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Caught my Boyfriend Cheating

group KingNikki 2018-12-02

My boyfriend fucking some girl like she was me. I spread both legs over the arms of the chair and started fingering myself. "So I see you like fucking my boyfriend. Well let me tell you this, this is the last time you're ever fucking him and unless you want me to beat your ass today, you'll do exactly as I say." I motioned for her to come between my legs and suck my pussy. "Baby, come fuck your pussy.” He shoved his dick and started fucking me like there was no tomorrow. I told Alex to sit in the chair and finger herself while she watched me fuck him. She quickly got on the bed and sucked every drop of his cum from my pussy.

Bisexual Seduction

group Samuelx 2018-11-23

Harry was there, with sexy Sharon on his arm while talking to some of his Football buddies. Harry excused himself, and went off with his pal Joe, a tall young Haitian-American football player. Joe, college football star, was getting fucked by his muscular teammate Harry, the sexy black stud. Joe screamed passionately, and stroked his cock as he received what seemed like the fuck of the century to me. I don't know if it's because of the stress on him at school and on the football field, but Harry was more passionate than I had ever seen him before. They would also check out Harry, the good-looking black stud who ravished me at night.

Vignettes: Ki

group boo_dreaux 2018-11-19

Ron was called out of town unexpectedly on business but, in a telephone conversation with me, he asked that Barb and I show Ki a good time, if a party was to happen. Quickly, so fast that my stoned eyes almost missed it, Barb pulled Ki's bottoms from her while, at the same time, pushing her onto her back so that her legs were spread and over her shoulders. Pulling my shorts from my body, I knelt behind Barb, and pulling her hips up to meet my cock, I slowly slipped it into her very wet pussy, slowly pumping as she liked for me to do when fucking her doggy style.

Doug and Lora's First Time Bi Stories

group oldhippie1949 2018-11-18

It was Doug and Lora who convinced Roger and Patty to rent a Hamptons vacation house in the first place and so for that alone, I liked them. I remember the first time I put my head down and took it between my lips...that soft, spongy thing that was pulsing in my mouth, it felt so good. In my memory, I can hear the girls moaning in orgasm as he began to cum in my mouth and I remember swallowing it. One night, horny and frustrated, we went all the way and it was my first time licking a vagina which I liked a lot. "Great story, Lora," Doug said stroking his dick. "I desire to suck Doug's cock and swallow his cum while you watch us, caress us and encourage us."

Jesse's Story: A Woman's View Ch. 04

group boo_dreaux 2018-11-07

I was fairly silent on the drive home; social, but quiet, something that Ray noticed right away, but didn't put me on the spot by asking me about it in front of Harry and Vick. Grabbing Ray by his hand, I took him upstairs and screwed his brains out, the image of Kathy's head between my legs, driving my orgasm. That done, Kathy took Ray by the arm, heading for the door, indicating that Jorge and I should follow. On the drive home, in answer to Ray's question, I told him that, truthfully, Jorge was a lousy lay, but that I'd suffer through it just to have time with Kathy.


group Samuelx 2018-11-02

After my nightmarish relationship with Kelly, I didn't feel like dating another female for some time. Leonard Morrison was a tall, good-looking African-American stud from Boston. He was a single black gay man who was deeply closeted at work but quite open with his close friends. I had been deeply in love with this man and it took me a long time to get over it. Sabrina lost her husband James Valentine to a car accident three years before we met. She gave great head and loved sucking my black cock. There's nothing like fucking someone in the ass, man or woman. I thrust into her, loving the feel of her tight ass around my cock.

Our Family Ch. 01

group Scarlet_Holly 2018-10-05

Kaitlyn began kissing Lisa's neck and jaw, her hand covering Lisa's breast that Eric didn't have. Kaitlyn began finger fucking her as Eric grabbed a fistful of blond curls and started thrusting into Lisa's sweet mouth. Still fingering Lisa, Kaitlyn got on her knees and began kissing Eric, her tongue darting in and out of his mouth, his tongue doing the same. They kissed each other passionately as Lisa writhed beneath them, her pussy full with Kaitlyn's fingers and her mouth full of Eric's cock. As Lisa found Kaitlyn's clit, swollen and round, Eric's cock began pressing at her entrance. Lisa arched her back, allowing the sensation of Eric's cock and Kaitlyn's fingers take her over the edge.

Gina's Weakness Ch. 06

group BACarter 2018-10-05

"I met Simone and Sam the other night when I was here with the girls" Gina said quickly hoping to fill in some of the blanks. "She is a beautiful woman" Robert said confidently, "as are you." He turned to Sam, "You are a lucky man to have such a beautiful wife. Robert watched as did Sam. Their kiss made his cock throb with excitement. With Gina standing right there blocking everyone's view, Simone took a quick squeeze of Robert's cock. Gina and Simone could hear Sam's moans floating up to their cozy little nook. Gina watched as her husband sucked cock obviously doing a masterful job of it as evidenced by Sam's intermittent moans.

Something New Tonight...

group melissamd 2018-10-04

Ohmigod, she's on her back, her mouth on me, eating me out...and ohmigod, I never thought I'd get off on this, but she knows exactly what to do, and I know I'm going to come again, and soon, I'm letting you fuck my mouth, my hands are playing with your balls, one hand on your ass, sliding into the area between the your thighs that makes you squirm...then I slide it back farther...I hear your breath sharpen, your hips move faster, pounding into cum in my mouth as I'm cumming in you flip me over...she licks your balls, your ass, as I sit on your pussy has never been licked so much, I don't know if I can even cum again...I crawl off you...and you take me from behind...doggie she crawls behind you to lick you...and then she moves to take my nipples in her hands, her mouth....I can't handle it...I cum again...

A Lesson Learned

group SweetsPickle 2018-10-04

Cat pulled her mouth away from the stranger's and looked up at Sari in surprise. Sari tried pulling her head away but Cat looked deep into her eyes and said, "Trust me kiddo." She brushed her tongue along Cat's lips ever so lightly and felt a jolt when a deep moan emitted from her throat. Both Cat and Jon watched her intently as she began to work her fingers in and out of herself. Sari's head fell back in ecstasy and Jon's cock slipped from her mouth. When she didn't begin to pleasure her right away, Cat pressed herself closer to Sari's mouth. At Cat's touch, Sari hips rose up, taking even more of Jon into her.

Coffee & Cream Dream Team

group danielblue 2018-10-02

Megan pulled Roshni into a kiss before starting to kiss down her neck and onto her tits. I watched Megan sink further down, kissing into Roshni's belly button. And then Megan got down on her knees and pressed her face into Roshni's pretty pussy. Roshni pulled Megan to her feet and started kissing down her neck. Roshni kissed down Megan's belly and onto her ginger curls. I moved in close to see Megan's beautiful pussy lips being parted by Roshni's long red nailed fingers. She pulled the pussy lips apart and started kissing into Megan's pink gash. I pulled her into a kiss and cupped my hand around one of her firm tits as my tongue explored her mouth. I pulled out of Megan and pressed my cock into Roshni's belly.

Playing Away

group duckandbunny79 2018-09-27

Sharon was the first to break away from the caresses and walked over to the chair, she knelt in front of the young man in-between his legs holding the base of his cock gently and took long licks from the base to the tip not pulling on the foreskin just gently warming his prick with her tongue. As me and Sally continued to lick each other out Sharon stopped before the young man got over excited and lent over him her large tits hanging in front of his eyes, she whispered to him that his cock tasted yummy but she did not want to let us 2 have all the fun so she was going to rejoin us two on the bed.

My First Threesome

group cutecoed05 2018-09-25

Screaming into her cunt, I felt my pussy spasm around James' cock. Mandy buried her mouth into my pussy as I writhed beneath her, watching my boyfriend fucking my beautiful friend. Mandy pulled away from me and started screaming for James to fuck her harder. I turned my head and began sucking and licking at his balls as he fucked Mandy's mouth. Mandy and I both pulled away from James as he grabbed his cock and began to pump it hard. James turned his cock to Mandy and unloaded three more spurts one on her cheek, one on her lips, and one on her eyes, before turning back to me shooting more on my face and eyes.

Dylan Joins The Band Ch. 02

group westerntiger 2018-09-21

As the set continued, Angel every once in a while would look at him and nod towards Eve. At the end of the 6th song, Eve moved to the edge of the stage right in front of him and lifted the hem of her dress just enough for him to see that she had no underwear on. "I believe you have met each other, but I don't think you have seen this, Eve." Angel said has she unzipped a surprised Dylan's jeans, and pulled out his quickly growing cock. Angel bent down and began to whisper in his ear to "fuck her and fuck her hard." Dylan pulled his hips back until just the head of his cock was still inside Eve's pulsating pussy: he paused a moment and then speared into her cunt full strength.

Our FFM Threesome

group mw4w_wisc 2018-09-20

I reached out and caressed the breasts of both women, my wife in my left hand and Sandy in my right. "I think you're going to like it," my wife said, "He's an incredible lover." With that, the decision had been made: I was going to fuck Sandy first. My wife guided my cock to the entrance of Sandy's hairy pussy. I began to pound Sandy's pussy like a fiend, no longer pausing to touch the vibrator to her clit. Eventually, Sandy began moving down my wife's body, kissing her breasts and stomach on the way down. My wife reached out and grabbed Sandy's hand, drawing it to my cock. Sandy again followed my wife's directions and four hands began working me to orgasm.

Making Love to Lisa

group keacreme 2018-09-20

Our kiss is soft, our lips barely parted, until I feel her tongue touch mine and I let free a moan. She seems to know, reaching down to push away the sheets, sliding my skirt up as her fingers travel along my hip. My hands start a frenzied drawing along her curves, racing down her breast to her waist, pressing into the softness of her hip, circling around to grasp her ass and pull her into me. You groan, and I feel you pull your cock out of me and splatter me across my chest and belly, and I open my eyes to watch her climb up to kiss you, hold you.

Ibiza Summer Fun Ch. 01

group tigerstory 2018-09-19

Tori walked up to the bar (topless of course) to get another round of beers and Kim straddled my loins and lay on me, her large breasts pressing into my chest as she kissed my lips in more of a quick peck kind of way. Tori's hands were now pulling Kim's head into her pussy as she started to encourage her friend to make her come. Tori reached under and started to play with my balls and also Kim's clit as we continued to increase our rhythm. Tori started to look a little embarrassed but Kim said "What the hell, we're in Ibiza!

The Houseboat Incident Ch. 05

group heatherheathen 2018-09-18

Leaning forward she placed her elbow on my stomach and starting rubbing my clit in unison with Tommy's finger fucking. Both of their eyes mesmerized on my pussy, Kali was smiling and Tommy's face was serious, Kali looked up for a quick moment making eye contact with me right before my mouth burst open moaning as my head slammed back my eyes clamped shut. My tongue entered Kali's wet slit I fucked her with my tongue a few times forcing her to moan before I slid my tongue upwards parting her engorged pussy lips. Kali sat up suddenly letting out a loud moan as she fell back she grabbed my hair pulling my face harder into her pussy.


group stephiel1 2018-09-18

Other times, she would run her fingers inside herself and wish that she was getting pounded by the boyfriend, his hard cock running in and out of her tight pussy and his balls slapping against her ass. Taking these actions as encouragement, Marsha leaned in and started sucking the neighbor's nipple. Marsha was sucking so feverishly on her neighbor's nipple that she didn't notice the boyfriend pull out and position himself behind Marsha's own wet pussy. He plunged his cock in deeper, running his hands over her back and guiding her head down her neighbor's body to the waiting wet pussy. The neighbor came over and sat on her face, and Marsha had no choice but to lick vigorously on the clit and suck the juices into her mouth.

The Threesome

group spawn8508 2018-09-16

My girl began to kiss me passionately as our friend began to lick and suck on my rock hard cock. I sat up and began to lick and suck on our friends nipples while rubbing the back of my girl's head. My girl asked if I wanted to taste our friend, so I moved and got into position so that we both were licking her pussy. As she rode me, our friend moved into position so that she was sitting on my face, so I could lick her pussy and she could kiss and suck on my girl's boobs while she rode me! Our friend began to ride my cock while my girl kissed and nibbled on my neck and nipples.

Getting Our Friend

group splodger 2018-09-15

Imagine my fingers are inside you instead of roger and that I'm going to stick my other hand into my own cunt while you wank with my help. It was great, but neither could manage seconds so I had to go home and get Steven to fuck me in the arse to finish me off and even then I had to use Roger for a while and he helped me with his tongue. Then we make sure Louise has got some very sexy pants on with a short nightie which she cannot cover her arse with properly and we've spent the time talking to her about what it is like to be shagged by more than one bloke at a time and how much fun it is to be fucked in the arse.

Straight 'A' Student Ch. 02

group kimbelina 2018-09-12

Jason assumed Danielle was responding to the touch of his cock on her tits, and the motion of my fingers inside her pussy was apparently satisfying enough for her to go along with my plan. As I began finger-fucking her, Jason still had no clue I had left the confines of the closet, and was stroking his cock through her tits with enthusiasm. Once I was settled into a rhythm, Danielle's tits working their magic on my clit and pussy lips, I looked up at Jason and grabbed his balls, pulling him close enough that I could suck his cock. Realizing Jason had his hands free, I guided his fingers to Danielle's pussy, and he began making long, slow strokes from her clit into her hole and back again.

Happy Birthday Kyrie

group SugarSprial 2018-09-11

Jack's hips were at work thrusting into Scarlett's mouth, trying to encourage a faster pace, but she wouldn't break free of her slow, steady tempo. He took both Kyrie's and Scarlett's nipples and slid them around on his as tongue as the women kissed and stroked each other. Kyrie muffled her moans in Scarlett's shoulder as she delicately slid a finger in her girlfriend's slit alongside Jack's. Scarlett pushed her face deep into Kyrie's cunt and double-tongued her engorged clit. Scarlett pulled Kyrie's hips down hard onto her face and licked her clit in fast hard strokes. After feeling her lover's pussy explode in pleasure, Scarlett could feel her own growing nearer and nearer to orgasm as Jack's long, luscious cock stretched and stroked it with every desperate thrust.

Surprise Threesome

group forbiden4u 2018-09-11

They sat me down on the sofa while one was on her knees sucking this hard dick and the other one decided to sit in my face while I licked and sucked her little cut. The other one sucking me off got jealous and wanted me to lick her pussy as well, so I did made her cum. The other one saw this and she took my cock off her pussy and said that she wanted to taste , lick and suck all of that cum dripping down my hard cock. She got on her knees and started licking my balls as she fucked me. When I was ready to cum the both got on her knees and started licking and sucking the dick and balls, they wanted to swallow every drop my cock squirted.