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OneWild Night

group BigStick4 2018-05-21

Most women smile when I walk by; I think it’s because I’m 6’6” and wear tight clothing. Amy and Angelina wrapped their arms around mine as we went into another room. Amy was pumping my rigid cock with her voluptuous titties and then I felt her kissing and sucking my shaft up and down before she put me in her mouth. It’s a good thing I’d fucked one of my models yesterday; at least I could hope for some endurance. When I accidentally popped out of Angelina, Amy was quick to give my cock a f***eful sucking. “Keep at it!” Amy said to Angelina. Amy sat back and rubbed her pussy, showing me her inside flesh.

The things teen girls get up to

group 2018-03-20

I looked into my b*****rs eyes, he smiled, 'Hold him', she asked me, and I took him into my warm grasp, squeezing his cock, now firm and erect, 'Wank him Mariel', she was kissing his mouth and her hand found mine around my b*****rs cock, she covered mine and began wanking him, her mouth entrenched on his, and she slipped of my hand and squeezed his balls, he came in my hand as I watched his sperm ooze from his cock and pour over my fingers, his hot breathing into Angelina's mouth, telling her he was having his orgasm, they both laughed while I warmed his cum.

Nursing School

group Deathfyre 2017-10-13

Working all night, coffee with Dr. Picardi in the morning, and then some sl**p before starting the routine all over again, she and Mike had very little quality time together. The spell was broken when Mike said in a hoarse voice, "Angelina, take it in your mouth, do that for me, that'll be okay." Removing her hand from the head of his rock hard cock, Angelina started to get up from the bed. It was only by accident she discovered she could milk more of the flowing nectar from the burgeoning cock by pressing her fingers under his balls, squeezing the shaft and moving her hand upward at the same time.