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The Man in Charge

gay-male pj_x 2018-10-01

He knew I loved this, when he rimmed me and I pushed my bum into the air to give him better access to my ass, I felt one of his hands reach beneath me and grab my cock squeezing it hard before in moved onto my balls then it moved again and found its way into my asshole.

A Winter's Night

gay-male Shallkneel4u 2018-09-19

He dialed the number, and I was not paying much attention to the conversation when I heard him say, "Hold on and let me ask." His hand over the receiver he coughed to get my attention and said, "My wife is afraid to come out in this weather, and wants to know if there any chance that I could stay here for the night? I stared at his cock, looked into his eyes as he smiled and said, "Come on boy, you know you want to touch it, now kneel." Almost involuntarily, my hands began to rub and massage his thighs, slowly moving upward; closer to their target as I gazed into his eyes, watched him smile as my tongue continued to dart across my lips, as if they had already tasted the massive cock that was now demanding my undivided attention.

Sexting: Father and Son Ch. 01

gay-male IncestLuv920 2018-05-23

Matthew: Why should I blame the coach? (You don't want to take off your clothes because you have secretly let the coach and assistant coach cum up your ass.) Cedric: (Cum dribbles out of my ass) Cedric: I bend over a bit and slap my ass. I was just going to wash this cum out of your ass, but I think I can kill two birds with one stone. Cedric: Yes coach, I-I mean dad. You're eating my ass daddy. Do you want my tongue inside you son? I want your tongue up my ass. Matthew: I go back to eating you and I pry your tight hole open with my fingers and work them inside.

Hard On the Trail Ch. 09

gay-male ketup 2018-05-17

If you really gave a shit about him you'd make this pounding worth it for him." Daddy growled as he destroyed my subs ass. My sub started to moan with pleasure, I flicked some more and then I felt his cock hit the back of my throat as he started pounding me. "Oh fuck yeah!" Daddy bellowed, "got me a couple good fucking bitches here, we're gonna have a real good time tonight!" He started pounding harder, "now that you've both finished it's my turn!" And with that he grabbed onto my subs hips once more and started deeply thrusting faster than before, grunting and moaning.

Hard On the Trail Ch. 05

gay-male ketup 2018-05-13

I thought to what Daddy said, "If you get lost for ideas, just do what I did." I reached forward with my hand, trembling slightly I took two fingers and traced them down the sweat stained crack of his ass. I lowered my shorts off my backside, just enough so that it didn't effect my cock pounding into this sluts ass but enough to let daddy get a good view. I began to bring the focus in, "Yeah, you like that, you like my dick in your ass you little cum slut?" I grabbed onto his hips with both hands and began to plow his ass, "Fuck yea, make Daddy cum.

Horny on Halloween

gay-male ifiknewthen 2018-04-28

I started to argue when she gave me that look that all sisters have while simultaneously pushing me into the bathroom and closing the door behind me. I started getting into the part with how I walked, how I crossed my legs when I sat, how I flipped my hair when it was in my eyes. Graham had never talked to me like that but by the thrusts and moaning, I could tell he was just getting lost in the moment. I looked at Graham with nervous eyes, and he just said, "Why stop now princess?" He grabbed the back of my neck and reintroduced me to his hardon.

Everything's Negotiable Ch. 05

gay-male alexotic 2018-04-26

Then he got down on his knees facing the couch, and reached back to smear all the peanut butter into his muscular ass, up in the cheeks and all over his asshole. As the door opened to his floor, he said, "I like the collar. For the next twenty minutes I sucked his beautiful dick -- it really was beautiful, curved and harder than anything I'd ever seen -- and licked his balls in front of the open balcony doors, while he gripped the leash in his hands and signaled roughly whenever he wanted more pressure or to get deeper in my throat.

Boy Hole

gay-male caeneus 2018-03-11

I snap his open for him and toast, "to letting out all the fucked up memories sick fucks gave us." He smiles and relaxes back against the couch knowing I'm not going to make fun of him, pretend he never said it, or be freaked out by what he was telling me. I practically grab the beads from him, give them some extra lube and start popping them in one at a time, taking my own pleasure in the ways he relaxes and contracts at each little tug and push. I ask him to hand me the steel toy, shaped like a rod with a penis tip and several balls spaced a few centimeters apart. "Yes" he yells, "Fuck yes." I start using my hand to vibrate the rod in small circles and stimulate him deep inside.

Halloween Job

gay-male timtrack 2018-03-06

It started simply with some mutual jerk-off sessions with friends in high school but then advanced to trading blow jobs and some ass play. Anyway I called the owner of the Haunted House, expressed my interest particularly in the "whipping room," and was immediately offered the job. I really liked adding rimming to a mutual spanking session -- and enjoyed any of the sucking and rimming more if it took place in the shower. I'll admit I started to like watching a couple of my new friends go at it, I was asked several times to either top or bottom -- but nobody pressured a few of the guys who always said no to that.

Everything's Negotiable Ch. 04

gay-male alexotic 2018-02-22

I was in a particularly exposed position, one leg pulled up on the sofa like I was a little boy trying to crawl up, and he'd snapped a couple photographs after telling me to hold still. Finally he pulled out and held his cock head against my face and let it explode all over me. Then, finally, I sent a text to my boss, Scott, to tell him I'd be in late -- an emergency dentist's appointment, I said -- and I went to get in the shower. And then, finally, his dick filling my mouth, my big eyes staring up at the camera like a child asking for approval.

Hard On the Trail Ch. 07

gay-male ketup 2018-02-19

But my ass was sore from Daddy's ravaging that I thought I should wait it out a few days. That was the first time he'd called me daddy and it got me so fired up, "I don't think so, son, you're going to take Daddy's cock in your little ass. "Oh yeah, you want me to fuck you harder?" I started to pick up my pace, grabbing his hips with my hands in a tight grip I pounded into him. ohhhh yeah you fucking take it in your tight ass uhhhhh yeah right there, you ready...daddy's gonna cum.. uhhhh" I pulled out until just my head was inside him and with one hard thrust I pounded deeper into his ass then I'd ever been.

Birthday Dunk Tank Fantasy

gay-male bashfulpie 2017-12-30

But the twins have come up on opposite sides of the tank where there is no fencing, George by the ladder and Kay by the target. Kay says, "the tie' while George says, "the coat." They start pleading for their chosen items the same way they had pled to be spared the dunking seat. Looking straight into David's eyes, I start with, "so, now that you know what's going to happen...," then soften to a whisper I move my mouth to his ear, "I hope you will keep that in mind." Kay slides his hands up inside the hem of George's shirt and lifts it up over George's head, taking the opportunity to bite his arm-pit hair while George's arms are up.

Getting . . . Educated Ch. 08

gay-male sr71plt 2017-12-25

And Samir let me service him, first leaning down over me and hefting and manipulating my "breasts" with both his hands and then, eventually, as I was bringing him to new levels of ecstasy, arching his back backward, supporting the weight of his torso on his hands and rolling his head and panting and heaving his chest, slowly giving all control over to me and concentrating his pleasure to those ruby-red lips giving his cock and balls suck. Mrs. Rich's view was of a man standing between the legs of a reclining woman in black mesh stockings, He was finger fucking her, opening her up, and the woman was arching her back and moaning and voicing pleasure and in being finger fucked and opened up (just as I was doing) and stroking the man's cock, keeping him hard and interested.

My Hunky Doctor Appointment

gay-male TimAdler 2017-12-06

Maybe not, Robert thought, as the last time he had a date, his stomach was okay and sex went exceptionally great! "Hello Dr. Williams," Robert greeted the doctor, his jaw dropping and mouth watering. Dr. Williams placed his hands on Robert's stomach, touching his soft skin for the first time. Quickly, the touching became unzipping, and Robert was eating the doctor's cock from above the underwear, while still laying on the table. After enough foreskin play, the doctor shoved his cock deep into Robert's mouth. After sucking on the balls and licking the inner thighs, Robert went again to the doctor's hard cock. The doctor kept fucking his face for some time, going faster by the second.

A Timeless Place Ch. 08

gay-male windstormy 2017-12-03

Nothing to worry about." Jonathan couldn't look back at the man, but followed the lead of Tony's rough guidance that didn't seem to care that Forrest was upset by the sight of this. "No, you march yer ass upstairs and eat yer dinner like a good little boy." Tony turned to face him fully his hands parked on his hips. You have everything right here at yer fingertips, or have we all taken second place in yer life now?" Tony's face was strained with obvious hurt that Jonathan couldn't bare to look into. Jonathan turned away starting for the door, "Tony, the day you guys take second place in my life is the day I die, you hear me?" he turned to the man saying as he reached the threshold.