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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


first-time 2018-09-18

"What do you want to watch?" Chris asked as he thumbed through the selection of dvd's. She asked her friend and roommate of two years if he wanted to watch a video back in her bedroom, so when she inevitably fell asl**p she'd be all set. He allowed her to catch her breath and removed his hand from her wrist. She pushed his hand slightly and he knew it was O.K. He slipped his hand under the soft fabric and felt the little curls of hair. He started pumping his hand harder and she grabbed his wrist stopping the motion. He began to thrust harder and Heather went wild with pleasure. Gasping for breath she asked, "Do you want to try on top?"

A Good Friend

first-time Soma99 2018-09-18

"Well I think you're cute." I said before leaning over to give him a kiss on the cheek, but he turned towards me at the same time and our lips met, briefly, but softly and not in an unpleasant way. I looked back up at him, some saliva dangling from my mouth, and told him "some guys like to put their hand on the back of my head, but don't push too much ok?" He nodded enthusiastically. That was the only time I felt his hands press my head down at all, I don't think he meant to be aggressive but his first shot of cum filled my mouth and I wasn't able to swallow it quickly enough.


Our First Time

first-time updown 2018-09-18

My cock, already erect, is beginning to pulse with every beat of my heart, my breath short as I watch you fondle your nipples.Ever so slowly, with a saucy smile, you reach down to your white shorts, pushing them down, taking your panties with them. You move faster, I move faster, your arms moving to about my neck, my hands on your shoulders from behind and we slam together, harder and harder and harder and my cock explodes and I shoot my creamy hot cum deep into your pussy and I trigger your orgasm and both our hips tremble from the intensity of it and you collapse onto my chest, my pulsing throbbing cock still inside you and neither of us can speak.

A New Life

first-time ptsteve 2018-09-18

I must be a real pervert because I really enjoy watching another man's cock sliding in and out of my wife's mouth, pussy and ass. My wife seemed to be squirming a bit in her seat so I took the hint and turned her face to me and kissed her. Her lips opened and her tongue was swirling in my mouth, she then began to suck my tongue as we kissed and my hand went to her top to rub her breasts over her shirt. Our cocks were right in front of her face and she looked at me and said "we might as well try it once." He watched as I slowly inserted my finger in her ass and she began to fuck my finger all the while groaning.

Blackmail Blowjob..

first-time 2018-09-18

Kathy moaned as she felt and tasted it, squeezing Jeff's flowing dick tightly and making his cum spill out all over her tongue and in her mouth. Slowly, my s****r tilted her head back, letting Jeff get a good look as his cum slid along Kathy's tongue toward the back of her mouth. The startling realization that my s****r had cum while sucking my dick triggered my own orgasm, and I arched my back, driving my cock into Kathy's mouth. She jerked back until just the spurting head of my cock was between her shiny wet lips, and sucked hard, making faint little grunting noises as my thick, creamy load filled her mouth.

My First Time

first-time pcharm 2018-09-18

I didn't even know it was a sex lounge. Then when it looked too dark to go back home I was asked if I wanted to stay. I smiled, and he told me there was more then one way to use the chair I rested in. He said 'you sure you want me to show you?'. He was able to bend a knee onto another portion of the lounge, and he fit very comfortable over me. He was able to lean over me and grab the niches that hung around the arm of the lounge. It was a great time, and when he was ready to blow he got me to lift up my legs so he could come in a pussy hole in the couch.

The Beaten Trail

first-time Haydonslife 2018-09-18

I watched in silence as you laying out the rest of it and till your work was finished. I feel you smile as I kissed your face. But you froze as I stood in front of you and all I did was just stand there smiling as you drunk me in. Your kisses became hurried and hungry as your hands run across my heated body. I smiled as your hands explore my body. They stop at my boobs giving them special attention as you slowly kiss me. You give me a sad smile as you force your dick through my bearer. As you drift into sleep I kiss you lightly until you fall asleep.

Three Weeks to Lose his Virginity Ch. 01

first-time seth_perm 2018-09-18

But then, instead of having three weeks on his own, she'd asked her old friend Emma to come and stay to look after him! At last he pulled out his cock and began to masturbate, imagining that he was getting a two-girl blowjob from Emma and a pretty blonde, such as Suzy Simpson from his class. She appeared more amused than horrified as she looked up from Spencer's cock to see the blonde on screen swallow a huge penis like it was a lolly. You can come on my boobs." And with that Emma knelt in front of him and began to masturbate him properly for the first time while her left hand cupped his heavy testicles.

Taking Him Ch. 03

first-time Rede772 2018-09-18

Danny's hands were tight fists on her lap, knowing what was coming next. "Danny asked me to sleep over," he stretched and then stood up gracefully, giving me a kind smile. Sleeping in my bed holding me, the way she looked at me before my second date with Alec... "My manager said something today about how she thinks Danny is in love with me." He tilted his head back then and laughed so hard I was afraid he was going to wake up Danny. Soon his hands were helping me get to the rhythm he needed, his breath coming short and fast while I worked him and myself.

A Holiday in Kerala Ch. 2

first-time kullansg 2018-09-18

Devi, (that was her friend's name then) took a small oil container and sat behind the naked Naani. Devi then stood up, turned Naani to face her and started to anoint her neck and then her breasts, over which she lingered for some time, and abdomen. Devi further spread her cunt lips wider with her two hands and invited Naani to taste them. With Naani on all fours licking Devi's cunt, I began to fondle her huge breasts. I continued moving my fingers inside her cunt for some more time till with an animal grunt, she released my hand and lied down flat on the wide steps of the pond. Devi was close at hand watching my prick poking Naani's cunt. I pulled out my prick from Naani's cunt and inserted it into Devi's waiting hole.

The Panty Teaser

first-time LeCoach 2018-09-18

So we continued to date and every time, at the end of the evening, while parked, we would french like crazy and I would get then, when I touched her panties, she would stop me. I drove my girlfriend home after that and we necked a bit more in the driveway but she had no panties on and wouldn't let me feel her bare pussy even though I tried pretty hard. Debbie allowed her legs to move apart a bit and I got an even better feel of her brief panties. I can't tell you how many nights ended with me in the back seat of some boy's car, my legs spread way apart, only my little panties to protect me and a stiff cock rubbing me on my spot.

The First Cuckolding

first-time naughty_bi_interest 2018-09-18

It was an animated picture of a white guy on his back with a girl on all fours over his face getting penetrated by the biggest black man's cock I had ever seen. As the lift left the ground floor, my anger and rage at my husband was interrupted by the almost forgotten thought that I was about to have a strange man's cock in my pussy. My hand was still on my wet pussy lips and I gave my clitoris a little rub as I lifted my fingers to my lips to taste myself. I looked behind me to see the guy from the bar was massaging his huge cock to full hardness. I began to wank Callum's hard cock using the thick cum from the giant that had just fucked me.

Please Pop My Cherry

first-time bijoukitty 2018-09-18

With his hands and mouth he worked down my body, touching and kissing me through the fabric. After dragging his fingers over my lips for what felt like forever, he suddenly dove his index finger into my tight little hole, sliding it in and out as I moaned and writhed on the ground. He moved up my body, lifting the dress as he did, finally pulling it over my head and exposing my breasts. I could feel him throbbing inside me, while we licked and rubbed and bit and kissed everywhere that we could reach. He was holding my breasts and alternating licking on my nipples when I felt this feeling begin in my pussy and spread all over my body.

It's Hard To Find Good Help

first-time satyr_132003 2018-09-18

She must have thought I passed her test because she said, "He says I didn't put out so he wanted to get a girlfriend who did." Her eyes searched mine and I think she felt weird telling me this and didn't know what I would think. I raised me eyebrows and looked at her incredulously, "What I thought all the kids today knew everything." Melanie smiled and nervously wiggled her ass against my counter. She laughed as she realized I had to ask her twice and said, "I'm sorry, I'm enjoying it so much I didn't want you to stop." She leaned over the counter a little further and her ass pushed back at me.

Sexy Lifeguard

first-time 2018-09-18

I have worked for a pool for several years now and so has this girl who is a couple years older than i. in fact she is the main reason i come back year after year. her sexy athletic body barely fits into her swimsuit and i stare at her constantly. she often catches me and gives me flirtatious looks. time and time again we talk about sexual subjects while we work concessions together and most of the time i just fanasize about the crazy things i want to do to her. i can never tell if she is flirting with me or just playing with my horny 17 year old mind...does anyone have any advice to what i should do to find out?

How I Lost My Virginity

first-time married_but_curious 2018-09-18

Yet, here I am sitting on a chair in your kitchen, with your hands on the back of my head forcing your hard cock deep inside my throat, while my middle finger slides in and out of your asshole, fucking it. I feel so vulnerable, naked and gleaming with oil, bent over a countertop with my legs parted and your hard cock pressing against my asscheek, but it's exciting, too. Do you want my cock in your pussy?" You kiss my neck and stroke my hair, and your other hand slips between my hips and the countertop and touches my wet, slippery clit.

Big Easy Lessons Ch. 01

first-time aspiringDOM 2018-09-18

She was truly a thing of beauty, long hair, tight little body, small tits but a nice handful nonetheless, and an ass to die for. As I turned my head forward to see what was going on, my eyes met up with a woman trying to squeeze by to get to the bar. There stood a warm blooded, beautiful woman, probably twice my age with her left tit, stomach, and pubic mound still firmly planted against me asking me what I said. By this time, my friend had noticed the commotion and stood there, eyes wide mouth open, and managing to shake his head a little trying to convince me this wasn't a good idea.

My dream girl

first-time Guitar-man 2018-09-18

I wake up from my "dream" and start kiss her neck. Then i started to slowly kiss and play with my tongue over her shaved pussy. Before i start to lick her for real she came in a huge orgasm. My god this girl need to be fucked i think! 10 minutes after she was near again so i spread her legs laid down over her and slowly start to enter her.She dig her nail deep in my back and scream fuck me. Her pussy was soaking wet and i think this will be come quickly I fuck her mouth like a crazy man. After that i did something i never done before, I start to kiss her cum covered face.

Giving a First

first-time moonshado 2018-09-18

She put her arms around his shoulders and drew him in for their first kiss slowly moving toward his lips. She kisses the swollen head, softly letting him feel her lips against him. then repeats the process until he has control and then she moves her head and mouth faster up and down his cock.. moving hand and mouth at the same time she raises up on his cock to suck the head and move down.. she moves her hand from his cock and touches his balls feeling them in her hand and pulling the sac tight. She feels his cock start to spasm and prepares to drink his cum or let it shoot on her lips and face.


first-time funnforyou 2018-09-18

After I got there alice started telling me she was going to hook me up with a girl from her work named crystal. Then she tells me she's very dominant in the bedroom and is into all kinds of different wild fantasys and fetishes and says I better be openminded and ready to try new things cause I'm gonna blow your mind. before she pulls it out of my mouth and puts lube on it then she pulls the buttplug out of my ass puts the tuna sandwich in front of me with mayo leaking out of it all the way around and tells me to eat it while she fucks my ass.

My First Journey from Home

first-time ccorolli 2018-09-18

The number of times that the flirty smile appeared told me that she was at least not appalled by my age and, since I look younger than my years, I may well have presented as a viable possibility. At the same time I reached up with my right hand and, very deliberately pulled down the right side of her vest, exposing one beautiful breast. With a smile I slowly lifted my hands to her hips and slowly started to pull up her vest top. Beth is six inches shorter than me so she got to my cock long before I was able to reach her pussy but my hand did travel far enough to realise that she was probably clean-shaven.

A young Starfleet officer tries to relax on shore

first-time XXXNoBounds 2018-09-18

Brushing aside a small gaggle of Ferengi merchants who had gathered outside the transporter room to sell her goodness knew what (they had to be the ones at the bottom of the pecking order, surely?) Sumati headed down a short corridor and onto what appeared to be the station's main concourse. Sumati's right hand slid down to the small of his back, feeling the rugged ridges of his spine, once again reminding her that he was not human, but delightfully, powerfully, Klingon. "I don't know about Klingon women," she said quietly, not moving her eyes from his as she continued to stroke the tip of his cock, "but human women do not take long to..." she paused for effect, and gave her prize a tight squeeze and a quick tug, ""

My first bbc and creampie

first-time Lizbiz1983 2018-09-18

Sherika said yes, fill me up with that cum and big black cock! Privately though I couldn't stop thinking about how it would feel to have a big black cock inside me pumping his cum deep in my womb. My nipples were already hard and my pussy was wet with anticipation for Tyrone's black cock. He apologized for cumming so fast, but said it had been a long time for him. I started to rub his cock with my hands a while later and it got rock hard real fast, so I knew he was ready again. He pulled out and I could see his cock was all white with cum just like Jerome's was when he slid out of Sherika.

Best Camp Ever

first-time coleswhore4 2018-09-18

That wasn't what I was intending to do at that point, but I suppose I was, subconsciously, trying to understand this boy and what he was thinking. That boy had most definitely intended on coming into my shower, and I had all day to process that information. I always look to a boy's upper body; there's nothing I love more than broad shoulders and strong arms and a chest I can run my hands over. I shyly dropped my towel, and I like to think, in memory, that he smiled a little more. Thus I had the incredible pleasure of standing back and watching this boy shower.