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Released from Duty

gay-male Dirty_D 2018-10-30

I'm following a dark headed man clad in a long lab coat; hand on the rail, feet under the edge galloping down the stairs in counterpoint to my own. I pull him tight against me with the hand cradling his buttocks, and lips to his ear whisper, “I want you to come for me Alex.” His groans are louder, and he pumps his hips into my fist, thrusting hard against me as I drive my hand along his cock. He holds tight to me, hands sliding down to grip my hips, and he thrusts hard, moaning out. We stand like that, lips together, as he slides his hand around, down the waist of my scrubs, fingers grazing my cock, setting it on fire with his touch.

Doctor's Examination

gay-male scentto 2018-03-06

The doctor sat down on the leather bench at the head of the exam table and leaned forward slightly as he began to speak. He went on to explain how that stimulation of the prostrate was directly tied to mind numbing orgasms, and even men with limited blood flow could experience hard erection and fulfill their sexual desires without taking any medications. As I lay forward on the table, resting my head on my left arm I watched as the doctor placed the leather case back on the counter and picked up the small slim dildo. As I continued to stroke my erection I noticed the larger dildo was still resting on the counter in the leather case.

Doctors Visit

gay-male hasnoalias 2018-01-09

I then took both cocks in my mouth at once and really sucked them both hard Dr. Petrov and Nurse Drake continued moaning and kissing as they began to thrust into my mouth. Nurse Drake then went back to fucking my throat and Dr. Petrov plunged his hard cock back into my war ass. I had sucked all the cum out of Nurse Drake's cock and milked Dr. Petrov's cock for all I could with my asshole, but I was amazed that they were both still rock hard. Dr. Petrov had a hold of my hair and shoulder and he started slamming his cock so hard and deep into my asshole, that the table began to rock back and forth.

Team Physicals Ch. 01

gay-male blondeallover_00 2017-10-23

About once every ten times, the examined student will respond something like, "how about if I made some nice young guy happy with it?" My wife is with one of your team mates behind closed doors in the next examination room." All depending on how the naked student responds next, depends on how the doctor frames his proposition. If the subject is uninhibited and verbally mentions something about how great the sex was, the doctor usually replies, "you think you had a good time, look what happened here." My husband steps back so the subject can see his erection bulging against fairly tight jeans.