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Strangers in the night

gay-male ArdentJim 2018-04-02

Pete took my hand and I thought, OK, that wasn't what he wanted, but he just sucked on my finger making it wet and then put my hand back. Pete shouted he was going to cum and I moved my head back so just his gland was in my mouth. I thought Anne would like to see some, so I moved my head back and showed her what cum was left in my mouth. He took every last drop and as my cock went soft in his mouth he removed his fingers from my ass and sucked on them. The one in my mouth gave no warning and his cum was a disappointing dribble, but I heard the other guy tap on the roof to warn Pete and he grunted loudly as he came.

painful angel

gay-male cumtesse 2017-12-14

Without looking inside the living room she went past the open door and said to Michael, who was watching TV: The empty pain inside his tortured ass didn’t last long, as he whimpered he was suddenly filled again with a hard, warm erection, wich tossed cruel and burning hot inside him. As he felt the sudden pierce in his legs, wich took his breath away, as his Master fucked him deeper and harder inside than ever, as the sudden change of position made his bl**d shoot back into his hands Micheal could not bear it, he burst out in tears of agony, and while he heard the heavy breath of his master, and felt the warmth spread into his tortured ass, he opened his eyes, he couldn’t help it.