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My first time with David

gay-male machu 2018-12-04

David walks back in, dropping several condoms beside me, “I want you to practice on some bananas for a few days, the rubbers will keep them from breaking too badly. I’m really there to give David head; I’ve jacked off to that thought all week. David takes my cock into his warm mouth, swirling his tongue around the helmet, sucking it slowly in between his lips until I’m pressing against the back of his throat. I lay back as my climax begins, “Oh, David I’m coming!” the feeling as I orgasm is so intense my vision swims. I feel his erection swell as I wrap my legs around his waist, pulling him deeper, and he drops his head forward, his hips trembling against me.

The Blizzard

gay-male floridaguy2001 2018-12-04

Mike grabbed his cock and slowly rubbed it all over my ass. He was really getting off on my blowjob but he pulled me up and said "I am going to fuck that sweet ass again I don’t want to waste my cum right now." I could feel mike move his ass as he pushed his body into me, mike started to fuck me faster and faster until he exploded inside me, He was about to pull out and I reached behind me and asked him to leave it in. As Mike whispered those words I felt his legs tighten and he grabbed the back of my head and held it to his lap as his cock erupted into my mouth.

Opposites Attract - Part Four

gay-male buck4bear 2018-12-02

Weeks after their initial meeting, Joe spent trying to locate Craig, hanging out at the bar they met, sliding his phone number under his apartment door (which he knew was creepy), and walking about hoping for a chance encounter. Man, I’m sorry,” said Craig, looking at Joe with sincerity. When I saw you here kissing another man I assumed what we had was a one night fling,” said Joe. He pulled out a business card that had his cell on it and slid it to Craig. John loved the aggressive fucking of Craig, showing he had stamina and strength to keep his ass up and still the way he knew the big man liked it.

Robert The Randy Married Bobby - Part One

gay-male Man4Married 2018-12-02

My online chatting soon became quite intoxicating and I would hurry home and could not wait to read all the sexual horny messages. The many sexy pictures sent back and forth online between myself and all those other horny men, showed no promise to deliver the virtual man of my sexual dreams. My many admirers came from all over globe and it felt like I had a sexy man in just about every county just waiting to talk to me before they too went to bed after a hot and heavy jerk session. As the tone of our virtual sex chat changed and became more heated, I imagined that hard cock waiting to spurt out a thick hot spray of cum into his hand.

Addicted to Teenage Cock and Cum - Part One (Football Players)

gay-male edlangston 2018-12-01

Then David said, “Look guys, I’ve never done anything like that before and I definitely don’t want to be labeled as a cock sucker at school. He and the other guys smiled at David’s reply, thinking they were just minutes away from getting a blowjob. David then sat down on the log and Jeff moved in front of him, lowering his shorts and jock strap. I was just about to stand up to move out and break it up when David pushed Jeff’s hands away and said, “Sorry Jeff, but I just can’t suck a cock. Then David said, “Well, I guess I could come out here with you guys, but I’m not changing my mind about not wanting to suck cock, with or without a shower.”

Robert The Randy Married Bobby - Part Five

gay-male Man4Married 2018-12-01

His light grey suit jacket fitted him perfectly and I saw his head dip down and Martin placed his lips on mine and kissed me. He sure did not want to waste any time this morning as we stood and kissed each other behind the closed door. Dropping his hands towards my rounded ass cheeks, Martin squeezed them as his tongue and lips plundered my mouth. His hands roamed over my back and ass, never removing his lips and tongue away from my mouth. Those strong arms pulled me close again and I opened my mouth and let his tongue and lips show me just what they could do.

Discovering My Idenity As A Top Was Learning From The Bottom

gay-male Blackrain 2018-12-01

I  had just got off the bus going home from work when I decided to stop at a nearby park restroom to take a piss. Looks like you are ready for more than just taking a piss," he said pointing to the bulge growing in my pants. After about five minutes of slow pumps, he began to pound my ass like a jackhammer. After about fifteen minutes of stretching my hole, he pulled out and said, " Now we're gonna let you know what its like to be a top." Never had I eaten anyone's ass before but the sight of his pink hole surrounded by strawberry blond butt hair got me more than horned up.

The hunky Californian Daddy Part 2

gay-male Man4Married 2018-11-30

The only light was coming from the television screen in the far corner and I saw his dark body fill the doorway as he came into the room and left the bathroom door opened a few inches and went to switch off the television. His warm skin against my cool body felt good as he pinned me down and started kissing my already swollen lips. It felt so good to feel those heavy thighs pushing onto me and we kissed as if we had done this before. My body started to feel like one big sex organ as he touched, kissed, stroked and caressed my pliant body.

Opposites Attract - Part 3

gay-male buck4bear 2018-11-30

“Yeh, man, wasn’t expecting that,” said Joe, still feeling the sting on his ass, in addition to having trouble breathing because of the excessively tight grip he was experiencing. The two broke their kiss, Joe taking one of Craig’s fat fingers and sucking it, signaling to Craig that he wanted him inside his mouth. Finally, Joe felt the throbbing, and then Craig’s hands grab and hold his head steady, followed by the taste of sperm while the big man groaned loudly. “Got to get up Joe,” said Craig as he sat up, watching his limp dick slip out of Joe’s mouth. Not sure which is better, that mouth or that ass,” said Craig as he walked to the bathroom, giving Joe a pat on the head as if he were a pet.

Webmeets Diary Ch. 08

gay-male starbelliedboy 2018-11-30

Mark sat down on the bed, turning the camera off and speaking for the first time since we entered the room: "Well, you didn't give us anything in particular you wanted to do, so we decided tonight you would fuck Jason, since he loves to be fucked by white guys, then tomorrow night I would fuck you. I took the smaller Asian dick in my mouth, as big as his lover's soft penis despite the latter being nearly fully erect, and began the usual ritual of licking and sucking, massaging the shaft at the same time, and copying the hand motions with my left hand, coaxing Mark's to stand up too.

Addicted to Teenage Cock and Cum - Part Two (Pot Heads)

gay-male edlangston 2018-11-30

Jimmy just looked at me strangely for a moment and then said, “You know Ed, when you talk about jogging in the park in the evenings, and your son going to our same high school and playing football, something is starting to sound familiar about your situation. I could see that he was pretty high from the pot and after a few more minutes watching him he held his cock, pointed it, and waved it at me saying, “You can come over here and suck it for me if you want to Ed. After learning that you have spent a lot of time jogging in the park, and then the way you hesitated when I ask you about sucking football player cock in that maintenance shed, I’m willing to bet that you are the cock sucker that we’ve all heard about.

Robert The Randy Married Bobby - Part Four

gay-male Man4Married 2018-11-29

Sex with a stranger was not going to be easy but at least he knew what he wanted and it was my hot sexy bum. Wearing just my red thong I slipped back under the covers and waited for the phone to ring. Martin wanted my ass and that was all that mattered and he would make his way over as soon as I gave him the address, which I did and he said goodbye and I heard the horny need in his voice. Sweat mixed with cum was good for a relaxing after sex massage I was told, but we wont have much time for that this morning as he had to get to work.

The Hunky Californian Daddy Part 4

gay-male Man4Married 2018-11-29

For a few seconds all I felt was his strong thighs on either side of my naked legs, and his hot gaze on the pliant body beneath him. The horny daddy broke off the kiss and slid down my body, helped along by the sheen of sweat, and clamped his gorgeous mouth onto my left nipple; my back instinctively arched as if I was in pain. Teasing my cock with his smooth, hot tongue, it jerked and twitched when he moved away for those few seconds. My balls were so tight and drawn into my body as they do, while my cock was so rock hard and felt just as tight.

White Teen Boy and Man Sucks Old Black Men

gay-male edlangston 2018-11-28

As I was getting out of the truck, he said, “I didn’t mean to upset you Eddie, but I think we both know that if you would hold and then kiss my cock like you did, and not be grossed out by the stale piss, then you will want to do more one day. I reluctantly started to pull away, but he held me in place and said, “I could tell last week that you didn’t really mind the smell of the stale piss in my foreskin, so I’m going to do something for you now to wash down my thick cum.

You’re in the Army Now

gay-male DarkSide 2018-11-28

I pulled up my flimsy shorts, which barely covered my erection, opened the door to the loo and faced Sergeant Major Dunster. I felt sure Colonel Jefferson was going to bury his cock in my arse for my little indiscretion earlier. With Sergeant Major Dunster out of the way, I started to push my arse back towards Colonel Jefferson. “Speak up Private Dwight,” the loud order came from Captain Lawrence who was apparently watching the whole affair from the confines of his comfortable chair; I don’t know what he was doing with his cock, but I reckoned it was hard as he handled it. I couldn’t wait until Sergeant Major Dunster would find out and pull me up in front of the disciplinary board; led of course, by Colonel Jefferson.

My Friends Feed Me Cum

gay-male edlangston 2018-11-27

Keith and Lamont really smiled when they saw me taste their juices, and I’m sure they felt that it was only a matter of a little time before I would be sucking their cocks and swallowing all of their cum. After watching this for a few minutes, both Keith and Lamont pulled down their sweat pants and kicked them off, and they were sitting there half nude stroking those big cocks. I pulled off of Keith’s cock and said, “Sorry Lamont, but I don’t want any butt fucking from you guys. Lamont continued to fuck my thighs as Keith fed me his cum and then he said, “Damn Ed, that is so hot watching you suck cock and swallowing Keith’s cum.

Joe's House

gay-male torpedoman 2018-11-26

I know you look as guys cocks all the time and wish you were sucking them. Open your mouth and take in his cock and suck it clean.” After I finished cleaning his beautiful cock Gene told me to kneel in front of him and masturbate. After you cum I want you to lick it up and swallow it all.” I did as I was instructed and loved every minute. He then turned his attention back to Mary and gave her a very long fucking and once again shot his cum deep inside her. The entire time I was giving pleasure to Stan I had Sid’s cock in my right hand as I slowly jerked him.

Mr. Man

gay-male Haurihan 2018-11-26

“I'm...not sure.” Rachel looked confused, but hid it professionally under her 5-star guest service smile. Does that help?” A look of understanding came over Rachel's face, like it was all falling into place, but she hadn't expected it to do so so suddenly. Whatever was on that other end seemed to be placing the elements of the equation into a logical order, and Rachel's face morphed into a Neapolitan of embarrassment, acceptance and that good ol' familiar 5-star guest service smile. The door swung open, and behind it stood a handsome tall, sturdy black man of about forty, smiling wide through white teeth, adorned in a large, thick bathrobe.


gay-male Teddy111 2018-11-26

Darren closed his eyes and rested his head in his hands for the umpteenth time that day. He watched silently as the giant crossed to a wooden drawer to withdraw a pair of what looked like freshly washed and pressed bed sheets along with a pillow. Darren looked away from the sight, not liking the way his heart rate sped or the tingle he felt below his belt. His foot long monster dwarfed his own appendage, but Darren found he liked having a smaller cock than the older man’s. Darren reached out a hand to stop Cross’s advance, but when it wrapped around the impressive girth of man meat, something possessed him to kneel down on the floor in front of him.

White Boss Becomes Submissive to Black Men

gay-male edlangston 2018-11-25

He said that the porn theater was well-known as a hang-out for black men who liked to demean the white men who sucked their cocks. Everyone knew that the only reason for a 50 year old white man to be there on a work night was to suck some black cock. He looked down between his legs at my face and said, “The few white men who have taken to eating my ass the way you just did have also enjoyed what I’m going to do next. Then Jesse said, “And since the boys are living with me and we have pooled our resources from unemployment and having white guys suck our cocks, we have been making it.


gay-male Tuppie 2018-11-25

While toying with his balls, his inflating knob began to rise, moving away from his thigh. As Lavon’s horn proudly began lifting further upwards, I slid my hand over the silky shaft. Grabbing hold of his shaft, Lavon began rubbing his dark pole all over my face and head. Moving my head closer, the strong smell of his sweaty ball-bag assailed my nostrils. “Yes… fuck yes daddy… it smells awesome,” I said as my mouth frantically licked and worshiped. Finally moving backward, Lavon began slapping my face with his huge shlong. Popping his huge dick-head in me, he asked, “Does that feel good boy?” After Lavon returned from gym each evening, I was fucked for half an hour before dinner.

Opposites Attract - Part Two

gay-male buck4bear 2018-11-25

“Where you think you’re going?” said Craig, strengthening the hold he had on Joe. “Coming in here teasing me with this fine white boy ass then wanting to leave,” said Craig as he cupped his hand under Joe’s nakedness, getting a firm grip on his fleshy cheeks. Joe reached up and felt Craig’s hairy man tits, tweaking his nipples, causing Craig to push the head of his dick inside Joe’s ass. “This is going to feel real good around my dick,” said Craig as he continued to probe with his fingers, opening up Joe’s hole for what would be several hours. “I’m know what I’m doing boy, don’t need your help.” With that Craig slowly slid the rest of his dick into Joe’s ass, feeling the incredibly pleasurable moist warmth tightly wrapped around him.

Black Man's Sexy Girlfriend

gay-male Samuelx 2018-11-25

A tall, good-looking young black man with a rather unique story to tell. Young men and women who want to serve the United States in a military capacity. The Massachusetts Military Institute currently sponsors Men's Intercollegiate Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer, Swimming, Ice Hockey, Sailing, Water Polo, Wrestling, Football, Track & Field, Golf, Tennis, Volleyball, Rifle, and Archery. All of these sports teams compete in the National Collegiate Athletic Association's Division One. We've taken on other athletic powerhouses like Harvard University, UMass-Amherst and Boston College. Then, I took my backpack, along with three hundred bucks and took a cab from the Massachusetts Military Institute Campus to South Station in Boston. We met inside the men's room for a little bit of fun.

After Dinner Danish

gay-male bigmeatacolyte 2018-11-25

My hand definitely didn’t encompass all of his balls and I felt a drip of clear saliva run out my mouth, but didn’t see where it landed as his cock jerked at the sight of my drool and the soft lump pulsed. It was an impressive volume in my book, but I didn’t really look as my orgasm caused my ass to pull his cock deeper inside me. His grunts gave way to a quick intake of air and I felt his balls move upward, then his cock grew another inch and flared in thickness, causing me to moan in a pitch I didn’t know I could reach.