Do you like to masturbate?

1234566789 2017-10-23

What techniques do you use to masturbate to orgasm?
John (guest) 2017-11-19
I love masturbation so much that i can't do without it
Shadowman652 (guest) 2017-12-08

I love masturbation....I am addicted

Madonna/madonna (guest) 2018-01-07

I love to j/o with panties. I search the internet for stories & videos, which gets me extremely horny. I wait as long as I can before I start to j/o. I hope someday I can find another to panty play with. Yum.

jj (guest) 2018-01-13

I am addicted to masturbating.  Love having something up my butt while stroking my cock. 


Take a chance on me!Take a chance on me!Take a chance on me! :-)

Willams (guest) 2018-03-26

love to stroke my cock, I wait until i start dripping precum and the head of my cock is all wet, before I blow my load

Williams (guest) 2018-03-26

usually I just stroke my vocal shaft. I put on a good video/story and rub one out, 

Soldier (guest) 2018-04-12

Yee I like to




Adrian69702018xg 2018-04-29

I do but less often than I used to.  As middle age advances the inclination in that direction declines!

Emolegend 2018-05-01

I Often do ... But there are times when i don't even need to touch myself.

I often Orgasim by only Imagining doing it 

pedro (guest) 2018-05-02

Yes, every day to wake up


Pedro (guest) 2018-05-02

I actulally want to wear panties


James (guest) 2018-05-02

Of course. Every day, thinking of the guys I have made love with...

Yves (guest) 2018-05-02

Anyone intererested? I am very big... But very kind.







Dragonboy (guest) 2019-01-01

is this real 

Dragonboy (guest) 2019-01-01

yes, I like to use my own toys over 2hours 

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