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Age is just a number.

group petercee 2018-05-20

We drove home with Cindy with me and Stuart with Anne all the way home Cindy was flirting with me and I have to admit I was loving it and I nearly lost control when she grabbed my cock to see if I was hard, I was. I led Cindy to the spa, something apparently she hadn't tried till then and found a stream of bubbles from one of the jets that sent her into a spiraling orgasm all the while she held on to my cock for dear life nearly breaking it, two minutes later she was straddling me on a sun lounge riding me like there was no tomorrow I thought I did well to hold back for five minutes before shooting my load.

Do Women Enjoy Watching Two Men Have Sex as Much a

group daviea9 2018-05-18

Anne said that when she was undressing Mary she found herself getting very aroused by the sight of her voluptuous breasts and when the doctor turned Mary over and inserted a gloved finger up Mary’s arse (feeling around for the appendix which is easier to locate by that route) Anne almost came in her pants. As the injection took effect Mary got a bit “high” and giggly but she allowed Anne to take her to the bathroom where she was to be bathed and have her pubic region shaved ready for the operation. That done Mary got onto the table and said that now Anne had to pleasure her pussy as she shaved it and from what I was told Anne did exactly that.

My Slut Weekend

group zimabean 2018-05-17

After another thirty minutes these five young good looking married men invited us up to their room to party some more. I looked over at Anne and her man was fucking her missionary, her legs in the air as he hammered her old pussy. The sound of his hard cock slaming in and out of Anne's wet pussy made me even closer to cumming. Her mounted me and my man mounted her, the sound of hard cocks slaming cum filled pussies soon filled the room. I no sooner spread my legs that the man fucking Karin pulled out of her and buried his cock in me and exploded.

Holiday Spa

group petercee 2018-05-08

With Anne showing no sign of being uncomfortable to his probing he decided to slip his fingers inside her briefs, a slight spreading of her legs and his fingers entered her pussy, of course with all the disturbance of bubbles on the surface nobody else could see what was going on below. I was about to say it was time to return to our suite when I saw a hand inside Anne's briefs and a hard cock in her right hand that looked like it was either going to pump cum into the spa or suddenly go slack depending on the mindset of the owner.

The Winners

group tamol 2018-05-07

This wasn't a place for a woman especially as I knew from previous experiences that Anne could be quite a slut when she wanted to be, but even I couldn't imagine her letting twenty guys fuck her silly. "Did I mention her cunt, did I, you okay if we do your ass now Ann?" said Daniel not waiting for a reply as he turned Anne over and with the same aplomb slipped his cock into her ass and once again started fucking her. "Well I think its disgusting, Anne I am shocked at you, you've got cum running out of you and making a bloody mess on my carpet and letting all these guys fuck you, its so wrong," said Sandy who suddenly appeared in the room.

Shared Wife

group petercee 2018-04-19

In the hotel cocktail bar Brett did a double take as she walked into the room along with a couple of other guys, on reaching him Anne gave him a welcome kiss and led us to a booth at the back of the bar where we sat either side of her and enjoyed pre-dinner drinks. The young guy had stamina we stayed at the beach three days and every day Rod and Anne fucked at least six times it seemed if you fed the lad it went straight into his cock.

Sharing the wife

group gazonga 2018-04-16

Just as Helen had said, Anne began to feel drowsy within 10 minutes and 5 minutes later decided she needed to go to bed. “Steve, I bet your wife has never had a black cock inside her before today, mouth or pussy, eh?” Roger asked, moving around the bed and preparing himself to fuck Anne. “Man, that felt good” he said He pulled out again and moved round to Anne’s face, forcing his wet cock into her mouth “That’s it, nice and clean, you teasing whore” he continued, his true feelings coming out. “Er, they came inside you , and erm, over you too…..and , no, they didn’t use condoms…” I replied, sensing Anne wasn’t getting turned on at all by this, like I was.

Do Women Enjoy Watching Two Men Have Sex as Much a

group daviea9 2018-03-12

Anne was rubbing her pussy vigorously as I told her how when we had each emptied ourselves we turned around and kissed hard and long, full on the mouth, while rubbing our sticky cocks together and it wasn’t long before she came to a shuddering orgasm. I heard Anne gasp and say “why couldn’t you have got it like that with me?” Colin laughed and said “I know, but then again maybe if Dave can keep me interested with his cock you can have some fun with mine”. I lay back on the bed stroking my still eager cock expecting Colin to lie down beside me, but Anne had got hold of Colin’s cock and she was rubbing it firmly saying “I want that cock inside me”.

The Strangers

group Celtic_Heart 2018-03-12

She sensed, rather than felt her knickers being removed, so caught up in the sensations she was feeling as she continued to suck and lick at the cock before her. Anne let herself be lifted from the chair as the first guy, who had until moments ago been fucking her face sat down. His hands were on her arse cheeks lifting her up and down as Anne clenched the walls of her pussy to feel him inside her. The second guy presented his cock and Anne greedily began to suck on it. Anne lay there for a moment then began to rub the cum from the second man's cock into the skin of her tits.

Car salesman Phil

group petercee 2018-01-31

Anne told me he was fucking her a couple of times a week after hours in her office her desk getting quite a work out apparently he had eight inches of cock that seemed to never get tired. Phil's infatuation with Anne didn't stop there after he got married I walked in on them in her office, I saw what kept her interest his cock was at least eight inches and at the time it was slick with her juices as he rammed it into her as she bent over her desk moaning with pleasure. Phil eventually figured out I knew what was going on when after a party at our home three years later I told him if he wanted to fuck Anne she was already in bed and I would be in after I had cleared up the mess from the party.

A couples sexual experiences

group petercee 2017-12-28

The first time David fucked her there was just the two of them I watched from the bedroom door as his long thick cock slowly penetrated Anne's highly lubricated cunt his bulbous glans stretching the vaginal muscles while she screamed in agony/ecstasy until the glans got through and his shaft slowly disappeared from sight, then for ten minutes I watched as his cock slowly pumped its way in and out of her now welcoming body then he started to speed up ten to twenty rapid strokes later I watched his balls tighten as he shot his load some of it forcing its way past his shaft to trickle slowly down Anne's body to the sheet below.

Mike's Last Stand

group daviea9 2017-12-26

“Poor Polly,” I thought, “in my experience it’s usually the wife who isn’t up for some night-time sexual activity.” I thought about getting up and going back to my own bed but the room was warm as I’d turned on the electric fire and my own bedroom would be cold so I decided to stay with Mike for a bit longer. When we had all recovered our senses Anne said “well now you’re safe Mike, I certainly won’t spoil my friendship with Polly by telling her about what we have just done, but next time you visit just remember that you need to pleasure me as well as Dave.”

Wife before she met me.

group momsrobert 2017-12-22

Anne told him not to worry and asked about Nik. Andros said that he was shy and was also still a virgin. But after stripping, she could see that Nik was getting excited with a semi erect cock pointing towards her and his mouth open in seeing a naked woman for the first time. Anne told Andros to get behind her as she positioned herself in front of Nik, her pussy inches from his mouth. “Nik, I want you to suck my pussy and taste your spunk as Andros fucks me.” She leaned forward for Nik to get his mouth on her cunt and then told Andros to put his thick cock in her.

One good turn part 1

group petercee 2017-12-22

Later that night we went to bed but after half an hour Anne got out of bed and left the cabin, I fell asl**p to be awoken by Anne coming back to bed at three in the morning and stroking my cock getting me hard she straddled me and lowered herself on to my cock she was already well lubricated and stretched she told me she had just been with Tony and she'd also had Tim earlier on, in the dark I had a big grin on my face no doubt the two guys did as well.

Another Cruise

group petercee 2017-12-12

The thing was she seemed able to sense when a big cock was around, I remember one time we were heading out for the day down to Maslins Beach we could have driven a short distance from our home but had decided to take our cruise Midnight Blue instead as we hadn't used her for a couple of weeks. Not that they didn't fuck again it was just it was done as I pushed back to the calmer waters of the Port River, after that day Alan became a great friend and a regular visitor to our home and Midnight Blue, he never bought the other cruiser.

Wife catches husband with her s****r

group XXXNoBounds 2017-12-06

As Anne and Kim kissed, Bob moved to the foot of the bed. Anne began kissing Kim's legs as Bob removed her bra and started playing with her tits. As Bob continued with her tits, Anne had moved between my wife's legs and was rubbing her pussy through the panties. As Anne ate her pussy, Kim pulled Bob's cock out of his pants and had begun jerking him off, inches from her face. I had never known Kim to like feet, but she took her time sucking and nibbling on all ten of Anne's. Kim still wouldn't eat her pussy though, instead placing her hand right back between Anne's legs.

London Holiday

group petercee 2017-12-05

One thing about a swingers club people don't waste time on flirting and such niceties once the door was closed Anne was the center of attention and it wasn't long before the guys cocks were hard and her cunt was lubricated by one of the guys saliva as his tongue was buried to the hilt the other guy was having his cock lubricated by her mouth. Though surprised by the sudden turn of events I was soon enjoying his thick cock in my mouth working hard to take as much as I could, I could already taste the pre-cum on my taste buds, I knew it wouldn't be too long before he shot his load.


group petercee 2017-11-27

After a trip away for a week we came home and found some movies had been moved and one particular photo album had been moved in our bedroom along with a couple of Anne's sex toys, though I couldn't swear to it I thought a photo of Anne nude and in a suggestive pose was missing. Of course the day came along when sex reared its ugly head, I was away and Anne had said goodbye to a friend at the front door while wearing next to nothing, on going into the kitchen to make herself a coffee Harry wandered in the back door.

First black cock

group petercee 2017-11-15

I would also have liked to be there later when he fucked her doggie fashion while she leaned over the breakfast bar and talked to me on the phone telling me what was happening at the time, as I tried to concentrate on business my cock now hard as a rock beneath the desk as my secretary waited for me to finish the call. Unfortunately Joel had to return to Sydney on Monday before leaving for the States the week after that, but for the whole of Sunday I got to watch as his wonderful black cock fucked my darling wife at least another eight times, when he left for Sydney he looked worn out but he had some memories to last him.

Midnight Blue Part One

group petercee 2017-11-03

I decided that Anne should learn how to handle the boat for when I had to visit the toilet, bar etc., so I called for her to come up onto the bridge once there I left them to get to grips with the lesson and went down to visit the toilet and get myself a beer and enjoy our new acquisition. Twenty minutes later I returned to the bridge to find Steve getting a hand job from my darling wife, it appeared that Anne's bikini took his mind of the lessons and his large erection erased any thought of learning to handle the boat instead she decided handling his cock was more interesting. On return to the marina Steve got $100 for his assistance, I learned how to handle my boat and Anne was happily satisfied by their lovemaking and Steve looked satisfied as well.

Part Two: Her husband pissed her off, so she fucke

group jv7 2017-10-31

Cristy took a dick out of her mouth, looked at Anne and said, "Hey, this is my show." I pulled my thumb back, but Anne said, "Oh really?" then pushed Cristy away, got down on all fours, pushed me back and stuck her tongue in Cristy's ass. "See how you like this then," Anne said, directing my dick into Cristy's ass. After a minute Anne pulled my dick out of Cristy's ass and sucked on it. Nate stepped back to try again for Cristy's mouth, which had been alternately filled with Dom's dong and spitting out curses as I fucked her ass. When I was about to mount up, Anne pulled my dick downward, into Cristy's pussy with Dom.

Wife takes her biggest cock.

group petercee 2017-10-28

Once the head disappeared from sight Anne stopped and got used to the feel of the pressure of it against the muscles (she later said it felt like giving birth in reverse) once she was comfortable she started to lower herself a little at a time, from where I stood it looked like she was never going to manage it all. At on point Anthony must have tried to help she nearly screamed at him not to move, ever so slowly his thick shaft disappeared from view by my watch twenty minutes had passed and just left than half remained in view, then Anne started to move just slight up and down movements to start with but then about half of what she had taken showed slick with her juices before she slid down again taking perhaps another inch in the next ten minutes working like this she had taken Anthony fully inside her.

eating cum filled pussy

group driveherbinight 2017-10-25

Mike smiled and rubbed his cock up and down her cunt, leaving the drippings spread all over her pussy lips and pubic hair, and then rolled off of her and lay next to her. I took a deep breath and said “I really want to lick the cum out of your cunt, I want to clean up that mess for you.” “Oh, you nasty boy! I want you to lick all around the outside first, get that nice and clean, and then you can start sucking Mike's cum out of me.” She turned back to Mike and began kissing him again. I was watching Mike’s balls and I saw them tighten up as he dumped his second load into Anne, and she sobbed with pleasure feeling her pussy fill up again with another man's cum.

Another Caribbean vacation A friendly story

group kinzon27 2017-09-16

So come on, Missy, don’t try to hold it back, let it go.” His long finger was thrusting into her, curling up against her pubic bone, and she couldn’t stop her orgasm from coming. I can’t stop them.” (Not that I’d want to.) I paused as she looked at me, then said; “It’s ok if you cum, Baby. That big black cock is too much for you, isn’t it?” That was all it took; Anne was screaming as her orgasm swept over her body. “Oh no, you don’t.” Anne said, all the while turning her back to him, dropping down on her elbows and presenting her creamy, swollen pussy to his view. Go on, tell me that you don’t want Pete’s big, black cock fucking your pussy.”