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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

F Machine Pro Review

first-time 2018-09-19

The whole process was very high in organisation and the quality of customer service was phenomenal: the machine arrives in a concealed and anonymous metal chest with locking devices for maximum security, making the use very discrete and more of a naughty pleasurable secret. When the machine arrived it came with instructions as it required very basic and very easy steps to putting it together although it is nearly complete so it takes only few minutes to put together.: I’m not the best at DIY but I managed so definitely easy! After the assembly I laid on the floor and I placed my hips so only few centimetres can enter at a time so I could play with the remote and allow my body to feel the power and motion of the machine.

Adult Cinema

first-time 2018-09-19

Jill looked at me and said you are just like them a real pervert and pulled her skirt right up pulled her pants down handed to the guy beside her and said would my husband want you to have them then asked if he liked what he saw on the screen or here beside him best and sat with er legs wide open, he told her no contest as he could smell her like she was on heat with that she got up and said lets go you have had your fun with her tits still hanging out she turned round and let everyone there get a good look at her as we past the guy i saw he put his hand right up Jills skirt and then shot his load it went all over the place on jills skirt and her legs she seemed to get a fright but hardly moved while he seemed to gush for ages.

Air Con

first-time dand909 2018-09-19

I grab another of his tools and hold it to the inside of my thigh, feeling the cool metal giving me small, gentle thrills. I grab her knees with my sweaty hands and run my tongue from her knee, up her inner thigh to her pussy and she moans with pleasure. I grab his hair with both hands after he’s run his lips and tongue up each of my thighs and press his mouth to the gusset of my wet panties. I slip off the edge of the desk and grab his big, hard cock with my wet hand, rubbing it so he moans loudly, teasing his head with my thumb.

My first online date

first-time jonsampson 2018-09-19

Erin came over to me and she rubbed my crotch and she said “Wow, I bet you have a big hard cock hiding in your jeans” I was so turned on by that. Then I reached up to her thongs and with my left and right hand I grabbed each side of her thong by her waist and she lifted her big round sexy ass off of the bed so that I could remove her thong. Erin opened up her legs wide, I looked down and I could see her swollen pussy lips wide open like butter fly wings; then a big white creamy glob of sperm slowly dripped out and dropped in the water.


first-time maturemancock 2018-09-19

Hubby and I had been married for just four months when we both said we needed a night out on the town, he used to go out with his mates at least twice a week when he was single, and I went out probably once a fortnight. As we got ready to go out it was like the old days, hubby went out half hour before me and I was a little disappointed that we hadn’t had sex, as one of the reason we were so compatible was the fact that he is so sexual driven he needs it at least once a day if not twice, and I’m similar, but every other day is good enough for me.

My exs s****r

first-time loulou21 2018-09-19

This is a real story about a night out after me and my ex had broke up we remained friends but I found out this night my ex wasn't the only one that was interested. It started like any other night out drinks were going down well and every one was having a good time. Me and my ex were dancing away and things were getting heated, she went off to the bar to get a few drinks and I noticed she was chatting to a few of our old friends so I just carried on dancing. Leave your comments and this my first time so please don't be to harsh xx

Oh Baby, Baby

first-time themermaiden 2018-09-19

She shook her head, "No. My last boyfriend...he, um.." her eyes closed as she fought to find the words, "He fingered me a few times." She had to rest her free hand on the counter to hold herself up as he drew his finger out of her and took her juices up to her clit, using them to rub around it in tight little circles. "Oh, baby," he breathed out and nodded his head, "Keep doing that, rub up and down, yes that's it..." He swallowed hard as her soft fingers brushed the edge of the tip, "Lick it or kiss it," he urged her on, and with some hesitation, Angela leaned down and touched the tip of his hard cock with her tongue.

Elvis Swims!

first-time Decayed Angel 2018-09-19

Before sitting on the lounge chair near the pool Martina looked around. Leaning back in the chair, she opened her book and began to read, leaving her legs spread wide, straddling both sides of the lounge. Martina couldn't move, she was completely hypnotized by the swimming man, staring at him as he climbed out of the pool, tossed back his long black hair and then stared at her with those beautiful, blue eyes. "Hello pretty lady," the man said in that deep, husky voice Martina had heard so many times as she was growing up. She felt him push back the loose flesh of her thighs, and she opened her legs, feeling his sideburns tickle her skin.

My new CD bitch.

first-time 2018-09-19

She is a very hot Cross-Dressing boy, her fascination with the feminine part of her is new… it was for a time my pleasure exploring with her this new “side” of her… the story is on going – with three chapters written so far… I will post more… and if she decides to continue this explorations, there may be more stories… On the way up to the room, I told him to give me his phone. I turned it off - I did not want any interruptions, and bitches his age are too fucking distracted... I tell him to remove his clothes where he stood. I tell him to go into the bathroom, there are instructions and an outfit I want him to wear – he has 45 minutes to get cleaned up, cleaned out, and ready. I tell her to go to the window, and pose.

A true story about my ex-wife swinging with friend

first-time jager_82 2018-09-19

Shane informs me that Terri’s boyfriend is leaving for awhile, and they have decided that Terri will spend some time with us, since they are both interested in the swinging scene. Then he looks at Terri, and asks, “Do you want to?” She nods, and watches as he pulls his long dick out of my pussy. I watch Shane’s cock penetrating Terri’s pussy over and over, moving in and out in that endless intimate caress. Terri tosses her head back and forth on the pillow, her first taste of Shane’s cock too much for her. We rearrange ourselves, and I watch Terri sink onto Shane’s dick slowly, taking his length inside of her hot wet cunt.

Lost clothes III

first-time fengunn 2018-09-19

He got me so close so many times, he finally went to long and my legs started shaking and my breathing quickened, finally after what feels like an hour, not really knowing how long he was doing it, I shook all over, my gut tightened and I exploded. After we turned the corner he reached over and rubbed my leg," sorry about that " he said," but I had to make your mom believe I was going to punish you with hard work." When we pulled on to his property he said we have a wonderful week ahead of us, what do you want to do first.

Never say never!

first-time adel5000 2018-09-19

started to look for ways to make our evening more exciting and get me ready quicker We started to watch porn early in the evening and after couple of movies I I always loved feeling his huge cock pressing against my head and neck, casually asked him if he liked anal sex and his cock twitched and throbbed against my I asked him if he had anal sex before and he said many times so we spent the evening Since then we start watching mostly anal porn before sex and I finally asked him if he That night he started by liking my asshole, I felt bit tense at first but then I relaxed and

Nuru massage (first time)

first-time 2018-09-19

She then slowly pulled me towards the bath where sucked me and rubbed my lower body for around 20 minutes-the frustration I felt about trying to hold back my cum from bursting all over her chubby little face. She then lowered herself on to me and slid around all over sending mini orgasms all around my body however I could not take the temptation any longer I was become so desperate to cum, I gently turn over and tried to slide my dick into her pussy but was unsuccessful so knew what I wanted but kept torturing me by moving my penis head away- just at the moment I thought my dick couldn’t take her stroking which was becoming more and more violent- I could feel I was about to explode.

Confessions #1: Karie as teen

first-time petdyke 2018-09-19

Karie tells me about her luxury as a smart and curious young teen to have had those sexy sessions Katie gets a steady boyfriend - her pervert psych wants to know exactly how hot and far she got Katie tells me more - after my questions - yes indeed, she also tried to taste pretty pussies! Katie has hot hopes to eat some pretty pussy finally - she is sure girls are best at it, isn't it? Katie starts her first ever very sexy confession Katie adds to my remark that it sounds normal to me: "I mean he did ask very personal questions" Katie adds: "my shrink asked me a lot about where I touched him - yes I performed oral sex"


first-time av8r1998 2018-09-19

In high school she dated a close friend of mine for several years, but it was well known that she had a "thing" for me. "I know what you want," she said, and before I knew what was happening she unzipped and unbuttoned my jeans, squatted down and took my entire cock in her mouth. She came up for air and licked my balls clean, then resumed working my cock over with her mouth and tongue. The first shot was powerful, but as soon as Desiree felt my cum hit her throat she changed pace, taking long slow strokes, milking my cock with her mouth and tongue. I started fucking her hard, feeling my own orgasm building again.


The Bet

first-time pleasureseeker420 2018-09-19

The hand that had turned her cheek had slowly slid down her neck, over her shoulder, down her arm and settled on her hip. I brought my other hand up to move the other shoulder strap and pulled the teddy down to the point where her hips stopped my progress. I continued to kiss down her neck and onto her shoulder as my hands began exploring that of her body that was now exposed. I kissed and licked my way to the edge of her teddy and pulled it off her hips with a swift motion. "Ooh, who's excited!?", she said coyly as her thumb rubbed the pre-cum over the head of my dick.

Letting out my secret

first-time stormietv 2018-09-19

Of course I still keep my girl clothes, heels, wigs, make up, and lingerie stored nearby for that spur of the moment event that I might find the time to do a little dress up. I then asked, “do you think it would turn you on seeing me dressed as a girl?” that’s when she told me that she was sometimes attracted to seeing a guy in drag that there was just something about it that turned her on. I told her I’m not very good with makeup and that’s when she offered to help me next time I dressed. I told her, “You want to see what dressing like a girl does to me?” I then began to suck on the dildo pretending it to be a real cock.

Ally's Blowjob

first-time str8guy1 2018-09-19

She grabbed my dick in her right hand, still straddling me on the couch as I lay flat, and just when I thought she was gonna start jacking me off, the unexpected happened. She started pumping away, and even though she had never sucked anyone before, it felt great, much better than our first encounter with the hand job. I slid my hand down Ally's back, under her panties, over her cheeks, brushed against her butt hole, and slid two fingers into her tight, wet, hairy snatch. As she let out a soft moan of pleasure, my cock began to slowly rise again, its head brushing against her butt crack as my dick became erect.

My wife turns hot, how it all started

first-time 2018-09-19

I expressed to someone my desire to have my wife flash her body inside a truck, and take pics from the outside, I just thought it would be sexy. I said I would have to find a way, so we started taking drives on the highway and flashing drivers. The trucker and I set up a meet point at a local truck stop where we would meet by accident and take it from there. He walked over and I told him we wanted a truck to take some pics in, acting as if we were just meeting and had never talked. The next day I went to CVS and bought a 3 pack of rubbers and put them in the glove box of her car in the garage when I got home.

ProfNigma Stories #1 iCarly: One Night Part 2

first-time FrankSinner 2018-09-19

if you want." Sam laughed, but didn't hate this idea and began making out with Carly, slowly lowering their faces onto Freddy's cock, each licking and sucking on their side. With his cock in her mouth, her hands, like Sam's had been, in the hair of the person performing oral sex on her, Carly felt that this was indeed a perfect moment. Carly and Sam walked out easily as if it were a regular bathroom break, but on the way out Freddie got cornered by Principal Franklin about joining the upcoming Academic Bowl, and he watched in distress as the two loves of his life went into the girls' bathroom together.

My Son’s Secret Desire – Samantha

first-time mooremike 2018-09-19

Tony looked at his mom sucking his cock. "So Tony, now that I have taken care of that hard on you developed, would you please tell me how things are going with Samantha?" She said as she kissed his neck "Now get down there and lick my pussy and then fuck me like I taught you!" She said with a giggle His hand held Samantha's hip as they French kissed and it felt so sexy that his cock stiffened. Tony found that magic spot his mom showed him and he rubbed it while licking and sucking her clit. Tony slowly started fucking her and she looked at him and reached to stroke his head.

The Schoolteacher Requires Some Help!

first-time easyballs 2018-09-19

The school holidays were a bummer, up until then I had mowed the lawn without a distraction, but for the past few times 'Julie' had taunted me and my throbbing hard on by laying around with her ample tits and tight assed pussy just hidden from view to the point it was becoming a major distraction. Her mouth slid up and down on my pre-cum and ass juice covered cock, cleaning me off like a good little slut, the slut I had made her. Julie then laid down on her back and used her hand to pull my cock back towards her mouth making me straddle her head.

Suzie's Lessons Ch. 06

first-time BlewWater69 2018-09-19

Janie told Suzie, "When I looked back at Andy's face, he was studying me as if for a reaction. Janie described to Suzie how she loved the feel of it in her hand; how it throbbed and jerked when she played with it; how Andy was groaning and moaning as she quickened the pace. Suzie's mother agreed to give her the car, so she was there to pick up Janie at her house in 30 minutes. Janie said, "Suzie, I really think I like Andy. Mary spotted Gail, a girl she knew from math, and stopped to talk with her and her boyfriend Cal. Janie and Suzie moved into the family room. Another guy Suzie barely knew walked up and said to Bart, "You should leave her alone."

My First And Second Time

first-time poopydoo00 2018-09-19

Like everybody else, we left the movie early and I sped to my house on my bike, she was clutching me extra hard, kissing my neck, and whispering into my ear how much she wants me inside her, and how good it felt when I made her cum at the theater. I kissed her hard, slowly moving myself in, about halfway in, I heard her moan really loudly."Baby, I know this sounds bad, but I'm getting really close to cumming." She said. I never said anything about my arms." I grabbed her beautiful ass cheeks and lifted her up part of the way and pulled her back down, hard, she and I both let out a huge moan, after doing that repeatedly for about five minutes, I felt another orgasm building.