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Erotic Gay Male stories

A large collection of male gay stories.

Sarah in the Sauna

gay-male SarahCD 2018-02-19

During the day, I keep my shorts on in the sauna but, alone at night; I like to sit there naked. One of them smiled and said, "Why don't you get comfortable like us, we're all men in here tonight, we know what you were doing when we came in and don't mind at all." Shaking, I unwrapped my towel and spread it out. Their cocks quickly became as hard and I loved watching them. My lips slowly took his cock's head into my mouth. I loved having this man's cock deep into my mouth while his friend watched. I gave them both a kiss and said "We must do this again soon, I often come here at this time." I put my shorts back on and left.

A New Experience

gay-male Gareth77 2018-02-19

I moaned as he slowly started to wank me, moving his hand up and down the shaft of my cock. It felt so good to have this guys cock in my mouth, wanking the base of the shaft with one hand, and massaging his shaved balls with the other. After a few laps at his cock I move my head down, now lapping at his balls, taking turns to suck one into my mouth as I slowly jerked his raging stiff dick. I then stood up and we kissed, swapping his salty cum between our mouths as I slowly wanked his now semi hard, wet sticky cock between us..

Paramedic Pt. 14

gay-male Snowblind94 2018-02-19

The Pastor raised his hand and was about to strike Rob on the side of the face when Liam shouted, "Stop, you will not hurt him!" loud enough to cause the chapel to shake. Jared turned to Liam, pointed to the man near a window of the church and said, "Your turn." Jared turned to the men and said, "Stand before us, do we need to do it do it for you?" They stood and moved slowly to where they were wanted. Liam called out to Rob, "Rob, can you go find the children and release them first?" He turned to Jared and explained the order in which they had promised the people to leave as a signal all was safe.


My First Gay Experiences Part 1

gay-male rallyforone 2018-02-19

The idea of just touching another man, stroking his hard cock, sucking and teasing it, all just started to become more and more of a desire. The second I realized he was coming over I got a little nervous but to ease my fears I started to stroke my cock and the excitement quickly got my 7.5`` cut cock as hard as it would get. As I start stroking my cock faster he yells ``I`m cumming!`` and since I can`t see well in the dark I more feel it start to come on my chest and my chin. I love the feeling of cum and of touching a cock right after it came.

A Moment in Time

gay-male babydollface 2018-02-19

I pulled his boxers and sweats down and started licking his 9-inch cock like a lollypop. Sucking his cock like I was and him sucking mine all I wanted to do was blow my load in his mouth. As I started to pull off he shook his and I took that as an ok to blow my load. With that said we started kissing again and I could feel him betting hard. I looked at him and he took the bottle from me knowing what I wanted. I looked at him and said "yes baby, please I want you to make love to me." I didn't want to move I felt so safe and loved laying there in his arms.


Nexus Hearts: Uther and Kharazim

gay-male Dudebulge 2018-02-19

I had been in the middle of a breakfast of a fresh fruit pie in the merchant district near my house when I felt the familiar sensation in my mind of a Nexus Commander trying to connect with me. As expected they advanced on Zagara, ignoring the soldiers who had followed us into combat, Nexus denizens who would die and be resummoned in every battle alongside the rest of us. We pressed the advantage on our lane and through our Nexus Commanders whispering around our minds, learning that our other teammates were gaining the upper hand in their fights as well. "There are monsters from all of our pasts here." I told him grimly, thinking of each battle where I would find myself looking the Lich King Arthas in his cold, dead eyes.


A Night Out

gay-male easycck 2018-02-19

His hand on the back of my head as he pulled it to his hard cock, I opened my mouth and sucked him deep. Moaning, with not a little frustration of my own, we slowly came back to earth, Pulling his still hard cock from my ass I felt the cum dribble out and flow down my leg, stepping between my legs he push me back and my pants stayed as I fell on my back on the sofa, lifting my legs to his shoulders and we are where I started this tale. I pulled his head down to my lips and I kissed him deep, our tongues dueling as his hips slammed in me, my ass spasming around his cock.


For Old Time's Sake

gay-male BowTieGuy 2018-02-19

Mark slowly moved a hand to his flaccid member and began stroking it, never taking his eyes off of Carl. Soon he felt Mark's hot breath at the base of his cock, and shuddered as his friend's tongue and lips ensnared the side of his member. He started slowly but each time around the speed increased until the sensation began to overpower Carl and he felt the familiar clenching. Carl reached out to take over Mark's work on that huge cock and began stroking in time with Mark's bobbing head. "I am about to blow," Carl warned his friend in case he wanted to remove his lips, but Mark apparently had no intention of doing that and reached out a hand to aid in bringing out Carl's juices.

A Black Lover

gay-male Willing2Do 2018-02-19

Or he rolls me over onto my knees, ass up high, chest down, face sideways, mouth still tasting his pre-cum or it and his load of cum. He stays hard for quite a while then and fucks his cock into me in his own cum, forcing it out of my hole with sloppy, squishy sounds. I know since he really loves fucking me we will be together again soon, me cleaning the ashy, grey streaks and splotches off of his ebony body with the baby oil, wiping him down with the soft hand towel and him giving me his big cock so erect and oozing pre-cum by the time we finish that ritual.

We Love It When You're Intoxicated

gay-male LoveIsUniversal 2018-02-19

Emily, Terrence, Brenda, and Andrew had taken their seats at a random booth. Emily and Brenda wore their blue jeans and t-shirts, while Terrence and Andrew settled for their brown cargo shorts. Luckily, as the first half of the Clippers game reached its end, Terrence and Andrew didn't ask for a third glass just yet. Andrew's little smile was an evident reminder of his natural charisma, which would be the primary reason why Terrence accepted his second kiss. She looked even closer to see that Andrew had closed his fingers around Terrence's stiff cylindrical figure. Terrence, feeling like a true champion in this contest, took deeper breaths and waited for his warm creamy cum to spill out and land in Andrew's mouth.


MY COUSIN part 1

gay-male 2018-02-19

After our highschool years, Mike's mom called in and talked to my dad asking him to let Mike stay in for vacation that summer. I went to the poolside wearing a white shirt and a floral shorts, walks towards the table to put the food on for our breakfast and sit on the chair.. I know you like guys, don't deny it, I saw you looking at me,, staring my cock,, haha! haha you saw me staring at your cock no way!?" me stuttering. yeah really, i missed you too,, and i love you too.." i faced him and look him straight in the eye. And right after that, I went to deep throat his big cock and pushing my way up and down...

I Know What I'm Doing Ch. 01

gay-male AzanianHeat 2018-02-19

We were on the Garden Route, heading east out of Cape Town at the best time of year for a road trip. Sam had tried a few times to change my mind, then had fallen into sullen silence as we drove through town center and started up the more serene hill area. I ran up the steps with them and placed them securely out of the rain before going back to Sam who still hadn't opened his eyes. It was strange how intensely he held my attention without trying - most times without even knowing I was watching. While I was trying to figure the messages in those large, light eyes, he quickly ducked down and started picking up his things and stuffing them in his backpack.


Two Worlds Collide Ch. 02

gay-male Forgottenrealm 2018-02-19

I looked at the clock and it read 10:06 a.m. I got up carefully, trying not to wake the elf, deciding that it was time for me to make breakfast. The human had his eyes and jaw completely opened and was looking at me with disbelief; it was as if he had never seen magic before...That is when I stopped laughing. When the person in the mirror started to carry the image around, the elf turned around and looked at me. "Well, I do not like being woken up, so when you tried to wake me up, I got irritated and pushed you away." He said with an amused look on his face.


Glory hole fucker

gay-male soohigh47 2018-02-19

Pulled my cock out of his hot mouth and wanted to suck his nice cock. He put his cock threw in hole and is was a nice 6 or 7 cut and shaved the way I like them. Then he pulled back so I seen his hot mouth at the hole thats when I let him suck on me some more. He had my cock so fucking hard, then he pulled his mouth away and told me he wanted me to fuck is tight ass. I slowy pushed my cock all the way in his tight ass he was feeling so fucking good. Then I pushed my cock all the way in his tight ass far as I could going and came so fucking hard.

First Cock

gay-male funthensome 2018-02-19

I got so turned on describing to guys in chat rooms how good it felt to suck their dicks and take their cum that I started to get a little curious. I went a couple days after that looking at pussy shots when I jerked off, but I couldn't stop thinking of TopGuy's dick. I didn't know what to do or how to start so I rubbed my hard dick through my jeans. "I don't want to be fucked, not tonight." I started stroking him with his cock wet from my spit. He started thrusting himself in and out of my mouth, pulling my head the way he liked it.


Trying to get home

gay-male tim_likes 2018-02-19

"How about I give you a mind-blowing blowjob and you waive my repair bill?" He starred at me for a second then said "no bill if you suck my cock, swallow my cum, and then after I get you car fixed I get to fuck the shit out of your ass bare" I said "Sure" and I walked over behind his desk and kneeled down when he flopped his cock back out. He said "you like my cock" I moaned "yes" and he said "good deep throat it and make cum" I did just like he said and sucked him all the way down and licked his balls at the same time. He got up and said he was going to get my car repaired and I went into the lounge to lay down on the couch.

Tin-Foil Hearts

gay-male FoodOfLove 2018-02-19

I can almost hear you, seven-years-old, saying 'I love you, Jonah' in Miss Kingsley's second grade class during nap-time, where we huddled beneath the quilt your grandmother made. I love you in the I-want-to-kiss-you-on-the-lips way. I want you to take me in your arms and look me in the eyes as you bring your lips down onto mine and give me a kiss that makes my entire world spin, and go upside down, and even rock from side to side. The lines of our relationship had always been blurred; I didn't know any other guys who would tell even their best friends that they loved them. "Was that the kiss you wanted?" I needed to know, as I brushed my lips lightly over his.


I Used to be Straight Ch. 02

gay-male NiceGuyInVa 2018-02-19

Breaking the lengthy kiss and leaving me breathless, Dave scooped me up in his strong arms and in a husky voice said, "I want to taste you Steve." The scent of Dave's ass, cock and balls was driving me crazy as I let my mouth continue to devour him. God, I couldn't get enough of this teen's sexy muscular body as I watched his cock and balls bob up and down as he placed an arm behind his back. Still holding my arms firmly in his grasp he moved lower and I felt his tongue explore the crack of my ass, then slowly move in deeper and begin incredible thrusts, sending my head spinning.

Savage Desire Ch. 07

gay-male adjoaq 2018-02-19

He told Ryan that their wolves had looked so sweet cuddled up together when he entered Jeremy's suite that morning after the arena combats, he hadn't been able to resist taking the shot. When Paige said nothing after Gloria's warning, the elder had actually stopped the car and turned to look at the naked beauty sitting in the back seat with stern eyes. Paige had become even fussier over him since Ryan told her, about two weeks after Jeremy left that he had a niggling feeling he was being watched. In fact, I've been told he's actually evolved into a real alpha and that's great." Paige said, steering Ryan towards the stairs since the meeting room was on the eleventh floor which was right beneath their floor.


Running the Hills Ch. 02

gay-male JWTaylor36 2018-02-19

I saw the dark spot on the couch cushions beneath her where she had lain, saw the stain from her there, heard her moan softly and then curse and I knew she was cumming, knew she only cursed when she had lost control, and I pushed hard up into her a final time and bent over her body, my arm wrapped under her, around her waist, pulling her tight against me and bending over her so that my chest pressed against her back, just like he did, just like Mike as he came inside me and the mental image put me over the edge and I grunted loudly, my cock pulsed hard inside her and my I felt my cum spurt.

A visit in the night

gay-male bigdick099 2018-02-19

He slowly licked up and down Chigaru’s cock through his pants he loved the way the denim rubbed against his tongue and he loved it even more when Chigaru gave a little shiver to show his appreciation. He licked at the hood and Asim shivered at the sensation he took the tip into his mouth at the same time Asim began to run his nails gently over his cock. He moved his head back and forth in time to Asim’s strokes and soon they were both moaning with mouthfuls of cock. Asim moaned deep in throat as Chigaru began to stroke him with one finger slowly and gently.

A Secret Life Ch. 01

gay-male ingarlm 2018-02-19

It's just that over the long time I had spent with him I'd gradually come to realise that what I liked about him wasn't simply that we were friends who had a lot of interests in common, it was also that I wanted him. Like I guess every guy, and probably some girls, I had spent a good amount of my time online looking at porn. Over time, alongside my growing attraction to Dave, I started to look at naked men and gay porn, and now it seemed to be the only thing I searched for when I wanted some hot images.


The Greek Society Ch. 02

gay-male BigWig69 2018-02-19

He had an amazing ass and I explored all over it, in the cracks under the recesses of his buttocks, sucking and drinking in his cock all at the same time, him reefing on my hair pulling me back and forth, massaging my willing throat into taking him all the way down to his soft, silky swirl of pubic hair. Suddenly, he spun me around, and pushed me against the wall, coming in behind me like a jungle cat, his powerful grip on my balls again, I had my arms against the wall and my legs splayed wide as he reached around me and twisted my nipple hard, biting into my neck.

Marlon Ch. 01

gay-male whitebottom1000 2018-02-19

"Sit down boys!" She said and we sat down, her hand still on my cock, but she slid right between his knees and took his big black head in her little mouth, stretching her lips out. I felt my eyes roll into the back of my head as he fucked me, his big hands gripping my hips, reaching down to grab my ankles, smacking my ass, rubbing my lower back, and grabbing my shoulders as his big black cock drove into me relentlessly! That was all I needed to hear to feel my cock spurt out all the rest of the cum I had in my balls as I looked down and watched his hot body fuck me like crazy.