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Swingers club dark room

group ByMickey 2018-06-24

The swingers club gives Carla and Matthew a certain feeling of freedom. Carla and Matthew walk further into the room and they start to hear all these different sounds. The hand is going up her neck and slides to her right breast, where Matthew is playing as well. It feels like a woman's hand! After a while, Carla feels another fourth hand, but this time it's not the woman, but a big manly hand. Her breasts are being touched by a woman, her pussy is getting fingered by a strange man, she is giving a handjob to another stranger while he gets a blowjob from another woman. Matthew is still playing with the first woman's ass and pussy while she jerks him off behind Carla.

Honey, sweet Honey pt II

group Skarletta 2018-06-17

Since there was no way for me to get his entire cock in my mouth - it was just too damn long - I stroked my cum covered hand up and down the length of him while I sucked hard and fast on his rounded head. Tommy sat on the bed watching as Honey and I took turns sucking Rob in. I slid my hand inside, pressing my fingers in between the swollen lips. I wanted to close my eyes and get lost in the moment but I couldn’t look away from his face. I turned toward him, fully wishing to climb on top of him and find out what that gigantic rigid cock felt like buried deep inside my whetted body.

Our Stories: Hawaiian Vacation - Part 4

group ghengis 2018-06-13

I watched Rya slowly take Matt in and out of her mouth while Sheri did the same to me. As if it were planned, both women stopped at the same time. Sheri repositioned herself so she could lean over and reach Rya. We started fucking her again just as Sheri’s tongue reached Rya’s soaked pussy. She grabbed Matt’s dick and popped it out of Rya. Sheri instantly started blowing Matt. For what seemed like hours, although I know it wasn’t, Sheri took turns sucking one cock while the other fucked Rya. Matt and I were both ready to cum, but Sheri is a master and knowing just what to do to make you hold on longer.

First Night at A Swingers Club

group Pegasus4 2018-06-11

The couple who were watching us went around to the other side of the bed and the woman, now completely naked moved onto bed alongside Jackie whilst her partner joined her, kissing her on the mouth and working his way down her body gradually until his head was between her legs, kissing and licking her clit and slipping his finger into her sopping wet pussy. I had now moved between Jay’s legs and Jackie had my cock in her hand, guiding me towards Jay. Matt had reached over and was caressing Jay’s tits, teasing and stroking her nipples. Whilst the man fucked her, thrusting hard into her, she reached forward and stroked my buttocks, working her fingers between my legs to caress my balls as my cock moved in and out of Jay’s wet pussy.

Holiday Couples

group sexylips_ 2018-06-10

However on the boat no one was around so I checked with Adam and Lucy before losing my bikini top. To my surprise Lucy laughed and said, "Maybe you should help him with that, otherwise he is going to look ridiculous for some time". My husband and I had been with other couples before but I wasn't sure if Lucy was serious or if she was just joking with the wine loosening her lips a little.  I was unsure, but moved across the boat, sitting next to Adam, and still looking at Lucy. Each little stroke got him deeper inside until I felt his body against my ass. I growled at Adam, "Don't stop." I moaned, "Stay inside me, I'm so close."

Holly Learns to Peg

group EnjoyBoth 2018-06-10

Jennifer had helped Holly with the leather harness that left Holly’s pussy and ass open for access and the new six-inch life lifelike cock drooping from the harness like a real cock. Jennifer and Jessica began providing instruction on what to do next, plenty of lube, condom on the dildo, going slow, remembering to think about how you love to be fucked and how your lover uses his cock on you, and more. Jennifer told Holly, “Now, like I said, before you ease the butt plug out, place one of those condoms on your cock, then lube yourself up. I felt more lube being applied and the head of the cock begin to enter my ass when an “Oh My” erupted from Holly as she slowly began to ease into me.

Titties Bay

group Dehumanization 2018-06-04

You rest your head on my shoulder and I kiss the base of your neck, stepping forward into me you feel the press of my hard cock against your hips and a sudden jolt of excitement runs through you. The man beside you takes your hand from his shaft and stands up, you hear him moving down towards the woman and she is thrust forward her hair slipping down on your hips. She is a small woman one with soft and silky smooth skin her hips are exposed and the gently rocking of the man behind her pushes her tongue gently in and out between your pussy and clit.

A Day at the Lake

group Fun512play 2018-05-31

As your apply the tanning lotion, you watch as your friend's slippery hands glide across her body caressing the glistening oil into her thighs, her belly and up her chest. Your friend removes her bottoms as well as you kiss each other deeply, your tongues exploring each other, your breasts pressing together as your slippery bodies draw close together. You slide up into the bow of the boat and push her head hard into your pussy as you grind against her mouth. They begin stroking their stiff cocks as they watch you two sexy girls getting off. Soon you're both bouncing and grinding side by side on our cocks, both of your tits bouncing, glistening with sweat in the bright sun.

Swingers Club Dark Room - Part 2

group ByMickey 2018-05-30

He starts to kiss and lick the other one and moves his hand to her now free breast and plays with her hard nipple. The woman is breathing harder and harder and she moves to Carla's' ear and whispers, “It feels so nice having your man inside of me.” With one hand Carla moves to the pussy of the woman and starts to play with her clit. The woman grabs her hand and then she feels Matthew pushing her more inside the dark room. The woman opens up Carla's legs and starts to kiss her inner thighs, moving slowly to her pussy. This wild licking and the fact that it isn't Matthew doing it makes Carla feel like she is about to come.

First Foursome

group Pegasus4 2018-05-29

A woman dancing next to us kissed Jay full on the mouth and I could feel her hand over mine, her fingers searching out the wetness between Jay’s legs. I could see that Jay had Paul’s cock in her hand and whilst we both kissed and licked Chloe’s pussy, Chloe had me in her mouth, sucking and licking my hard cock. Paul had his fingers in Jay’s pussy whilst Jay worked her hand back and forth on his stiff cock. Paul had the same idea and we both stood at the end of the bed and watched both women in a lustful embrace, kissing passionately, hands exploring each others bodies and Jay’s hot, wet pussy thrusting against Chloe’s.

Ecstasy In The Blue Mountains

group eight_inch_stiff 2018-05-28

Veronica looked over at Fran and Geoff, her gaze direct, and got on all fours, her hips facing back toward George in the hot tub. Still looking at Fran and Geoff, Veronica folded her arms over her breast, lowered her head to the ground, and extended her naked hips toward George, who moved in the hot tub toward them. Fran and Geoff watched intently as George moved his hands forward, first fondling Veronica's breasts, and then gently twisting her nipples. Again, she lowered her head to the cool tile around the hot tub, leaving her hips elevated., and she turned her head to the right, gazing over at Fran and Geoff, her eyes glazed with need. Watching Fran and Geoff, and feeling George's insistent mouth on her clitoris, Veronica finally began to lose control.

Honey, Sweet Honey pt I

group Skarletta 2018-05-25

Handing me a set, she explained simply, “We’ve got to leave something to their imaginations or it won’t be much fun for us.” Without a second thought I slipped into the shorts and helped Honey clasp her bustier closed. I pulled her hair back from her face as she slipped her mouth over the head of Rob’s cock so I could watch her cheeks sink in as she sucked the length of his shaft. Rob rested his hands on his hips and dropped his head back, obviously enjoying the warmth, and depth, of Honey’s mouth. I wrapped my arms around Honey, slipping between her body and Rob’s, filling my hands with her large breasts, kissing the back of her neck as she continued sucking on Rob’s tongue.

Game Night Ch. 01

group greggmis 2018-05-21

Our usual game night with Joe and Cindy was coming up in a few days when my wife Susan shocked me with playful flirty banter as I drove my hard cock into her sweet pussy, "mm... Round 10 I lost again and I jokingly asked if Susan (who had been dealing the whole time) had stacked the deck to which she replied "If I were Joe would be naked already, you I've seen." We all laughed but we all looked to Cindy to judge the sincerity of her laugh. It seemed like an eternity before he smiled and said "Cindy mentioned she thought you were REALLY open minded." And with a laugh we all relaxed again and Susan dealt the next hand.

Renewed Vows

group DonkeyOatee 2018-05-15

She slid her hand down her stomach, under her panties and deep into her pussy; she used her own juices to wet her finger, then placed it in Ryan's mouth. Pam dropped to her knee's and put her lips on Lisa's pulsating pussy and sucked the remaining juices into her mouth. Here we are, the night before, what was supposed to be our wedding, with my cock fucking a strangers pussy while I'm watching the love of my life sucking another man's cock. Pam now concentrated on her own pleasure as Lisa rolled over and demanded that Ryan put that beautiful cock of his inside her drenched pussy. I watched Ryan's cock thrusting in and out of Lisa's sweet pussy.

The Firehouse

group ILmommy2 2018-05-04

Alright, see you then," said Tony as he got off the phone with his wife, Dana, who was out with another couple at the bars. Dana rammed her face into Amanda's gapping hole, her tongue thrusting in and out of her friend. Finally, when Dana could take no more of the suspense, she rammed her face once again into Amanda's pussy, still rubbing her clit harder and harder. Once Amanda caught her breath again, the girls turned to the men who had started rubbing their cocks through their pants. Before each girl got off the truck, they turned to the other and liked the juices of each others husbands that had just filled that precious hole.

Fun with Dick and Jane Ch. 04

group DesperateHousewhores 2018-05-02

Jane blatantly eyed Phil up and down, while Dick couldn't take his eye's off Susan's breasts, which seemed as though they were going to burst out of the low cut red dress she was wearing. Dick slipped his hand inside Jane's bra and began to fondle her breast, noting that her nipples were already erect from the sight that greeted them on the other couch. "This is so fucking hot," Jane said as she slammed down again onto Dick's rock hard cock. Dick gently stroked Jane's breast as they both watched Phil and Susan enjoying themselves less than five metres away from them. "I'm cumming," Phil said as his cock erupted with hot white cum deep inside Susan's dripping pussy.

What Do You Want To Do To Me?

group Stryder09 2018-05-01

I looked across the bed and watch her husband tease my wife, her eyes closed in pleasure, her lips pursed in a slight moan. "Mmmm," she moaned, her eyes closed as my teeth squeeze tighter and I pull up, drawing her breast away from her body, before releasing and watching it fall heavily against her torso. Her eyes remain closed as her body once again starts to rock and buck to our two mouths and my wife working the rubber cock inside of her. I can't quite tell, if it is excitement or worry that fills her face, but I know I'm hard, as I watch their exchange, and see my wife's fingers lightly stroking his cock, and her other hand on his wife's upper thigh.

Jill Becomes a Hot Wife Ch. 02

group bowhunter5670 2018-04-29

I was enjoying the view and Jill did not even skip a beat in her story as Renee continued to grind her bare shaven mound into her husbands face as his tongue went up and down between her pussy lips, he would stop now and then and push his tongue deep into her throbbing pussy licking up all the juice he could. As Renee took my balls in her hand and swallowed my cock with the same vigor as she was sucking Jill's tits, I was thinking that this was the first time Jill was watching me and the thought was making it hard to hold back from cumming. Joe, seeing his wife swallow a load from my cock as Jill fingered herself to an orgasm, now was bursting his cum juice into Renee's wanting pussy.

Ladies Night In Ch. 02

group SexxxyCuriosity 2018-04-16

Manny moved closer to Lydia and as he stood over her looking at Sandy's mouth lick her pussy, Lydia took hold of her husband's dick and pulled him over closer to her. He looked back over at Sandy's mouth work on his wife's pussy as Lydia swallowed as much of his dick as she could. She was looking into Manny's eyes again as her husband pounded her hot twat and his wife licked and sucked on her clit. Meanwhile, as he watched another man cum inside his wife, David grabbed Lydia's hips and slammed into her hard with long deep strokes from underneath her.

After Drinks

group fyathyrio 2018-04-16

Your husband kissed his way down your bare shoulder to your neck while my wife gently massaged between your legs. Your hair spilled over your shoulders, your breasts pressed into my chest and the hot lips of your pussy were grinding along my cock as I gripped your tight little ass. I had one arm around your waist and my hand on your ass, the other up your back holding the back of your neck which glistened with sweat, your hair bouncing on your shoulders as you rode me. Neither of us could resist stealing a look over at the bed and saw my wife, her eyes half-closed in ecstasy, watching us fuck madly on the loveseat.

California Swinging

group LadyFrederika 2018-04-11

For the second straight year, I'd been invited by German fetish photographer Ute Freiberg to participate in a shoot for her annual coffee table book published by Taschen, "Latex and Leather: A Celebration." I'd picked up a copy at a San Francisco sex toy shop called Babes in Toyland back in 2007, and eventually Googled Ute. We exchanged explicit photos and she eventually invited me to come to Los Angeles. Minutes later, I was down on my hands and knees on the lawn, getting fucked hard from behind by Aaron while Ariella lay on the grass underneath me and lapped eagerly at my soaked cunt. "You want to show your little wifey how good it feels to fuck a real woman's cunt? I want Ariella to eat your come right out of my cunt."

A Visit to Their Club Ch. 02

group Indianafuncouple 2018-04-10

But this young man" — she took a moment and kissed the head of Tom's dick — "looks like he's ready o give me a good fucking, and I want to take advantage of it." After some male-on-female oral sex, Aaron and Brent laid down on the bed and the women began to suck their dicks. "Hi, I'm Tonya," the dark-haired woman from the other bed said as she put one hand on Aaron's balls and touched Nancy's nipples with the other. Moments later, the final connections were made — Aaron and Mary, Brent and Tonya, Tom and Renee, and Ron and Nancy. So the women went to work; while Aaron fucked Mary and Ron fucked Nancy, Renee and Tonya licked the couples and, sure enough, cum flowed.

Vacation Getaway Ch. 04

group meraena 2018-04-08

Papi knew he only had one more orgasm left and made the most of it by having the girls take turns sucking his cock to hardness to assure that it could stand one more round of fucking. As he did so, another girl knelt over him and began to suck his cock to help keep it hard and wet for when the time came to fuck that tight ass. The girl working the vibrator in her ass moaned over and over as I licked and sucked her clit and wet little pussy. The girl was having an orgasm as well from the combination her pussy pushed in tight circles against his hand and fingers and his cock slamming into her ass.

A Week in Tuscany

group eberhart 2018-04-07

Between her carelessly spread legs, I saw her neatly shaved sex, wet and swollen with pleasure and a small line of fresh cum dripping down her crack. I pulled aside Jenn's thong and began to run my tongue up and down her trimmed slit, comparing it to Sarah's shaved cunt, wondering how she tasted. As I looked at her wet cunt, I thought back to Sarah, spread out in much the same position. Then I drove into my wife, who was rubbing her clit furiously, her small tits bouncing in rhythm with my thrusts, her eyes tightly clenched with pleasure and her mouth open, gasping and moaning loudly as I slammed into her.