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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Tale of Ugly and Christmas

first-time Bazzza 2018-09-19

By the time Mark and Chrissy's first child Joanna was born, Benny's first marriage was already on the rocks. When Joanna, now known to Benny as Ugly hit her teens, Mark began to move around the world with the oil company he worked for. Benny felt sorry for her, for he knew that Joanna was a girl who loved affection, boarding school can sometimes be a cold and calculating place. In early December 2003, Mark and Chrissy e-mailed Benny asking if he could put Joanna up over Christmas. Benny saw little of Joanna for the first few days as she spent most of her time out catching up with old friends.

Finally, My First Time

first-time panewhitebread 2018-09-19

As I stimulated it with my firm, gentle touches Joy began to make light mewling noises, transmitting her pleasure at the stimulation she was receiving and I slid my hand into the deep V neckline of her Danskin wraparound top which tied around the waist, and beneath the cloth of the satiny bra I encountered below. My hand rhythmically moved up and down my shaft, increasing in speed and firmness with each movement, and my excitement continued to build, reliving the look, feel and taste of Joy's stunning body that was so fresh in my memory. As I enjoyed Joy's breasts I reached one hand between her stocking clad legs to where her dress began, and slid it back up slowly over her firm inner thigh, seeking access to her hidden treasures, discovering that she was covered from waist to toes by her delicately patterned pantyhose.

The Neighborly Thing To Do

first-time oceanwave97 2018-09-19

I couldn't get the image of Janie's tight little ass scampering away from me in her tennis outfit out of my head. Instead Janie again stood right between the TV and I as she abruptly lifted her shirt over her head, exposing a white sports bra holding her perky little tits. "Mark, you like to watch doggy style..." Janie proceeded to stand my cock against my stomach and she sat on me, her back facing me, wedging my dick between her ass and my stomach. "Janie," as I flipped her naked body around to face me, "I want you to suck me." I sat on the edge of the hot tub.

What I Did Ch. 02

first-time HardTimmy 2018-09-19

She crawled closer to me so her face was only inches from mine and said in a seductive voice, "why do you think I wanted to meet in the park?" As she said this she kissed me square on the lips and forcing her tongue into my mouth. "Yeah you did, but I didn't expect your first time having your ass licked was going to be that good." A mixture of the incredible feeling and the sight of my girlfriends little sister's face impaled on my cock had me so worked up. I didn't think she'd stop, I was guessing she'd want me to cum in her mouth the first time. When I had finished cumming, Courtney carefully slid her mouth off my cock and looked at me.

Their First Time

first-time fotisampini 2018-09-19

“Yeah,” he said, “the truck's right out front.” He grabbed her bag, wrapped his arm around her waist, and headed for the door. “Oh baby,” he said, lifting up a little to pull her shirt off. “God, baby, you better stop or I’m gonna cum,” he said grabbing her hand and pulling her towards him. God, you feel so good,” she said as she started moving her hips. “Oh God, I’m gonna cum,” he said, trying to pull out. “No, cum inside me,” she said, wrapping her arms around him and pulling him down to kiss her. Fill me with your hot cum.” She started milking his cock with her pussy. “Oh God, oh God, I’m gonna cum again,” she said turning her face.

Swing Chronicles Ch. 05: Josh and Sharon

first-time LuckyGuy96 2018-09-19

Using my wider search criteria, I hit a bunch of ads for couples, but basically everybody was bi, or was looking for a woman (how did their ad end up in my search anyways?!), or was just not right, until I found the ad for Josh and Sharon. Like the first time I'd met Don and Barb, or maybe even when I started getting into the swinging lifestyle in the first place, I was excited to get back to the hotel everyday to see if they sent me a message. Sharon: Years ago we decided to try and be good citizens, so when we meet someone we like, we try and show them the same kindness and civility that we would expected ourselves!

Poolside Ride

first-time ardenlowe 2018-09-19

My eyes closed and I felt myself surrender as his hands slipped beneath my shirt and he began to caress my breasts, rolling his fingers over my rock-hard nipples. I felt myself grew weak as he gently eased my legs apart even further, and then he was there, burying his face in my smooth, bare little pussy. I felt my pussy begin to contract and furiously he began to work his tongue inside me, sliding one thick finger into my wet cunt. I could taste my pussy juice and his cum on his dick as I sucked him dry, and as I began to work my tongue around the tiny hole at top, and when I pumped his cock enthusiastically, I was rewarded by a blast of warm cum!

My First Lover, Ten Pt. 03

first-time Loving50 2018-09-19

His free hand moved to grope my breasts while his tongue followed in silent obedience. His hand moved to kneed the other tit, readying it for his mouth to play with next. While his mouth moved over, under, between and mashed up against my ample boobs, I could feel his cock hard and at the ready against my thighs. His mouth moved down my body, leaving a wet trail with his tongue. Kissing the sticky insides of my thighs, to licking the creases between my legs and torso, his mouth continued it's exploration. His hand kneaded a round boob as he licked my ear and whispered, "I want to make love to you.

My Stepdaughter and I

first-time HankWilliams1956 2018-09-19

When I finally stopped cumming, Joanne looked up at me and sucked a bit more trying to get all of my cum from my balls, then with a popping sound as she let my cock head slide out of her mouth, she showed me all the cum in her mouth then she swallowed it and showed me that she had it all swallowed, then she stood and sat on the edge of the bench in the dressing room, "Please eat me now Sammy."

Fun With Craigslist

first-time 2018-09-19

particular, my husband wanted to see me meet, seduce, He asked why my husband wanted this – I told him I He asked why my husband wanted to husband before and he said that he really didn't care. He was very honest – he wanted to know what that night was going to be like, and he wanted to know now. When we broke I said yes, that we couldn't kiss. details of this fantasy that I should know?' I asked. 'Then this is my fantasy!' he said, and I kissed him. you need a young man,' he teased as he placed his still 'And this is my fantasy, girl,' he said, 'Ask me to cum a time to make my husband's fantasy come true.

A young mans obsession with me

first-time bobbyblue53 2018-09-19

Over the next couple of weeks he was always coming over to ask me questions and each time he would ether touch my hand or tap me on the shoulder to get my attention then one day while I was in the store room at the photocopier he came in said hello then as he pass me I felt his hand on my side as he press his crutch into me I could feel his manhood, As I got into the shower he followed me in and fucked me in the shower Oh my god the sex was amazing with him I can’t get enough of this young man I want to make sure we can carry on having sex when we get back home I’m not going to tell my husband as he will not understand my desire to keep to myself,

My Renaissance Ch. 08

first-time Modern_Citizen 2018-09-19

One day, as we were both cooling off after a run where I was following her, watching her ass to pass the time, we got to talking. "I noticed that you like to run behind me a lot," Sharon commented, giving me a sideways glance and looking me up and down. I inserted my middle finger inside her pussy, first a little bit, then all the way, causing her to gasp then moan with pleasure. My cock looked like a fucking telephone pole next to her tiny hips and pussy. She had wrapped her hands and legs around me as best she could and pulled me tight as I thrust deep inside her pussy, grunting loudly as I fucked her hard.

Sex With A Ditched Gal

first-time 2018-09-19

Once, she toppled out of my hands and she suddenly clung to my body circling her hands around my neck as if to save herself from drowning (though no one could drown in that swimming pool as it had waist-deep water only).In the melee apparently created by her purposely, she pressed her breasts hard to my chest, mouth brushed my lips and her pussy area pressed to my crotch. No sooner my words came out than my mouth covered her right breast and my right hand went between her thighs holding her pussy for support of her body. I knew the sexual desire has gone too much into her head and she just won’t listen to me and kept my cock inside her mouth sucking.

Finish What You Started

first-time sjt2424 2018-09-19

She starts kissing my stomach while still pulling on my cock - my cock feels like its getting harder if that's even possible and I know she's about to take my dick in her mouth. I'm not sure why she hadn't taken my dick in her mouth but all I know is I'm back kissing her and feeling like I just got robbed. My face is completely covered in her pussy juice at this point and I'd guess I've been down here for at least 10 minutes so its time to let her (hopefully) finish the job she started earlier.

Sexual Chemistry

first-time deepemerald 2018-09-19

I lay down on my back and got a brief glimpse of his cunt juice covered cock, standing proud from his hips, before he pulled up my legs on his shoulders and slammed into my wet cunt again. Again I felt a tingly sensation through my body and my cunt started contracting around Mr. Hauser's big meat, even tighter than before. Mr. Leonard licked my cunt a couple of times until my juices started dripping and then he shoved his cock inside me with one hard thrust. "Did you like having your ass fucked?" Mr. Leonard asked me as Mr. Hauser disappeared for a short while.

Our First Time

first-time AhuvAdonai 2018-09-19

Your just right for me," Paul whispered as he came back up to my face level and started sucking on my ear lobe. He flashed me a quick grin and kissed me on the lips once more as he began licking the area around my left nipple as he continued his actions against my right one with his hand and rubbing my scalp with his right hand. "If its all right with you, I'll touch you there later," he said, his hand coming off my breast as he started to suck on my nipple. "Baby, if you need to know, I feel like I'm going to bust out of my gi," he whispered huskily as he moved off my lower body.

Elaines Story part 1

first-time elaine2812 2018-09-19

He’d heard the door open and knew his mum was home. Opening the living room door Billy saw his mum laying back on the couch. Billy undid the other buttons and pushed his mums blouse open. Squeezing gently Billy enjoyed the sight of his mums body. Billy gasped a little as he felt the warmth of his mums hand on his cock. Slowly pushing her skirt up to her waist Billy saw Elaine’s panties they were white , sensible mummy type panties. Billy got between his mums legs a slid his cock into her cunt, slowly all the way in. Billy pulled out , he was still cumming a little and a few drops of spunk shot onto Elaine’s cunt hair.

From Seat Mates To Sex Mates

first-time 2018-09-18

” Priya pointed a finger at Hamida asking her to wait and started drinking water. Hamida for the first time noticed something manly in her, although she knew Priya was a tomboy but today she was amazed to see her body. Hamida was startled and couldn’t really understand what was that about or atleast she hoped her seat mate didn’t read her thoughts over her face. The droplets of sweat on the boobs, waist, hands and legs of Priya was getting Hamida crazy. Hamida soon felt uncomfortable in the saree and asked Priya to accompany her to the rest room so she can fix it. Priya then inserted her hand down inside the saree and started searching the love hole.

After School Dick-tention

first-time SlaveX 2018-09-18

All of a sudden, I felt her right hand slide up to the back of my head, and push my face down onto my desk, pinning me there. Her hand pushed my face into her crotch and I began to kiss and lick at her cock, through her pantyhose. Tell me how big my Cock is...” She said coyly, as she handed me down the ruler. She brought a hand up to her mouth and licked her palm, before returning it to her hard cock and slowly stroked it. "Wait...” I said and tried to turn to face her, with her left hand she grabbed the back of my neck, and pressed my cheek into the blackboard.

Virgin Guy's First (What If) Ch. 01

first-time lex8508 2018-09-18

To put it simply, even only looking at her face, I knew this woman was way beyond my league, not that I was actually thinking about trying to ask her out or anything, it was jus the automatic guy thought I guess.. You owe me for all the shit I bought you and seeing you skate around with so much confidence and hearing all the women talking about how sexy and tall you are and how they'd love to suck your cock while you skated and then have you fuck them till they can't stand has my little kitty (she said little kitty with that same innocent little girl voice as big bwother) absolutely drenched and dying to be stuffed..

A Bets A Bet Gay

first-time 425olds 2018-09-18

Derrick imagined Brian on his knees, stroking his dick, his snake like tongue flicking over his bulbous head, his hot mouth wrapping around his shaft. Shit, muthafucka!!" Brian screamed as Derrick crammed more and more of his finger, which felt like it was ten times bigger than it really was the rest of the way up his ass. Brian buried his face into the arm of the couch as he felt his cock throbbing hotly between his legs, jerking each time in response to Derrick's finger thrusting up his ass. "W- -what are you doing?" Brian asked in a thick raspy voice, turning his head to look over his shoulder as Derrick leaned over him and cupped his ass in his meaty hands. 

Losing My Virginity

first-time virusman 2018-09-18

As she came down to earth, she said, "It's your turn now, I think you have earned your reward." With that, she leaned forward and took the tip of my cock in her mouth, whilst stroking the shaft in one hand, and fondling my balls with the other. The feeling was amazing, like a fiery spear thrusting up through my cock deep into Jill's cunt with every thrust, whilst waves of indescribable sweetness radiated in waves throughout my body, my legs rigid and shaking with the power of my orgasm. The feel of Jill's naked body next to mine was so wonderful, her soft breasts pressed against my chest, and her wet pussy against my upper thigh.

Joanna 'JoJo' Levensque Snowed In

first-time 2018-09-18

"Want to play rock-paper-scissors to see who gets to sl**p on the floor?" James asked Paul and Fred as he closed the door of their hotel room. "I'll go first," Fred said as they got into a circle with Paul to his right, James on his left and JoJo across from him. They kept going around, Fred and James asking loaded questions they knew had a pretty good chance of making JoJo drink. "That's one hell of a snowstorm going out there, isn't it?" James asked Fred just after they'd turned the corner leading to JoJo's room and saw a tall man in a dark blue business suit walking toward them. As JoJo moved forward to pull of Paul's cock, James let his finger slip out of her ass almost all the way before following her.

Julie the Swimmer

first-time Longstretch 2018-09-18

Finally he said we were going to "do it," that he wanted me to make him cum. It may be the angle you're at, let's adjust." And for probably an hour I moved around his cock, and eventually got it comfortably fully inside my mouth, with the head at the tip of my throat. "Remember him?" Peter said, gesturing to his cock. He squealed "I'm going to cum soon Julie" and I got ready. I was excited and wanted to speed things up, so I pushed Peter onto his back and grabbed for his cock. Peter had told me that it's every male's wet dream that a beautiful girl comes up to him on the street and asks him to fuck her.