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Erotic Gay Male stories

A large collection of male gay stories.

It Happened Again Ch. 04

gay-male Volvodriver780 2017-11-23

"Thanks John, I needed a stronger coffee this morning, going to be a busy day." He looked at me like I was naked getting ready to get on my knees again when he said "I'll be around by your section about nine this morning. My mouth filled again and I started gagging and I pulled away from his cock only to be rewarded with a shot of cum on my cheek and then another on my chin. Bob was stuffing his cock back into his pants while I was on my second wad of tissues wiping his cum from the front of my uniform shirt and from my face. I got back to the computer doing government work but all I could think of was sucking Bob's cock and now my cock was fully erect.

Putting Myself Through College Ch. 08

gay-male RobXXX 2017-11-23

I said yes without hearing what it was, immediately Kevin backtracked and told me that this one particular model would sometimes dress up in drag and that the client had a thing for transsexuals. Kevin told me that if I took the assignment that he would take care of everything, including transportation, and I would be paid $ 1,000 for just over an hours work. Kevin left and I was escorted into the gentleman's home, he wasted no time in lifting up the back of my dress and squeezing my ass. This was an act that I had in no way came near to mastering, but this man insisted, and eventually he worked his cock in to his liking, I had to concentrate very hard to be able to breath through my nose.

A Surprise For You

gay-male Wildestthang 2017-11-23

"boy I want to feel your tongue on my ass." I started to try to protest as he grabbed my hair and moving forward he pushed his ass down onto my mouth. And then he climbs up with this other man over my face and drives his 9 inch black cock up into this mans dirty white ass. The nasty white man is spent all over me and I watch as my Masters black cock drives deep into his ass and fills him with cum. " Now clean him up." I watch as his dirty ass closes in on my face dripping with my Masters cum, but also with nasty material.

The Jock and the Therapist

gay-male robcub32 2017-11-23

My little buddy Bobby surprised me and flew down to see me with his partner, Tony. He said they had been watching the game and when Bobby saw me get hit and saw the way my leg bent as the broken bone burst through my shin, he practically became hysterical. "What have the doctors said?" Tony asked me as he put his hand on Bobby's back to comfort him. I looked up and saw Bobby grinning and waving his arm at me, followed by Tony. "No. I knew he'd come." Bobby gave me a quick hug and I leaned on a crutch and patted his back. Tony and Bobby flanked me and they walked slowly with me as I crutched my way through the terminal.


Prom Date Ch. 02

gay-male YamiAndYugi 2017-11-23

His kiss, that had started carefully and soft became passionate and demanding and his hands began to caress my back and sides. Slowly I started undoing the buttons of his shirt, kissing and licking every inch of his skin on the way. In an instant he was back and gave me a deep kiss, his trembling hands fumbled open my shirt and pulled it off. Jack slowly circled the head with his tongue, then closed his lips around it, sucking carefully while his tongue continued swirling faster now. "Jack, I'm going to cum!" I tried to warn him and pull away but he grabbed my ass, pulled me even closer and increased his pace a little more.

Twins Ch. 01

gay-male Jakey 2017-11-23

I knew that this time with Rich was going to have to be used not only to tend to family legal matters, but to gage for myself how well he was doing and how well he was going to do. "It looks like I caught one on the calf", Rich said. We had decided to go to different schools, so we wanted to make the most of the time together knowing that it was a realistic possibility that we wouldn't see much of each other for four years, maybe more. Rich just looked at me totally amazed as I slowly jerked his cock to extract more fluid, dabbing my opposite index finger at the top and continuing to taste the salty goo.


Three Is Fun But More Is Better

gay-male prersoil 2017-11-23

The guy that I was going to play with told me about the time that his boyfriend brought a few friends over and one after another doggy fucked him and how it made him feel so good. Once again Tom started to lube my ass with his finger as he sucked me and tasted my cum drenched cock. I'm thinking to myself during the pounding that Carl is giving me, glad they got rubbers on, which they told me that they had, and that I'm glad that Adam was about to cum in Tom's mouth as he was a good 7" long and as thick as me.

Father and Son Moments

gay-male Robert_Furlong 2017-11-23

So we continued sharing rooms when we went away, the two of us clambering out of bed each morning and smirking over at each other at the state sleep had put us both in, as the front of Jake's pyjama bottoms became as stretched as mine were by the nightly punishments his newly awakened anatomy was inflicting upon them. I'd pulled my erection out through my pyjama fly and had started fondling it when, glancing over from habit to check Jake was still asleep before taking up my own rhythm, I'd suddenly realised that the beating noise which had awoken me wasn't coming from the plumbing.


Croquis Grotesque

gay-male Ijhel 2017-11-23

Pressed against the wall with my hands below my face I close my eyes and try to relax but the feeling of ambiguous nervous anticipation begins to dissolve as a new sensation blossoms in my loins. His large fat stomach is pressed hard against my left thigh and his right hand rests on my left buttock with his blunt middle finger directly against the opening of my lower body and its puckered, twitching muscle. As Pollard presses him self against me, his right hand guiding the head of his cock into the warm orifice he has chosen to enter, I feel an intense pleasure that sweeps aside any considerations of consequence.

A Very Special Thanksgiving

gay-male Story guy 2017-11-23

Eric handed me a mirror and smiled, "Hey partner, take a look." I knew I was swollen, but I did not realize how bruised I was, wow. I am reducing the dose way down, starting today." Eric was smiling and shaking his head as he checked my IV saying, "I have done more than my share of word puzzles in my time." He chuckled and then left again. "Eric, I'm sorry man...I know EXACTLY what you are talking about, believe me." After an uncomfortable silence I said, "Hey! Every night before bed I would read the note that Eric left in my pocket: "Rof a dogo mite lacl oeris lapm ta siht mrubne.


The Executioner’s Mask

gay-male 2017-11-23

In a masked gay party, I saw a young twink with cherry lips and bubbly ass in the crowd. He felt the pressing on his body, unzipped my pants and held my cock saying “what have we got here?...” We slowly moved to the dark room to fuck. He was holding my cock like a dog leash as we walked among the crowd to the dark room filled with the humid smell of sweaty cocks and asses and lots of cum. I slowly sat on the couch satisfied and happy, seeing the face of the young man still licking my balls leaning forward between my legs on the floor.

Meeting Freddy Three

gay-male cdhusband 2017-11-23

Freddy was watching me intently as I was sucking the juices from the towel and seeing my dick was getting hard and oozing, he dropped to his knees and sucked my cock into his mouth. I knew I wasn’t going to be cumming any time soon, but was just enjoying the renewed hardness of my dick as he sucked my precum juices. It wasn’t how I wanted to suck his cock but how his need to cum again took over and he face fucked me, driving his 9-inches into my throat again and again, until finally, he buried his cock deep down my throat and spurt after spurt of cum splashed into my throat and my mouth. There was a moment of extreme pushing by Freddy my asshole felt like it was going to split open; then my ass was working, trying to engulf his hand.

Urinal Confessions Ch. 05

gay-male MungoParkIII 2017-11-23

The man stood very close, with one hand reached around and stroking my friend's cock. I watched as the two men began moving faster, and then suddenly my friend moaned and I saw his cock spurt his cum out over the toilet. As I watched I could hear one of the men moan and then the man arched his back, shoving his cock deep into my friend's ass as he came. The man pulled up his pants and fastened them as my friend grabbed his pants hanging on the back of the stall door but before he could put them on I saw the man reach to his shoulder and then said, "Okay, now."

Brown to Blue

gay-male CarterZ3 2017-11-23

He is 5'7, has a perfect surfer boy body, beautiful blonde hair, and these cute chocolate eyes. "like I said bro you are my best friend I know everything." My eyes rolled to the back of my head as he kissed down my body, flicking my nipples with his tongue and running it down over my belly button and through my happy trail. I looked into those beautiful eyes of his, and took my hands and began tweaking his nipples. I looked over at Josh, he once again looked deep in thought, I admired him most when he looked like this with his hair flowing and his brown eyes looking into oblivion. "Mom, Dad..." Josh said, "I have something I would like to tell you."

My First Night of Sex Ch. 03

gay-male bottom9 2017-11-23

The feeling of this wonderful cock filling my throat, the salty emission from his crown, and the knowledge that I was giving as much pleasure as I was getting drove me to heights of passion I can in no way properly describe. All these thoughts running wild in my head, yet at the same time a wonderful, creamy cock was sliding in and out of my most grateful mouth as I came to my senses and moaned in pure passion. Then sliding his cock slowly out of my mouth, I slurped my tongue around his shaft till I reached his crown again where I sucked in his still streaming salty discharge.

my dads best friend

gay-male mattyr1 2017-11-23

he said that we could make this fun if i dressed up as a girl , i honestly didnt know what to do so i did what he said , he got me some of his wifes clothes and handed them to me,he handed my a corset ,stocking,suspenders,silk elbow length gloves, some thigh high lever boots and some fllufy pink handcuffs. he then instructed me to suck his knob, so i un done his dressing gown and there was a massive dick , the biggest i had ever seen , he told me o play with it with my hands so idid , i then rose and i did as i had seen on the videos and put my mouth around it , it felt nice , i made it go down my throat , i gagged a lot at first but then it was smooth.

Dream Come True

gay-male KevMan1980 2017-11-23

"Why don't you go grab us a booth and I'll get the drinks," he said, leaning in close and putting his hand on my arm. It was a chilly night, and after walking around for a few minutes, I took a deep breath and asked Trent if we would like to come to my condo, which was only a few blocks from where we were. I sloppily wet the entire length of his nine- inch member, and began stroking with my hand as my mouth took care of the head. I laid back on the bed, and Trent's hands began rubbing my chest as his head bobbed up and down, up and down. I rubbed his chest lightly, and he woke up, saw me, smiled and said good morning.

Penis Enlargement

gay-male Timid_one 2017-11-23

It was a little humiliating just setting the appointment up because the receptionist asked me what I would be seeing the doctor for and I choked a bit and finally mumbled something about "male issues". His eyes never left mine as I stuttered through my interest in finding the right penis enlargement method, but I am sure he noticed my little, semi-hard cock tenting out the fabric of my briefs. You must achieve orgasm through anal stimulation alone." As he said this, he pushed a third finger into my ass, squeezing my balls at the same time. "Not quite yet, the more stimulation you get just after orgasm increases the hormonal release." He mercilessly pumped my ass with his fingers for at least another minute.

Jay Taught Me

gay-male dipperyslick 2017-11-23

"If I just started to thrust," he said, "The nerves would cause the anus to close against the intrusion. He pulled back a little and said "Just like that, I've caressed the nerves and soothed them and soften them. At the same time I felt his finger slide in past my anus and slowly move up through the second ring. "Push against it", he said, "Try to push it out like a big dump." I reacted to that and felt his cock slide in all the way. He pulled out till the ring of his cock was just inside my asshole, then started pushing again. His hands came down to my cock, using my precum as lube, he started to jack me off in time to his fucking strokes.

The Cruise Ch. 01

gay-male M8300 2017-11-23

I had soft blue eyes, to her large green ones, but if it counts, my mom said that we had the same noses, long and skinny just like her own. I pulled my middle finger into my mouth and sucked on it, just liked Jordan used to do with my hands, while my other hand massaged my waiting hole, it was really begging to be fucked hard. My dick twitched hard and I felt the beginnings of an orgasm but nothing but a large thing of pre-cum shoot out. I came what seemed like forever as my body twitched, and the last few pulses hit my now wet hair and one long wet-hot shot of cum hit me square in the right eye.


John Introduces Me Ch. 02

gay-male firmjames 2017-11-23

As calmly as I could I told him that the pub would be fine, he said that that was good news that he was looking forward to seeing me and we agreed on a time of 8.30 p.m. I spent the rest of the day working on auto-pilot, trying not to think about what might happen that night- I still didn't know if we were going to ignore what had happened or if there was going to be a repeat performance and whilst I pretended to myself that I had suggested the meeting to clear the air in reality I knew that I was hoping John wouldn't just leave it there and that he would let me experience those feelings again.


They Are A-OK Ch. 46

gay-male fantasyhunter2 2017-11-23

Kyle and I jointly decided to put off dealing with the brotherhood until we spent some time with Julia and Zack. Zack was there alone, naked, absentmindedly fondling his erect cock while watching a guy with a bigger cock than Kyle pounding a skinny twink's ass on the big screen. Julia and Zack patiently listened to my explanation of falling in love with Kyle and my hope that they would be ok with him joining us on the island. "Hey, Zack how about we go somewhere and talk, maybe I can make you feel better about things," Kyle said as Julia and I kissed. It will give Kyle and I a chance to get better acquainted," Julia said clearly excited by the idea of being alone with the big guy.


Finally Found Ch. 01

gay-male loveonly 2017-11-23

He has short amber hair and big green eyes, a little shorter than me, but all together a good looking guy. I kept thinking about what it would be like to be wrapped up in his strong arms after a long days work and have him stroke my hair and tell me he loved me and I fall asleep while looking in his eyes. I woke up from my fantasy and looked at him, my tongue got a little twisted and I said something like, When he was facing me again, he pulled his boxers and pants back on and buttoned his shirt, looked me in the eyes and walked out of the bathroom.


Confronting His Lies Ch. 03

gay-male amasterfound 2017-11-23

About the butt-plug, I bought that and a few more toys over the past couple of months to move our relationship to a new level," Peter warned Ward as he pushed him down onto his knees. Hell, Ward could have sworn that he gained an inch each way, just thinking about being Peter's bitch in a leather club! He would love spanking Ward's bottom until it turned a nice shade of scarlet, especially while Peter listened to his boyfriend begging for mercy. "PLEASE, I need you to spank my ass like the naughty boy that I am!" Ward begged, wanting to finish the spanking. I think that you've had enough of that 'pleasure' for the time being!" Peter teased, "Besides, my cock wants its turn at your delectable ass!