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My Camping Trip

group _O2_ 2018-11-26

“Yes, we went down to the pond just after lunch and had a nice swim.” Cherise smiled as she pulled Sandy a bit closer. The girls looked a bit worried as the coyotes let out different cries, trying to locate each other for the evening hunt. If I didn’t know better I’d have sworn, Cherise hugged me just a bit longer than Sandy. Cherise showed off the main course, “We wanted to thank you properly for being such a good neighbor last night, Jay.” Sandy, not wanting to miss what Cherise had discovered, turned so her sweet pussy was directly over my anxious mouth. Cherise would pause from sucking on me and take a moment to suckle Sandy's nipples while stroking me with her hand.

Given by the Campfire

group JuneFernan 2018-11-25

While Martin and I were still looking at each other, I moved my body up the bank once again, this time revealing my nipples to him for a split second, then settling back under the water. Even after Seth got the fire going, and Martin and Chris helped me spread all my clothes out on the chairs we had, there wasn't much warmth spreading from it to help them dry. Seth gave me a towel and mentioned I could wear some of his clothes if I wanted, the tone in his voice quite hesitant, but I said, "No. I don't want to wear stupid guy clothes."

Allyson's First Time - Part Four

group Mysteria27 2018-11-22

While my friend and I were making out with each other, Travis was stroking his huge and very hard cock on the bed. Both Amy and I walked to the bed where Travis was stroking his cock. Travis got comfortable on the bed, and Amy stood up and then squatted over his face. Travis then took the condom off because he was going to be having sex with Amy now. “Allyson, you can lick my pussy and Travis will fuck your ass." Amy had a huge orgasm and I licked up her sweet juices that were pouring out of her wet bald cunt. Amy and I shared another deep and passionate kiss and we rubbed the come into each other’s breasts.

Summer I Wont Forget Part 2

group KaliDougan 2018-11-17

Your other hand moved slowly down my back and up my skirt, your finger extended and pressed in between my legs. I closed my eyes, the music forgotten, senses concentrated on your fingertips as you slowly stroked across my outer lips, circling my pussy, teasing me. I turned and moulded my body against yours, lips moving hard against yours, catching your lower lip between sharp teeth and biting as I ground my pelvis into you, rolling back and forth against your erection. Her hand lowered and stroked your wet cock, as I just lay there trying to catch my breath. My hands moved up and cupped Em’s ass and pulled her tighter onto me as I felt your cock separate my wet lips and enter me slowly.

He Set Up The Tents, I Set Up The Surprise

group rockinshell 2018-11-04

As our red headed neighbor shot a smile my way and landed a hard stare at Rob’s ass bent over the fire. I could barely contain my hands, or my orgasm as I opened my eyes and saw that Rob had Sylvia bent over in front of him and he was giving it to her hard from behind. I couldn’t get the look that Sylvia had on her face as Rob let her have it from behind out of my head. We went to the tent and I showed him how if we laid down and looked out the door we could see her really well, laying in font of the tree in the firelight of the campfire, and I’m sure that was her plan. I sucked Rob hard and fast, Sylvia took my juices and put them on my other hole.

Tag Team

group Kim 2018-11-02

Kim briefly closed her eyes, as JD’s hands helped her off with the wet shirt. Stopping to probe her tongue inside that tight hole, Marie stroked the soft, firm skin of Kim's inner thighs. Marie, reached between her legs and tugged on JD’s hardness, as Kim watched from below, continuing to work her tongue over JD’s cock. Kim opens her eyes and saw JD’s cock gliding in and out of Marie. He teared up once with pleasure last time I teased his slick cock that way,” Marie told Kim. When JD grabbed Kim’s hips to move her the way he wanted, Marie climbed onto his face and began to grind her pussy all over his mouth and tongue.

Camping with Friends

group kwings48 2018-11-02

Paul held her flaming red hair in his hand, and her head was slowly bobbing up and down. Mandy had flipped her leg over Paul's body and his shaft was pressing into her. Her gorgeous ass was facing us, and we could clearly see her lower lips part as they took in Paul's thick cock. Mandy's hand was still over the back of your head slowly pressing your mouth farther and farther down the solid shaft. "Let's see what you've got, girl." Mandy said lifting your shirt up and over your head. You looked at Paul, smiling, and then did just as Mandy had instructed. As Paul and I continued to rock your bodies, our hands roamed back and forth over you, and Mandy's adorable breasts.

Camping With Kelly

group GoodToBeMe 2018-11-01

Kelly was working Patrick over – sucking on his nuts, fondling his sack, stroking his cock with her hand, dropping all the way down on him and sticking out her tongue to lick his nuts while she sucked him. That turned Kelly on and she came off my cock and shouted out another “Oh Fuck!” orgasm. As we lay there, Kelly told Patrick about the guy who had watched us fuck the day we were hiking and how he jacked off all over on her. Kelly told me later he was starting by sucking really hard on her clit and pulling it into his mouth.

Boy Scout Camping #1

group 2018-09-30

I would alternate from throating him to begging for his cum as he told me what a hot slut I am and that I was a dirty whore who needed a big cock to keep her in line…all I did was serve and agree…repeatedly ;) As he was about to pop, about 10 minutes into it actually, I heard another voice from behind me. I came so hard my pussy nearly cut off Bob’s dick…he screamed, shot his load really deep inside me, and I think I told Bob I loved him. Kevin went back first and we waited another 10 minutes or so, during which time Bob and I talked about future camping trips and how he had already talked to the other dads about how hot I am.

Camping...Plus Three...

group hclay84 2018-09-27

And of course my imagination takes over, and soon I'm picturing us naked, leaning against the soft, slippery rock face behind the falls, your legs wrapped around my waist and my lower body pumping away between your thighs, sliding you up and down on the smooth, wet stone with each thrust. With all three standing over you, you rise up to your knees and start to suck their dicks with your perfect, lusty lips, bobbing your pretty head on their slick, hard cocks, one after the other, taking them in your mouth and throat and begging for their cum with your muffled, cock filled moans...and when the one you're sucking on groans and grabs your head to thrust against your face, I know his cum is shooting down your throat, and the sight is too much for the rest of us, my fist pumping my cum out onto the forest floor, the other two soldiers depositing theirs all over your face and body.

Camping Sex Party

group snaillover69 2018-09-25

Ted brought his hard cock up to Pam's wet pussy and started fucking her doggy-style. Mark sat up and pulled Gail's mouth off his cock, he rolled her over and grabbed an ankle in each hand and spread her legs as wide as he could and shoved his hard cock in her drenched cunt. As soon as Lisa had finished sucking Jack's cock dry, she moved over to Ted and Pam. Donna and Pam looked things over, Gail was getting the banging of her life, and Lisa was getting her as fucked good and hard. Lisa, Gail, and the 3 brothers gathered around Donna and Pam and watched as the two girls sixty-nined.


group jeninflorida 2018-09-15

I'm not sure if Gary would get upset if he knew, but some of my girl friends enjoy teasing the men and I don't want that to stop. "Oh I just love being on a big strong man." I reached over and felt Gary, oh yes he was rock hard. "Honey, I think Steve wants to fuck my little pussy. "Oh god, I want to have that in me." Gary turned his head to watch me stroke his friend's hard thick cock. Steve followed my lead; I know that Gary wanted to see his cock in me. "Oh god, I'm going to fuck that hot pussy." Gary mounted me, kissed me hard as his cock penetrated me.

Uncaged Ch. 06

group theimperfetc 2018-09-14

Really, what I wanted was Jade to myself, but she was far too hot to turn aside the chance to have some approved fun with her in front of Ben. I still planned to fuck her on the side every chance I got, but I wasn't going to spend the weekend missing out. I was still nervous about Ben sitting right there watching the whole thing, but Jade was too skilled for that feeling to last long. Jade moaned out what sounded like a muffled confirmation, at the same time I gave back a breathy "Hell yeah..." I had my head thrown back, eyes closed.

Bisexual Camping Adventures Ch. 05

group christian_hm 2018-08-20

Penny made some loud gagging noises and tried to pull away from Zach's cock but he just grabbed her hair with his other hand as well and proceeded to fuck her throat. "You think I should plunge my cock into a hole filled with your cum and use it as lube?" Zach asked in return, knowing that describing it that way would drive Penny nuts. When Zach let her go Penny tried to get up to run away, but Christian grabbed her and effectively put her in a headlock, squeezing her neck fairly gently but deliberately. After basking for a few moments after his orgasm, Zach removed his half-deflated cock from Penny's anus, gave her tight ass cheeks a halfhearted slap and leaned back on his elbows on the shower floor.

Uncaged Ch. 07

group theimperfetc 2018-07-09

"Fill her cunt until she makes me come!" Ben didn't need the direction, I wasn't going to stop yet, but I did continue eating Jade out. I turned my head sideways to complain, but before I got more than a word out, Jade interrupted roughly, "Shut up, he's not going to fuck you, just do what we tell you and you'll be fine." I wasn't so sure, but I trusted her and continued licking as I felt Ben settle into place. Ben piped up, "So...if we let you come, then you'll help by getting her wet and ready for me?" I was trying to touch myself at this point to push me over, but he was easily keeping my hands back while occasionally teasing my pussy himself.

Camping in Hard Wood

group TheWastelandRanger2247 2018-04-28

"Well you're not going to be able to find your way back in the dark, but your welcome to crash here until morning, would you like something to drink?" One of the guys offered holding up a bottle of water. As the water pours over your torn T-shirt your shapely breasts come into view through the wet fabric, you hear a marked difference in the guy's breathing, now much heavier and its clear they are both turned on to the point of bursting. Taking Danny by the cock you guide him behind you and spreading your wet pussy as you bend over to suck off Greg. The rest of the night is just a blur of blowjobs, fucking and letting the boys play with your body.


group DireLilith 2018-04-11

"Do you know what we have in mind for you?" said the dark-haired girl, her hands on her hips as she sneered down at Jared. Blondie leaned forward, giving Jared a long lick with her tongue, right across his bottom lip. A stiff black sash made of silk was tied around Jared's head, forcing his mouth open and his tongue down. And before Blackie could say a word, Blondie was suckling Jared's cock. Blackie was now amusing herself with Blondie's tits, pinching at the dark and perky nipples, rolling both of the soft breasts in her hands. Then, as he looked down, Blackie let her tongue join Blondie's, and both began to lather and suck on Jared.

Beach Camp

group NUDE NATURALLY 2018-04-07

As class started again Mary sat next to me and said that she was going to work on her tan while in class so without hesitation she untied her bikini top and pulled it over her head allowing her large round melons to fall free. We finished our shower then walked naked back to our tent where we found Jill laying on her sleeping bag with a large dildo in her hand and shoving it recklessly into her wet pussy causing loud slurping sounds. I could feel a massive orgasm building deep in my loins, as the impending climax approached I pulled Bill's cock from my mouth and screamed with joy as Jill pushed the final thrusts into me triggering the waves of pleasure to rip thru me.


group redhatter 2018-02-18

The brown-haired one took his breakfast to a large flat rock off the small beach, and the small fish nibbled at his body. When the brown haired one came back around the island and saw them, he first seemed hesitant, but his penis grew and he compulsively brushed the head with his fingers. She left the tall one gasping on the ground, his own hardened penis uncomfortably pressed against hard rock, moss and tree roots. On her knees, she gave the brown one treatment from porn video: one finger slid up his anus, the index and thumb of other hand slid up and down the shaft, her mouth took the rest in, saliva flowing freely. The brown-haired man lead with the highest trump card, and it was clear suddenly that he was actually trying to win.

Linda's Half Term Holiday

group uklil 2018-02-17

Kevin gratefully switched off the engine of his overheated and strained Mini of 1971 vintage; crammed full of their camping gear, with scarcely a square inch of space for two long legged teenagers to move during their five hour journey to Cornwall, not to say Tony's surfboard on top, he had pushed it to the limit to make the campsite before darkness fell. They had passed one with a very glum looking girl telling her kid brother how bored she was, and why did Mum and Dad make her come – but she had spotted Tony, and suddenly started smiling, and had sat up very straight which pushed out a chest with quite passable boobs.

Campfire Night

group Texas Boy 2018-02-17

It was only seconds after I started to play with her pussy that she moved her hand to my dick, it seemed like hours while I waited for her to do that. That got us into some tight embraces, I was loving pulling Angie close to me and feeling her tits mash up against me. I quickly planned my next moves, I was going to move my hands down to her pussy and feel how wet and hot she got. I wasn't able to look long, I was already having to pinch the head of my dick, I felt like one of the young campers who waited too long to piss.

Camping Trip

group smithE101 2018-02-10

"Aww...what a party pooper, well there are some things that I'm sure Sara would like to see that don't need condoms." Having said that, Piper laid back on her sleeping bag and spread her legs motioning me over. "That was amazing, and it looks like someone is enjoying themselves, uh Lew?" she said, turning my gaze over to her sister who was still covered by her sleeping bag from the waist down but her hands clearly at work beneath them. "Wow Lew, looks like you're gonna blow there," she commented as she pointed to my throbbing cock which had now turned a shade of purple, "I'm sure you'd much rather have Sara and I help you out."

The Hike of Many Peaks

group jwwcarterjr2 2018-01-26

After they sat down on the other side of the fire pit, the new couple, Bob and Mary introduced themselves to Mark and Amy. Bob and Mary continued to watch John and Heather and occasionally glanced over to see Mark and Amy. They were too shy to do anything out in public. Vicky walked over on her knees and began to suck Tim's cock as Heather did the same to John. She bobbed back and forth a couple times, then she slowly moved her head forward as Marks cock slid down her throat. Vicky walked back and sat next to Mark as Amy continued to suck Tim's cock.

Wild Holiday Camp Weekend

group stephwriter 2018-01-23

Sue was talking to a couple of young men who turned out to be brothers, Ian and Dan, and had been at the site since the previous weekend. Steve made his way back to the table where Dan was watching his brother and Sue on the dance floor. A slight smile formed on Dan's lips then they both turned back to watch Sue and Ian. When the current song finished Dan walked onto the dance floor and cut-in in the same way as Ian had with Steve. At almost the same time Steve saw one of Ian's hands stroking Sue's back and bottom whilst one of Dan's was stroking her stomach, briefly passing over her skirt and moving up towards her breasts.