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Twentieth Anniversary Dinner

group CaptNick 2018-12-04

They smile at each other then Nick turns me around so I'm facing him and kisses me down to my nipples as Olivia unhooks my bra and pulls it off then I can feel her kneeling down behind me and she pulls my skirt down so I'm standing in my blue panties and black heels. Nick lets go of my hair as she straddles his mouth I can see his tongue stroking her beautiful pussy and his hands hold onto her hips then, I hear him slap her ass. I can barely hold myself up anymore as I ride out another orgasm and when Olivia takes the strap-on out of my ass, I slide down Nick's body and suck his cock deep into my mouth.

Vacation Sex Training: Part I

group ljdoofus75 2018-12-04

Andrea came in and said, "Kathy is going to be a lot of fun, if you know what I mean." After you guys left, we had a few minutes of small talk then I said, "Kathy, I don't want to embarrass you, but Darius and I got so excited hearing you two fuck last night. LJ had pushed Kathy's bra up and was sucking one of her tits, but she kept her eyes on my cock like she was mesmerized by what was going on. I glanced at Kathy and LJ had his hand in her panties and was working her clit and finger fucking her, but her eyes were still frozen on Andrea and me.

Cindy The Gangbang Coach

group lindaswan 2018-12-04

Most fucked Vicky directly, but some had other requests, like wanting me to suck them off, then share the cum with her. Vicky seemed totally aroused, reaching up to wet her hands in the fresh cum on me so she could transfer it to her busy mouth. On my knees near her head, I helped the men who wanted to cream her cheeks or come in her mouth. I thought Vicky looked glorious as she bounced against the hard cocks and played cum dump for the men. Vicky sucked me out, holding all the cum in her mouth, then spit it on my face and boobs. When we walked to Wes' throne, Vicky squeezed my hand, ready for the big moment.

The Girls Getaway Part I

group LeahLidocaine 2018-12-04

Huge amounts of liquor were consumed, girls flashed nipples and ass, Colton was dared to show Leah his cock (which was semi-hard at the time, and impressive at an estimated 7.5 inches), and truths about favorite positions, dirty acts, and "the most risqué places" people had sex were revealed. She opened her eyes to see Veronica sucking Brantley's cock, and from where she was sitting on her knees, he looked to be around 8 inches, but slightly smaller in girth than Jake. Brantley felt a warm feeling flood over his cock, and looked down in time to see Veronica spew a jet of girl cum all over his abs. Leah had her mouth full of Colton's cock and was massaging the head with her pierced tongue when she felt Jake pull his dick from her hand.

A Birthday Fantasy, Chapter 1

group Master_Jonathan 2018-12-04

Angela knew he was ready to cum too, and Mark saw her speed up her sucking pace, moving her face back and forth faster, and not taking his cock into her mouth as deeply. After devouring her fresh juices, Mark began to lick between Angela's inner and outer pussy lips, starting with the extremely soft, smooth area just below the hole that had been the source of that nectar. Once Jimmy did cum, Mark sucked on Angela's clit until she climaxed, and kept eating her pussy until she reached that delightful goal again. After carefully cleaning Jimmy's cock with her tongue, Angela turned her head and looked expectantly at her husband, as if to tell him she was ready for her first orgasm of the day.

Lucy's Conversion

group Unluckyforsome 2018-12-04

The men in turn moaned and groaned until Mark pulled her up and swung her into his arms, kissing her hard and deep, his tongue claiming her mouth in sweeping movements as he walked them both across the room and threw her on the bed. Mark’s hands settled on her hips to help with the thrust and to give her balance, so Lucy could lift one hand to hold Richard’s cock firmly in her hand, and lower her head to suck in his balls as she stroked his prick. Mark’s hands came up to hold and caress her breast, and Richard nibbled her neck as the sensation in Lucy’s body sent her ever closer to the orgasm of her life.

Welcoming Holly and Nick to the Group

group EnjoyBoth 2018-12-04

Tom and Gloria moved in front of Holly and both slowly began to run their tongues from Holly’s inner thighs up to her gaping pussy alternating between who got to run their tongue over her clit. He slowly eased the head of his cock into her ass and began a slow ass fucking while Gloria now had the main control of Holly’s clit and pussy. To top it off, I had a view of Nick bent over the bench, sucking a cock, having his ass drilled with Holly watching her man up close while she straddled Nancy’s mouth and tongue. It didn’t take Tom but a few moments to pull out leaving my ass gaping wide open, needing him to fill me again, before he slipped off the condom and applied more lube and jamming his cock back into me.

The Naughty Party

group DarkSide 2018-12-04

“How do you know Melissa?” asked Mike. It was a question I was going to answer another four times throughout the evening. I took her thin blouse and pushed it to one side of her breast, pulled down her bra and, while looking her in the eye, sucked on her nipple until it grew hard in my mouth. In less time than it took Jenny to cum on my tongue, my cock was spurting up her arse. Jenny looked at her husband Mike and made a sign of her finger sliding into a hole made by her other hand. Jenny then asked Melissa for a tissue which she then passed to me, “That’s for your face, it’s awfully wet,” she said.

The Submissive Co-Worker Gets a Party

group cal_jack 2018-12-04

Everyone except Betty was looking at either Yvonne's pussy being eaten by Sarah or Sarah’s lovely ass. Yvonne began to play with her nipples, pinching and twisting them as she pulled Sarah's face against her wet pussy, moaning with increasing delight. Sarah was coming down from her orgasmic high when Tom and Yvonne lead her to the stage in the middle of the group where they tied her spread eagle, face up, her pussy begging to be used. Yvonne gave his cock a little brushing as she released his cuffs and gave the leash to Ali who was waiting in another chair with her legs spread wide, stroking her juice covered pussy, her black pumps still on.

Cindy Does The Bachelor Party

group lindaswan 2018-12-04

But some of the men wanted my mouth open to take in their cock or receive a cum shot. While men jerked off frantically around my head and cum lines dropped on me, I pushed up on my elbows to watch the dildo going in and out of me, feeling intensified arousal as it continued, on and on. I looked down on the action, with my mouth open; his sudden cum fountain went partially through my lips and partially on my face. Breathing hard from the exertion, I embraced him with a full body hug of thanks, then I knelt down and sucked him off, quickly getting a huge mouthful of his cum.

Rosie lured me in with offers of her sister

group DAVESITFC3 2018-12-04

Things then got even better as Rosie removed Sophie's Basque as she continued to suck me giving me the first real view of her monster breasts. As Rosie continued to suck my cock I summoned Sophie over to me and took her huge breasts in my mouth and caressed them with my hands. Sophie was not as tight as Rosie and I was soon banging away giving her a massive orgasm in seconds as Rosie watched. I was now so close to coming I pulled out and told the girls to kneel on the floor in front of me and wanked a massive load into there open mouths and over there gorgeous breasts, and offered my cock to each to suck to clean it up

Nearly Twins - Part 3

group OldGeezer 2018-12-04

One time, I had been slowly fucking Karen, pumping my length deep into her and almost out, both of us watching as her pussy lips gripped my cock head as it almost parted from her, before it pushed deep down again, feeling her incredible muscles grip me as it penetrated her. Easy was the catchphrase indeed, as I lay back and let Gerry suck and lick and grip my cock until I felt my cum rising, started to pull out, but Karen just gently held me there as Gerry’s lips worked their magic, and my balls emptied a heavy load into Gerry’s throat.

Behind the Purple Door

group Coco 2018-12-04

Valerie denied LeAndra; lately she had identified herself as lesbian, (if she had to label herself) and truth be told, she thought she was in love with her boss and didn’t want to fuck Jason. LeAndra found Valerie with Jason in the salon’s room of indulgence, she joined them behind the Purple Door; offering them both a drink, she spoke quietly. Approaching the massage suite, LeAndra thought about the best way to convince Jennifer to join the party behind the purple door. There’s another client here that wishes to fulfill a fantasy.” LeAndra took a deep breath and speaking with authority continued, “He…his fantasy is to watch and to do so anonymously.” Quiet settled over the room as she let the idea sink in.

The Holiday that changed my life forever (Part 3)

group NatureLover 2018-12-03

They both smiled at us, before Janine moved and began licking at Laura’s breasts, taking each one in turn, using her tongue to flick around the erect nipples, before moving down Laura’s toned and tanned body towards her tiny bikini bottoms, which she quickly pulled at the tassels on each side to allow them to fall from around Laura, As Janine’s tongue reached her pussy lips, Laura gave out a low moan of pleasure, we were being treated to quite a show and we were getting horny, I could see Mike’s bulge under his shorts, and he began to touch himself, I was in the same situation.

After Hours 3

group ColletteXx 2018-12-03

I took the cock out of my mouth and raised my head, Tom pumping a stream of cum over my face, across the bridge of my nose and over my eye.  The two guys took turns fucking my mouth, holding my hair and penetrating my throat with their hard cocks. I kept talking to the camera, saying things like "What do I have to do to get a pay-rise?" and "You are the worse boss I've ever had, making me suck your cock." A combination of the dirty talk and the expert blowjob made him cum pretty quickly, I looked into the lens and took his cum on my tongue like a good girl, swallowing and showing him my empty mouth.

The Party Started After Labor Day

group oldhippie1949 2018-12-03

"I want to see your breasts, Carrie." Suzi sat up and reached around her, unclasping her bra and letting it fall. Suddenly, Suzi jumped up off the couch and said, "We have to move to the bedroom RIGHT NOW!" She grabbed Carrie's hands and pulled her up. I cumming." My hips began to bounce as Suzi stretched out on me placing her tongue on one side of my cock as Carrie licked the other side. Smiling and happy, I felt them go at it until Suzi placed her arms behind her and rocked backwards giving Carrie all of her, and let me tell you, there was a lot to give.

Wedding Seduction: Episode Two

group xhardx13 2018-12-03

Lisa knew nothing about boxing, but she loved the sight of muscular guys like Marquis. Lewis changed positions, and stuffed his cock into Lisa's mouth, so that she was servicing three guys all at once, one in her hand and two in slippery holes. The Asian was getting sloppy seconds, and Lisa loved the feeling of Weiyung's hard cock sliding on Marquis' cum. Lisa and the girls danced with each of the men until midnight when Frank said to Lisa, "Paul really likes you. It was more like fifteen minutes before Paul arrived and said, "You're name is Lisa. Lisa wondered if he was too old to cum, because he had been fucking her for a long time without the happy ending.

The Principal's Slut

group Jasmine_x 2018-12-03

Immediately, Patterson began to play with my pussy whilst Peters ripped my blouse open and pulled my bra down slightly. With each stroke of my mouth, Patterson groaned more and more as Peters continued to lick my pussy. I immediately felt Mr. Peters’ tongue pull away from my lips as Patterson’s cock still engorged my mouth. “Good girl, now suck Mr. Peters,” Patterson ordered as he began to pull me back up his shaft by my ass. As he pulled my lower body back down his cock, Peters slipped into my mouth. Immediately Patterson began to move my hips on his shaft and Peters started to thrust. Carefully, Patterson removed his cum covered cock from my pussy and helped Peters as he brought me back to the couch.

Servicing Two Dirty Old Men

group Slusky 2018-12-03

We had already had a lot of good times, I really liked coming over, blowing him and swallowing his load before his wife came home. My technique was getting pretty good and I could deepthroat quite easily now (the trick is to breath through your nose!) He grabbed my head and started to fuck my throat, while Lou came over and started rubbing his cock on my face and against Dave. Dave lay down on the bed and I bent over the end of it and started sucking his balls and licking around his hairy ass as Lou slid my pants off. Lou fucked me hard against the end of the bed, each thrust forcing me to gag on Dave's thick member a bit.

Inside The Cube

group sandymonroe 2018-12-03

“Hell yeah!” the black guy said, kneeling down behind me and started opening the zip on his uniform. The black guy grabbed my ass cheeks with his huge palms and pulled them apart in front of his face. I let my head hang low, pushed my ass high and enjoyed the hot tongue working its way into my tight asshole. She got the huge head of the black rod between her lips and started kissing and licking it. He probably felt like the head of an ancient tribe with his legs spread apart and his cock and balls being licked by two women. ‘Ann’ jerked his huge cock to milk every last drop of hot thick cum out of the black rod.

The Storm Concludes

group Kim 2018-12-03

Sitting here wat ching Scott lick and suck on Kat's pussy, Quinn wanted to be angry, but couldn't. He wanted to fuck his woman...his Kat...just like Scott was going to do. Seeing his friend's eyes glaze over, as he watched Scott tongue Kat's clit, Scott buried his face deeper in the tangy, but sweet pussy. Scott tried to watch what Quinn was going to do, but spent most of the time with his eyes closed, just savoring what his own hot woman was doing to his rigid pole. Pulling his face, now shiny wet with her juice, from Kat's clit, Quinn kept the G spot stimulation going, as he pushed his thumb inside her ass.

My Sweet Slut

group Mysteria27 2018-12-03

Roxanne rubbed her pussy, while I fucked her ass hard. Roxanne was fingering her pussy, moving her fingers in and out of that tight cunt, while I held her hips and fucked her so hard she actually moved up a few inches. Jack was fucking her ass really hard, while Robert was getting his cock sucked. Jack pulled out of her ass and Roxanne got off my cock. Jack got on the bed and Roxanne eased her pussy down on his cock. Roxanne started to come and Jack thrusted up into her pussy and filled her with a pile of cream. Robert pulled out of her ass and Roxanne got comfortable on the bed.

My Best Friend

group BigD325 2018-12-03

I had wanted to fuck my best friend Mari since the day when we were 17 and we fooled around in the movie theater. The movie was boring, and soon we were macking on each other, Mari straddling my lap with her jean skirt hiked up, one of my hands up her tight sweater and the other under her skirt, two fingers in her wet pussy, thumb rubbing her clit. My hand worked at her pussy and clit as she moaned, but soon I could no longer resist the sweet smell coming out of her pussy and knelt on the floor, pulling her ass to the edge of the sofa.

My big charity gangbang.

group candytales 2018-12-03

“Okay,” I said, “I love having sex with you, and I know that you enjoy it too, but after Natalie’s experience I’m in the mood for something similar, and I was wondering how you’d feel about sharing me with some of your friends?” As his cock became stiff Steve said that he’d speak to some of his friends, so as a little ‘thank you,’ I drizzled a few drops of baby oil on my tits and pushed them together as he used my slippery cleavage to achieve a satisfying climax. With my arms around their shoulders, Tom and Dick, took a leg each then lifted me up and began to then lower me down to impale me on Steve’s rigid shaft, and when he felt the tip of his cock pressing against my flesh he asked, “Back or front?”