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The Park - Chapter 2

gay-male elementc32 2018-12-03

The images of what happened earlier in the day with Adam would flood my mind every time I closed my eyes. I had no problem enjoying another man, I just felt like everyone else did. Adam straddled me and pulled his shorts down, exposing his cock. I closed my eyes and tried to accept what was happening. Before long I was enjoying it, I sucked and bobbed my head like a pro. I looked up at Adam, and the look of pleasure on his face made me feel proud. Sucking cock wasn't that bad, I didn't feel any less like a man. Adam pulled back and I looked back to him just in time for stream after stream of his cum to shoot across my face.

A Preacher's Son

gay-male MsFreakyGoth 2018-12-03

Damn, my cock felt like it was choking in the cotton material of my trousers, but before I decided to do anything about it, I moved my hand from tweaking Micheal's nipples to grope his crotch. I want to make you feel even better because I really do like you," I said mesmerized by his cute pink uncircumcised cock leaking pearly juices. He was too far away to have heard us, but the look on Micheal was as if his Dad had bat ears and believed he heard everything. "Good sermon Sir," I said to get his attention away from my Micheal. As we begun walking away, his father pulled him back and said, "Your mom might not be home, so take of the house."

The Park - Chapter 3

gay-male elementc32 2018-11-25

I got aggressive, I swirled my tongue around his head while periodically taking it into my mouth to suck on for a bit. I began to drool all over his cock, adding lube for me to stroke his cock harder and faster. It didn't take long before I felt him tense up and unload several shots of cum into my mouth. I gathered myself, spitting what was left of his cum onto the ground and wiping my mouth. I just smiled and waved before heading back to the car. I called Adam immediately and met him at his place. His roommate was out, so I felt comfortable confessing to him what had happened. I thought he would be proud of me for trying something new and being open minded about it.

The Park - Chapter 1

gay-male elementc32 2018-11-11

I came upon a rather large rock and as I walked around it I saw a man in a suit leaning back against the rock and another guy in running attire on his knees sucking the man off. I went running again after my classes were finished for the day, and kept a keen eye out for girls wanting to suck my dick. I told Adam about it the next morning, how there were no girls and that guy was apparently expecting me to suck him off. Adam laughed at me, and told me that it was mostly gay guys that went there, and asked me why I didn't help him.

Nightclub Threesome

gay-male speedodave 2018-11-04

But he didn't start stroking my cock, instead, Antony broke off our kiss and told Trev to get under the table and to suck my cock. Antony was getting the same treatment I had just received and with the two of us kissing, my hand up his shirt feeling his chest and Trev's mouth sucking like a vacuum Antony didn't last long either. I though it was time for more than just kissing so I started undoing Antony's jeans and I told Trev (who was still behind me) to do the same to me. I told the guys that I was getting closer and Antony maneuvered from my balls to the head of my cock, it was obvious that he wanted some cum which I delivered in an amazing orgasm.

The Neighbour's Knickers - Part 4

gay-male AbigailThornton 2018-11-01

“Imagine what it’s going to feel like, Petra, when I get you home and push my big fake cock deep into your arse and wank you off into my knickers.” I knew wonderful sensations must have been flooding through Michael’s body to make his cock do that… as my hidden cock was behaving in exactly the same; I could feel the slipperiness of Justine’s wanking hand increasing by the second, in time with my rapidly rising pleasure. “Do it!” Justine shrilled into my ear, her voice a shard of glass driving into my frazzled brain as she reached under my skirt and pulled my cock free of the now-sodden blue knickers – spiking my pleasure right at the moment the leaking purple plum of Michael’s cock entered my mouth.

Just Two Guys Sitting in the Grass

gay-male IrishSpringandSummer 2018-10-05

Watching him squirm with the need to piss the whole way wouldn't be too bad, even with my own bladder filling up. "Then get your dick out the leg of your shorts, and pee into the grass. He was a second too late—he was already starting to piss, and it soaked a line down the leg of his shorts. He freed the tip of his cock, which was starting to thicken with an erection, and was shining wet with pee—good God, that looked hot. "It was kinda hot watching you, too." He smiled, relief making him look far more relaxed now, even though he was still peeing.

My Adonis

gay-male mdp_2004 2018-09-30

Once there I headed for my shower and lathered up to a nice hard orgasm as I thought about sucking his magnificent cock. I watch him while I pedal a stationary bike, hoping one day soon to feel the power of his strong arms as he pushes me to my knees and makes me suck his cock. Taking hold of his balls and the base of his shaft with my left hand gives me the control I need to keep looking up at him while at the same time giving me opportunity to guide the head to my parting lips. When his cock head reaches my mouth, I focus on sucking it hard with pursed lips.

Cum Lover and Steve Pt. 07

gay-male cumlover969 2018-09-27

I opened up and Sarah said: I love that cock. I told Sarah to wear her sneakers as the second spot could be rough with maybe some broken glass. When we arrived at the top of the stairs, Sarah began rubbing her cunt and exclaimed: "this is so hot!, how do you do it." There was a steady stream of cars in all lanes. She said, "more people will see my wet twat then I could ever have imagined." We went down the steps to a chain link fence and Sarah pressed her body up against it, so close to the cars zipping by that they could almost reach out and touch her.

Cum Lover and Steve Pt. 09

gay-male cumlover969 2018-09-26

However, even if I could eat his cum out of a box, or whatever other device he would use, I above all wanted it spurting from his cock head directly in my mouth. His cock was like a fire hose, shooting untold gobs of scrumptious cum in my mouth and down my throat. He made eye contact and came toward me, mumbling "I can't believe what I'm seeing" then " why are you sitting there like that?" I gave him the line from my fantasy, "waiting for you, so I can suck your cock". A couple of days later I was sitting on the bed waiting for Mike, stroking my cock to an erection. He said, 'Alan, stroking your cock and eating your cum has made me so horny I could explode.

Lunch Hour

gay-male Ken Nitsua 2018-09-02

Waves of pleasure washed over me, and I turned my head up to the sky, my eyes closed and my mouth open in silent ecstasy. My efforts were delighting the biker, judging from his grunts and mutterings of "Yeah...fuck me man...uh-huh." His own right hand had moved from the tree trunk and was furiously jacking his own stiff rod, still wet with my spit. Before I knew what was happening his hand was behind my head pushing my face into his, his lips were pressed to mine and his tongue was in my mouth. Have a good one." He handed it back, jumped onto his bike and rode off, giving me a last look at the Lycra-wrapped butt he'd given up to me.

Max's Big Gay Carwash Ch. 01

gay-male GoodTimesStrangerAdventures 2018-08-15

I walked past the 7th stall on my way to the change machine and noticed a muscular guy who was shirtless getting out of a large black pick up truck. I waited in line for the change machine and watched as a group of guys had gotten a "hose fight" going between stalls 3 and 4 on the left. As I walked past stall 7 I half crashed into the muscular tanned guy (Buddy as I later found out) who was now heading toward the change machine. "Mozeltov my boy." And with that Max unceremoniously unbuttoned his shirt dropped his shorts revealing a large and throbbing cut cock and walked through my stall to the back tool shed on the lot.

Ravaged by a Big Black Cock

gay-male schuwinggg 2018-08-12

Eventually, I did hear Rick's voice as he said to those around me "Get your cameras ready, people." Then, in short order, he pulled back as my empty mouth reached for the enormous squirt of precious cum as it hit my nose, lips and throat, filling it to capacity. Mercifully, Rick squeezed a large gob of gel in and around my ass and got out of the way just in time as Mandingo spun the bed around and prepared to impale me. The most agonizing pain I've ever felt was being replaced by a fullness of a hot cock hitting places in my man pussy for perhaps the first time and sending me to a new stage of heaven.

Cum Lover and Steve Pt. 06

gay-male cumlover969 2018-08-02

We all got out and walked into the park, me holding Steve's hand with Sarah and Tim behind. Sarah was cooing over Steve's butt, saying things like: "Your ass is so lovely, I would like to kiss it all over." We went past some picnic tables and a little further in came to a table partially concealed by some bushes. After they began walking up hill Sarah jumped in: "She said to me that she wanted Tim to suck my cock. When Tim got up, Sarah planted her lips on his and sucked some of the cum out of his mouth. Tim, "What a turn on, I love the feel of the cock head in my mouth and the taste of cum.

Straight at Home, Bi on the Road

gay-male walterio 2018-07-25

Buddy's buttocks would tighten each time he drove his cock into Andy's ass. He felt his cock twitch under his towel and decided that he would look the blonde up later as he wanted to finish checking out the place. Bill eased his cock back into Spence's ass for a second time and he knew he would last a little longer this time since he had already cum. Bill moved away from the bunk and watched as another guy got behind Spence and began fucking him. Bill fucked him slowly and watched his cock slide in and out of Adam's shapely ass. The two of them walked to the private room section and Bill noticed a few gays having sex with the door open.

Military Boy Lost Ch. 02

gay-male CA808 2018-07-22

I couldn't believe that I landed a hot masculine Marine and giving him two things: the way back to his hotel and probably one of the if not, the hottest oral sex experience he ever had. "Dan, I have a friend who owns a hotel room down the road and he gave me keys to use them if I needed to." There were things he still needed to do: do his laundry, grab a couple of new shirts and underwear from Old Navy, take a nap, have some dinner, and then just spend time walking around Waikiki. I told him I was going to cum and he continued rubbing, stroking, sucking until I blasted all over his face and mouth.

What Would Eve Do? Ch. 01

gay-male StiffClit 2018-07-03

Dallas casually turned his head to the right, his eyes still closed, and offered part of his visage to Luke. Dallas again felt his head involuntarily look down at Luke's crotch. Dallas was breathing heavy and hard now, his cock completely rigid and dripping come inside his jeans. "Lift up," Luke said as he pulled hard on Dallas' jeans, his movements now urgent with desire. Luke released a huge wad of spit and let it slip down Dallas' cock, continuing to fall on either side of his balls, ultimately slipping over his asshole onto the seat of the limo. He then began to suck hard on his cock using his lips like clamps, twisting his head slightly each time he pulled up.

Sunset Hook Up Ch. 03

gay-male Gay_sex_only 2018-06-14

And the guy that works the front desk stays in his office watching porn unless someone rings the bell for assistance," Logan tells me. I felt it slide out of my ass, and as soon as I was off of it, Logan pushed me down onto the bench press seat. Once he calmed down, I felt him start to pull out, but I grabbed him by the ass and held him there. I think that if you go do what you want to do and become great at it, like I know you will, he'll be even more proud," I said, rubbing his back. "Thanks for listening I guess," Logan said as he pulled some keys out of his pocket. Talk to you later," Logan said as he climbed into his car.

Cum Lover and Steve Pt. 04

gay-male cumlover969 2018-06-12

We turned and Steve said while holding his hard on: "This belongs to my lover" and holding mine: "this one only goes in my mouth and ass. Woman, still ravishing her pussy, "Tim, and only if Steve is willing,if you let me wrap my lips around that stupendously stunning cock head, taste the cum and hold it in my mouth for a few minutes." Sarah took Steve's love pole in her hand and cradled his cock head in her mouth. Sarah is now taking all of this in and squeals, "that is so way cool, I wish I could do that." Steve turns me around and takes my cock in his mouth and makes me cum after 4 or 5 strokes.

Max's Big Gay Carwash Ch. 02

gay-male GoodTimesStrangerAdventures 2018-06-07

I stopped sucking Buddy only for a moment to look down and see my very hard cock dripping precum into the pool of pink soap. This time it was my turn to moan and sigh as I ground my naked ass against Buddy's perfect cock. Buddy reached around and squeezed my dripping hard cock as we kissed and Max looked on jerking out a now steady rhythm. Max motioned Buddy to the pink volcano of a car brush and Buddy came back in with a frothy handful that he applied all over my ass and balls before sliding a few fingers inside me. Max withdrew from my mouth with a "POP" sound just as Buddy leaned in and drove his cock home one more time.

Cute Gay Picks Up a Straight Teen

gay-male walterio 2018-05-28

Andrew raved about the sex in college with guys and how it was no different getting a blow job or fucking an ass whether a girl or guy. Staring the entire time at Andrew's beautiful curvy ass, Brad knelt on the back seat and moved his body into Andrew. Andrew groaned repeatedly each time Brad buried his cock in Andrew's ass. Andrew stroked his cock as Brad fucked him and Brad was pleased that he was still hard after cumming twice. Brad continued to fuck the shapely firm ass driving his cock into the warm recess. Brad stayed hard and he continued to slowly fuck Andrew's ass as the semen coated his shaft.

Used in the Bathroom

gay-male chubby_biguy88 2018-05-23

"I like the way your ass looks in these." The man growled softly as he stepped closer to Nate. The man let out a loud groan and pulled his spit covered cock from Nate's mouth and rubbed it against his smooth cheek. "Ready for daddy's cock, boy?" The man asked in a lusty growl, and Nate replied in a soft voice. The man's cock was thicker than his finger, and Nate let out a long whimper as he felt the thick dick slide into his ass. "You want daddy to fuck your faggot ass?" The man began to thrust his cock back into and out of Nate's hole. Nate liked the way the man's hands felt wrapped around his waist and loved the way his cock stretched his tight virgin hole.

The Nature of Seth Ch. 04

gay-male rjvansen 2018-05-23

With his hands straight at his sides, turned facing Bradley, and his erection pointing directly at his showering friend Bradley looked over and caught Seth's eyes. "Cum on my face Seth." Bradley used both hands to pleasure his friend's long, thick cock. Seth looked down and took in the sight of his black haired friend jerking him off, cock inches from his face, while drinking water splashing off of his body. Seth grabbed onto Bradley's ass with both hands as he watched his buddy naked above him and close to dropping a load of cum on his face. After Bradley said it, Seth waited to feel the shower turn back on and wash the man cream from his face.

Once Upon A Time I Was A COP

gay-male Tcs1956 2018-05-18

He said "Shit" in a half mumbled voice which did nothing to hide his continued frustration and disgust with his situation,"Yes Sir." He fumbled to get his wallet out and at the same time try to discretely tuck his cock back into his pants. As I reached up to search around his shoulders, I placed both hands on his shoulders which pressed my stiff cock right up against his beautiful ass! Still looking him in the eyes I drew our faces closer together and said "Breathe out so that I can smell if you've had any alcohol." He breathed onto my face as requested and I was shocked that I could smell the "man smell" from the two cocks that I had watched him suck just a few minutes earlier.