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group LiamTanners 2018-12-04

Vincent's hands were all over her, running up and down the sides of her body, caressing her ass, gripping the strings of her red lace thong, tugging the front of them up so they cleaved to the front of her pussy, separating the lips in a slutty camel toe. Vincent had kept on letting him know how important this night was for Kylie; how important it was to be supportive and to be open minded, but he had never expected anything like this. Now, Vincent was making room for Brad, who took his turn humping in and out of her, using her like a fucktoy, plunging his cock in and out of her tight pussy.  Use me like a little fucking whore..." Vincent knelt and grabbed her face, smacking her with his cock, rubbing it across her cheeks.

Angela and Britt's Wild Plan

group Marina 2018-12-03

Laura talked about plans for Friday evening at the new happening restaurant/bar in town called O’Neill’s. We wanted to get to O’Neill’s early so we could have a drink or two before Mark got there and so we could sit where Laura could get the best view. Britt pulled Mark to the dance floor and moved just for him. I smiled at Laura as I put my head close to Mark and rubbed my hand down his chest to his pants and slipped my fingers inside. Britt still moving in and out of me, Mark started to rub my clit gently until he found the place that would send me into quivers.

Furniture Anyone?

group carolinafun 2018-11-24

I started to slowly walk toward them thinking that Krista had had her fun and we'd now buy something, go home and fuck like two mice stuffed in a wool sock. I followed as well but stayed far enough away as to not be a distraction or threat to Rob. Krista turned and pulled his polo shirt over his head as they arrived at a nicely displayed king size bed. As Sam finished licking the drops from cock she started to stand and I turned to see Krista bouncing wildly on Rob. Our eyes met and I knew she could see what was happening with me. Rob kept pounding at her cunt until Krista raised up one last time and sent a huge flow of cum all over his cock.

Taking Care of Business Chapter 4

group Cherism 2018-11-22

Despite this, he couldn’t stop thinking about the girls finger fucking his ass and the feel of Lewis’ cock against his while they fucked Marcy ’s face together. Gibson was getting hard again. He watched with intensity at the movements of Marcy’s ass as she plunged into Ava. He wanted to plunge into that sweet little love hole. You can suck your cum from the ass of the person in front of you.” Marcy got under Ava, licking Ava’s clit and pulling on those beautiful rock hard nipples. With a man on each side of her working a tit and fingering her clit, Marcy continued her assault of the cock on Ava. She fucked like this might be her last ever.

Seduced by the Preachers Daughter III: Astra

group Crossfire307 2018-11-22

By the way Beth and Astra were carrying on, I felt they had been more than friends. Beth moved beside Astra and helped me out of my pants as her friend continued to suck on my heavy sack. Beth moved beside Astra and engulfed my shaft. I felt Astra raise her head, and my shaft slipped from her lips. Beth grabbed the headboard and began to rock her hip, moving her pussy back and forth on my tongue. Astra moved forward and my shaft popped out of her ass. Beth moved beside Astra, and both girls waited with opened mouths. The first jet of my cum hit Astra in the eye, she quickly moved and covered my shaft with her mouth.

Ana in a black gangbang at home

group Anitaslut44 2018-11-15

The eleven inches guy positioned himself in front of Ana, who was on her knees and guided his rock hard dick inside her hungry mouth. "Her pussy is wet and ready for my cock" Said the biggest black men, the owner of the powerful twelve inches dick. "Look carefully at that, you hubby” “My old friend Boss is stretching your slut wife`s pussy out” He said laughing. As she sucked Rufus, Boss got hard again and came up behind her with his twelve inches piece in both hands. As I closed the computer, Chas was on top of Ana again, plunging his twelve inches black hose into her and filling her insides with more semen.

An Unexpected Bonus: Office Party

group TXGirl 2018-11-13

If Tim wants a show, we’ll give him a show.” Rick starts to argue, but I reach up and kiss him quick on the lips, stopping his words. I want to torture Tim even more, so I lean all the way back on the desk, grabbing my ankles and spreading my legs wide open in a “V.” My cheerleading flexibility comes into play here, and both guys moan. The knowledge that I have this power over Tim, that he wants me so bad he’s blackmailing Rick, is giving me a high of sorts, and I know that as soon as his dick is in my mouth, I’ll own him.

Fucking for a job promotion

group cindy_4u 2018-11-11

Now I have fucked Jim a number of times, so I felt safe knowing he would be bringing good horny guys only. Between grinding on their cock and even stroking it, I came close to Les, turned with my back to him, bent from my waist, I asked him to remove my g-string.  Sucking and stroking each cock in turn, I got up and, stepped up on the sofa, put a leg on each side of Marvin and lowered my pussy on his mouth. I was breathing hard with the recent orgasm, but Les soon had pushed Marvin to the side, spread my legs open even more, put his mouth on my dripping pussy, and started to taste me.

The Boardroom

group MoistDreams 2018-11-06

Edward's mouth opened slightly as he took in the sight of Cynthia's good-sized breasts lifting and falling with her deep breathing. Cynthia was fascinated, she'd never seen a man enjoy the sensuality of love-making so much, usually her husband would just bang away at her and let out a small grunt as he came, but Edward seemed to be very in-tune with the pleasure of even the slightest contact with her. Edward opened his eyes and looked into Cynthia's, expressing a long-neglected love he'd wanted to share with her. Her boss got up on the table and lifted Edward's cock up to Cynthia's pussy and she pushed herself onto it.

The Intern

group AndreaDetroit 2018-11-05

Dominique's going to bring the coffee in a few minutes.” Like him, I'd been looking forward to fucking and didn't want to be disturbed before its rightful conclusion. "I want to see his big fat cock fuck your hot little cunt.” My fingers traced the outline of her damp sex through the satin-smooth underwear. “Yes, come on, Chris," I said, managing to keep a straight face at Dominique's use of Daddy. I opened my eyes and I saw him step away from the young intern, his cock glistening from her orgasm, a look of satisfaction on his handsome face.  I saw Dominique's eyes widen and a wickedly decadent smile appeared, her lips curling at the corners as Chris penetrated her backside.

Fantasy In The Office Part 3

group RoseBarbie94 2018-11-04

“You really know what you’re doing Laura, even if you’ve never been with a girl before.” Ashleigh said softly as she leant forward and lightly kissed me just underneath my earlobe. I looked at her pussy for a second admiring her wet, shaven heaven before stroked my fingers over her lips getting some of her juice. “Oh baby, you eat my pussy so good.” She let out a deep moan and bucked into my face as I sucked her clit again. “Don’t you fucking dare put that thing inside… oh my god.” She didn’t have time to protest, Jason was unloading his cum onto her pussy. “Fuck that pussy baby, fucking make me cum all over your face and hand.”

The Privileged Life

group PapaWant 2018-11-03

Cathie and Elizabeth were busily exploring each other’s mouths, but when Amber’s mouth touched her vagina, she broke away with an audible gasp and gripped Elizabeth’s head tighter and pulled her down to her shoulder so she could watch as Amber began to lick at her pussy. I want to watch that sweet cock of yours disappear between her cheeks.” Amber again tried to raise her head, and this time Cathie allowed her to look up at her, but still held her head in her hands. Adrian, sat still, on his knees on the cushions, his hands on his hips, eyes closed and his head thrown back, letting the feel of her tight, slippery hole slide back and forth on him.

PA Goes the extra mile - part 2

group whynotisay 2018-11-02

I was wrestling with my need to go and explain myself to Amy and the need to release the pressure in the ever-growing bulge in my pants as I watched Mia slide her fingers up and down here cum smothered pussy. With each ecstatic moan that Mia released, Amy pushed back a little more and my cock disappeared a fraction more. Mia now had her hands on Amy’s head, pulling her face into her obviously very turned on pussy. My body shook and a jet of cum hit Amy’s lips, Mia took me into her mouth and sucked another spurt and then they both licked my head until all the pulsating had finished.

Public Show

group 2018-09-28

I took a sit in his office and he told me that he was a performer in Club A. One woman pulled me to a chair and start asking me question whether i am the new guy here. And i walk to to the stage seeing lots of guys and girls watching me.I sat at the chair that was placed in the center of the stage and started playing with my cock.As i strip the audience was cheering so i got kinda high and wank even faster. Suddenly the 2 girls came out of the backstage and tied my hands up , bringing me to the audience so that they can touch me.

Watch and Yearn

group Big Gunz 2018-09-22

Her hand left her breast and joined its partner in between her legs, rhythmically massaging her clit as she marvelled at how utterly turned on she was by watching Roger fuck another woman. Roger marvelled at the double satisfaction of seeing his wife get off watching him fuck another woman combined with his new lover enjoying her own release thanks to his hard working dick. There was no doubt that watching the young woman on the bed reach her own release at the hands (and cock) of her husband was definitely to thank for taking her to new levels of sexual gratification.

Carpi Diem

group random87 2018-09-18

I continued the fun with my dildo for a further five minutes before I could feel myself start to climax. "I thought it would be cool if I got to know my co-workers better, but I seem to have offended you so I apologise and it will not happen again." As soon as the words were out of my mouth Stephen began to laugh. He slowly moved the straps off my shoulder and kissed my neck, he pulled my long mahogany hair down. Jen moved her pussy over my face, I could she was already dripping wet so I decided to put my fingers inside her. "Stephen," I breathed, "Fuck me." Stephen moved up and slowly played with the lips of my pussy with his huge cock.

Eating cum from wife's pussy

group jadon69 2018-09-04

Fuck, my bosses wife's tits were DD's and I wanted to suck and lick them like nobody's business. "oh baby", she purred as she watched Debbie lick and suck my cock and balls, "my pussy aches". I looked at my boss and hoarsely told him to fuck my wife. I positioned his wife on her knees so that the girls could tongue each others clits while we fucked their willing married cunts. His wife was tight as fuck and with every stroke she licked my wife's clit and the base of her hubby's shaft. It felt so good until my boss grunted and me wife cried out "fuckin shoot your load deep into me, of fuck Al, I need that cum".

indian mom gangbanged

group randmumbaiki 2018-09-03

Other tow bosses placed mom’s hand on their dick and and mom started jerking them. Then senior boss stopped and said, “Leave her, you get up and lie on table in doggy position, place your knees on the ground and your lovely boobs and stomach on table.” Mom did what she was told. The dad’s senior boss kept his dick on ass’ opening and gave a powerful push and half of his dick went inside mom’s ass. Mom was in great pain, mom pleaded to dad’s senior boss, “sir, please slow down, it’s paining too much.” Then he said; “Mrs. Joshi I like pain on my girls face.” He continued fucking mom.

Sabrina at the Pizza Parlor Ch. 05

group Silvertuch 2018-08-30

She leaned and kissed Mike then went back to Charlie. She kept on kissing Charlie but made room between their bodies for Mike's hands. They slowly moved them with the same rhythm that Sabrina used to move up and down on Tony's cock. Sabrina looked into Charlie's eyes and braced herself against the flour sack at her shoulders. Mike stepped up next to her and put two fingers into her pussy as Charlie fucked her ass. Mike gave her his arm and she held on to it like a lifesaver as her body shuddered and convulsed with her many orgasms. She stuck Charlie's cock back into her ass and moved up and down on it a few times then stopped.

A Gift From Lila Ch. 02

group aznsunbeam 2018-08-30

"The feel of a hard, hot cock pumping into you," Lila said, finishing my sentence. All you need to worry about is how you're going to make me cum right now," Lila said, as she pointed to the dildo that I was still holding. Oh fuck yeah!" I screamed, as I held Lila's face closer to my pussy. I want to watch you suck his cock," Lila groaned, as she began kissing my neck. Lila retreated her lips from my neck and placed a hand on Scott's ass. Lila slowly withdrew her fingers from my wetness before she turned her body setting her bald pussy in front of me.

Taking Over

group Sweetness001 2018-08-29

Michelle was a little taller than I but not as buxom but good enough, heck there were times I had to stop looking at her when she drop things off at my desk with her cleavage showing the goodies. She jiggles like crazy when she walked for I know it gets attention for the first time we went to lunch together and the men just about dropping their mouths wide open. You have all these women we have seen come to your office and we are not fools we know they are not paying clients for they don't look like or act like your usual clients. I started to stroke further down Michelle's cleavage and feeling her warm, smooth breast made me just as warm and harden nipples that were telling me she was enjoying herself.

New Responsibilities

group Lady_Noir 2018-08-20

If you want your job, you will give up your mouth and pussy as I see fit." I stare at you, unbelieving, "I've read your emails to your "friend" and know what a secretive little slut you are....but from what I read..." you pause to snicker at the thought, "...he can't meet your needs. My legs wrap around your ass as you grab the back of my head with one hand, and forcefeed the panties into my mouth deeper, while you violently ravage my fuckhole. Then, I feel hands lock on my hips and the deep, full penetration of the janitor's hard cock. "Feel good, baby?" you sneer, "You look so fucking good fucking these two cocks." I gasp and moan behind your hand, breathing hard, my heart racing, and nod emphatically.

Son's Nasty Girlfriend Ch. 02

group mtnman2003 2018-08-17

While sucking my cock, Vickee has reached to Sharon, and inserted two fingers into her open cunt. She parted her lips, and began sucking on me as Vickee took a full hand to her tit, grabbed her nipple between the thumb and index finger, and rolled, pulled, and stretched the nipple. Suddenly, Sharon grabbed Vickee by a handful of hair, pulling her mouth off my cock, and pulled her toward her pussy. Looking up into Sharon’s eyes, Vickee ever so slowly moved down, down, sticking her tongue out, flicking back and forth, but not yet to her pussy lips. As requested, Vickee moved down, and using the thumb of her hand with the two fingers buried in her pussy, parted her lips, and sucked the clit directly into her mouth.

Step Mother fucked by Father, His boss and Driver

group 2018-08-14

Dad in a fucking rage tied moms' hands and legs together with her own gown and threw her on the floor breast side up. To his Sir, he said, "Sir do the honours, lets' have some wild sex." His boss willingly stripped off his clothes along with dad and walked towards mom. She screamed but dad asked the driver to f***e his dick in her mouth with he did willingly. My boss started fucking my mom like a whore My dad asked the driver to move aside and yanked her by the hair and began pumping his cock into her mouth. The best moment came after that whenin one go all the three men pumped their hard dicks into her - Driver in mouth, Father in ass and boss in Vagina.