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My Charlie

gay-male 007Lover 2018-11-10

I can’t begin to describe the closeness and affection that grew alongside us all those years ago, and I can only put to words the affirmation of this and hope dearly that you’ll understand what it means to truly love someone, as I did Charlie. Behind his glasses, his eyes glimmered strangely, out of anger or hurt, I don’t know, but they grew intense and he stared at me the way he used to before he went away. There he was, there was my Charlie, his lost youth suddenly recouped and alive in his dancing eyes, smiling and dreaming his worries away and for a moment, it seemed we were only sixteen, learning each other’s bodies by heart and proclaiming true love for one another.

Give and Take: Prologue 01: Dreams

gay-male amu23m1 2018-08-04

Now, another 2 months later with the banks knocking on my door, it looks like hope will have to take a back seat as I start my stereotypical "ex-cop" job in private security. I don't know why the Renchette's would ask for a failure like me but I can only hope this job is more mind numbing than working out all day (which has been my life for the last three months!). I just have a few questions then feel free to consider the job yours." My heart is pounding in my chest from the nerves, but I calm down and try to remember the interview process for the station.