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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Working Too Hard Part 4

first-time unseen69 2018-05-22

I started to push myself into Lady P she screams with delight and IS's arse still in the air I stuck two hard fingers into her and it caught her by surprise, moaning she wanted it harder! "I going to cum soon ladies" With that I pumped even faster and harder, IS was cumin hard already I felt my hand being sucked into her deeper and not letting me go. She took the whole length down like a champ I pumped her throat with each thrust gagging and moaning at the same time, Lady P decided to join in, sucking on my balls like lollipops.

The Final Straw

first-time 2018-03-19

"Well thats a shame, cuz you sposed to be a good mommy, notta whore" i sounded firmly, reaching over to ball a bundle of her blonde hair in my left hand i drew her up to mouth swiftly, and asked "do you know how to be a good mommy?" adding a shake. Admiring her back half, i said "well then you get treated like a slut" plunging my hand down the back of her undies, reaching until i felt her wet crotch. When i thought she was ready i impacted her insides with my finger tips rapidly, her muscled walls contracted and i pulled my hand back to feel the rush of liquid jet out and splash the floor.

fucking an older man

first-time 2018-03-19

I take him in my mouth, stroking his throbbing head with the tip of my tongue, as he moans with pleasure, i take his balls in my hand, rolling them in my fingers in time to sucking his hard shaft. We move to the sofa, he kneels on the floor so he's face to face with my dripping pussy, he plunges his fingers into my hole as he sucks and nibbles my clit gently, i grasp he head so his tongue goes deeper into my hole. He then shoves 3 fingers into my wet pussy and finger fucks me hard and fast whispering, '' You've been a bad girl Sian and i'm going to punish you like you deserve to be punished''.

White Wife Becomes BBC Slut for Boss

first-time 2018-06-08

The sight was beautiful as I filmed her continue to watch the redhead suck the cock on the movie as she inserted several more inches into her waiting mouth. She took over from there and began to cum at which time I pulled it from her pussy and told her she would wait for their cocks. As Marquis began to snake his fingers inside her thong Victor told Leigh to suck his black cock. When she arrived Victor answered the door and led her into a room where Marquis and two other hot black men sat watching a second video of her sucking them. As she sucked Eric?s huge cock, Marquis slipped between her thighs and place her legs on his shoulder as he began entering her tight white pussy.

Uncle Timmy takes control...Part 2

first-time 2018-02-13

He raised his hand to me again as I rose to my knees before him and I found myself face to face,as it were,with a large bulge in his trousers.My mouth fell open and my cunt gave a little leap.He saw the half smile on my face and knew what I was thinking and I saw his big cock twitch through the corduroy. "But Uncle Timmy I'd be terrified of getting a baby" I said coyly.I felt very much in control of him and knew he would put on a condom and fuck me.That thing I had wanted so long would happen...Not with Padraig but with a good hard cock anyway.

my first cock

first-time az-alan 2018-02-19

As I crawled back to the side I was on I could see that he was asl**p and laying on his back and had this big ass fucking hard on in his underwear. Well here I was lying next to the first person I was in love with, he didn’t know that and his cock was hard. I took my hand and just placed it on top of his hard cock that was coved with underwear. I was so fucking horny, my cock was so hard. I took that big thick cock into my mouth, and did what I had fantasied about. Don’t know how long I had been sucking him but all of a sudden he started to fuck my mouth.

Playing with my first Titties (true but with diffe

first-time nobodywashere 2018-03-16

Well I was 17 and had a crush on my best friend's younger s****r (Theresa). She did not drive and she knew I had a crush on her. So yes she talked me into driving her over to her boyfriends house. We had never met, she was a bit younger than me, blonde with small tits. So while Theresa and her boyfriend sucked face, I played with my new friend titties. And yes, massaging her boobs was fine but she still did not want kissed. So I got to grope her for quite awhile and then Theresa wanted to go home. I am the stranger who played with your boobs as you sat on my lap?"

Me and Mommy = The Best Day of My Life

first-time bigdick9 2018-02-04

As she rose her leg onto the coffee table to cut her nails i saw her sweet shaven pussy lips. then she slipped her mouth over my dick and bobbed her head up and down for what seemed to be a lifetime. then she asked if i wanted to fuck her pussy. i instantly jumped up and turned my mum into a missionary position and then slipped my dick in and slowly went up and down. as her pussy became wetter and wetter my dick begun to throb and i could feel i was about to cum. i pulled out straight away and asked to do her in the ass. she was fine with it and i put her in the doggy position and put my dick in her ass.


campsite fuck

first-time 2018-03-16

I was just about to leave cause I was getting a bit cold when a girl came walking down the steps to the pool, she was quite nice, brunnete, about my height, she looked older than me and was wearing a swimming costume, she had a nice shape, and good size breasts, even though they were tight under her costume. My cock throbbing agianst her thigh as we snogged, she whispered fuck me to me, i didnt need asking, I slipped my cock nicely into her pussy, the feeling was so sensual, I started thrusting upwards, the warm shower was pouring over us as we fucked slowly.

ingrid 1

first-time stig1963 2018-09-17

Ingrid paused after several wraps and slowly pulled on the tail of the rope, forcing my upper arms closer together. I remembered my threat about being difficult and turned my head away from Andre's cock, clamping my mouth shut. I was aware of Ingrid standing beside Andre, looking down on me while surrendered my mouth to her boyfriend's cock. Suddenly Andre pulled his cock right out my mouth and stepped back from me. "Look at the little slut Andre, she's crawling on her knees because she is desperate to get your cock in that pretty mouth of hers." I felt totally debased. "Mmmmm, taste this babe." Ingrid said as she put her finger up to Andre's mouth.

My Girlfriend's Cousin

first-time Biguy6420 2017-11-22

She sucked me till I got really hard then she told me to fuck her,so I did right there in the car till I blew my load deep inside her.We went back and had lunch with everyone,staring at each other the whole time we ate. I noticed his cock getting harder when the parts with the guys sucking each other were on.I thought fuck it Im going to try to touch him,I reached down and started stoking his cock and he did the same to me.After a few minutes he pulled his shirt off and pulled my cock out,He started sucking on me,it felt so great with his young tight mouth.

Free Condom

first-time bososaurus 2018-02-15

"Milo" was virgin and a very compassionate girl friend of his asked him “You really want to have sex, that will cost you.” So Milo checked out his wallet and asked her “I have three hundred, would it fit the budget?” “Hmmm, it may.” she replied. “You forgot one thing, condom.” she remarked as they were halfway to her house and continued “Now what, no condom, no sex.” “I wish there's such a thing as a free condom.” Milo sighed. She replied “There is, condomlences to your sex life.” But as she was driving, Milo noticed that she was uneasy and asked her what’s the problem. “But what?” Milo replied as she stopped her car to the side of the road.

My first pantyhose model shoot

first-time 2018-01-14

Anyway the girl pointed to two pairs of sheer tights and black lace bra, “wear the tan first and then the black” she said and started to leave. Standing in the store room full of pantyhose naked gave me the shivers; I pulled the sheer tan 5 denier tights from the packaging and felt them with my fingers. As my legs stopped bucking she let go of me and stood up, helping me pull the sheer tights all the way up and slip on the bra. At the end was a small set of steps, so I climbed up and stood in the centre of the table in front of 6 impeccably dressed men, wearing only sheer tights a bra and my patent heels.

UK Friend cums to visit.......

first-time 2017-10-31

Matt wasted no time sliding his hard cock into her open mouth while i set to work with my tongue on her very wet and swollen clit, i peeled back the folds of her pussy with my fingers a gave her a very deep ploughing with my tongue....the film we had been watching was still playing and was now showing the girl getting a double penetration vaginal and anally..i knew by our past Pm's that Fliss wasn't into the anal stuff but she was into fisting which gave me a new idea, so i told Matt to lay down on the large rug on the floor and asked Fliss to get on top of him.

last night

first-time SaltyD 2018-04-21

It is difficult to find the right words to describe my thoughts and feelings about my experiences with you last night. I must admit to at first feeling absolutely terrified and somewhat ashamed of my body, as having to strip down and then be blindfolded was not anything I had done before. I was so lost in your command of me that I was able to endure so much more than I thought I would be able to. Having thought it about much of last night and today, I cannot find ample words to describe how incredible it was to be worthy of your cock and to pleasure you. It's a feeling of accomplishment, pride, intense desire, servitude, and gratefulness.

Gina´s Gyno Club - part four

first-time petdyke 2018-05-20

Gina and Leslie are lovers. Gina looked forward to a long hot Summer together in all privacy. However, first day of Summer holiday, Connie - the skinny teen s****r of Leslie - came for a long stay. Gina thought: didn´t Leslie tell ř minutes to cool off" tying us up?" ... Both smelled the pancakes and suddenly felt how hungry they got from all that long hot love. Gina got lost in thoughts. Half lost in dreams, she tried to estimate how often Gina had restored her energy with warm pancakes after a weekend lost in long love. With the cheese and bacon pancakes gone, Gina smelled that the long latte would arrive next under their noses. Gina raised her eye-brows an inch and tall skinny Connie by two.

My first Crossdresser - Part Two

first-time 2018-05-10

We walked through an open lobby and entered the Sahara casino side by side, but a group of oriental tourists rushed past us and she stepped ahead of me to get around them. As she walked in front of me I once again saw just how sexy she was, and for the time being my discomfort took a back seat to lust. She had a long term pass but I had to buy one, and feeling all the eyes looking at us made me clumsy. Ever since the first time I wore my mothers silk panties to high school under my jeans, being a woman in public has made me feel so sexy and pretty.

me and my friends hot and sexy mother Rasika

first-time bps02222 2018-03-13

and after dat wen i went to his home der was no one i thought sonu might b in bed room and bedrooms door was slightly open as i opened d door i saw rasika totally nude wiping her body at dat time my mouth went open she aslo saw me she coverd her body and i closed d door and ran of .i started thinking abt her


A Mother and Her Son 4

first-time 2018-04-08

When Tommy stopped laughing, he looked at his mother with that smile of his and said, "How about another date?" Sue just looked at him when she saw his eyes and said, "Behave." However, overall, she was impressed with his control and, strangely, just a little disappointed. "Alright, I guess this is a good time for a lesson then," Sue said taking a quick drink before putting her wine on the table. Finally, Sue felt Tommy's hand on her silk covered breast. Sue held Tommy's face in her hands and looked into his eyes. "Oh God Mom," Tommy moaned as his mother took his penis into her mouth and began to suck. Sue held her breasts tightly around her son's penis, looking up at his pleasure filled face.

Fairgame part 2

first-time SuccubusDreams 2018-05-06

“Oh i don’t know, maybe the one between your legs.” As he spoke his eyes focused on the place between the towel opening and i felt another drop of moisture drip out. “See you later guys.” I tried to make my voice sound steady but I swear it quivered slightly as I spoke, my legs certainly didn’t feel like they belonged to me as I walked away. Taking his cock out I looked at it and then at Neil before slowly licking it from base to tip; tiny little licks that barely touched the skin. My jaw ached as I held onto his cock with my mouth, stopping suddenly I heard Neil cry out in anguish and glancing up at him I smiled.

The night we went fishing

first-time 2018-05-12

It wasn't long before she came on my tongue her legs snapped shut on my face as her hand griped my head pulling my tongue deeper in her pussy, after a few moments of her she let go "my turn" she said as she lept off the hood pushing me back on the car. She giggled at me as she clean her face off, she was back on her she walked back over to me with her hand wrapped around my dick she looked me in the eyes and said "now do that to my pussy" laying her back on the hood of the car placing both her legs on my shoulder I slid my dick inside her awaiting wet pussy.

First time...part 1

first-time tom69su 2018-02-26

After the webcam playing we decided it was time to meet. She had a raincoat on that had been covering her body but when we entered my place, she removed the coat to reveal a sexy curvy body in a tight dress. I offered to pour a few drinks while she quickly started rubbing my cock through my pants. I sat back while she took my hard cock in her mouth and started licking me up one side and down the other then proceeding to swallow it all...I was amazed and at the same time removing her shirt to reveal her amazing tits and hard nipples. We took a breather to refresh our drinks and back at the couch she asked that i get on all fours...she wanted to try something.

Rekha in lust

first-time roloffsen 2018-02-06

All this started because my cousin b*****r is a IT professional and soon after 15 days of marriage had to rush to USA for 1 year and bhabhi could not go because of her studies. As the movie started I slowly slid my hand from the arm rest and slowly tried to touch her breast with my elbow, Once... Soon I put my hand in my pants and started playing with my shaft without her noticing. I slowly moved down to her breast and one by one started to press and suck her lovely melons, licking her full breast and sucking them made me feel Hard.. Sucking and licking every inch of her body I slowly pressed my shaft deep inside her.

My Story

first-time zimabean 2018-03-09

I had never had a blow job or sex before and was not sure what to think about this but it felt really good and within a minute I blew a huge load into granny's mouth. She moved around for a minute but my cock exploded filling granny's cunt full of my sticky cum. My cock would get hard and I would explode inside her several more times till the movie was over then we went to my bed room and she fucked me real good. Dad had no clothes on and moved in and stuck his boner into granny cum filled cunt and started to bang away. Mom worked me over pretty good and I lasted longer but still exploded a huge load deep inside her.