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Go Ahead

gay-male RobertFurlong 2018-11-06

He positioned himself in front of the partition, facing forwards with his bum level with the hole in it, grabbed the cock poking through it, and pushed it between his flabby-looking buttocks, waddling like a duck as he worked it up into his arse. As he ground my face into his coarse, hairy backside and as I sniffed and then licked at his hot, sticky hole, I managed to unzip myself and work my cock out through my fly and started wanking myself with excitement at the sheer power of his bum stink.

Paying Back The Boss

gay-male jim_mcd 2018-09-22

Steve didn't waste any time, he took his dick between two fingers and thumb and pulled back his foreskin. As the outer door close I pushed my hands against Steve hips, and he let me up for air. After a couple of minutes he pushed his cock back at my face and I took it in my mouth without any resistance. His dick was leaking more cum, and I licked his piss hole clean, then took his cock in mouth and sucked it clean of his cum. I bobbed my head up and down on his dick, wanting to feel his cock grow in my mouth again, and for a second I thought he was going to let me suck him off again.

Debauchery in a Filthy Toilet.

gay-male 2018-09-15

My cock felt lovely encased in the sexy panties and my legs rubbing together with the stockings soon had me in heaven. I bent down and took his cock in my mouth and gave it a good suck. My hole was filled, his cock was slowly massaging my prostate and I was being fucked to the highest heaven of sexual depravity. Now the partition had a gap at floor level of about 9 inches and I remember pushing my leg under it as he kept fucking me. I also got my cock through and it must have been rampant on the other side, because I felt a fucking mouth close over it.

Love & Latrines Pt. 01

gay-male 100331 2018-09-14

"You'll get used to it, Aria always asked me to do shit," he said. "Well I'm done, no shit yet," said Eric. Then, he pushed my head into his butt with his hand shouting, "Munch that ass!" I did. I propped Eric on the end of the bed, with his ass up in the air. I spread open his butt cheeks and said, "Push!" He buried his face in my ass licked it clean, and he didn't care about the shitstains on my asshole. I wiped my mouth and then went into the bathroom and grabbed some toilet paper. He laid down on the bed with his butt up, and said, I lifted up his head and said, "Grab my ass if you're in pain!"

"Support in the toilet"[ENG]

gay-male GayStoriesPL 2018-08-25

I felt big bulge on my ass, he began to gently move your hips pushing me, at the same time he said: Going above put my hands on the eggs and began to massage them, while my lips licked, kissed and caressed the bridge of his penis, walking slowly higher and higher. He began to take me in the throat, faster and stronger, saliva dripped from my mouth, and I every now and then choked his big dick, I felt like his head palate teasing me and get caught by the start of the neck. Lord founded my panties and leggings, even though I had asshole full of sperm, slapped, he said that I was a bad whore and gave me money.

The Cottage Ch. 01

gay-male nellyboyblue 2018-08-19

Paul got on his knees and spread Robbie's smooth ass cheeks apart revealing his virgin hole, he started to tongue Robbie's arse licking it roughly pushing his long tongue deep inside his ring. His arsehole was wet and then Robbie felt something entering his tight hole Paul pushed a finger deep inside stretching the lad's young hole then another and another he whispered "Need to loosen you up a bit first". Paul was now picking up pace whilst Robbie still had some pain it was overtaken by pleasure as Robbie moaned Paul started slamming his cock into the young lads arse.

My first time

gay-male 2018-07-18

We were both exhausted and finally got ourselves ready to leave the small toilet room, he kissed me on my lips and he realised I had not cum yet and with his right hand he started to wank me, it didn’t take long before I shot my semen onto the floor and groaned in pleasure and finally we left going to our rooms. The following morning was a strange affair over breakfast when we all started chatting before leaving the hotel, we all wished each other the very best and our wives would have never believed that their husbands were in a small hotel toilet fucking each other the night before.

Summer in the city

gay-male 2018-07-10

I sat down and looked out thrue the hole and watched the men of them started to unzipp his fly and pulled out a big fat semierected cock from his pants. Another guy bent down infront of the hole in my toilet door and started to suck the huge cock..I stared with faschination on this hot scene, had never seen anything like this before, and i could feel a stiffy starting to grow in my jeans. So i bent down and saw thrue the hole a tall bluecollar man dressed in dirty working clothes, open his fly and pull out a big fat uncut cock and started pissing.

My First Toilet Expierence

gay-male 2018-07-02

I went in the first one and he followed, he pulled my jeans down and turned me around so i was facing the wall, he bent down and started to lick my hole, i was wanking my hard again cock just loving this new exciting expierence knowing what was coming. I grabbed this strangers cock and started to yank it, i could hear him moan in the next door, i leant over and started to suck him, after a couple of mins he groaned loud and i felt him cum hard in my mouth, i pulled out and wanked him dry every drop.

Frank my helper

gay-male newrybiguy 2018-07-01

So I ran down the stairs and opened the door and it was frank, I welcomed him in and after some small talk I told him how far I had got on and asked him did he wanted to start back in the 1st room again. I walked in not knowing what to expect but frank knew what he wanted, he was standing at the toilet, jeans around his ankles and a very very nice cut cock sitting in his hand I would say about 7 inches. He asked me did I want to help him with it, I smiled and made my way over to him, my pleasure I said as I grabbed his solid cock and began to stroke it.

Restaurant Encounter

gay-male equal606 2018-05-30

I pulled my shirt off too, and knelt there, naked save for my trainers, and my jeans round my ankles, with my left hand holding my throbbing hard dick, and my right stroking this man's cock and my mouth devouring as much of it as I could. I pulled my mouth off and held his twitching cock taut, watching in slow motion just as an orgasm ripped through his body and a hot stream of cum painted a line across my chest and my face. I clamped my lips softly over his tip in time to feel the last of his cum draining out of his cock into my mouth - I couldn't believe I was tasting his cum, playing with it, swallowing it, but it felt glorious.

Rock Me!

gay-male dirtyword 2018-05-28

Rock walks over to me and steps right in front of my still wet body and he says rather softly, "I sort of thought you were probably the woman." I was staring at his face and watching his lips move, thinking how handsome he was. Suddenly Rock leans down and places his lips around my right nipple and runs his beautiful tongue around and around, circling my tits with his thick tongue covering my pecs with his masculine saliva. Rock moved his lips to my left nipple and started to gently suck on my sore pecs. I had a real muscular, masculine straight man licking and kissing my nipples and I was moaning like a school girl.

the party

gay-male mattyr1 2018-05-16

i was waiting for this boy to go to the tilet so i could make my move , his name was conor nd he finnaly went to the toilet. it was a nice cock and was a nice fit in my mouth , i sucked it for about 10 mins be for he let rip in my mouth , i then bent over and let him fuck me in the ass.he then said he would giv me head but i disagreed as i wanted to be a true woman. i havent seen conor since that night but see his b*****r about three times a wekk and i giv him great head and he fucks me hard.

Ned in the toilet

gay-male comradea 2018-04-11

I decide that maybe taking a walk in Glasgow in the middle of winter is not the best idea as it starts to rain I see some trees and what looks like a Victorian toilet block so I run over to get out of the rain for a bit. He slowly takes his tracksuit trousers off and reveals a pair of tight white CK briefs showing the outline of a nice 6 inch curving cock. My balls keep slapping on his ass as I thrust into him he moans and groans wanting me to go faster so I speed up , I can feel it in my balls im going to cum soon, he can feel it too and I feel his cock get ready too

Sleazy married guys fucking me in a public toilet.

gay-male toniparr 2018-04-01

Moving down I licked the shaft all the way down and started to suck on each of his balls while massaging his cock with my hand. I went back to sucking the guys cock taking glances at the glory hole. I saw that the guy watching hand had now stuck his cock threw the glory hole. The guy at the glory hole had pulled his cock out and I looked inside the next cubicle. The door opened and the new guy who was also in forties got greeted with the site of me with a cock pushing in and out of my ass. I was fucking enjoying this so much I just shoved my mouth straight over the cock of the guy in front of me and started to suck hard.

My First time "bi" anal

gay-male sheb_man 2018-03-20

I decided to go into the stall and sat down on the toilet and dropped my pants and underwear around my ankles thinking I was all alone I leaned back and began to play with my cock. He said hi so I replied back, without asking he moved to the stall and opened the door (I never set the latch!) There he stoood with his cock sticking thru his zipper, 7 inches cut, and hard and pointing right at me. "Boy are you tight" not knowing what else to say I said "thanks." Then before I knew it he pulled his finger out and I could feel the head of his cock at rubbing up and down my ass, then he guided his cockhead to my hole, and slowly pushed against my ass.

A Head over the Clouds Ch. 02

gay-male lustlist1988 2018-03-05

Once my eyes fell on the toilet's cabinet where I had my first cock yesterday, my penis started to get hard. I got his drift, I lowered my head, and licked the drops of pre-cum off his shoe, and off the grimy floor. I let a deep grunt of pleasure, as he started to thrust. My head on the floor, and my ass up, getting fucked. And stuck his dick into my mouth, freshly out of my ass. "Suck your ass off my rod, Dick smoker. While shoving me towards the cabinet's wall, and fucked my face as if it was my ass. And eventually I came with his dick deep up my ass. As his dick was still deep up my ass. Spread-eagle, getting ass fucked hard by another man.

Toilet Sex...

gay-male d4david 2018-02-26

My butt was poked up and out, I heard Curtis unzip his pants and spit his rubbery hard wet cock head slipped through my butt crack effortlessly. As his fluid struck the insides of my anal walls Curtis cock would throb so violently that my butt clinched his penile shaft with each throb. As Curtis pulled from my anus I bent deeper and back up to him as he slowly with drew his average size cock from my butt hole. When his cock head slipped from my gripping anus Curtis said to me 'I see why Larry and James took this pussy, it's tight and good'. Curtis took some toilet paper and wiped his cock zipping up his pants he exited the stall and left the toilet.

Unexpected Encounter

gay-male jsmjsm 2018-02-20

By now I had to go so badly I thought I might piss my pants, so I took the first urinal I saw, which happened to be right next to another guy. I was stock still, barely breathing, watching my hand move on his cock like it wasn't a part of me... In the back of my mind, I was freaking out at the situation-- me, the player who loves to dominate women in the bedroom, on my knees in the dirty bathroom of a dirty bar, worshiping this beautiful cock. And even when I had a good time, I kept flashing back to that bathroom, the man and his cock. And a week was all it took to convince me that I really had liked sucking that guy's cock.

They Take Me, Won't You?

gay-male curiousinmumbai 2018-02-13

I was standing naked in the bathroom corner, forehead leaning against the wet marble tiles & my ass pushed out to meet Hemant's hand as he kept thrusting deep into my hole with two fingers well past the knuckles. A 27 year old man getting roughly sodomized by a younger guy in a public toilet, groaning with each thrust of fat cock, liking it, crying for it, his hard dick between his legs proof enough of his sluttiness. "Faggot slut!" Vipul shouted harshly, "this is what you fucking deserve isn't it bitch!", he grabbed me by my hair & pulled my head back till my eyes opened & I saw him looking at me over my shoulder in the mirror.

A Head over the Clouds

gay-male lustlist1988 2018-02-12

For years my head was over the clouds about it. It was a moment were I felt getting stripped of my macho man's ego, my pride. Sucking the mushroom-like head of his big fat rod. He let an animalistic growl, and vigoursly started to fuck my face hard and fast. Smearing my face with pre-cum, saliva, and spit. Where his full of cum balls kept slapping. Pride of years of pretending I was a heterosexual man. He placed his feet over my head, completely dominating me. You are no different than this toilet's seat next to your head. Looking right into my eyes, and my dirty face. I felt the large flow of water hitting my face, washing away the piss and cum traces covering it.

Exhibitionism in the airport

gay-male guyginger 2018-02-09

Most men would just close the door and walk away but he chose to stand there for at least a minute me not moving him holding the door open and just staring at me like he was trying to fuck me with his gaze and when I worked out what was happening I felt the biggest hardest erection I have ever had before or since shoot up and I knew he could see my rock hard cock hanging down from between my ass cheeks. Like the mystery guy he watched me but after he saw my cock get hard he left the door open grabbed my hips and started violently fucking me just pounding my ass like i was his personal fleshlight my head bouncing of the toilet lid.

My early days

gay-male in2underwear 2018-01-14

He then turned and faced me and I can only describe a wanderful big cock making a tent in his light blue knickers. I left my toilet and entered his cubical he immediately pulled me to him and gave me a wet sloppy French kiss. All this time I was running my hands over his knicker covered bum and feeling his long big cock. I then eased his light blue knickers down his stocking tops and knelt down to suck his gorgeous circumcised cock. I stood and gave him another French kiss pushing my tongue deep into his mouth. I felt his gorgeous tongue push deep into my bum hole. My pantie wearing lover then stood up and put his cock head next to my bum hole.

Crab Soup

gay-male Woody_the_Cowboy 2018-01-14

As my mind cleared slightly, I realised how weird I must seem just holding his dick and doing nothing, so I began to slowly stroke backwards and forwards. I began to stroke harder, and faster, and I felt the guy push his pelvis into the wall to get as much of his dick in my hand. A drop of pre-cum began to form on the tip of his dick, so I stuck out my tongue and licked it off. The dick was about two-thirds of the way into my mouth when I stopped pushing forwards and began to pull out, running my wet lips and tongue along his shaft.