clit, running it up into my mouth between my lips, while I slide two fingers inside you. Suddenly I stop moving, and you feel my entire body shiver, and my cock gets even harder and hotter, as I experience my first orgasm without ejaculating.

New Life New City

first-time thekingofspain 2018-09-20

I was sharing a rented flat with my friend Karen and while we started our adventure in London things were good, we partied hard and had a lot of fun. Mark was immediately snapping away and telling her how great she looked. Mark asked if I was ok and said it was fine if I wanted to pull out. I felt self conscious of my boyish frame next to Karen but Mark seemed even more please and was encouraging me to pose while he snapped away. Karen held my arm and said "look I need this. Karen and Mark walked to a seating area and he sat down, she knelt between his legs and started to unzip his trousers.

What Does Wendy Desire?

first-time terravista 2018-09-20

"We need to see more of each other Wendy," he said and deliberately dropped his gaze to run over her body, before returning to look her directly in the eye. She had felt herself react to Conway's touch in the same manner she had reacted to Dan. She took a deep breath and pretended to sleep, while her thoughts drifted back to the East, to a time of her life that she regretted and thought marriage would ensure was never repeated. It was at this point, 19 years old, working, dating Martin and allowing Dan to grope her, that Wendy and her mother accompanied him to the wedding of his nephew. When Dan mentioned her mother was worn out and he was taking her home, Wendy said she would get a ride later.

A Vivid Unreal Dream

first-time fotisampini 2018-09-19

Stephanie chuckled, leaned down and whispered in my ear, "Yum, yum, what a good appetizer before dinner." I looked back at her. A little later I overheard Stephanie tell her mother, Liana, that she had forgotten something back at their house and wanted to go get it. I heard her catch her breath a little, then let it out slowly as my fingers reached their target and I began to slowly rub them across her mound and outer lips. When her trembling subsided a little and there was no more juice to lick up, I raised my head and smiled at her, "Now that was a good appetizer."

First Time Trying Cock

first-time 2018-09-19

As I was doing this I could see a little bit of pre-cum starting to come out and he said "Lick it off" not really thinking too much at the time I slowly got my face closer to his hard cock and licked the pre-cum off and I really liked the taste then I thought what was she doing so I opened my mouth again and started to suck on his cock and I really enjoyed the feeling of it inside my mouth.

A Million Dollar Deal Ch. 01

first-time Icingsugar 2018-09-19

The bathroom was only five short steps away, but it seemed like an eternity for the young girl. Now she felt a warm glow spread like hot water from her pussy and down to her knees, through her spine, all inside her belly and up to her breasts. Two years ago, when Katie had turned 18, Claire and two more of her friends, Rebecca and Juliette from her soccer team, had taken her shopping in an adult store filled with everything from bondage gear to sexy lingerie. "Yeah, me too," said the woman, a tall, slender girl in Katie's age. The one called Dennis, the same man that had greeted Katie in the door, took a short break, mulling something over in his head.

'Yes, Officer'

first-time halinaplays 2018-09-19

Mike knew he made me into a horny little shy girl that still felt stuck in klndergarten. I told him 'Yes,officer.' He rubbed my pussy through my shorts guaranteeing I had one hell of a wet cum covered crotch. He said 'I hate being married.' I laughed at him and said 'Mike, the whole town knows you suck at marriage.' Then he said 'If you were my girl you would be in my bed every fucking night.' I told him my asshole boyfriend 'needed space.' Mike said 'He has no clue how easy it is for the hot chick at the dry cleaners to meet men.' I told him 'We should keep that as our little secret.'

Lady on a Train

first-time colejj 2018-09-19

I nodded and smiled at her which of course is not done in subway cars but I am from Texas so that part of me was never going away. I was ready for the curve that morning and held steady through it but the lady gave me a quick look as if making sure I was OK. Thursday morning I had a couple of doughnuts for her, a big smile and said, “Good morning, I hope you like the chocolate covered ones.” By then we were on the stairs going up and she suddenly turned to me and kissed me hard on the lips, then continued her tirade until we were seated at a nice Italian restaurant around the corner of my building that I did not know was there.

Singapore Bliss

first-time desiringone 2018-09-19

I thought going to a great Asian spa would bring me some zen. He said he was finishing up another client and asked me to wait in a room off the lobby. He said the bars were for massages where he stepped on the client's back. As he oiled my stomach, his hands were continuously touching my hard dick. I quickly looked down to realize it was not warm oil, but his mouth. Yet, "It was a man's dick!" "I cannot do that." His sucking felt so good and I didn't want him to stop. After a bit, I knew I was going to cum so I pulled my dick away. As he said "I'm going to cum", I moved my head.