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Erotic Gay Male stories

A large collection of male gay stories.

A Day to Remember Ch. 04

gay-male matt5211 2018-03-10

I went to see a movie today, expecting to see Erik at the theater. I said, "Erik, do you want a blowjob?" I began to rapidly lick the area directly under his head. While he was moving his lips gracefully up and down my penis his tongue was rapidly vibrating around my penis and swirling like a whirlwind. I rubbed his balls with my thumb and stuck my little finger up his ass. He loved this but I could tell by the intense look on his face that he was close to ejaculation, so I returned the favor and stopped. He licked up to my balls and carefully caressed them with his tongue while he jacked me off.

Journey to Mirage Ch. 11

gay-male sr71plt 2018-03-10

Roger started herding Rick and the other cameraman back toward the ranch house, as the Indian "braves" arrived and, at Groton's instruction, began circling Billy Dan menacingly. At the corner of the ranch house, Rick turned to see the tall, rangy Native American Easton had pointed to on the porch the previous day, ride into the cottonwood grove on a saddle-less pinto horse. Groton must have been deeply engrossed in his film editing, Rick thought, because Billy Dan and Howard were making quite a bit of noise in their fucking even before Rick had returned to the ranch house.

Ravaged in Broad Daylight! At 18! Ch. 06

gay-male Acebottom 2018-03-10

Mark knew that most long-term gay couples stop having sex with their partner after but a few years, but he and David had better sex after two decades than when they first met. Eric put on another DVD and Mark was stupefied to see himself flayed on a table with man after man after man rimming his ass, fucking him, and ramming dicks into his mouth. Before Mark could recover, Eric popped another DVD into the player, and Mark gasped at seeing his young self jerking off on Glenn's face, and, later, getting fucked by Glenn's butler! Mark smiled in thinking about last night – when he played over and over the DVD section where Eric had ravaged his younger self.

Always, Forever and a Day

gay-male Baby789 2018-03-10

"Your cock is so big babe, I thought if I let you fuck me once you'll be okay and won't keep bugging me about it." Tyler said, face near his ear. Tyler giggled and reached over to uncuff Matt then stopped just about as he was about to undo them with a moan, the new position caused Matt's cock to inch up deeper inside him, Tyler experimentally squeezed his muscles and grinned down at Matt when he let out a low growl. Tyler bent over and sunk his teeth into the back of Matt's neck with a groan Matt came hard, come splattering over the floor this time, his hole tightened and loosened around Tyler's cock like a sensual massage, and a few thrusts later, Tyler was emptying his cock inside Matt's ass.

Bi-Curious Fantasy to Reality Ch. 03

gay-male JJ79cbab 2018-03-10

I was quivering with excitement about having Josh's huge penis slide its way past my sphincter into my hot anal passage, having him fuck me till I screamed in plesasre, having him pull out and aim his gorgeous memeber at my mouth, spraying his delicious seed into me as I begged for more. I caught some in my hand and brought it hungrily to my mouth, savouring the taste of three men's semen in my mouth and knowing that whatever happened next, I would cherish this moment and Mark (and Josh) would be able to have me any which way he wanted, whenever, wherever, I would be his willing fuck-buddy forever.

Sisst Slut Fantasy Part 1

gay-male SissyGH 2018-03-10

You pull my lingerie over my head, revealing my hard little dick straining against my thong, and kiss all the way down my body, playing with each of my nipples and my bellybutton. I go as far down as I can, I can feel your dick in my throat and I gag. You take my head in your hands and push your dick down my throat as far as you can go. Your cock goes back down my throat as you start fucking my mouth, slowly at first, but getting quicker with each second. Every thrust touches the back of my throat and my makeup is starting to run as tears stream from my eyes. You pull your dick from my throat and I can finally breathe again.

Late Night Work Out

gay-male manifestation77 2018-03-10

"I have been given these arm straps that are supposed to add 20 pounds to the amount you can bench by holding the bar to your hands better." He said a little awkwardly, obviously not comfortable under Steve's cold stare. They looked just like the straps that Steve used when doing dead lifts to help hold onto the bar, but he had never heard of anyone using them for a bench press. "Okay, here goes the weights." The guy loaded the bars and Steve lifted the barbell easily off the rack and did 3 quick presses. With the help of the skinny guy spotting him, Steve managed to lift the bar off the rack but he couldn't lower it properly.


Hotel lobby seduction

gay-male yevedj 2018-03-10

“Anyway I am calling it a night” I said and put my hands above my head and stretched my body also, as I knew it would highlight my bulge and as I did it my shirt came away from my trousers to reveal my lower waist and snail trail upto my navel. I dragged him to standing position, still probing his mouth with my tongue, while freeing his hard wet moist cock from his underwear and sliding my hand back and forth along his shaft with the copious amount of his own precum to lubricate the action. His hands explored my back and neck as our lips and tongues embraced, while I pounded my raging hard cock between his legs, wet and lubricated from precum.

My buddy Jerry

gay-male Jmuncut 2018-03-10

I dropped on my knees grabbed his balls and put his cock in my mouth, slipping my tongue around his gland and sucking the tip tasting his sweet precum. Jerry grab the sides of my head and slowly pushed his cock in deep to the back of my throat. He had me sit in the chair and position himself between my legs he grabbed my cock and began to stroke it rolling the skin back and forth over the gland. Jerry pulled me to the edge of the chair, pushing my legs in the air he started sucking on my balls. Jerry moved back up and started sucking my cock, pushing his finger against my prostrate rubbing it.

Does Happily Ever After Exist? Ch. 01

gay-male sexygirl76 2018-03-10

Peter's cock pressed hard against his jeans as he watched the man tighten and loosen his ass muscles. Robert let the younger man fuck his face as he braced one hand on Peter's bare leg and released his own cock with the other. By the time Robert had three fingers gliding easily in and out of Peter's loose hole, he figured the younger man was ready for his cock. Finally it got too much and Peter was pushed back to his hands and knees as Robert started pummeling his ass with his cock. Finally he was so exhausted that his legs wouldn't support him and he landed face first to the bed, pulling Roberts still streaming cock from his well fucked ass.


Summer Moon

gay-male DreamerOne 2018-03-10

The following morning, Alicia said goodbye to Jamie and David and left with her friend. Jerking himself faster, he imagined Jamie in his lap riding his cock, gasping and moaning in his ear as David whispered all the things he wanted to say, but never could. In the afternoon Jamie felt like getting out of the house to clear his head, so he borrowed Alicia's bike and went to the supermarket in town. David let go and sat up, his startled eyes looking down at the shaking Jamie. "Don't apologize," Jamie said, still unable to look David in the face. David put his hand on his cheek and made Jamie look him in the eye.


He Pays Me Well To Watch Him Fuck!

gay-male ccat99 2018-03-10

Floyd started asking rather personal questions, but his subtle prodding was effective and before long James was recounting his 'one' almost 'Bi' experience that is seldom shared outside of our bedroom, but never fails to make my guy hard as a rock when he tells it. I rub slowly at first trying to appear less 'fucking turned on' than I really am, but before long I'm finger-fucking myself furiously as I watch Floyd grab Matt's head before roughly fucking his mouth. Floyd has already pushed a big black dildo up Matt's ass and is turning it slowly while he slides it in and out of the young man's asshole.

Two Vietnamese Boys Dominate Me Ch. 20

gay-male whiteasianlvr 2018-03-09

Whereas by not allowing me to play with myself Tan had enabled me to resist coming, he, his brother Huan, and now James showed that they could endure the physical stimulation my body provided for seemingly ages without end! James then leaned back and placed his right hand on my neck trying to gauge just how deep his cock reached. Huan and Tan said one day I'd understand and finally, the mental and physical were merging in the same way James and I were becoming one. Shortly before his climax, James leaned forward and grabbed me tightly around my chest almost as if he thought I might try to slide out from under him and deny his total conquest of my ravaged pussy!



gay-male __Kuriousity__ 2018-03-09

It's not winter; it's the let's-hate-Heero season." We decided to spend some of our Winter Break walking around in a local park that our parents used to take us to. "Please, Heero, it looks like a rubber duck that was chewed up, spit out, and then nearly flushed down a toilet." That really got him hysterical. I wasn't thinking, was I?" Heero turned his face slightly away. I couldn't help but think about how Heero was almost straddling my hips. Hell, I felt like if I'd stand up, the first thing to hit the floor would be my face. God!" Involuntarily, I proceeded to let out a very defensive pose...Which seriously would have given my "position" away, if Heero was smarter, that is.

Grassy Knoll

gay-male fadedgiant 2018-03-09

We turned facing and he drew me in with a big black hand massaging my naked ass. His girth barely fits in my mouth yet I suck in his cock head and taste his musk. A moan escaped his mouth and I felt his warm breath on my cock. He slowed his pace and pulled his warm mouth of my cock. He let me calm then slowly withdrew completely; I felt cheated of his cock and relieved, too. Although his cock had just come out of my ass, I needed to suck him and take his load. It felt good feeling him squeeze my cock. To both our surprise, I lasted longer than usual before feeling my cock expand slightly then contract as my cum spewed into his bowels.

Beach Day

gay-male SunBoy 2018-03-09

My cock started to twitch as I leaned back onto my elbows spreading my legs looking out into the water. OK?" He nodded as I started running my hands from my neck down to my crotch pulling my nipple ring along the way. I pulled my hard dick down between my legs with my left hand while I started pulling the anal beads slowly out of my ass. As I leaned flat on my back with my legs spread apart like a whore's and 2 fingers up my oily ass, I took my hand of my wet dick and reached into my bag for another surprise.

Finally Meeting in Person

gay-male speedodave 2018-03-09

The place was dim lit and I wandered up the hallway and got to the lounge room and sure enough there was my hot mate lying on the lounge in his red Eyeline speedos already sporting a boner. I moved over to the lounge and was already hard myself looking at this hot dude in his red speedos. I knew that he could taste the cum on my speedos that were stuffed in his mouth and me sucking his cock thru his speedos was turning him on big time. I undid the drawstring and his cock popped out of his red speedos and I tasted his big piece of meat, I was circling his cock head with my tongue and feeling his butt through his speedos.

John and Mace: Final

gay-male DavidPatrick 2018-03-09

I could plead otherwise, but I knew I had chosen Juan only because John could not or would not give me what I needed. I'd deflect Juan's attempt at morning love and resent his need that night for family time with our sons. While I cleared the table, Cody and Juan went to the patio to drink wine and talk. When I returned to the bedroom, Cody was kneeling in front of Juan, who was standing on the bench at the foot of our bed. I knew what Juan wanted, so I encouraged Cody. I left the tray outside the door to let Juan know I knew and went back to my office to ponder some more, jealousy now added to the mix of guilt and shit I was already feeling.


A Gentle Seduction

gay-male thick1191 2018-03-09

The littler guy just slid to his knees and began licking cum and cunt juice off his cock like it was the most natural thing in the world. You know the only reason cocksuckers like you have tongues are to lick a man's ass and balls. That's really the difference, with a cunt you're always romancing the bitch while a boy like this can be trained to only think about the cock in his mouth and it's pleasure. In a minute Kurt grabbed my head and pulled me off his cock." Ok boy, you should now be looking at my Son now, isn't he a fine lad?"


A Great Experience

gay-male 2018-03-09

He sat on the edge slowly moving his hands and fingers across my chest carefully avoiding contact with my nipples. As he paid more attention to my nipples my hard cock was twitching up and down and my ass was starting to open and shut. I leaned forward to kiss them, lick them and finally suck them into my mouth as I continued to stroke his shaft with my hand. He slowly started to fuck my face as my tongue worked the bottom side of his shaft and I sucked in the head as he pulled back. As he laid in bed exhausted, I moved to that beautiful cock to clean him up with my tongue and mouth.

Test Driving Me !!!

gay-male guyxx 2018-03-09

He placed the tea on the table and pulled out the chair next to mine, as he sat down he showed a generous amount of tanned toned thigh. I leant forward out of the chair and took his cock into my hand, pulling him towards me. He leant forward grasping my cock in his hand and placed his mouth over my 6 inches. He stood at the side of the chair and forcibly turned my head towards his groin, I greedily grabbed his meat and started sucking and wanking him, I could feel his heavy balls tighten. I tried to his cock out of my mouth, he held my head in place and continued to pump his cum into my throat, six seven hitting the back of my throat.

Meeting My Love

gay-male Jerseyshore 2018-03-09

My former pastor and his wife invited me over to dinner to meet "another bachelor." I thought George knew I was gay as I had dropped a few hints in church, but I figured that this would be just a nice social event as I enjoyed the Peelen's company and figured the man would be interesting if nothing else. Before you judge us, let me be clear that I had a terrible crush on him from the moment we met and I had been attracted to men for some time. Thomas caressed me as I stroked his strong arms, and he softly whispered how hot he was getting. Finally I couldn't hold back any more and came powerfully, feeling my ass hole tighten around his cock.


My Wife's Boss Ch. 03

gay-male jaygreenx 2018-03-09

I sucked hungrily on the big nipple, as Ann fumbled with my belt, dropping my pants to the floor, my hard-on sprang up, out of my shorts. I'm going to fuck you until you beg me to stop, then I'll turn around and make you suck me again." Ann thrust into me, easing the full length in and out, her hips working like a man's would as she fed me her rubber manhood. The orgasm was intense, and I felt like my insides were shooting through my cock as I emptied myself onto Ann. I stroked out the last drop, and looked into her eyes. "You are so bad." Ann squeezed my cock hard, leaned down and kissed it, taking the head in her mouth briefly, before standing up again.

It's Okay To Be Bi

gay-male eddybro 2018-03-09

A young man of about twenty five just had come out of a stall when Jeff turned to face him with his hard dick sticking proudly straight up in the air . The stranger gave Jeff's dick a long look and then slowly unzipped his own pants and pulled out his own pecker. Before he could say anything, Tom quickly pulled down Jeff's pants and shorts and spun him around hard and just like that shoved his huge cock up his ass! She sucked hard for another minute or two, and when she felt his cock begin to shutter, she quickly pulled it from her mouth and jerked it hard on her young chest!