How often do you play with others?

Tina (guest) 2017-11-22

Question for those of you who play with others: how often do you do it?

I was thinking about how my husband and I have changed over time since we started having group fun. When we started, we said it was going to be "a few times a year" and the first several times were spread out with a few months in between each.

Then we started playing with couples (foursomes instead of threesomes) and we were averaging about once a month. 

And now, somehow, we've played four times in the last month. 

We have two couples who have become friends and "regulars", and have played with each several times, so they haven't all been NEW people, but the frequency has certainly stepped up!

I'm sure we're not going to keep going at this pace, but we really are having fun!

So- how often do you play? 

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