Gay Chat?

doris16 2017-10-23

I didn't know there was a gay/lez forum on here.

Hey is there a place i can talk to gay guys. not just older men who are horny?

I'm wanting a place where I can just talk to ppl who are gay or bi or whatever. I've tried Lush for a while but every guy on here just seems to be horny. IDK where to go.
Dave Compton 2018-01-08

First time writing on this site. I'm a closeted, married 62 year old man living in rural Nevada. Hope to connect or start a conversation. 


Hector briefs (guest) 2018-02-27

Anyone into invest, young , white briefs

Hector briefs (guest) 2018-02-27

U wear white briefs

Hector briefs (guest) 2018-02-28



jeff (guest) 2018-03-10

i wouldent know where to tell you to go but im down to chat




i will chat 

jeff (guest) 2018-03-10

lets talk




Hiho (guest) 2018-03-16

Hay bb (guest) 2018-04-01

Hi pls call me 


Looking for Tuesday guys to f*** his virgin ass

siwy 2018-07-29



Ricky G (guest) 2018-07-29
Rickyg16 (guest) 2018-07-29

Ricky G (guest) 2018-07-29


Biol (guest) 2018-09-25

i was a secerate cocksucker when I was younger but now I'm 66 and though o can still get it hard, it's been years since I've had s nice Vick to suck

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