Domme type seeking

Claude Lessard 2017-09-04
I prefer to write my ad's differently than what is normally written on Literotica, so please be mindful of that.

The only successful relationships have a strong foundation of mutual trust. Trust is something that has to be grown slowly and nurtured. Once trust is established true intimacy can take place as both individuals make themselves vulnerable to each other knowing they are safe. I’m a 29 year old Mistress capable of leading a worthy slave on a journey of self learning, deep intimacy and powerful sensuality.

Most ads start with preconceived likes and limits. The truth I have found is each relationship is different, and one of the great joys of gaining intimacy is the process of learning together what passions, likes and natural boundaries exist between us. A powerful intuition about the human condition is what leads me as Mistress in guiding you to a deeper self understanding, healing and new way of being.

I’m not looking for a short-term superficial fling. I’m also not looking for a man. I am a lesbian so please respect that. If you are a woman looking for something in her life more meaningful and willing to build trust with another woman with the goal of obeying her in every way to achieve moments of true bliss and overall greater happiness, then please contact me.

Mistress Brianna
MEXTEX 2017-09-04
Up Up Up!
Boffer1960 2017-09-04
Going Up!
rita1611 2017-09-04
going up!
Ria 2017-09-04
Hello Miss Brianna,

I'd be interested in getting to know you if you have that chance. Thank you for your attension.
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