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gay-male RobertFurlong 2018-11-23

Even while I'd been watching the two gay dudes wanking off, I'd known Brian would just about laugh himself silly hearing how I'd walked in on my gay hosts having a good pull together. "Then the older one pulls his mouth off his cock and says, 'Maybe this is more like how you do it, Dave,' and cranes his neck right down so his face is pushed between lover-boy's legs..." "One visit to that house and you're like a fuckin' oracle of gay sex info, mate," he chortled. The older one knelt down in front of me with his mouth working its magic up and down my veiny chub, while the younger one went round the back of me to crouch down and feast between my cheeks like he loved other fellas' arse-stink.

No Words

gay-male bg9351 2018-11-22

So it was with what felt like a massive tenting in my shorts (though it was probably hardly noticeable by anyone else!) that I left the house and strode across a few streets to a bus stop where I hoped no-one would recognize me. The bus arrived and while the journey was uneventful, my cock had had time to think and was pretty stiff as the bus made its way to the village and my destination. The bus pulled up but the driver looked away as he opened the doors and by the time he looked back I had already boarded, paid and stated my destination.

Bondage Bench

gay-male MadExhibitionist 2018-11-21

After plucking up the courage to strap myself to that bench, I bought a collar to match my cuffs and took a visit to the sauna-bar. He was just taking a big load of cum in his mouth, so I waited until the guy he was sucking walked away, then approached and offered my cock as a replacement. I let him suck me until I was rock hard and said "I don't want to cum yet, but thanks for getting me going." "No problem", he replied with a grin. BJ crawled under the bench and started sucking the old man's cock. After disposing of my condom, I knelt on the bench's leg shelves and began to fasten my ankles to the relevant straps.

Fun After Work

gay-male biguy2play 2018-11-08

On my first visit there alone I was very embarrassed and when I finally chose a movie to watch I had left the door slightly opened (so passers-by would know I wasn’t doing anything ‘naughty’!) A man had opened the door and asked to join me. When the second man came in, locked the door and offered a blowjob I just said ‘no, let me do you.’ Surprised he consented and I eagerly went down on him and he gave me a hot mouthful of cum in return! I would look out the crack in the door now and then, wondering where he had gone … looking for his return … while playing with my hard cock through my opened jeans.

Britain's Got A Naked Singin' Boy Wiv A Boner

gay-male RobbieW 2018-11-03

I find the best thing to keep my dick hard is to think of Gareth Gates while I’m singing it. Then the judge with the nice teeth and hair, he says, “Are there any other songs you sing?” It has to be the judge with the nice teeth and hair coz he is well fit and he fancies me like fuck. The fit judge with the nice teeth and hair, he puts his hands on my thighs, slowly strokes my thighs up and down as I thrash away on my hot dick. I carry on singing and I change the words as the fit judge with the nice teeth and hair strokes my thighs. It’s all up to the judge with the nice hair and teeth, and even nicer cock.

My Brother and His Boyfriend

gay-male londonganymede 2018-09-21

It was a warm, late-summer evening and the three of us sat at the kitchen table waiting; Dad in his suit after work, me in my usual jeans and a t-shirt, and Aaron in nothing but a pair of boxers, smiling at his phone and texting with one foot up on the chair. "I'm so fucking horny," I heard Aaron whisper to Lars and breathing heavily after half a minute of tongue wrestling and forgetting to breathe. Aaron went in for another deep loud kiss at the door, and smacked Lars's ass when he turned around. "Fuck yeah, I'm gonna cum!" Aaron said so suddenly and loudly that if the neighbors were awake I'm sure they heard.

Naked Earnings Ch. 03

gay-male tzael2003 2018-09-18

I feel my balls bounce against that firm soft ass that I fondle as I my hot member slides in and out of the tight asshole....oh God it is wonderful and I feel the hot wetness of my cum bubbling out of my cock head, I feel its warm stickiness on my balls and thighs....I feels wonderful and I drift off into bliss.... "Morning Dad," my naked son says as his hand rests on my bare ass. He gets down on his knees to soap up my ass, legs and then comes around to face my hard prick and as one hand soaps up my hanging balls the other works on my hard cock.

A Late Night Workout: Part 3

gay-male xsbelle 2018-09-18

"Kid," Aaron said, a smile in his voice, "what do you think I've been doing?" Walking me around behind J, he put a hand on my hip and pushed between my shoulder blades until I bent over. The sensation was intoxicating, thrilling, but I couldn't help the pang of jealousy as I looked down at Eric, his face just a few inches away, and watched J fuck his mouth. While J squeezed a last few drops from the end of his dick and Eric tried to wipe away the mask of white that covered his eyes, Aaron stepped forward and pushed two fingers into me again. "Well," Aaron said, using his fingers to massage the knob at the base of my dick, "looks like it's time to hit the showers again."

Shower Encounter

gay-male sparkle8 2018-09-08

I knew that getting caught masturbating in the shower was grounds for being banned from the club, but I couldn't see how I could get caught. So I soaped up my cock, and started stroking. I turned back, leaned forward against the wall with one hand, and started stroking again with the other. He looked me in the eyes, reached out, and grabbed my hard cock, and started stroking. He stood over me, in 69 position, his feet planted firmly on the ground, his cock over my face, his upper body bent forward, his face over my cock, and he started to lick me lightly. I started to lick his rock hard cock.

Max's Big Gay Carwash Ch. 01

gay-male GoodTimesStrangerAdventures 2018-08-15

I walked past the 7th stall on my way to the change machine and noticed a muscular guy who was shirtless getting out of a large black pick up truck. I waited in line for the change machine and watched as a group of guys had gotten a "hose fight" going between stalls 3 and 4 on the left. As I walked past stall 7 I half crashed into the muscular tanned guy (Buddy as I later found out) who was now heading toward the change machine. "Mozeltov my boy." And with that Max unceremoniously unbuttoned his shirt dropped his shorts revealing a large and throbbing cut cock and walked through my stall to the back tool shed on the lot.

Web Ch. 01

gay-male Cubanizer 2018-07-29

A gym rat since late high school, Greg worked at his body until he finished college, achieving the wide, rounded, mountainous physique he had always admired and fucked. Slowly slipping out of his boxer briefs, savoring every moment of them gracing down his legs, Greg put them down on the doorknob and waddled into his bedroom, his hand groping around his crotch. The young guy, a building painter for Greg's apartment complex, dressed in a throwaway shirt and blue jeans speckled with paint, held a roller in one hand and his crotch in the other. He watched Greg's every move of his hands over his greased body, and the teasing bounce of his cock. The painter was several apartments away, catching sight of Greg's short, spiky, bleach blonde hair and erotic crooked smile.

A Late Night Workout: Part 2

gay-male xsbelle 2018-07-29

I let him pull me backward and I bent forward obligingly when his other hand pushed hard between my shoulder blades. With one hand still pressed against the bare skin of my back to hold me at an angle, Aaron ran the other hand over each cheek, pulling and stretching them so that my wet, loose hole began to open. I wanted him to fuck me like that, his breath in my mouth, his hand on my face, while he filled my hole to overflowing. I wanted to grip an ass cheek and tease my middle finger into the crevice where the sweat of a workout still lingered, waiting for a hand to slide through and soap it away.

Friends and Lovers Ch. 01

gay-male PrickTease 2018-07-27

He'd crashed at mine for the night while my parents were away and I knew my older sister wouldn't mind and he had no where else to go any way. I think they'd turn you in..." I rubbed his back lovingly before whacking him on the back of the head, "but for now, that's your bed," I pointed to a mattress and cover that was abled to slide under my bed with him on it if he needed to hide. So I was on the bathroom, the boy I'd always loved in the next room, both of us with equally hard cocks. I moaned loudly and without warning my cock pulsed and I knew I was going to cum.

Hotel Room with View

gay-male ddhavnfun 2018-07-25

I admire my chubby body, my smooth skin, my breasts, my cock and ass. I rub lotion into the skin of my legs, abdomen, arms, breasts, and cock. I run my hands up to my breasts, rubbing and pulling at my hardened nipples. I turn to go into the bedroom and upon entering the room, realize that the curtains are open on the sliding doors out to the balcony. I am standing in a hotel room, rubbing my nipples, completely naked in front of an open door. I watched as his hands lower themselves to open his towel, freeing his rock hard cock. I again laid down open legs facing the stranger and slowly inserted the dildo into my waiting ass.

Rest Stop Big Rig BJ

gay-male Tcs1956 2018-07-19

The eroticism of this beautiful cock, how delicious it felt in my hand and being in this awesome truck, in the middle of the Rest Stop parking lot, the motor humming...I just lowered my head to his cock and sucked him all the way down on the first stroke without another thought except for pleasuring him! When I felt his cock start to pump, I let his first spurt cum into my mouth so I could taste it and then I went down to the base with my lips...I held him deep in my throat as he spasmed over and over and over!

Chubby Exhibitionist Let Him Watch

gay-male ddhavnfun 2018-07-13

That night I was enjoying my nakedness and a hard cock so much, in anticipation of my stop at the rest area that I decided I would risk driving through Columbia naked. Once there I drove alongside cars with men and women wishing I could just raise myself up a little so they could see my hard cock. I know I am chubby and have a small cock and at times self-conscious but he said that he liked chubby guys. I was rock hard and wanted to jack off to completion but he said hold a little longer. I laid back in the seat and spread my legs again showing him my hard cock and bare ass cheeks.

Public Servant: Jackhammer

gay-male HenriXXXdAmore 2018-07-03

"I've been looking for a cute little twink pussyboy like you and I know you want it. sir." I sat patiently, looking up into his steely gray eyes, waiting for an order. "Please, sir," I said, "put your cock in my mouth." With his other hand he guided the head of his dick into my mouth, forcing it deeper and deeper into the back of my throat. I could tell my face was turning red, and my eyes were beginning to tear up, but he only gave me half a second to breathe before plunging his colossal member back down my throat. Soon, I began to feel overwhelmed by the amount of cock and had to grab a handful of his ass to steady myself.

Number 86 Ch. 06

gay-male SaucySexySlut 2018-06-09

Edith and Margaret - sitting on the sofa opposite with spread legs and moist pussies watched with satisfaction as Mark played with another man's cock for the first time in his life. Mark moved his hand to Kevin's stiff shaft, stroking it up and down lightly and feeling it growing stiffer in his hand until it was so erect the foreskin was pulled back to expose the cock head. Mark obliged and moved his hand up and down Kevin's erection some more, moving the palm of his hand over the cock head each time he reached it. Moving his head away for a moment, he lowered Kevin's cock towards him and started to lick the head, running his tongue all around the slit tasting the pre-cum that had dribbled out of it so far.

Getting Lost In a Store

gay-male CowboyBootedNJ 2018-05-30

Jerry then reached up over the associate's head not realizing he was still wearing just the shorts and nothing else under them since he was notified about the new mini tool, was reaching up and somehow his penis that was registered between the folds of his shorts slipped down to his left leg and the head was exposed to the associate, showing him the nice and thick cut head. The associate stated as he was getting up and removing the cup from Jerry's massive bulge, "Come with me." escorting him secretively through the aisles of the store to the men's room.

Indian Boy Seduces Men in Train

gay-male hornyindian1 2018-05-15

But to my surprise, (and happiness too!!) the hand started pressing against my ass with firmer grip, at each jerk of the train. And this man had kept his hand on my thigh, very close to my cock the whole time. The people in the compound of the building I was entering were giving me weird looks, they probably hadn't seen a boy wearing short tops and thongs. His hands were searching my entire body, moving up my ass and cock, teasing my armpits and navel. Next he started inserting his 10" cock into my ass and being the slut I was, I took it in, in the first stroke itself. They said "A slut like you shouldn't cover her legs and ass fully.


gay-male Robert_Furlong 2018-05-07

Even while I'd been watching the two gay dudes wanking off, I'd known Brian would just about laugh himself silly hearing how I'd walked in on my gay hosts having a good pull together. "Then the older one pulls his mouth off his cock and says, 'Maybe this is more like how you do it, Dave,' and cranes his neck right down so his face is pushed between lover-boy's legs..." The older one knelt down in front of me with his mouth working its magic up and down my veiny chub, while the younger one went round the back of me to crouch down and feast between my cheeks like he loved other fellas' arse-stink.

The Birthday Video

gay-male blklthrjkt 2018-04-18

"Umm, this rubber cock is gonna feel mighty good in my ass." Marty moaned as he rubbed the slippery dildo across his puckered asshole. As I began taping again, I started on a close-up of the rubber casting of Jeff's cock, as Marty slowly licked the huge head. We repeated the insertion of the monster dildo again for the camera, complete with suitable groans and moans, but a lot faster than before, and on tape it looked every bit as hot as it had, just without the pauses. I let the camera linger there a little longer and as I slowly zoomed back, Marty swept up some of the hot cum on his fingers and brought them to his lips. I stopped the camera and put it down, then slowly pulled the monster cock from Marty's tortured ass.

Room 371

gay-male Banquo81 2018-04-18

I wait to feel fingers pressing against me, probing gently, but they never come; there is to be no waiting tonight, no teasing, and I moan around the throbbing cock fucking my face as a second one drives deep into my ass, not stopping until it's buried in me to the hilt. Fill him with your cum till your balls are dry.' I'm pinned so tightly to the bed that I can't even push up against them; I am theirs to fuck as hard as they like, and as your focus returns to the cock in my mouth, I feel it start to explode and a first spurt of cum shoots over my tongue and down my throat. Just then, I feel that long, thick cock slide all the way inside me for the final time, and hear him moan uncontrollably as his cum shoots deep into my ass.

Hard Worker Ch. 11

gay-male tzael2003 2018-04-15

I take his 5-inch slender cock in my hands and guide it into my waiting mouth to start giving him my first serious and long blow job of the day. I work one with my mouth while wanking the other off with my hand, and then switch their cocks, and continue to do that, till one comes in my mouth and the other sprays his strings of warm jizz unto my bare chest. I will spend with almost every inch of my bare skin covered in jizz and spunk, sucking on anxious, hard, horny cocks who will be spraying out their creamy loads.