shaven or no?

DragonMike 2017-09-04

why do men think that a pussy should be shaven?

i mean i can understand trimmed but shaven? completely bald?! that just makes me feel like a little girl that is just growing hair! please give me your input.
randy 2017-09-04

Don't mind either way trimmed nice looks better to me than completely bald
9191judith 2017-09-04

give me natural body hair and maybe trimmed bush.
Norahs 2017-09-04

myself i love going down on a girl and love the smoothness on my lips,toungue and so on pubes take that away 4 me dont want a toothpic afterwords lol

Maciej 2017-09-04

Shaven is great! But if it makes her feel sexy, and raises her confidence..go for it!

Shaven/trimmed is really nice, just really sexy. It makes me think that she wants to be sexy all over.
qwertyu 2017-09-04

I have to say, I LOVE being shaved.

We are always shedding and replacing hair, so even "trimmed" there is going to be some coming out.

When my boyfriend is eating me, he even uses his teeth to lightly scrape around and he knows he is never going to get any hair in his mouth.

There are times when I will do something cute like shave all but a heart or an "M" (for Mike) or something like that, but I would just as soon get it all off.

Then there is, if I can get him to do the shaving, it ALWAYS leads to some great sex after.

Sex with my pussy just shaved is AWESOME. I love the feel of his hairs against the still sensitive skin. I love the feel of his beard and teeth and tongue when he is going down. On the fresh shaved skin, it's just sooooo incredible.

And as for the other idea. When he has my juices all over his face as I am moaning in pleasure and clutching his hair or as I am gripping him with my muscles while his cock is driving in and out and I feel his hairs against my smooth skin, the LAST thing he is thinking is that he is with some little girl because I have no pubes, and I sure as hell am not feeling like one.

Smooth is great for m or f, but my reaction to being shaved makes me say 'just a trim"
guest 2017-09-04

Dwight Wing 2018-10-14

Its gotta be almost borderline Hirsuit Hairy Pussy 

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