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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

First Night

first-time ericthebard 2018-09-18

I thought I came on his mouth; this carries me to a new place, and I shake and shudder on my husband's cock, and know that I made the right choice, both in this man and in waiting and oh God, even if it's never this intense again (please God let it be this intense every fucking time) I will thank the heavens and their host and the one who stands above us all for the wisdom and forbearance and most of all for Michael and his beautiful, delicious, wonderful, heavenly cock. I begin to stroke with my hand, moving faster now, and Michael's moans intensify, his hand resting on my hair -- not pushing though, we had THAT conversation, believe you me -- as I suck harder, wanting to feel him burst in my mouth, wanting the taste, wanting my prize.

Country Life

first-time Cromagnonman 2018-09-18

"Have a seat Phil, I won't be a minute." She walked from the room towards the rear of the house and I got a good look at her figure and the grace with which she moved, wow!" The way that I saw it, if I had a reputation of being easy the girls would make sure that their boyfriends left me alone, so when the first guy that hit on me took me out to the usual parking spot I did a deal with him. After several minutes I felt her tense up and then she shuddered her way into an intense orgasm, "Oh my God that was better than I dreamed it would be." She clung to me as if she never wanted me to get away from her, pushing herself down onto my penis.

Teacher, Teacher Ch. 04

first-time Itheswag 2018-09-18

I felt my cock start to soften which it didn't usually do right away, but then Ione began to remove her clothes and a little charge kept him up as I watched that soft silk blouse rise up and bring her glorious tits into view. I watched as Tina quickly moved across my body and placed a soft kiss on Mary's lips. As I kissed Ione I could feel Tina's hand stroke my cock while she worked her way down Mary's dripping body. Looking down to watch this vision of beauty suck my long hard cock was too much as my hands came up to hold her head still.

Love of my Life

first-time 2018-09-18

It took me literally an hour to realise who that gorgeous, sexy girl with the cute smile, long, shimmering raven hair and epic, volumptuous cleavage bursting out of her low cut, vixen black dress. I asked her again this time angry in tone, "just tell me what the other guys you've been with did to make you orgasm!" That's when, one evening alone at my parents house and whilst Gemma was working late shift, I began to make things interesting for myself. She wasn't, however, quite as forthcoming when I began to steer the conversation towards 'remembering that night we played.' In fact, it was a good two hours from the time of that text with no reply whatsoever from her.

The Swimming Hole

first-time wyo_girl 2018-09-18

If Cydney had been watching she'd have gotten an eyeful seeing all 8" of rock hard cock pointing at the sky. Ben's hand dropped from her arm and Cydney felt his hands come to rest at her waist, one on either side, not moving, just resting there. Cydney's head dropped back against his shoulder and she couldn't stop the breathy little moan that escaped when he bit her. He moved closer and felt more than heard Cydney's gasp as the head of his cock pressed against the cheeks of her butt. Cydney moved restlessly against him, pulling him down closer to her breast and finally giving in to the urge to rub her pussy against his thigh.


first-time outlawdave 2018-09-18

When I hear you arrive I'll walk to you, grabbing you by your hips and pinning you against the door, kissing your neck, your ears, your face, your lips, brushing my hands across your ass, your crotch and close to your nipples. Your hips rise to meet my hand probing inside you as I slide another finger inside you, rubbing your clit and your g-spot at the same time. Your pussy juice is coming out so fast now, I feel you begin to squirt so I speed up my rhythm, rubbing your g-spot just right you are squirting your cum all over my chest & face. I reach down and rub my throbbing hard cock as I continue to tongue fuck you, licking & sucking your clit until you cum again.

At the youth club

first-time GeordieSi 2018-09-18

We went silent for a bit and she asked if I thought she was sexy. I was a bit worried and said I thought she was pretty but maybe a little young for me, she indignantly told me she was 16 and had done loads. She smiled and said "you have a nice thick cock can I see it please?" I thought for a milli second and grabbed her hand and led her to a secluded corner out of sight and dark. She grabbed it and started to wank me off with a nice rhythm I kissed her and put my hand up her skirt and inside her knickers and started to finger her sopping wet cunt.

Taming Joanna

first-time deepemerald 2018-09-18

"Let's see," Principal Foster got her file out and read out loud. She waited for her principal to let her out of his office so that she could run away, but he was obviously expecting that and went on with his work as though she wasn't even there. When the car finally stopped, Joanna looked around in confusion. "Joanna," Principal Foster opened the door and went inside. "If you don't come inside this minute I'm going to lock the door and let you sleep outside tonight." "Joanna, baby," he caressed her tits and started massaging her clit. The next morning was awkward at first, until Mr Foster started kissing Joanna, awakening the feelings from the previous night.

Some Guys Need Help

first-time ainu 2018-09-18

We kept on kissing and I moved my hand around on her bare back, under her sweater. In one move that I still can't describe, our kiss ends and she moves out around me a little and bends down some and is looking at my bare cock that she's pulled out into the open. There she is right in front of me, I'm still holding her breasts, she just sucked my cock and I'm feeling sexier than ever in history so I kiss her. She moves around some more and ends up sitting on my lap, her knees on either side of me, facing me, and we hold each other and kiss.

Jenny and Laura

first-time craig34str8 2018-09-18

I kissed Laura's legs till I came to her black panties, these I pulled down and kissed her pussy. Jenny was the first to put it in her mouth sucking the precum, then I gave it to laura 'I haven't had a cock for a long time' she said as she wanked me then licked and then sucked. I was afraid I was going to blow too soon so I pulled out of Laura's mouth and looked at the 2 naked bodies sitting on the sofa. When I woke up and noticed the 2 naked mature ladies either side of me, their soft tits and mature pussies with long juicy lips my cock became hard again.

Cousin Debbie & My First Blow Job

first-time mooremike 2018-09-18

Debbie came to the surface and looked me in the eyes and then jumped on me wrapping her legs around my waist and pushing her tits against my chest. This time when I pulled her under the water my hands cupped her tits and I squeezed them. Unfortunately for us the other k**s wanted to play a pool game called “Marco Pollo” and for the rest of the day I only occasionally got play with Debbie. I have never seen a cock before it is so wonderful!” she said as she looked me in the eyes I felt her lips come off my cock and she stroked it with her hand as my sperm coated her face.

My audacious girl friend, ch 3

first-time George178 2018-09-18

I thought about what she wanted and that excited me even more as I imagined pushing my rigid dick through her sphincter into the hot, HOT pit of her little ass hole! "The hood is hot!" She wiggled around and settled her cute little bare butt where it wouldn't burn before popping open the bottle and squeezing a dollop of lube out on her other hand. That feels nice!" I sawed gently in and out of her ass hole with my stiff-as-nails dick while I stroked the sides of her WET pussy hole. Whenever she starts swinging that little butt of hers I lose it, and this time her wiggling seemed even more intense because I was in her ass instead of in her pussy.

His Awakening

first-time every_horizon 2018-09-18

Alex hadn't failed to notice that the central air had the most dramatic effect on them both – the coolness took his breath away, especially on those days when she wore a thin white cotton shirt that clung snugly to breasts that didn't need a bra, stretching tightly enough that in chilled air she made a pointed, obvious impression. "I remember when you needed water-wings," Jane said, laughing softly, pulling her wet hair back when she reached him. Alex trembled in delicious near-seizure, reaching forward with one hand, pushing his fingers through Jane's wet hair.

A Kiss is Still a Kiss

first-time MaxSebastian 2018-09-18

"God, ever since that kiss she's gone all gooey, I mean God, you're such a dork," Amy said before turning her head and storming off to where Samantha sat learning her lines. Harry wasn't involved and neither was Samantha, but as he walked off-stage to his surprise she accompanied him, and said furtively: "Where did you learn to kiss like that?" Yet when the time came, Harry's hopes were dealt a crushing blow: Mr Howard said they'd nailed the more intimate scenes, where Romeo and Juliet kiss. But Harry couldn't stop thinking about the possibility that she might want to see how far their wonderful kiss might go unchecked and out of sight of the other play performers – and Amy.

De-flowering the Babysitter

first-time Nymfoholic 2018-09-17

If I win this contract maybe I'll let you have some when I get home." She laughed again as she headed to her walk-in closet looking for shoes to match her 'little black dress'. Natural red hair piled high, naturally tanned looking skin, green eyes, a tight rockin body, sexy legs and buns of steel. Carly knew from long time experience that if she didn't get her 'kiss' too the girls wouldn't settle down and that would prolong Cathy leaving. I was about to leave when Lilly popped her thumb out of her mouth and said "what about Carly's Kiss Daddy?" But I was getting very turned on watching as Mr D's hand stroked his hard cock.

The Best Morning Ever

first-time ReverendFrishie 2018-09-17

He walked out of the bathroom in a clean pair of jeans with a towel over his head to see Jackie curled up in his blanket on his bed. Jackie wrapped her arms around Sean's neck and sighed, pulling him close. "I spent the night with Jackie," Sean laughed. Sean still snuck glances of Jackie's ass when he could, like it's always been. Everyone was drinking and having a good time as usual, except Jackie didn't come. They talked and drank together for about an hour, laughing almost the whole time until Jackie suddenly got very serious. On hands and knees, eyes like a cat's, she crawled up between his legs and flicked the drop of precum off his cock with the tip of her tongue.

My first virgin

first-time joesal 2018-09-17

I began to thrust a little harde and Nikki wrapped her legs around me tight and pulled me down for a kiss "Break it" she moaned "Please break it" she begged and kissed me pationately. With that I took a big thrust into her and then another and then "aaaaaaaaaaah yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah" she moaned as I finally broke through "fuckkkkkkkk me" she creamed as her who body began to thrust with my dick, faster and faster. I began to thrust harder and faster, my dick throbbing more and more ach time "yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah do it" she ordered and with that I finally lost the last bit of control and with one big thrust "fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck" I moaned luldy as Nikki also let out a yell.

Just in Time Valentine

first-time My Erotic Trail 2018-09-17

Rose continued to look around the room as if trying to ignore the feelings of Justin's hot hand upon her breast. Don't strain with poetry but instead let your thoughts and emotions pour from your lips like water to a thirsty soul," Rose said with a huge smile across her face, while shy eyes winked a duet. His lips lightly pressed a kiss between her legs several times then he raised his head and looked at Rose and began pulling her panties downward. Justin became fully hard and erect as Rose took him into her mouth again and began rocking slightly to a beat as his cock pressed between her lips then pulled out.

My 1st Sexual Encounters

first-time 2018-09-17

The 1st was mum standing there in a lacey bra & knickers, 2nd was her bent over with a g-string on showing her sexy ass & her hot fanny lips just beneath a small piece of fabric, 3rd was just head shot with her lips wrapped round a hard cock, 4th & the best was mum lying back with blk stockings on so I could see her nice little titties, she had a huge smile on her face as she was spreading her hairy fanny open wide ? My hand automatically went to my cock while I watched Sharon’s 50yr old mum wash her hairy fanny & saggy tits, it was awesome ?

My own best lover Part # 2

first-time StraightAnal 2018-09-17

One time while yanking it buck naked in the bathroom floor at my folks house as was routine a couple of times a day, I was close to climax and was working my taint with my other hand and the tip of my middle finger rubbed the edge of my anus, and that sent a surge of a good feeling into an area I didn't even know I had on me or rather, in me. That was the day I discovered, that I could add fingering myself to the nice feeling things that I do to myself. I played with making makeshift dildos from big suave shampoo bottles with a half of potato for a head and wrapped in a couple of condoms, really nice feeling reached with these homemade toys but they were hard and ruff.

Sex with Mausi

first-time avnshkumar 2018-09-17

Sujatha who is my mother's s****r had some marital issues (over property ) so his husband too decided to leave her and his son(my cousin b*****r )at grafathers house.He used visit now and then stay for few days and give her money.Me and my mom slept at spare room whereas my Mausi liked to slleep in Hall though there were other rooms. His son my cousin b*****r were very cose and used to play a lot.One day while playing hide and seek I hid in mausi room .She enterd the room with a towel around her and i was secretly watching her.realizing it would be problem later i came out and she was a bit shocked but didnt say anything.I quitly left the room.

Contract Meeting with Mr Grey.

first-time 50shadesofgrey 2018-09-17

I tried to concentrate on him, but his hand kept brushing mine and he said "If you roll your eyes at me Miss Steele, I will take you over the table and spank you" I nearly choked on my coffee and said "You wouldn't dare" he said "Try me" As we turned the corner he took my hand and said "When we get to my car I am going to kiss you" I couldn't wait to explore his mouth, so kissable and desirable. We stood by his car, I couldn't look at him so he lifted my chin up with his fingers and brought his lips very close to mine, brushing them softly to start with, his touch was electric, I felt the instant connection, raw charge between us.

Getting Married

first-time john1195 2018-09-17

Call it pre-wedding jitters or cold feet or and play the field for just a week maybe and then come back to her - but, since wildly as we sought out the bed in my tiny efficiency. of the bed. Of course, my time to consider the nuances of the "Come on," he cooed huskily, "open up." cum in, maybe a minute... She shrugged and He shrugged exaggeratedly, "So, what? relationship changing event, though. I rolled off the bed and stepped over to him, hard cock leading the way. I should have expected that though, he was playing considered how much had changed in our relationship. furiously, I considered when Joe would make me work him over again. much sooner than I expected.

Their First Adult Book Store. Part 1

first-time Michelle_Satin 2018-09-17

As Joe and Albert headed up the street, looking for a cab to take to their motel, Albert spotted the 24 HR Adult Video Arcade on the corner. "That's for sure, Albert." Picking up a DVD picturing a group of men and women in some bizarre S&M scene, Joe added, "I'd say way, way beyond." "Look at all those smut mags." Albert motioned toward the many rows of various porno mags and went to them, Joe was right behind him. Then he handed the magazine to Joe and moved down a bit looking for more titles. Raising his head from the magazine, Albert saw that Joe was very concentrated on his own mag. "You don't think Gary's gay, do you?" Joe asked Albert.