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How My Plan of Tricking My Wife Backfired!

group tcg 2018-11-29

"C'mon honey, aren't you even the slightest bit curious of what it would be like to fuck another man?" Jason asked his wife Christine. Christine finally emerged from the bathroom and climbed on the bed and resumed sucking Jason's cock. Brandon removed his cock from Christine's pussy and placed a finger in her ass. Tyler withdrew his head and Brandon went around to the side of the bed near Christine's head and pulled it toward his cock. Brandon kept fucking her pussy and reached his had down to Christine's ass and inserted his middle finger. "I am going to cum too" Brandon said as he climbed out from under Christine and took his place beside Tyler.

X-Mas Party

group tcg 2018-11-01

As I made it to the second floor after passing and exchanging niceties with other people hanging out on the stairwell I proceeded to look for Christine. There was my beautiful, hot, sexy wife wearing nothing but her high heeled leather boots, on the bed with Mike behind her fucking her hard and fast. Steve and Chris were naked and sporting some very large erections while fondling and squeezing Christine's tits while telling her how they knew she was a slut and would be theirs all night long. At some point I think she came but couldn't tell because of Steve's dick fucking her mouth. Chris continued to grab and slap her huge tits while smacking her ass in between mike's slaps.

Guests at a Wedding

group theheathen 2018-09-25

She was moaning and softly whispering "Oh fuck" over and over again as I got closer to her nipple, but when I stopped and started kissing the outside of her breast again she told me to stop being such a tease and give her what she wanted. We kissed around his cockhead, and then Christine went back to licking whilst I took him into my mouth for a nice, long suck. As she fingered me and licked my clit, I pinched my nipples hard and watched Rick fucking her, and then suddenly I was thrashing around on the bed trying not to make too much noise (it was 4am and there was a room on the other side of the wall with more wedding guests in it).

What Linzi Wants Ch. 1

group NiteWriter 2018-09-20

Christine and I were splashing around in the water getting wet, just having a good time, when we almost bumped into this cute young girl. In fact before Linzi left, Christine invited her to our beach house later in the evening. She's a little scared, but she wants it." Christine continued saying that she was going to try getting her relaxed and loosened up a bit. Christine had her hand between Linzi's legs and was feeling her up pretty good. I don't know what they talked about during the evening, but Linzi sure looked like a willing partner. I'm standing there saying to my self, "Fuck, look at this." And at the same time, I expected Linzi to resist by pushing Christine away.

Surprise Surprise III continued again

group heyheymymy1984 2018-09-13

She sat next to Nicole on the sofa, spread her legs and rubbed at her pussy as three loads of cum trickled from here gaping arsehole. "Fuck my arse" Nicole said "fill it with cum like Christine's and then get those two to man up and do the same". After fucking away at her arse for a few minutes she asked me to sit on the sofa next to Christine and then climbed on top, shoving my cock straight back into her arse. Once she had got the grasp of two cocks inside he arsehole I pulled out of Nicole and made my way to Christine to try and make it three. My mates pulled out of Christine's arse and each out their dicks in Nicole's mouth, stretching it wide open.

Surprise Surprise III

group heyheymymy1984 2018-03-26

"I know what you mean and I thought you'd feel like that, but for what it's worth you're 10x better than him in bed, 10x better looking and I'd never dream of just fucking him alone-you just got me so turned on that I wanted to try something dirty" she said He pulled out of Nicole, and I could see the cum was already starting to shoot from his bellend, some also dripping from Nicole's pussy (he'd obviously been unable to hold back) but he wasn't finished and as he grabbed his cock, wanking as he directed it towards Christine's open mouth an almighty load shot not just into her mouth but all over her face and into her hair.

Dirty Rotten Schoolgirls

group fotisampini 2018-03-25

I love licking tits," Christine breathed, her clear azure eyes keeping hold of mine as she slowly lent forward to flick her long lithe pink tongue repeatedly over Brigitte's left nipple, causing me to bark a groan of utter disbelief. By the time she finally turned I had managed to fix a more neutral look in my face despite the f***eful sucking I could now feel as Brigitte slowly slid her lips in a tight ring up and down my poor penis. As soon as she'd finished shuddering I pulled out of her and began spurting copiously onto her belly and breasts, Brigitte and Christine immediately helping me by squeezing my testicles and rubbing my shaft respectively, ensuring I virtually covered Chloe's torso with my ejaculate.

The Mediterranean Guesthouse - Chapter 1

group arsch_chiis 2018-02-27

Some time later I hear the terrace door from the next room open, and I look over, and say hi to Julien and Christine. Now it is Julien's turn to close his eyes and I can hear him sigh and say something in french as Christine continues to suck his dick, I hear her making slurping sounds and she is obviously enjoying herself pleasuring her husband while another man watches. She suddenly moves her head and pushes Julien slightly away and then she straightens her neck and pulls him back and takes his whole dick into her mouth and throat. He again says something to her and as she suddenly takes my dick deep in her mouth, at the same instant Julien pushes his cock all the way inside her waiting pussy.

The Mediterranean Guesthouse - Chapter 3

group arsch_chiis 2018-02-19

Thinking that Kate and me will probably be back from the beach trip at around nine in the evening, we agree with Julien and Christine to meet over a glass of wine in the living room when we are all back at the guesthouse. I see them both smile a little and Christine's eyes drop for a moment to look at Kate's lips, and her lips part slightly as she leans in slowly, clearly wanting that first kiss not to be the last.


group heyheymymy1984 2018-02-16

By now he had made his way to the top of the bed and, knelt alongside her, she sucked his semi hard cock as I fucked her pussy. She was moaning again now, in fact I could tell she was about to cum also, her groans muffled by the cock in her mouth. She let out a huge groan whilst still sucking his now hard cock - this sent both of us the same way and as I shot a second load into her pussy, Nigel shot another all over her face. Nigel then said he had to make a quick phone call so I made my way to his now vacant position and put my cock in Christine's mouth.

Surprise Surprise III final part

group heyheymymy1984 2018-02-02

"I've loved having all your cum in my arse tonight" Christine said "but I want more. Once again Nicole began to moan and groan with sheer pleasure as each of her holes was fucked by young cock. Moments later Christine and Nicole were knelt on the sofa resting against the backrest, their arses pointed towards us and begging to be fucked. At one point both my friend and I had our cocks in Nicole's pussy when she squirted all over us again. There would undoubtedly be more fucking and whilst my cock was now soft I knew being in the same bed as these two sluts it would soon be hard again.

Katrina, Christine, and Me

group DennisTheFirst 2018-01-10

She admitted she didn’t know much about sex and said she’d never given a proper blow job – at least not to the “finish.” I watched my limp penis sprout into a rock-hard erection as Katrina began kissing and caressing my cock. Her friend Christine, meanwhile, hadn’t been at the swinger’s get-togethers, but she’d heard the stories, so while she might have looked shocked at Katrina’s behavior at first, she wasn’t completely taken aback. When I finished, I pulled out of her and she sat up, saying she wanted to watch my cum ooze out of her (something she’d never done before). Knowing how Christine seemed to take her marching orders from Katrina, I knew she wouldn’t be calling me anytime soon.

My MILF Hayley's first gang bang

group esum 2018-01-06

As she takes her hand away I feel your cock again and with Christine pulling my bum cheeks apart your cock head slips inside my arse. Her head is hanging over the edge of the table and one of the male guests has his cock rammed down her throat, I can see Leanna’s lips clamped around his root and she is sucking frantically on him, I then notice a woman between her thighs, I can see the plump mound of her pussy is shaven, the woman has her hand inside Leanna, fisting her, Leanna’s body is quivering in ecstasy.

blackmailed wife part 8

group virtusvirtus 2017-11-08

and start to undo her shirt,all the way,take it off and slowly pull down her bra,exposing a pair of tits that i did not think they could exist,just incredible,so perky that i could hang a shirt on,the puffy nipples look so succulent and juicy.She smoothly move her hips and shoulders in every way,very slowly swaying her upper body like a belly dancer.She quickly get up,pull off my trousers,she balance on her knees around my hips and slide her hand under the school uniform.She grab my prick, lift the skirt to show me how she is pressing my dick along the slit and start to go up and down rubbing my cock on the clit.She looks at me and say''Take me,i want to be yours,do of me whatever you want''i pull down her head,kiss the marvelous mouth and deflower her,she moan as i pump my cock deep in and squeeze the tits harder and harder ,she push them out even more and as she climax shei am about to explode,she say''Yes,hurt me if it please you,i am all yours,I LOVE YOU''I grab her face and say ''I LOVE YOU TOO''i am about to explode,she pull the prick out of her pussy and start to suck it until i flood her mouth,she swallow everything and continue to lick the cock till is perfectly clean,look at me and say''Thank you so much,i will gladly do whatever you want''....more to follow

The Nastiest Tale: Puking & Gagging

group SafeSexting 2017-11-04

That thought made her feel horny, and she also had to take a leak, so she stood and headed toward the alternate ladies' room, the one with the live human toilet slaves, to piss and get her clit sucked on at the same time. Female CUM-SPONGE wanted: Using a two-part harness joined at a cock ring, I will wear one part on my hips with the cock ring held tightly in place at the base of my cock, and you will wear the other part over your head with that same cock ring pressed tightly against your mouth. She dropped to her knees when he entered, and he strapped her head back into the harness, returning his cock to its rightful place inside her mouth.

Riding The Waves

group JonathanFaust 2017-10-10

Her calves are so strong and supple; her thighs seem to call my lips into action; I can taste and feel what its like to nibble on them, to tenderly nibble of her flesh and tease that precious fold of skin just below her ass cheek---I feel and see all of this as we casually relax in our room of fantasy, without the slightest inclination or hint that, perhaps, they are thinking and dreaming of the same wonderful thing—that my friend, Adam, will fuck my wife tonight.