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Me and my cousin part two

gay-male bobbybrown 2018-11-29

I clenched my arse tighter and said " no your not putting your cock in my ass-hole dale no way" "Dale that actually feels good go harder, oh yeah that is go harder dale, fuck your little cousins arsehole". As i begin to thrust back on my cousins hard cock i close my eyes and take in the feeling of his cock in me, he goes faster and i can tell he's about to cum. fill my arse hole with your big cock fuck your little cousin like the bitch he is" Dale starts fucking harder and harder and Toby slowly tightens his arsehole. Toby sits open mouthed as dale shoots stream after stream after stream of hot sticky adolescent cum all over his face.

A Little Experiment

gay-male robbrownn 2018-11-05

Whilst watching the two guys kissing, and rubbing his hands, he found his way to his semi erect 7 inch cock and his ample ginger balls. His hand moved away from his balls and cock and began to gently rub his hole, making it moist with sweat. It hurt, it stung, but the tingles went all the way into his balls and he loved the feeling it left deep in the pit of them. It felt amazing, it tingled in his balls, his arse squeezed tight around his finger, wanting more and more, he wanted to explode! He was so close to cumming; he rubbed his cock harder, pushed his finger into his tight hole harder and rubbed his prostate faster.

Twelve Sexual Men Pt. 02

gay-male Gorev_Reighl 2018-10-05

It wasn't until college that Ari, thinking back on his friend who had all but disappeared from his life, recalled the chiseled body, large firm thighs, incredible ass and of course glistening dark brown skin, that Ari fantasized about being with a man. White letters displayed on a dark mahogany background with the words, "For Daryl: I dream of your thighs, your ass, your beautiful and hard dick." In its place emerged video of the dick shaped dildo being stuffed in and out of Ari's mouth, a repeat performance from episode #1. The shot goes to a close up of his ass and upper thighs as Ari directs the head of his toy to 'play' with his slick and oily butt.

Winter Snow 1987

gay-male Dannycmm 2018-07-26

As he tongued my slit that was now oozing with precum, his fingers now began to play with my ass. He now massaged my ass hole with the lotion and slowly stroked my cock. "What did I do wrong?" "Nothing he said, it was great, but I want to cum in you?" All the times we had fooled around were just jacking off or a blow job, we never fucked. He slathered the lotion on his cock and hand and again began sliding his fingers into me. He then took his hand away and pushed his cock into my ass. My cock was hard and leaking precum again as is slid across the sheets every time he pushed in.

From a Finger to Fucking Ch. 03

gay-male the_apocalypse 2018-07-22

I knew right then that I wanted to be on my knees, holding and sucking someone else’s erect cock, swallowing their cum before letting them fuck me in the ass and filling me. The screen flicked again and the list was replaced with a film of two naked men kissing each other just like a man and woman would, and stroking each other’s cocks. I stroked while I watched and before long the man on screen took his mouth away from the cock he was sucking and began to wank it vigorously. It didn’t take the man being wanked long and he soon shot his cum all over the face, and into the mouth, of his partner.

First Time Internet Hookup Ch. 02

gay-male Patrick2380 2018-07-05

You know you want my cock back in your ass!" Tom taunted. He was fucking my ass like I was his woman, my legs spread wide open and his cock pounding in my opened hole. Don't get me wrong, I still wanted to use my cock, too, but fuck this felt good. "That's right, you love my cock," Tom started. As men are want to do, Tom laid on top of me as he let his cock expel the last of his jizz as his penis deflated inside of me, just as I often did after fucking my wife. I think she's gonna like seeing my thick cock fuck your ass and then feel it inside of her, too.

Fun in the Sun

gay-male marksthldn 2018-05-14

I often do this to myself, get my cock rock hard, stroke it to within seconds of erupting then take my hand away, let it twitch and beg for release in the air, then watch it go soft and limp knowing it wasn't going to get what it wanted. I could feel my heart beating quicker as I gathered the courage to do it, I got up from my chair and walked over to the open balcony door, I have a piece of carpet that I put on the hard metal floor of the balcony so I can go out there without socks on, I grabbed that and put it in position, I stood close to the edge making sure he had a good view of my cock from between the rails.


gay-male callis 2018-05-03

I guess I can indulge you this time, you spoiled puppy." I work my hard cock out of my pants and let it spring forth. I shiver as he moves up to the underside of my cock, tongue lapping at sensitive skin and I let out a happy sigh, my hand resting at the nape of his neck. The licking continues in earnest, that tongue moving over my cock and I groan in pleasure, gently nudging him off and wrapping a hand around my hard dripping cock. "Time to get my puppy all nice and clean," I say, grinning as I slide a hand against his wet dripping slit and he lets out a low moan.

The Massage

gay-male 69plus1 2018-04-18

It pleases me so much that I will have to return the pleasure to you." He said as he had to finally move and slowly fucked my mouth as the last of his essence emptied into my body. As I stroked his long shaft I said: "But I would love to have this beauty back in my mouth, if you let me use my hands this time. As I could see around his cock and feel his sack I wondered if he had removed all of his hair and ran two fingers over his sack to his fuck hole like he had done to mine. I was taking more of his cock than before but there was plenty for my hand to hold so I could feel his cum shoot down it into my mouth.

My First Male 3sum

gay-male alibi 2018-04-08

Rob had told me that John loved to suck cock and was really good at it. While Rob was sucking his cock, he began fingering his ass slightly. Rob sucked on my cock, John sucked on his and I sucked John’s larger cock all by myself this time. I looked up and saw John jerking Rob’s cock all over his mouth and face. While John did a number on my cock, Rob slowly eased the vibrator into me. Rob started fucking my ass quickly with the vibrator while John sucked me. From there I lost control as Rob slide the big vibrator in and out and John took me deep.

The Lake

gay-male Jackstroke 2018-02-26

As usual, I play with my cock and caress my body whenever I'm not preoccupied, in this situation, I realize that I'm tickling my sac and ass crack as I look over the crowd of people on the shore. I get a wave of excitement through my body as I realize the opportunity I have to feel these cold waters against my cock as I play with myself. If you would have been swimming by at the time, or have come out of the cabin located directly behind where I now sat, you could have watched as I now lay sprawled out on a wet rock, legs spread to fit my finger in my ass and my cock standing straight up glistening in spit from the moonlight.