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Party Girl

group SuzieReid 2018-12-04

Exposing my body to all these guys, letting them see my pussy and touch my tits, dancing almost completely naked for them was making me tremble and shake and my breathing shallow. I danced around the room, dipping and turning and flinging my hair around, teasing the guys, bending over and showing them my pussy and ass, putting my tits in their face and still collecting money. I felt another hot cock at my lips and I lay back down and sucked as I felt another guy climb between my legs and start to fuck me. I gripped the bedspread and buried my face again as he slowly pushed his cock deeper and deeper into my ass until I could feel his balls on my pussy, then he started to fuck me.

Wedding Seduction: Episode Two

group xhardx13 2018-12-03

Lisa knew nothing about boxing, but she loved the sight of muscular guys like Marquis. Lewis changed positions, and stuffed his cock into Lisa's mouth, so that she was servicing three guys all at once, one in her hand and two in slippery holes. The Asian was getting sloppy seconds, and Lisa loved the feeling of Weiyung's hard cock sliding on Marquis' cum. Lisa and the girls danced with each of the men until midnight when Frank said to Lisa, "Paul really likes you. It was more like fifteen minutes before Paul arrived and said, "You're name is Lisa. Lisa wondered if he was too old to cum, because he had been fucking her for a long time without the happy ending.

The Sex Rehab Diaries: Kylie's Confession

group Dancing_Doll 2018-11-29

I took a long sip from the bottle of water I was drinking, and splashed a little on my tanned upper chest, soaking my bikini top, and getting a cheer from the guys who were in the hot tub or leaning against the railing, totally transfixed on me. “You like being our little slut, don’t you,” Greg groaned into my ear, keeping up the steady rhythm of fucking my ass. Fuck, I want all of you to wreck my little pussy and take turns fucking my ass.” I said it for all their benefit, as I eyed the room, my eyes glazed and half open, watching the other six guys stroking their cocks with anticipation.

Changing Professions: Part Five

group xhardx13 2018-11-25

Eve had received a call from Tommy requesting they meet in her apartment regarding a "delicate" matter that didn't involve their escort agency. One of the guys said, "Turn around, whore, so we can get a look at your tits." I really didn't like being called a whore but it comes with the territory. I wrote about watching the game and thanked him for helping me at Bobby's bachelor party, signing off as "Eve." It was a guess but he probably knew who I was even though everyone called me by my screen name. "Well, I ran into a problem that needs to be rectified." Then I told him the details of Bobby's bachelor party and everything about the escort service.

A Wild Bachelor Party

group Mysteria27 2018-10-30

Eventually, I told my parents that I didn't want to attend college. Once they had arranged the sushi, Mr. Davis came back and took several pictures of me. I knew it was a bachelor party and was pretty sure after they ate the sushi, I would be entertaining them with my body. The groom-to-be took a California roll and pushed it into my pussy and ate it out with his tongue. The guy got very excited and blasted his cum down my throat. The groom-to-be pushed his cock slowly into my asshole. The groom-to-be pulled out and I got off of the one guy. I was moving and rocking on the one cock, while the other guy entered my asshole and fucked me hard.

Bachelor Party Ch. 01

group pauls_lover_gal 2018-09-26

Jake takes it from him, and sniffs it, then says "Mmm, damn girl, it is going to be nice to taste you later." I shudder nervously at the thought, and you pat your lap, motioning for me to come sit there. Before I realize what is happening, he pulls his fingers out of me, and shoves me off of his lap, telling me it is Don's turn. I am completely enjoying, when his other hand finds its way to my pussy and begins, with two fingers also, to fuck me there. His speed picks up, but before I am satisfied, he withdraws both hands, sticking the three fingers from my pussy into my mouth and telling me to suck them.

My Bi Friend's Wedding Ch. 03

group themarquise 2018-09-01

He moved slightly, lifting his hips to press his cock harder against the toe of my shoe and watched me as I slinked one hand slowly down my torso and brushed my fingertips lightly over the smooth lips of my sex. He moaned, his hips lifting against me as his breathing got short, he started to grunt each time I filled my mouth with his cock and I knew he was getting very close. I slowed my pace, not wanting it to be over for him yet; I took my mouth off his cock and started stroking him, moving my lips back down and mouthing his balls, sucking one, then the other into my mouth as my hand traveled up and down his shaft.

Emily at a Bachelor Party

group Emilyplaying 2018-08-16

I was immediately surrounded, a bottle of tequila was produced and poured over my breasts, tummy and pussy, I had tongues working all over my nipples and pussy, I turned over and got onto all fours and let them pour the tequila over my ass and pussy, I could feel it trickling down the inside of my thighs, again it was licked off me, tongues lingered over my asshole and pussy and fingers were starting to probe, some of the guys were taking swigs from the bottle and French kissing me, transferring the liquor into my mouth as they did so, Noel was one of these and he then poured tequila over his cock and made me lick it off, a couple of other guys did the same.

Nurse Carrie Gangbanged

group Carrienurse 2018-08-06

Donte said that one of his friends was getting married and he was trying to arrange a bachelor party and asked Carrie if she would like to take part. As Donte was getting ready to shoot his load Carrie pulled him close into her and whispered into his ear that she stopped taking her birth control a few weeks ago and she thinks she is now ovulating. Once Carrie cleaned up and everyone had left Donte asked Carrie why she stopped her birth control She told him she would hopefully get pregnant and every time she saw the child it would remind her of her fantasy coming true.

Stag Party

group donaldelliott11 2018-08-03

After Wash slowly withdrew his now-slimy penis out of Mandy, she planted her swampy crotch firmly on my face and told me I'd better learn right now to eat pussy pretty good if I hoped to please a wife with "that limp little poodle-dick of yours." Wash came close to me and gently held my wrists in his one hand while telling me to relax and "enjoy your party, Billy." Then Jack dropped his left hand to my pecker and pumped it firmly as he taunted me again -- "we could have saved the money on Mandy and had you strip for us instead, Billy!" I was still thinking about how to get an arm free for a roundhouse punch at somebody when Chuck hit the magic button, Jack squeezed my erection just right, and my poor little cock exploded cum all over Mandy's shoulders.

Wedding Tales - Bachelor Party Fiasco

group TxRad 2018-07-06

"Shut up Terry," Jane said sharply and turned back to her sister. Not letting Jane's comment phase her, Terry said, "If Jack was fucking someone else just two nights ago, wouldn't that hurt her and the chances of their marriage working?" Terry looked at Kimmie and asked, "How long have you known about your brother's big dick?" "I don't think there'll be a need for tequila," Kimmie said with a grin as Jill led her sister away. "I know my brother sure keeps his mouth shut," Kimmie said with a wink. "Why don't you see if you have the energy to go wash Kimmie's back," Jill said as she walked over to give Terry a hand getting to her feet.

Bachelor Party

group sweet throat(f) 2018-06-16

Finally he screamed and came...I thought someone turned a fire hose on inside me...It was like suddenly I was on fire...His cum pumping inside me...After he came, I wouldn't get up...and his cock never really went limp all the way...I didn't get up until the last guy had blown his load into my face...including Lamar!! I got a standing ovation as I stood and released the big cock inside me...I couldn't believe how empty I suddenly felt, when he was out of me...Some of the guys wanted to fuck me too, but I told them that I'd already done more than I dreamed of doing...and Lamar was a sweetie about keeping the relations good between us...

Wife Talked Into Doing Black Bachelor Party - Pt 2

group nigosheeater 2018-05-23

I took it away from her and said “ah come on honey, be brave show it off and get into the roll starting right now, after all you do look very hot dressed up like that, so why not put on a show on the way up to the room it’s all part of your fantasy so who cares what others think?” I added “your not the first and certainly not the last striper, ok hooker to come to this hotel to do a party” “Your right” She said, Tonight I’m a stripper and a paid hooker about to be fucked by a bunch of black guys at a bachelor party” With that my wife tossed the coat back inside the car and said ok lets go, I don’t want to be late!”

Have Tunes, Will Travel

group AmazingGrayce 2018-05-04

As it turned out, the gig was a bachelor party and while the dudes wouldn't be dancing with each other, I was expected to provide the tunes for a group of strippers that had been hired to placate the seven or eight randy young guys who had obviously been drinking since long before I got there. I got my system set up with a little bit of help from the best man – a broad-chested, blue-eyed gorgeous hunk of man named Tyler – and started playing some tunes for the guys while we waited for the dancers to arrive. When Tyler stood after soaping my legs and ass, I put my hand on the back of his head and pulled his mouth to mine.

Bachelor Party Vengeance

group mughalpunjabi 2018-03-30

I felt Phil's hard cock pressed against my ass and I was very turned on, but when I noted someone's hands slide into my panties and begin to rub my pussy I stopped them. Looking out of the side of my eyes, I noted that Karen was on all fours, with Hemant's cock in her mouth and Phil pounding her from behind. I couldn't believe I was sucking Rafiq's cock as of one his friends fucked me while the others watched or skewered Karen and cheered. Right before I knew I was about to cum I stopped sucking Rafiq's cock and placed my hands on his thighs and hung my head between his legs.

The Bachelor Party

group Rescue325 2018-02-21

Devon and Noah, the love of my life's friend from Georgia, were sucking on the nipples of a pair of blonde dancers. While the love of my life was getting attention in one room, a pair of twin brunettes were servicing the President in another. While the President and the love of my life were dispelling the rumor that there was no sex in the champagne room, Devon was getting a hand job from his new friend while Matt got a lap dance from another dancer. As she teased him, she was using one hand to rub her clit and as she started to cum, she slammed her pussy hard onto Matt's cock.

A Wild Bachelor Party

group Mysteria27 2018-02-17

Eventually, I told my parents that I didn't want to attend college. Once they had arranged the sushi, Mr. Davis came back and took several pictures of me. I knew it was a bachelor party and was pretty sure after they ate the sushi, I would be entertaining them with my body. The groom-to-be took a California roll and pushed it into my pussy and ate it out with his tongue. The guy got very excited and blasted his cum down my throat. The groom-to-be pushed his cock slowly into my asshole. The groom-to-be pulled out and I got off of the one guy. I was moving and rocking on the one cock, while the other guy entered my asshole and fucked me hard.

Drinks and Coffee

group Vayene 2018-02-16

She smiles, a slow, lazy grin that started in her eyes and filled them, spilling into her face, until I could almost feel heat coming off her like a stove. That night would have been disaster, but Race had walked in, taken me away from my date, and together we’d laughed and danced and watched Anna be beautiful. I didn’t know why I wasn’t scared now, but I felt good in Race’s arms, safe and wanted. “I’d really rather you lived with us, Daisy-darling, but if you need your own place, that’s something we’ll just live with.” Race smiled at me as he stroked Anna’s hair. “Yes,” I told Anna and then Race, said it twice so there could be no mistake.

The Adventures of Kim and Olivier

group KimDeLaFere 2018-01-27

I'd often find myself getting excited as I watched the girls strip and then get fucked by guys at the party. I got on my hands and knees as Paul shoved his cock deep into my mouth and another guy slid into my sopping wet pussy. My time as a whore came rushing back as I shoved Paul deeper into my mouth and grinding back into the guy fucking my pussy. Ollie came over and cuffed my hands behind me and told them to fuck me hard and rough. Now, I've had my ass fucked a few times and love it, but some of these guys were huge! As much as I enjoyed getting fucked 300 times in 12 hours, it was taxing, although Ollie loved it.

Bachelor Party Fantasy Ch. 02

group dalton_rick 2018-01-08

Rick had talked me into playing the sex tapes that Judy and I had made that were part of the entertainment at my bachelor party. "Why don't you guys get into the hot tub while I go to the store and pick up some mix?" I said as I headed for the door. Dave explained "We were in the hot tub when Judy got home. As soon as she got into the tub I noticed that a lot of hands were all over her tits and inserted in her pussy(after a few drinks and getting all horny from the tapes there was no stopping them). "You looked pretty out of it when you got home, said hi to the guys, and then I put you to bed.

The Bachelor Party

group Naomeri 2017-12-13

I expected to be ordered to straddle the kid's lap and the thought of that huge cock getting stuffed into my hot, slippery cunt made pussy juice start running down the inside of my thighs. Then he stuffed my sopping cunt with his huge cock and fucked me until he came, just as the next guy started knocking on the door. The next guy brought in a long, thick dildo that I thought would go into one of my holes, but instead it went into his bisexual ass while I pounded myself up and down on his cock. The groom walked in a few minutes later carrying a bag like the best man's and I cringed inwardly because I didn't think I could handle another fuck like the one I'd just finished.

Bachelorette CFNM

group hjbjbj 2017-10-27

Mandy's fiance, Ted, was having his bachelor party on the same night, so Jenna knew it was time to have some fun. Dex moved behind Mandy's chair as Kit began to get closer and closer to Mandy - eventually his thong was eye level and only inches from Mandy's pouty red lips. Finally our instructions seemed to reach Mandy's subconscious - she slowly wrapped both hands around Kit's throbbing penis and with slow deliberation began to lovingly tickle the underside of the head with her outstretched tongue. To my great delight, Jenna reached in and took Dex in her right hand and lazily stroked his rock hard organ until several sticky drops of clear fluid oozed from the head.

Wife Talked Into Doing Black Bachelor Party - Pt 1

group nigosheeater 2017-10-18

If you’re serious and if your willing to go through with this fantasy of yours, I can tell the guys that I hired just what they asked for, a hot white stripper that also accepts, you know tip money for sex at bachelor parties”, He said in a convincing way to my wife, “All you have to do is pretend, make believe and just act like your a real stripper and for the extra tip money, you would be willing to have sex with all the guys”. I guess you can call it her game plan as a way to get her head into the role pretending to be a real stripper and a party girl willing to have sex for tip money at a bachelor party full of black guys.

Slutty Sue at the Bachelor Party

group raidernation25 2017-10-07

"Hi. I'm Jen and this is Sue and we're here from Dynamic Dancers for the bachelor party." Jen's dress fell off her as soon as she started dancing and she was naked in front of the group. As I sucked his cock I could hear Jen moaning and the slapping of skin as one of the guys at the party was fucking her. I was still getting nailed from behind and looked to my right and Jen was on a table on her back with one cock in her cunt, one in her mouth and one in each hand. I took turns sucking on them and I was completely surprised when two of the guys came on my face.