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Erotic Gay Male stories

A large collection of male gay stories.

Orchard Road

gay-male JohnKok 2018-12-04

I’m holding his face with both hands, he’s holding me at the waist, we’re pressing our bodies against each other. “Yes, I know,” I answer, but ask him to bend over anyhow, reaching with the shower head between his legs, spraying the water up and down. I’m getting up, get hold of the condom, leaning over his face (he’s still lying on his back), I want him to see how I slip the condom onto my dick, posit it on the tip, the slowly roll the rubber ring down the shaft, six inches, and he’s taking it in as if he’s never seen it before.

Cock Sucker App

gay-male silkstockingslover 2018-12-04

Shaking my head at my sudden obsession with big black cock, I closed my eyes and used the fleshlight faster, just allowing my suddenly confusing turn-on to take control as I replayed the very brief gay sex scene I'd witnessed... The next day I saw Jack at work and we chatted about sports as usual, but the whole time all I could think about was yesterday and him on his knees with a black cock in his mouth, bobbing hungrily like girls used to do for me when I was in college, or even my wife before she'd secured me with the 'I do's'.


Harry And The Homeless Guys

gay-male Tuppie 2018-12-04

Upon patting the dog, Harry asked me if I had had a good time in the bookstore. Before coming Harry pulled his cock out of me, and moved to my mouth before unloading. Harry said he was pleased about this in a way, because Willie had breath that could raise the living dead. A few minutes later Willie came down my throat, as I shot my load into his mouth. After Willie came in me, Harry took over, and fucked me for the next twenty minutes. On Saturday, Harry and Willie again visited and we followed the same ritual as before. Willie and I had a wonderful time that evening, and he only left late the following afternoon.

A Night of Firsts at the Bookstore

gay-male Mongo630 2018-12-04

The guys were taking turns sucking on each other’s cock and I was getting turned on by what I was seeing on screen. I really went to town this time and sucked it for all I was worth and soon I was shocked again to find that he was cumming in my mouth, something that I was not counting on at all. The cock that seconds before was in my mouth, went back into its booth, never to been seen again. I had gone there to jerk off and in the process had seen gay porn for the first time, discovered glory holes, sucked my first cock and had someone cum in my mouth.

I'm gonna make you mine

gay-male coles4eva 2018-12-04

I was gagging like a little bitch and I could feel vomit coming up every time he rammed his cock up to the entrance of my throat, but he didn't stop. As soon as I got a taste for it I immediately put my lips around his knob and caught the next few spurts of cum in my mouth, feeling it squirt up against the back of my throat. My face was pretty much completely covered in his love juice. I slowly took my finger out of his tight asshole as he grabbed me by the hair and hit me in the eye a few times with his incredible cock, he used it to push all the cum from my face into my mouth.

Earthicus VII and the Dread Fearless Arden

gay-male zyle 2018-12-04

He leaps atop a large round table, raises his arms and bellows “The Dread Fierce Arden” (the words echo through the empty courtyard) “is no hero at all!” He beckons me to join him. Sobbing.” Warner sweeps a hand from chest to stem: “My seedwyt was still on him; was in my—” His bottom lip quivers. Warner grabs my sleepover from the floor and throws it over his head as Parker meets him beside the table. I'm to be a suitable lifemate – or find a suitable mate – to bear the seed of our next Commandant; one to carry on the Arden name.” As I process these words she says, “You are unsuitable for that purpose, but Justice has chosen you.” I recall what Warner told me in his moment of vulnerability and tell her, “He didn't want anything to happen....”

Urine The Line of Fire

gay-male DuncanDix 2018-12-04

I said, "Carl, you'd better start the movie quick for this guy, he's in a bad way." The screen was showing a girl with big tits getting fucked doggie style by a long dicked guy. I looked down, he had both hands on his cock pushing and pulling, his hips slightly thrusting forward with every outstroke. He was gasping for breath, and I just kept kneeling there, holding his cock in my mouth, feeling it soften up. He had a hold of his dick now, and he was spraying his tangy pee all over me, my shirt, my hair, pointed down to spray my belly, feeling the hot, steamy liquid soak my own pubes, then back up to cross my forehead, as it slowly reduced to a dribble.

Coastal Funk

gay-male Tuppie 2018-12-04

“Whoa… Looks like you’re ready for action, bro,” Rob said laughing, as he observed my erect cock. With my head strategically placed to accommodate the curve of his cock, my skull fucking got underway. Rob prodded ever deeper into my throat as his hands clamped my head solidly, and once we got a good rhythm going, I happily allowed him to escalate his thrusting. As he was finally about to depart after we had swapped telephone numbers, he looked and me and said, “When you visit next time, please phone me the day before… Then I’ll make sure I don’t shower the next morning.” We both had a good laugh.

Under Cover Quest

gay-male lookatm3 2018-12-04

He and I had been naked together countless times and my desires to please him grew as I advanced from rather clumsy hand jobs to a deft ability to suck him into new orgasmic heights with my mouth. This influence on his life combined with infrequent time together put up some serious barriers to satiating my desire to give head and linger over the joy of sweet hot cum in my mouth. I haven’t pleased you in months!” He whispered, “look we cannot mess up this bed, it will be difficult to put right without raising questions.” His cock was starting to swell despite his objections. I got up quietly and went to the bathroom and gazed at my satiated cum craving cocksucking mouth.

A Fantasy

gay-male spinneroftales 2018-12-04

When I got horny I’d drive into town and troll the bars until I found what I wanted and then rent a room at a cheap motel where they didn’t ask any questions. I’m sure that Joselito had grown up knowing I was gay, but I guess it was so accepted he had never thought about it, or what it meant. I loved lying there looking up at this viral young man with a beautiful body and a really great face, his nice long cock in my mouth. He decided he wanted to enter the two-year college that was located in town, which meant he had to work and go to school at the same time, so we saw each other much less than before.

Special Delivery

gay-male bg9351 2018-12-04

To be honest, I was having a really hard time keeping my hands off my private parts and wasn't even sure I'd be able to hold out. I tried to close my eyes and breathe slowly, just letting the words of the television fill my mind. I didn't say a word but took his head in my mouth and started rolling my tongue around. I kept moving my hands to give me good grip when I felt all resistance in his trousers go and I could let them fall to the ground. I leant back in the bath, my legs still splayed; my cock still unbelievably hard. I slowly opened my eyes and looked straight into his hard, throbbing cock.


gay-male Tuppie 2018-12-04

Tapping the bed next to him he said, “Strip, purdy boy… pappy’s waitin fer yer.” Isaiah was a really good looking forty-five year old man. Lying next to me on the bed, Jonah began to caress my face, before pushing his first two fingers in my mouth. Because of his dick-size, there wasn’t the same pleasure I had experienced with Isaiah and Jonah, and I knew his cock would take a lot of getting used to. Tobias commenced smearing my entire face with his dick-head, before encouraging me to lick it clean. Still sucking my cock, Jonah moved his body to the side, allowing Tobias to lift my legs and re-enter my arse. Jonah kept moving his mouth to and fro, servicing my cock to my balls.

My first time with David

gay-male machu 2018-12-04

David walks back in, dropping several condoms beside me, “I want you to practice on some bananas for a few days, the rubbers will keep them from breaking too badly. I’m really there to give David head; I’ve jacked off to that thought all week. David takes my cock into his warm mouth, swirling his tongue around the helmet, sucking it slowly in between his lips until I’m pressing against the back of his throat. I lay back as my climax begins, “Oh, David I’m coming!” the feeling as I orgasm is so intense my vision swims. I feel his erection swell as I wrap my legs around his waist, pulling him deeper, and he drops his head forward, his hips trembling against me.

Wank meet success story: Carmen Electra

gay-male 2018-12-04

The thought of it was getting me fully hard, I guess a mixture of doing Carmen with my bud but also the short notice of everything got me aroused. When my bud mentioned he was wanking naked to slideshow pics of Carmen that engorged my cock further, I knew he was trying his best to entice me. Once in I noticed he was fully naked and hard, he said Carmen has had him wanking for the last few hours and he didn't want to stop until I arrived, he apologised for the short notice but was pleased I came. I was naked within a few minutes and getting hard, I joined my bud on the sofa and could feel my bud's pre-cum dampness when I relaxed back.

Noah's Starship Ch. 17

gay-male tarzanacide 2018-12-04

Mike and I would make dinner while Karim and Navid went over logistics, schemes, finances, business stuff. I asked Navid about it one night when we were falling asleep and he said Karim liked the "vibe" of our place. "They seem happy when they come over, and Mike helps me clean up the kitchen when we make dinner," I said as Navid rubbed a thumb over my cheek as his hand held my jaw. At the party, Navid took our bag in while Karim grabbed his and Mike's. I'll handle my boy, you handle yours?" Navid asked Karim with a faint smile as though we really were children to them and the parents needed to step in to stop this squabble.


Teacher's Pet Ch. 01

gay-male Goldeniangel 2018-12-04

Practically writhing under his teacher's firm but gentle touch, Cory experienced utter pleasure as Mr. Peterson pumped his dick, fingers reaching down to toy with his balls. Cory moaned into the ever deepening kiss of his teacher, he'd never known that his nipples could be such pleasure spots, that the feel of someone else touching his dick would be so exquisite. Mr. Peterson smiled at him, "Would you like to help me feel better too?" He gestured at his own bulging pant front. Obediently, Cory opened his mouth and closed his lips over the mushroom head of Mr. Peterson's dick, feeling the salty sweetness of pre-cum for the first time.


Sebastian The Male Escort - Part 5/6

gay-male jasonshomoerotica 2018-12-04

By this time Mike realised that he was being sent up, laughed and said, “Sebastian, for goodness sakes stop being so obtuse and pissing me off, I am inviting you her to lunch and to an afternoon of sex with me, as you know full well, so do you want to come or not? I took the subway back north and thought over the day’s activities as the train rolled on its way and I realised that along with Craig and Jonathan, I truly liked Mike and could see myself having a regular relationship with all three guys.

My First!

gay-male borntobe 2018-12-04

He posted on 'CL' looking to 'service' older guys. I also occasionally use a penile injection when I'm going to be with a sex partner, male or female, because I stay rock hard for 45 minutes to two hours after I cum. He gently pushed me back onto my bed and immediatly took my cock into his warm mouth, sucking gently as he looked up to my eyes. As he drained my cum, he asked if I would like him to fuck me. He groaned his pleasure with my squeezing him and asked if he could cum in me. I actually expected to feel his cum as he shot his spurts into my colon, but I only felt his hardness, fullness, and our emotional connection.

The Blizzard

gay-male floridaguy2001 2018-12-04

Mike grabbed his cock and slowly rubbed it all over my ass. He was really getting off on my blowjob but he pulled me up and said "I am going to fuck that sweet ass again I don’t want to waste my cum right now." I could feel mike move his ass as he pushed his body into me, mike started to fuck me faster and faster until he exploded inside me, He was about to pull out and I reached behind me and asked him to leave it in. As Mike whispered those words I felt his legs tighten and he grabbed the back of my head and held it to his lap as his cock erupted into my mouth.

Living It with Dylan - chapter 1

gay-male KeeganMitchellFinn 2018-12-04

“Oh yeah,” I encouraged him, and he pressed his finger up into my butt and swam it around in there while he moved his mouth on my cock, which made me come about three bucketsful and I could feel my rectum, too, flexing on his hand because this orgasm involved my dick, my balls, and my ass in a way that’s impossible to explain, really, except to say it was amazing beyond belief and made me yell “Ah…ah…ah…ah!” until the throbbing stopped and my dick was (temporarily) emptied. “I’m coming baby,” he hollered, and that was true of his whole body, everywhere, because his was like mine, an all-over kind of thing, and his muscular asshole pounded my fingers, squeezing them while he dick shot semen down my willing throat and he held my head there, shoving his cock so deep I couldn’t breathe and I didn’t even care.

The Bride's Brother Part 1

gay-male RobertFurlong 2018-12-04

While I was slowly becoming more excited than I had been when Ricky had first released my organ, the unfamiliarity of having an imposing guy like Jason sitting alongside us and directing our sex was still preventing me from becoming fully relaxed. "Ya like that, don't ya?" Jason smirked at me and I smiled back, pleased to show off how quickly my organ was lengthening and thickening as I pushed my bum back against Ricky's finger, working against his jabbing motions. I wondered what Jason would think if he saw me being fingered for real: would he be disgusted to see a man being anally stimulated by another, or would he, as was far more likely, find himself becoming still more aroused at the sight of Ricky's confident finger working in and out of my stretched hole?

John and Pete

gay-male Erbanluv 2018-12-04

"You know Pete," John remarked, "I just hope business is going to be slow enough to let me get the odd peek at Millie's sweet ass." Pete noticed that John's jockey shorts were sharply tented in the front by a huge erection and no doubt, he too would have opted to jack off had he not been running so late. Pete was quite aroused by the sights afforded John and him by Millie and looked forward to the opportunity to work out his frustration when he returned to the tent later that evening. By 7:00 p.m. the diner was empty and Pete, Millie, John and his aunt and uncle sat down to have a coffee and relax for a minute after the busy day.


Twisted and Torn Part 3

gay-male Man4Married 2018-12-04

His turned his head to the right and saw the shadowy figure playing with his own cock and he looked into the guy's face, but the darkness cut out any eye contact which heightened the sexual feelings as he watched the arm stroke back and forth. Slowly he felt the guy part the towel with his face and could feel the open mouth search for his cock and he almost jumped as the soft lips found the cock head. Keeping his mouth on the wet cock, he let his tongue and lips soak the whole length of the now-throbbing man muscle. Damn, that felt good and Chris let the guy take his hardened balls into his mouth and gently suckle on them like they were some tender fruit.

My First Time with another Man

gay-male Bizkit 2018-12-04

John moaned and I could feel his cock grow harder. I felt John's hand on my head, pushing me down slightly. I started bobbing my head with rhythmic help from John's hand. I felt John's other hand on my head. He pushed my head down on his cock as my mouth and throat was being filled with his cum. But before I could ask for a hand job John asked if I wanted him to suck my cock. John pulled down my trousers and felt my throbbing cock through my underwear. I screamed with pleasure and pushed my hands against the car door to meet John's amazing thrusts. John moaned loudly and screamed as his huge hot load of cum shot up my ass.