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Britain's Got A Naked Singin' Boy Wiv A Boner

gay-male RobbieW 2018-02-27

I find the best thing to keep my dick hard is to think of Gareth Gates while I’m singing it. Then the judge with the nice teeth and hair, he says, “Are there any other songs you sing?” It has to be the judge with the nice teeth and hair coz he is well fit and he fancies me like fuck. The fit judge with the nice teeth and hair, he puts his hands on my thighs, slowly strokes my thighs up and down as I thrash away on my hot dick. I carry on singing and I change the words as the fit judge with the nice teeth and hair strokes my thighs. It’s all up to the judge with the nice hair and teeth, and even nicer cock.

Bondage Bench

gay-male MadExhibitionist 2018-02-17

After plucking up the courage to strap myself to that bench, I bought a collar to match my cuffs and took a visit to the sauna-bar. He was just taking a big load of cum in his mouth, so I waited until the guy he was sucking walked away, then approached and offered my cock as a replacement. I let him suck me until I was rock hard and said "I don't want to cum yet, but thanks for getting me going." "No problem", he replied with a grin. BJ crawled under the bench and started sucking the old man's cock. After disposing of my condom, I knelt on the bench's leg shelves and began to fasten my ankles to the relevant straps.

No Words

gay-male bg9351 2018-02-05

So it was with what felt like a massive tenting in my shorts (though it was probably hardly noticeable by anyone else!) that I left the house and strode across a few streets to a bus stop where I hoped no-one would recognize me. The bus arrived and while the journey was uneventful, my cock had had time to think and was pretty stiff as the bus made its way to the village and my destination. The bus pulled up but the driver looked away as he opened the doors and by the time he looked back I had already boarded, paid and stated my destination.


gay-male RobertFurlong 2018-01-29

Even while I'd been watching the two gay dudes wanking off, I'd known Brian would just about laugh himself silly hearing how I'd walked in on my gay hosts having a good pull together. "Then the older one pulls his mouth off his cock and says, 'Maybe this is more like how you do it, Dave,' and cranes his neck right down so his face is pushed between lover-boy's legs..." "One visit to that house and you're like a fuckin' oracle of gay sex info, mate," he chortled. The older one knelt down in front of me with his mouth working its magic up and down my veiny chub, while the younger one went round the back of me to crouch down and feast between my cheeks like he loved other fellas' arse-stink.

Fun After Work

gay-male biguy2play 2018-01-29

On my first visit there alone I was very embarrassed and when I finally chose a movie to watch I had left the door slightly opened (so passers-by would know I wasn’t doing anything ‘naughty’!) A man had opened the door and asked to join me. When the second man came in, locked the door and offered a blowjob I just said ‘no, let me do you.’ Surprised he consented and I eagerly went down on him and he gave me a hot mouthful of cum in return! I would look out the crack in the door now and then, wondering where he had gone … looking for his return … while playing with my hard cock through my opened jeans.


gay-male Robert_Furlong 2018-01-25

Even while I'd been watching the two gay dudes wanking off, I'd known Brian would just about laugh himself silly hearing how I'd walked in on my gay hosts having a good pull together. "Then the older one pulls his mouth off his cock and says, 'Maybe this is more like how you do it, Dave,' and cranes his neck right down so his face is pushed between lover-boy's legs..." The older one knelt down in front of me with his mouth working its magic up and down my veiny chub, while the younger one went round the back of me to crouch down and feast between my cheeks like he loved other fellas' arse-stink.

Two Bros Put on a Show

gay-male smoothboi69 2018-01-18

He'd been looking forward to this day ever since his mom told him she'd be going out of town for the weekend, leaving him and his younger brother Chad all alone at home. Alex smiled back and admired his brother's hot body for a moment, then turning around, he jutted his ass out towards Chad. "Looks like all that time working out is paying off for you boys..." There was no denying the smile on Mr. Brooks' face now. Alex shortly followed suit, doing the same thing in front of Mr. Brooks, both boys obviously teasing the older man with their young athletic bodies. Moving closer together, Alex and Chad began rubbing one another's bodies.

Always Naked

gay-male Parker822 2018-01-07

He stepped down of the car and got soaking wet after five seconds, but he didn't have a big problem with that, he had always loved the rain, it usually smells good especially when you are in the middle of the country, like he was now, in a warm summer day. He thought about having a hot guy fucking him in the grass, butt naked, pulling his hair in doggy style position, under the rain. - You have a really nice body Sean, you should be like this all the time, always naked. Sean stood there in the middle of the bathroom, naked, horny, with a full hard on, wondering what the hell was going on.

Under the Cartier Bridge

gay-male mbrucknr 2017-12-26

Each time he entered my mouth, I tilted my head slightly and pressed my tongue upward to slide underneath his shaft. He drew his fingers halfway out of my rectum, but rather than plunge them back inside again, he hooked them onto either side of my sphincter and pulled, spreading my anus. But he withdrew and tried again, this time sliding his stiffened cock up between my ass cheeks towards my anus. Leaning against my upraised leg with one hand, the other squeezed against my buttock, he drove his swollen penis steadily into and out of my rectum, never pulling out completely. Instead, one of his hands left my back and as I turned my head to follow it I saw him grip the base of his penis tightly.


gay-male mr_moonshine 2017-12-25

I press my hips back onto his hand, and he starts to thrust and twist and press and fuck with his fingers. He tries to swat them out of my hands, or grab my arms and pin me down, but I roll back onto the foot of the bed, spread my legs and start to work the dildo into me. I lie back and think about how good it's going to feel, how turned on I am right now, how sexy my lover is, and how hard I'm going to come. I shriek as I feel my body open up, and every inch of my lover's cock slides all the way in.

Rest Stop Big Rig BJ

gay-male Tcs1956 2017-12-18

The eroticism of this beautiful cock, how delicious it felt in my hand and being in this awesome truck, in the middle of the Rest Stop parking lot, the motor humming...I just lowered my head to his cock and sucked him all the way down on the first stroke without another thought except for pleasuring him! When I felt his cock start to pump, I let his first spurt cum into my mouth so I could taste it and then I went down to the base with my lips...I held him deep in my throat as he spasmed over and over and over!

Chubby Exhibitionist Let Him Watch

gay-male ddhavnfun 2017-12-03

That night I was enjoying my nakedness and a hard cock so much, in anticipation of my stop at the rest area that I decided I would risk driving through Columbia naked. Once there I drove alongside cars with men and women wishing I could just raise myself up a little so they could see my hard cock. I know I am chubby and have a small cock and at times self-conscious but he said that he liked chubby guys. I was rock hard and wanted to jack off to completion but he said hold a little longer. I laid back in the seat and spread my legs again showing him my hard cock and bare ass cheeks.

Hotel Room with View

gay-male ddhavnfun 2017-11-21

I admire my chubby body, my smooth skin, my breasts, my cock and ass. I rub lotion into the skin of my legs, abdomen, arms, breasts, and cock. I run my hands up to my breasts, rubbing and pulling at my hardened nipples. I turn to go into the bedroom and upon entering the room, realize that the curtains are open on the sliding doors out to the balcony. I am standing in a hotel room, rubbing my nipples, completely naked in front of an open door. I watched as his hands lower themselves to open his towel, freeing his rock hard cock. I again laid down open legs facing the stranger and slowly inserted the dildo into my waiting ass.

A Late Night Workout: Part 2

gay-male xsbelle 2017-11-21

I let him pull me backward and I bent forward obligingly when his other hand pushed hard between my shoulder blades. With one hand still pressed against the bare skin of my back to hold me at an angle, Aaron ran the other hand over each cheek, pulling and stretching them so that my wet, loose hole began to open. I wanted him to fuck me like that, his breath in my mouth, his hand on my face, while he filled my hole to overflowing. I wanted to grip an ass cheek and tease my middle finger into the crevice where the sweat of a workout still lingered, waiting for a hand to slide through and soap it away.

Number 86 Ch. 06

gay-male SaucySexySlut 2017-11-17

Edith and Margaret - sitting on the sofa opposite with spread legs and moist pussies watched with satisfaction as Mark played with another man's cock for the first time in his life. Mark moved his hand to Kevin's stiff shaft, stroking it up and down lightly and feeling it growing stiffer in his hand until it was so erect the foreskin was pulled back to expose the cock head. Mark obliged and moved his hand up and down Kevin's erection some more, moving the palm of his hand over the cock head each time he reached it. Moving his head away for a moment, he lowered Kevin's cock towards him and started to lick the head, running his tongue all around the slit tasting the pre-cum that had dribbled out of it so far.

A Late Night Workout: Part 3

gay-male xsbelle 2017-11-12

"Kid," Aaron said, a smile in his voice, "what do you think I've been doing?" Walking me around behind J, he put a hand on my hip and pushed between my shoulder blades until I bent over. The sensation was intoxicating, thrilling, but I couldn't help the pang of jealousy as I looked down at Eric, his face just a few inches away, and watched J fuck his mouth. While J squeezed a last few drops from the end of his dick and Eric tried to wipe away the mask of white that covered his eyes, Aaron stepped forward and pushed two fingers into me again. "Well," Aaron said, using his fingers to massage the knob at the base of my dick, "looks like it's time to hit the showers again."

Country Boy

gay-male susansnow 2017-11-12

I could hear the music from inside, the thump of the bass went straight from my ears to my cock; I was anxious to get in. I watched as men danced together, my mind blown by their beautiful bodies pressed against each other. At the top of the stairs was a room with couches and a huge bar. When I came, I knew that that this was who I was and what I wanted. In the darkness of the bar, I was unable to see much but I knew what was up against my face. We came together; I could feel his cock contract inside of me as he let go.

The Birthday Video

gay-male blklthrjkt 2017-10-21

"Umm, this rubber cock is gonna feel mighty good in my ass." Marty moaned as he rubbed the slippery dildo across his puckered asshole. As I began taping again, I started on a close-up of the rubber casting of Jeff's cock, as Marty slowly licked the huge head. We repeated the insertion of the monster dildo again for the camera, complete with suitable groans and moans, but a lot faster than before, and on tape it looked every bit as hot as it had, just without the pauses. I let the camera linger there a little longer and as I slowly zoomed back, Marty swept up some of the hot cum on his fingers and brought them to his lips. I stopped the camera and put it down, then slowly pulled the monster cock from Marty's tortured ass.

Masturbation Party

gay-male redmaxxx 2017-09-30

The others were watching, but Douglas saw Ethan's hand slip in between Danny's legs and he felt a twinge of jealousy, which was quickly displaced by the feeling of Anthony behind him, pressing himself into Douglas' ass, his strong hands holding Douglas firmly by the hips. For a moment, he watched Danny sucking Ethan's cock, but then he looked around the room where Ryan was eating Patrick's ass. After a while, firm hands spun Douglas around, and he was surprised to see that at some point, Ethan had replaced Anthony, and when he was offered, he went hungrily after Ethan's cock also; it smelled like a walk in the woods after the rain and it was shorter, but just as thick.

First Time Cruising

gay-male 54btmguy 2017-09-17

While I kept sucking his friend the one playing with my ass started putting his wet finger in my hole and the 2 and after a couple minutes he pulls me up off my knees which actually felt good from being on them for some time. He asked if I liked getting fucked and I pulled of his friends cock and said I love cock and cum in both my holes. He slowly pushed the head in and with a little pop he was in and stopped moving for a bit I guess to get my hole use to his fat cock head and ask if I liked it and I said I love it please fuck me and breed me then his friend jammed his cock in my mouth and said we're gonna make you air tight you horny little bitch.

Saturday Night at the Local ABS

gay-male Tcs1956 2017-09-11

One of the guys who had been watching, a white guy, late 40's balding, a little chubby took the seat next to me and pulled out his cock before I could even get off my knees on the sticky, old cum covered theater floor. I took his balls in my hand and rubbed the base of his cock back near the asshole as I sucked hard and fast. I opened my eyes and this other man was rubbing his cock against my face while I sucked the Italian guy. The Italian guy took my head in his hands and forced me to suck the other guy while he jerked his cock across the other side of my face.

Irresistible Desire

gay-male Polarbear501 2017-09-05

I adjusted the car seat back a little so that I could stretch out, I slid my hand down & lifted my balls out over the waistband of my joggers, the elastic holding them snugly at the base of my cock, I stroked myself gently & quickly became fully hard. His rough hands ran over my hips & thighs squeezing the flesh, then slid between my legs, grabbed my balls tugging the scrotum & pulling my hard cock down. I pushed his foreskin right back, my hand at the base of his cock as I held his tender gland gently in my mouth, swirling the silky fluid around it with my tongue as his climax subsided.

My Brother and His Boyfriend

gay-male londonganymede 2017-09-03

It was a warm, late-summer evening and the three of us sat at the kitchen table waiting; Dad in his suit after work, me in my usual jeans and a t-shirt, and Aaron in nothing but a pair of boxers, smiling at his phone and texting with one foot up on the chair. "I'm so fucking horny," I heard Aaron whisper to Lars and breathing heavily after half a minute of tongue wrestling and forgetting to breathe. Aaron went in for another deep loud kiss at the door, and smacked Lars's ass when he turned around. "Fuck yeah, I'm gonna cum!" Aaron said so suddenly and loudly that if the neighbors were awake I'm sure they heard.

Indian Boy Seduces Men in Train

gay-male hornyindian1 2017-08-28

But to my surprise, (and happiness too!!) the hand started pressing against my ass with firmer grip, at each jerk of the train. And this man had kept his hand on my thigh, very close to my cock the whole time. The people in the compound of the building I was entering were giving me weird looks, they probably hadn't seen a boy wearing short tops and thongs. His hands were searching my entire body, moving up my ass and cock, teasing my armpits and navel. Next he started inserting his 10" cock into my ass and being the slut I was, I took it in, in the first stroke itself. They said "A slut like you shouldn't cover her legs and ass fully.