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OHGIRL: Changing Jobs

group ohgirl1 2018-12-04

Through word of mouth, the internet and cell phones, once a few guys started letting their friends or associates know that a certain black stripper (the only black stripper) at this club was having sex for money, there were a lot more new customers. I was definitely going to have to cut back on my dancing at this club too, since the large numbers of customers was making my job too demanding and fucking Lou and his three boys two or three times a week was getting a bit too much. Over the last month Lou and his sons had passed on probably close to a total of $6,000 in their cut of tips, so I wasn’t feeling too bad as his hard cock slowly slid into my ass.


group ladyjessamine 2018-11-26

Above them stood a hideously fat man, still (thankfully) enrobed as Cyrene and Lissy were in black satin robes, but for his tiny little prick that was completely hidden in his huge, meaty hand. It wasn’t that she had never seen her friend naked before - they worked out together three days a week, and so changed and showered together three days a week - but she felt like Lissy was at the edge of Hell, and Cyrene didn’t want to witness her friend‘s enthusiastic dive. Mark couldn’t see her face anymore - she was hidden under a pair of full breasts that he knew Cyrene was enjoying - but he could see glimpses of her nude body around the heads of many men and women.

the Dance Party

group crazymann 2018-11-22

  You looked like you were having a really good time!”             She got up close to me and with her lips pressed up against my ear told me “Just so you know… while I was out dancing before… I think either Dave or Chris might have grabbed my ass… and I may have danced a little provocatively with Lisa… I think I may have had a little too much to drink, and if this bothers you… I can ditch them and we can leave.”             “Leave?” I asked her.             It felt as though my hard on never fully went away from the first moment I saw Kristi dancing with Chris, Dave and Lisa, but being this close to her naked body, it felt the hardest it did all night right at that moment.

Oh God! - Part One

group JustTonight 2018-11-21

He pulls me closer, our torsos rubbing against each other as I close my eyes and turn around, grinding softly against him. His lips brush the back of my neck, moving my hair out of the way before beginning to plant small kisses. I moan as my lips find their way to Aztec's collarbone, kissing softly over and over, standing up on my tip toes to reach his neck, my arms gripping his waist as I pull him closer into me. The spotlight is on us, and before I know it, I'm picked up and carried away. I've never looked at Aztec this way, but as he follows behind us quietly, I start noticing more of his manly features: Muscles, toned body, tall, great hair, blue eyes and perfect lips - and his smile is to die for.


group Magical_felix 2018-11-20

I want to get in so bad, food can wait." Melanie looked Jack in the eye, bit her lower lip and began to undress. Jack noticed Melanie arching her back and bringing her legs closer together, her eyes rolling to the back of her head as Bridgette continued to tongue fuck her. Jack held the camera out to the side to film Melanie's face between Bridgette's creamy white ass cheeks and tried not cum down her throat right then and there. "Oh fuck!" Bridgette removed the cock in her mouth to say when she felt Melanie wiggle her tongue up her clenched asshole as droplet of Jack's pre-cum fell on her cheek.

The Fundraiser

group maba54 2018-11-20

“And here we have Barbara, Shelly and Rita.” introduced Sandra three more ladies in saris. While Barbara massaged his dick through his pants and sucked his tongue into her mouth, one of his hands groped her tits while the other found her way into Barbara’s sari clutching her pussy. Please join in with me for a round of applause for Lisa and Peter and their performance on stage, for Barbara, Shelly and Rita, who did their best to entertain you and of course for tonight’s winner Martin.” “And next time,” I whispered in Sandra’s ear “I’m intent to explore that beautiful set of tits and whatever nether body region that sari still covers.”

Toby and Hannah takes it to the next level

group stanwillgets 2018-11-18

Upon some pondering of consequences she started thinking about what actually had happened, how Julie had gone down on her, how Toby had fucked her from behind and how she had sucked the balls and cock of  Julie´s husband. Julie had her hand right next to Hannah´s pussy, Hannah noticed that she wasn`t paying attention to what was going on around her. She gave her a long french kiss, Hannah felt completely rushed about it, saw stars and had her first spontaneous orgasm.  Having one girl rubbing her clit and making out with Julie was apparently all too much. Now Toby was on his back right next to her, getting fucked by a woman Hannah had never seen.  She heard the glistening sound of the woman´s pussy and Toby´s by now throbbing cock.

A not so regular night at the club

group lipssosweet 2018-11-14

She wasn't wearing a bra so her big 34D tits were kinda perky and you could see her already aroused pierced nipples.  Then this one sexy dude named Jason came up and bought us some drinks and it wasn't long before we had closed the curtains and started to get our freak on. Amber was on her knees sucking the life out of Jason's dick when I noticed he had on a wedding ring, so I slid it off his fingers and told him he wouldn't need that were those fingers were going. Amber was getting so horny off of watching me and Jason that she took off her thong and started to ride on Jason's dick.

First Foursome

group Pegasus4 2018-11-10

A woman dancing next to us kissed Jay full on the mouth and I could feel her hand over mine, her fingers searching out the wetness between Jay’s legs. I could see that Jay had Paul’s cock in her hand and whilst we both kissed and licked Chloe’s pussy, Chloe had me in her mouth, sucking and licking my hard cock. Paul had his fingers in Jay’s pussy whilst Jay worked her hand back and forth on his stiff cock. Paul had the same idea and we both stood at the end of the bed and watched both women in a lustful embrace, kissing passionately, hands exploring each others bodies and Jay’s hot, wet pussy thrusting against Chloe’s.

First Night at A Swingers Club

group Pegasus4 2018-11-09

The couple who were watching us went around to the other side of the bed and the woman, now completely naked moved onto bed alongside Jackie whilst her partner joined her, kissing her on the mouth and working his way down her body gradually until his head was between her legs, kissing and licking her clit and slipping his finger into her sopping wet pussy. I had now moved between Jay’s legs and Jackie had my cock in her hand, guiding me towards Jay. Matt had reached over and was caressing Jay’s tits, teasing and stroking her nipples. Whilst the man fucked her, thrusting hard into her, she reached forward and stroked my buttocks, working her fingers between my legs to caress my balls as my cock moved in and out of Jay’s wet pussy.

2nd chance at the club

group stanwillgets 2018-11-07

Stig and Lene discussed, was it swinger clubs in general or was it took some time to convince Stig of trying again, he had a bit of a Stig noticed the hungry look in Lene´s face and was rather to it, but then she noticed that the girl had her eyes on Stig. starting to feel his cock growing larger, looked over on Lene who was Lene was looking at the spectacle and felt super hot. Lene stopped for a while allowing the girl to take in her sight. The girl weaseled her way down kissing Lene just as she had Stig. Lene got her hands on the back of the head of the girl Lene came like not in a long time.

Showtime - Part One

group JWren 2018-11-06

Ruth squirmed in her seat but resisted the urge to finger herself, even when Natasha stared directly into her eyes, grinned and buried the cock deep within her squishy pussy. Natasha rose and leaped off the bed to one side, took a couple of paces towards the front of the stage and spread her arms at shoulder height, her cum-covered tits wobbling and swaying. Natasha, arms now at her side, looked directly at Ruth and, with a sudden extravagant sweep of her right hand, blew her a kiss before prancing off stage left, boobs bouncing to rippling applause. Ruth smiled and smoothed her right hand down his left thigh, brushing the bulge in his trousers. “Good grief,” said Ruth, hands quickly raised to her ears as the opening bars of The Stripper blasted the room.

The Swinger Confessions: Corrupting Shirley Temple (A Prelude)

group Coco 2018-11-03

And as that monosyllabic word left my Shirley Temple girl’s juicy lips, as that single word flitted into our lust filled bathroom stall, as she nervously uttered that word into our erotically charged world, my hands flew to her and I grabbed those lovely hips, and I forcefully pulled her into me. An opened mouth formed a word, but damned if I knew what it was, this girl does not speak during sex. For the second time in as many days, Angie went catatonic on me, voice gone; face slack with desire strewn all over it, she moaned and ground herself into my hand. Smiling and still swallowing my man’s cum Angie stood up, approached me and placed her mouth on my sex.

Ambitious Experiments

group forlorn 2018-10-31

Anna got on her knees and dragged her tongue from Leia's naval to her bra and took the shot glass in her teeth, tossing her head back to drink it's contents. Leia pulled Anna's hand and Anna grabbed a hold of Matt, dragging them to a booth table on the side emitting sapphire and cyan like radiation. Matt kissed Anna between the shoulder blades, feeling now the full force of every nerve in his body raging to be free. Leia came back at her, pulling on a fistful of red hair and kissing Anna fully. Anna clacked her teeth teasingly over Leia before relaxing her grip and pulling her hips against her body.

OHGirl, Velvet & Denise Porn Star Tour

group ohgirl1 2018-10-29

My mom and grandma wouldn’t be arriving until nearly 10pm and it was only 6 pm now, so I had another 4 hours to fuck and suck as much cock as I could. I had only done coke twice before and the effects this time were rather noticeable and hard to hide from my mom as she watched me walk across the club and meet her for our first stage dance together. I ended up sucking off 5 more guys and fucking another 6 before the night ended and I left the club with a group of 3 young black men on college break.

Quickies Ch. 01

group Lady Malachite 2018-10-01

Andy sat on a plush sofa, nursing a Red Bull with vodka and watching the glass-caged go-go dancers dressed as fetish characters gyrate to the beat. The dance floor was far too crowded, and he wasn't quite far gone enough to enjoy dancing, unlike his other friends who were busy getting groovy, or whatever people called it, with the other Goths, at this freakish little club he was attending. Andy's two best friends, Greg and Sarah, were also on the dance floor. The dancer on the right was dressed as a fetish nurse with knee-high white platform boots, a little white shirt and a skirt that didn't really cover much.


London Swinging

group naughtycple 2018-09-21

While we were all watching, another guy pushed past us all, he entered the room and dropped his trousers and pants and he started wanking his cock until he was very hard. We watched as the husband looked on excitedly while this stranger fucked his wife and at the same time she was sucking the guy on the bed. The guy just pulled out and got dressed, he then pushed past us all watching from the door, the guys wife still continued to give the guy on the bed oral, at no time did she turn around or look to see who had just fucked her.

Cindy Becomes A Member

group Wildfire46 2018-08-26

Also it said she should discretely make sure that all club members would be able to get a nice view up her short skirt. She felt embarrassed knowing he had seen right up her skirt when she crossed her legs but at the same time that warm tingly feeling came back again and she could feel her nipples harden and poke out at the fabric of her halter top. She had several drinks and noticed allot of people checking her out and she made sure she moved around enough to let anyone that looked see up her skirt. She noticed several people watching what he was doing and knew that they too must be club members.

The Club

group princessk11 2018-08-06

She jumped when a second set of lips started sucking on her fingers on the other hand, and yet another pair kissed her on the mouth at the same time. The man behind her holding her face never let go, making it hard for her to swirl her tongue the way Tate liked. The man behind her removed his hand from her mouth and started massaging her head, making bumps rise all over her skin then he helped her stand from the chair. The woman above her writhed and shook as Shyanne put her hands on her hips and ate her pussy, tongued her little hole, and then flicked her swollen clit. The hands were massaging Shyanne's clit, fingering her wet pussy, rubbing her ass, her tits, her hips.

A Night at the Club

group UnorthodoxParamour 2018-08-03

The man wasted no time as he kissed her neck, James slid a hand up her thigh and gently parted her legs, his fingers sliding up and skimming her lace covered pussy. James told her to get on her knees on the couch, ass in the air, the strangers cock still in her mouth as he fucked her throat. James' tongue in her ass, pushing past her tight sphincter, his hand at his belt, taking off his khakis and exposing his hard cock. The strangers wife, not wanting to miss anything, moved down to her knees behind Autumn and sucked the cum from her, occasionally moving down and taking her husband's balls in her mouth.

Sex with a stripper in the club

group adultvideochatsex 2018-08-02

While he danced he felt my body slipping looking hot as I felt how he naked me with his eyes, but not important because it gave him know that entertainers are not allowed to flirt with people in the club. When I approached him, standing up, I felt that he caressed me with his hand from the neck until he arrived in the most intimate area of my body. A few seconds left in me, kissing me passionately on the mouth and breasts, then we got up, we dressed and he told me: "Tonight I will not forget hot." And we went after the curtain, me going to my friends, and he continue to show ..

My Wife's Diary - Book Club Night

group Dreamer971 2018-07-23

As I stroked the warm hard shaft, Ted leaned close to my ear and whispered, "I've been dying to fuck you ever since that day in the park." I shivered at the thought of that, and then shivered some more as Vince's finger entered my pussy and his thumb rolled over my clit. Vince unzipped my dress in the back and Ted's hands went under my skirt to finger my pussy and rub my ass. I watched mesmerized as Ted and Chuck had their way with Penny, who was obviously enjoying her evening of hard, young cock. About the same time as Ted and Chuck lost their loads inside Penny, the young man fucking me came, making wild noises as he spewed his juice inside me.


group Alainn 2018-07-23

Above them stood a hideously fat man, still (thankfully) enrobed as Cyrene and Lissy were in black satin robes, but for his tiny little prick that was completely hidden in his huge, meaty hand. "You always know what pleasures me, Mark." She smiled back at him, and then nodded at Cyrene," And I think my friend here could use some JD in a very large glass." Mark couldn't see her face anymore - she was hidden under a pair of full breasts that he knew Cyrene was enjoying - but he could see glimpses of her nude body around the heads of many men and women.

Nynke Ch. 01

group dutchpantyraider 2018-07-16

The big lean negro took them to a side room, where he started to examine Nynke from head to toe. After some five more minutes of vigorous pumping the negro emptied his fat cock into Nynke's belly. After withdrawing from the girls pussy Jim let Nynke lie down with her belly downwards on an arched table. Micha positioned himself at Nynke's head, and lowered his cock again into the alluring and hungry mouth of his daughter. Incited by Micha's answer and a nod by Sasha, John withdrew his cock from the sloshing cunt and with three fingers got hold of some sperm from the teenage slit and smeared it into the crack of her ass.